HEYDORN’S NXT 2.0 RECEIPT 6/7: Solo Sikoa stands out with intensity and presentation


Solo Sikoa makes WWE main roster debut
PHOTO CREDIT: Solo Sikoa Twitter


This week’s episode of NXT 2.0 has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Carmelo Hayes just needs that championship, doesn’t he? He’s so good talking about himself as a champion and that confidence positions that title as supremely important. Having Solo Sikoa after the North American title on the heels of Hayes winning it also elevates its status.

-How does Grayson Waller fit into the Sikoa/Hayes stuff? Not sure and that’s not a good thing for him.

-Not a stellar showing from Josh Briggs or Von Wagner. Just surprised that the mighty Wagner lost like that. Has the shine of his size worn off?

-Let’s talk more Solo Sikoa. Because, why not? He’s a great talent. He’s got the look, the size, the swagger, and the ring capability to go really far. One of the only talents in NXT 2.0 that the audience seems to genuinely be behind organically.

-Good match between Santos Escobar and Nathan Frazer. The story with Tony D’Angelo on commentary? Not so much. The “I didn’t tell him to do that” narrative D’Angelo was spinning was repetitive and not very impactful. Legado as part of D’Angelo’s family has already run its course. Get to the finale, folks.

-Bron Breakker with a paint by numbers babyface victory promo, but I suppose it worked? Breakker has a special intensity and he needs to find a way to show that within promos without yelling.

-A.J. Styles is one thing. Dolph Ziggler is one thing. Apollo Crews, though? Yes, he’ll get a very good match out of Bron Breakker, but what is the draw of seeing him challenge for the NXT Championship? I get the idea, but ultimately, this is Breakker –presumably an important talent for WWE, just wrestling C-level Smackdown talent.

-I don’t know Mr. Joe Gacy. Day by day you become just a poor man’s Undertaker.

-As I said last week, Roxanne Perez was really the only option as the Women’s Breakout Tournament winner. The upside is huge with her and she has a history of delivering on the indy circuit. If I’m WWE, I’m going all the way with her right now and showing the audience right away that she is a star worth investing in.

-If Pretty Deadly was slated for a main roster call up with Max Dupri, this was a strange way to go about it. It looks like there is more to come with Chase U for them, so what gives?

-All about the Alba Fyre gimmick. A match with Lash Legend isn’t going to bring the best out of her at this point, but she’s still one of the more interesting characters on the roster.

-More Diamond Mine disagreements. The faction is a ticking bomb, but so far, the slow burn on it exploding has worked.

-A solid main event with the babyfaces going over strong. Sikoa and Hayes already have a nice chemistry together. Their upcoming program should be a blast.

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