HEYDORN’S WWE NXT 2.0 RECEIPT 8/23: Bron Breakker and Bate deliver strong Worlds Collide promo segment


Bron Breakker makes big challenge on NXT


This week’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0 has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-This week’s show opening promo was Bron Breakker’s best mic work yet. He looked confident out there and genuine in how he spoke. Bate is an easy guy to play off of since he has a natural connection with the audience, but Breakker played his role really well too.

-Bate is a Triple H guy. Through and through. It will be very interesting to see what kind of push he’ll get in a Levesque led company. His match against Von Wagner is telling. Wagner is clearly not going to be a factor at the top of the card at this point in time, but the guy rarely gets beat and Bate beat him clean.

-Gallus is a nice addition to WWE NXT 2.0. They have a raw tone them, which works well as heels opposite the babyface teams on the brand right now. The Creed Brothers vs. Gallus is the match that should be in the works.

-They got to get on with the Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy match. Grimes can get a lot over and for the most part, he’s delivered in the role within the Gacy story. I don’t get the feeling that fans want to watch and cheer for THIS Cameron Grimes. Right? Like, he’s fun to watch because of his personality and charisma. This feud as forced him to water that down.

-An impressive showing from Blair Davenport this week. She’s got something and cut a smooth promo that resonated in a strong way. She’s likely doing the job in the triple threat match with Mandy Rose and Meiko Satomura at Worlds Collide, but the future is bright.

-Grayson Waller and Apollo Crews tossed some good verbal barbs at the other during the first ever Grayson Waller Effect talk show. No surprise, but Waller was strong in the role of antagonizing host. The guy seems ready and he had big potential in a Vince McMahon WWE. Does Triple H feel the same about him? We’ll find out.

-INDEX is reunited! Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell hugging in the ring was a fun moment that the audience loved. This story doesn’t have a ton of legs left, but it made sense to do for the crowd reaction alone.

-So, was that Santos Escobar taking the rest of Legado Del Fantasma to the main roster? It’s been a long time coming that’s for sure.

-Wait, so the lights were ACTUALLY turned out during the lights out match between Tiffany Stratton and Wendy Choo? That was a bit awkward, but the match itself was a pleasant surprise. Choo showed an important, aggressive side of her and Stratton showed good range and growth in the ring to. Neither of these women are ready for the title picture, but this match should get people to look at both differently.

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