8/31 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Will Ospreay & Aussie Open, Jon Moxley Speaks, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


AUGUST 31, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz and Excalibur

-Jon Moxley’s music hit and he walked out to the ring to start the broadcast. The Chicago crowd was mixed and some CM Punk chants started once his music ended, but a dueling Moxley chant combated that. Moxley said they were still moping up Punk in Cleveland. Moxley said that Punk used to be the 60 minute man, Moxley said he had 57 minutes left in him, but Punk did not. Moxley said that he tests and pushes people in AEW. He said that Punk gave his best shot, and Moxley didn’t care and Punk looked for a way out.

Moxley said that Punk’s foot hurt and he folded up in a little ball and died. He said that champions never fold, he said that he was genuinely sorry that Punk wasn’t what he was supposed to be. He said he had zero sympathy for the fragile ego, body, mind and spirt of Punk. Moxley said that he had an open contract for his belt at All Out. He left the signed contract in the middle of the ring. Moxley warned whoever signed that contract and said that he was pro wrestling personified and wrestling him is hazardous to their health.

Ace Steel, a backstage producer came and grabbed the contract.

-The card for the show was ran down by the announce team.

-Chris Jericho was backstage and he said that if Stu and Owen Hart were still alive they would be impressed by everything that Chris Jericho has accomplished. They would be impressed by him beating Danielson. Daniel Garcia came in and apologized to Jericho. He told Chris that he thought he could beat Danielson fair and square at All Out.


Danielson tried leg kicks to start the match, but Jake Hager bull rushed Bryan Danielson to break that. Hager then sent Danielson in the corner then tossed him across the ring. Danielson locked in a choke hold and then sent Hager out of the ring and then dove out to him. Hager then picked up Danielson and spine busted him through the ringside table. Hager then slammed Danilson into the ring post then hit a suplex. The match had back in the ring, Hager remained in control and worked ground and pound strikes. Danielson tried to fight back but Hager gave him a spine buster for his trouble. [c]

When the show returned, Hager had Bryan seated on the top rope, Danielson countered and hit a drop kick off the top. Danielson then hit leg and chest kicks, finishing with a kick the the head of Hager for a near fall. Danielson countered a power bomb attempt into an arm bar, then a triangle hold. Hager picked up Danielson in the hold and power bombed him.

Hager then applied ground and pound again, but Danielson locked in the LaBell lock. Hager rolled through and applied an ankle lock, Danielson then applied a second LaBell lock, Hager was able to grab the rope to break the hold. Danielson hit the running knee to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good opening match, Hager was working really hard and Danielson seems to be back to top form.)

-Members of JAS went to the ring and attacked Danielson, Claudio and Wheeler ran out and made the save. Once all four men were backstage, Jericho came to the ring with a chair. Daniel Garcia went out to stop him and Jericho pushed him away. Danielson hit the running knee on Jericho as he was distracted. [c]

-The Wingmen were in the ring, they were protesting about not having time. Colin Morrissey walked out took out all four members of the Wingmen. Stokely Hathaway walked out during the beatdown and gave Morrissey his card. Tony Schiavone asked what was up with all the cards and he was told to shut up.

-Will Ospreay and Aussie Open were backstage, Don Callis entered and said hello. He pumped up Ospreay and said that this is the most exciting match since the last time he and Kenny faced off.


Jamie Hayter and Hikaru Shida stared the match, Hayter took down Shida twice, until Hayter’s head was slammed on the mat. Toni Storm was tagged in and held the head of Hayter, as Shida hit a move off the top. Shida did the same for Storm as Toni hit a move off the top rope onto Hayter. Britt Baker tagged in and Hayter distracted Storm to give Britt an advantage. [c]

When the show went back to full screen, Storm got a hot tag to Shida. Shida hammered down shots on Hayter, then hit a double knee assault off the middle rope. Hayter was then able to hit a double suplex on Storm and Shida. Baker tagged in and hit a neck breaker on Shida, for a near fall. Britt hit an elbow and then she asked for the glove, Shida then attacked Britt as she put on said glove.

Storm entered and hit a running hip on Britt and then dove out to Hayter. Shida then pinned Britt Baker.

WINNER: Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

(Sage’s Analysis: Another really strong match, all four women worked really hard. Especially Toni Storm, the roster seems really motivated tonight.)

-Kip Sabian and PAC had a video promo to set up the all Atlantic title match at All Out. [c]

-Miro had a video about The House of Black, Darby and Sting entered the video to complete the story of the three of them versus the house of black.

-CM Punk’s music hit, he walked out to the stage area, then to the ring. Punk had tears in his eyes as before he talked. He said that he broke his foot on June 1st, and worked an entire match on it. He got surgery on June 8th, then talked about the screws in his foot and said that was more than a fat guy in the front has gotten screwed. He said he shouldn’t have done that and he shouldn’t have come back so early. He said that his loss didn’t sit well with him, he said his foot is at 100%. But, it’s a new 100% and he isn’t sure if that is good enough.

He came back to wrestling because he loves the business and he loves the fans. He said the business doesn’t love you back, but the fans do. He saw his little sister in the front row and let her down. He held back tears and asked if he didn’t have it. Ace Steel came out and said this isn’t what he was supposed to say. He said that he is Punk’s coach and he is proud of him. He said that he and Punk are family, and you don’t let family down. He said life is about how many times you get up and that he is gonna sign that contract and fight Jon Moxley. The crowd chanted CM Punk, he grabbed the mic and said that no man has been able to kill him and Moxley isn’t that guy. Punk walked into the crowd and finished his promo, he said that he and Chicago have the same pulse. He said that at All Out Moxley can’t break the bones or drink the blood of him or Chicago.

(Sage’s Analysis: A lot going on here, check out Fireside Chat at 4pm EST on the PWTorch YouTube page to get my full thoughts.)

-A video featuring JR and Christian Cage and Jungle Boy having a sit down interview. Cage said that he is a pro’s pro, he told Jack Perry that he isn’t in his league and that Jungle Boy will be a has been at 25. Jungle Boy said that he could just say that he hates him, he said that he loves him and wishes that some part of the old Cage was in there. He said that he would be fighting Jack Perry at All Out.


Jones and Wardlow started the match, Wardlow took out Jones. Cash came in and hit a move, Dax entered and worked over Jones. The third member of the team entered and was power bombed a few times before being pinned. [c]

WINNER: FTR & Wardlow

(Sage’s Analysis: I don’t know why you would even have this match, I am over Wardlow not working besides power bombing people. I would rather have an FTR/Briscoes type sit down promo instead of this filler.)

-Jon Moxley entered the ring. He said that if Punk wants to go out on his shield in Chicago he will oblige him. He said that Punk needs one more miracle to beat him. He will put on a show of glorious pro wrestling violence, he will show how legends are made.

-Dark Order were backstage, it was announce that 10 was injured last week. Evil Uno will take his spot on the team. Andrade entered and offered 10 a contract.


Martin & Fenix paired off outside the ring as Yuta and Rush battled in the ring. Rush hit a power slam on Yuta, Martin then hit a cross body off the top rope. Martin then hit a destroyer and then Rey hit a head scissor and then a missile dive out to Rush. Yuta hit a dive out to Fenix. Martin then did a spinning dove off the top rope. Rush then hit a head strike on Martin as the show went to break. [c]

Rey and Dante were battling in the ring, Dante got a near fall. Rey hit a spinning power bomb, Rush broke up the pin. Fenix kick Rush to the outside and then Marin hit a move. Yuta pushed Martin off the top, then Rey dived out and took out Rush. Yuta then tried a stomp, Martin rolled away. Yuta got a unique pin for the win.

WINNER: Wheeler Yuta

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun car crash match.)

-Alex Reynolds and John Silver said they would fight 2 on 3 if needed. Adam Page walked out and said that he would join there team if they needed him.

-The announce team ran down Rampage and the All Out show. [c]


Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay started that match, Ospreay hit a quick running knee and then the odds were evened as each man hit hard strikes. Ospreay was stomping the head of Kenny as The Young Bucks entered to stop that. Aussie Open ran in and they were tossed out. Ospreay then threw Kenny out of the ring. The Bucks took out Ospreay and then dove to the outside. Aussie Open caught them and slammed then. Ospreay then did a spinning moonsault to The Elite. The match moved to the ramp and stage area as the break started. [c]

The Bucks and Aussie Open were battling as the match was in a more traditional place. Mark Davis slammed both Bucks and tagged in Fletcher, who hit a cutter on Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega broke the pin. Matt Jackson took out both members of Aussie open then Will Ospreay. Kenny was tagged in and took out Davis, and showed off his “improvement,” from two weeks ago.

Ospreay entered and pump kicked Omega, then went for the Oscutter. Ospreay and Omega then showed off their skill. Ospreay then did a standing moonsault to the outside and Kenny hit a Snap Dragon on the outside. Omega was on the top rope, here Aussie Open hit a tandem superplex. Ospreay entered and took off Kenny’s shirt, he was heavily tapped on his stomach and chest. [c]

Nick Jackson was on the top rope and hit a move on Ospreay, but Will had his knees up. Ospreay then hit a snap dragon suplex and did the Kenny gun point. Kenny entered and both men traded forearms and athletic moves. Ospreay rolled around Kenny and hit a Liger bomb. Nick Jackson countered a finisher and Matt entered and then teamed up on Fletcher. Kenny entered and a finisher was hit, but Mark Davis broke up the pin.

Ospreay hit a cutter on Nick and then a deluxe Meltzer Driver on Matt for a near fall. Ospreay set up the elbow strike, Nick pulled his foot and Kenny hit a V-Trigger. The Elite hit Super Kick party on Fletcher, Kenny was then tagged in. Kenny tried a V-Trigger, but Ospreay hit one on him first. Kenny and Nick hit an Indy Taker, then Kenny hit a V-Trigger on Fletcher. Kenny then hit One Winged Angel for the pinfall win.

WINNER: The Elite

(Sage’s Analysis: Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega are setting the ground work for an epic series of singles matches. if they can work a number of matches like they worked together tonight they could compete for some of the most skilled and exciting matches of all time on North American tv. If you couldn’t guess I was a big fan of this match.)

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