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SEPTEMBER 2, 2022 


Commentators: Excalibur and Taz. Apologies if the enhancement talent names are not complete. They sometimes don’t show the graphics with the names in the building.

(1) Tony Nese and Josh Woods (w/Smart Mark Sterling) defeated Storm Grayson and Brandon Gord

Grayson is the former champ of the local Freelance Wrestling promotion. The heels have been piling up YouTube wins since losing to the tag champs. Woods hit a back suplex on Grayson for the win in about 2 minutes.

(2) Marina Shafir (w/Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose) defeated Laynie Luck

Shafir and Luck, also of Freelance, exchanged hammer locks. Rose worked over Luck at ringside as Shafir took the ref. Some crowd clapping to try to spur a comeback for Luck but Shafir got her into a submission. Quick pinning counter for two for Luck. Shafir cut her off as Vickie cackled. Shafir hit a submission for the win in about 3:20.

(3) Zack Clayton defeated Serpentico (w/Luther)

Hey whaddya know, Luther still under contract. Good for Len St. Clair. Zack coming off a loss to Hook on Rampage. Zack’s reality show status makes Serpentico the face here. Luther screeching at ringside in a different though equally annoying way to Vickie in the previous match. Zack cut off Serpentico’s attempts at a comeback with some basic power moves. Serpentico finally got the comeback as Luther pounded the apron to get the crowd into it. Clayton hit a cradle suplex for the win in 4:30.

(4) Julia Hart defeated Missa Kate

Kate had Chicago flag gear, not unlike CM Punk’s. Hart keeps piling up Dark wins. Kate on offense at first and got some crowd claps but Hart got the mount and pummeled her. Kate got caught up top and Hart took over. Hart then applied a submission to win in 2:30.

(5) Serena Deeb defeated Sierra

Deeb was on offense for most of this one. Chops drew the obligatory “woos.” Deeb slapped on a very painful submission sitting on Sierra’s head and cranking on her outstretched arms. 4:45 or so.

(6) Private Party defeated GPA and Robert Anthony

A couple of Chicago-area stalwarts are the opposition. GPA hit a roll up but missed the blind tag. Private Party took turns working GPA over. Anthony got a hot tag and cleaned house, including a long vertical suplex. But Private Party got control back and hit their finisher off the top for a win in 5:15.

(7) Penelope Ford defeated Alice Crowley

Crowley hit Ford high with a loud chop but Ford took over and choked Crowley, waiting until the count of four before breaking in true heel fashion. Ford dropkicked her from behind as Crowley was in the 619 position. Handspring elbow. Ford his her Muta lock submission for the win in a little over 3 minutes. Ford sold the red mark from the chop after.

(8) Dante Martin and Matt Sydal defeated The Wingmen’s Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi

Guess the other Wingmen were selling Wednesday’s beat down by W Morrissey. Martin and Sydal took to the sky at the start. Heels worked Sydal over, cutting off the ring. Bononi a knee to the gut as Sydal  Ames off the ropes. Sydal eventually got the hit tag to Dante, who got the biggest pop so far and used his speed to make the heels look dumb. The heels hit a double team move but Dante head scissored Bononi over the top. Martin hit his finisher on Nemeth for the win in 6:15.

(9) Queen Aminata and Skye Blue defeated Emi Sakura and Diamante 

A couple developing talents with veteran hands in this one. The heels worked over Skye, who’s from the Chicago area. Then Aminata in the corner as Sakura hit the Kojima chops. Blue hit a top rope cross body on the outside on the heels to applause. Blue hit a modified version of Jade Cargill’s finisher for the win in four minutes. Local talent with another win on Dsrk this week.

(10) Danhausen defeated The Wingmen’s Pretty Peter Avalon

Avalon came out solo. Danhausen the loudest pop of the night and really brought the crowd to life. Big Danhausen chant. Avalon with the Rick Rude (sky point) hip swivel. Danhausen worked over Avalon and hit a released back overhead suplex. Two minutes in, Danhausen hit the curse, Avalon tried to slam Danhausen, who hung on Avalon’s shoulders to get a ZSJ-like submission to the crowd’s delight.

(11) Matt Hardy defeated Angelico

Angelico’s old theme had a cooler vibe for him to dance to. Hardy got “delete” chants and worked over the lanky Angelico’s arm. Hardy a one-armed slam and did the “delete” ramming of Angelico’s head into the turnbuckles. All four sets of them. A sit out pier bomb for two. Angelico escaped a twist of fate attempt. Angelico took over for a bit until Hardy hit a twisting sidewalk slam and tried for a twist of fate again. Angelico countered with a roll up for two. Part of a near fall rollup sequence. Hardy then got the twist of fate on the third try for the win in about six minutes.

(12) Claudio Castagnoli (w/William Regal) defeated Ari Daivari

Your Dark main event is an ROH title defense. With no build (I’m kidding). Big “Claudio” chants at the start as he worked over the challenger on the mat. Regal joined commentary, where he no doubt flirted with Excalibur. Claudio went for the airplane spin a minute in but the head of The Trustbusters escaped. Claudio hit a European uppercut outside the ring. Daivari took over outside though and worked the champ over in the ring. Claudio caught him on a crossbody and hit a back breaker. Claudio tried for a press slam but Ari escaped. Eventually it was airplane spin time and I think he got to 10 spins. Hope Ari didn’t eat before this match. Ari worked over the left knee and hit a reserve neck breaker on the ropes and rammed the knee into the ring post. Telling a story by working the knee, which Claudio sold even when getting in some offense. He caught Daivari on a tope but Daivari rammed him into the ring post. Claudio hit a lariat that Daivari took a nice bump for and then made his comeback by pummeling him in the corner. Claudio with the sit down power bomb from up high for the win in 9 minutes or so. Claudio stood tall with the belt and knuckle bumped fans at ringside.

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