Paul Levesque talks WWE doing business with Tyson Fury


Triple H addresses Tyson Fury in a WWE ring
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Paul Levesque says that Tyson Fury is itching to get back into a ring, but he just isn’t sure whether or not it’s for boxing or wrestling.

In an interview with Sporting News, Levesque talked about working with Fury at Clash at the Castle and whether or not more business is on the table between the WWE and the heavyweight boxing champion.

“Tyson Fury is chomping at the bit to get in the ring, but it’s which ring is he going to get into?” Levesque said. “Is it the boxing ring? Is it going to be the WWE ring? We were just together in Cardiff; we had a long talk about it. He’s enamored as ever; he’s wanting to do this with us. I think he knows he’s got a few big fights in him in the boxing world. I think he’s going to capitalize on the fights. Selfishly, I want to see him come work with us. Also, selfishly, I want to see those fights, so I hope he knocks those out and I hope he stays interested because I do think with the dedication and the drive that he has to do what we do, I think he could do something special.

Fury wrestled for WWE at the first-ever Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. Fury faced Braun Strowman after an altercation at the first-ever Smackdown on Fox.

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