10/7 WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Hazelwood’s live report on Extreme Rules go-home featuring Reigns-Paul face-to-face, Gunther vs. Sheamus for IC Championship, more



OCTOBER 7, 2022

NXT Commentators: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kayla Braxton, Megan Morant

Tonight after WWE SmackDown, join Zack Heydorn live with guest co-host Bruce Hazelwood to break down the show with live callers and emails.

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(I’m filling in for Wade’s live report tonight. He may or may not have a report up this weekend with the PLE tomorrow night. I’ve been covering NXT since the start of 2022 and this will be my first “main roster” coverage since the last Raw of 2021. I’ll also join Zack Heydorn on the post-show tonight to discuss the go-home show in more detail.)


-This is the first show with the new commentary team for the “season premiere” of Smackdown. Wade Barrett moves from NXT (why?! Come back!) to bring his brand of color commentary to Friday nights.

-The show began with Michael Cole welcoming viewers to the season premiere with Triple H’s “King of Kings” music playing. He was in the ring in a suit as the crowd roared and he looked intense. Is this his first time on-air since being named head? He said there will come a time when everything is finished, but that is just the beginning. He said welcome to FOX, and welcome to the season premiere. Roman Reigns’ music hit to a thunderous reaction. The honorary uce, Sami Zayn, was dancing to the music as the others were, expectedly, stoic.

Cole then welcomed his new partner in Barrett, saying he has some good news for us as Barrett thanked him. Cole then kicked to a split-screen of the Crown Jewel presser between The Bloodline and Logan Paul. Cole and Barrett hyped the Undisputed WWE Championship match at said event as the five wrestlers and manager stood in the ring, three of them holding six total titles. Reigns handed off his two to Paul Heyman as Heyman had a mic and, as Reigns soaked in the moment as only he can, handed it off.

Reigns said, “Worcester, Mass, acknowledge me.” They obliged as the others held up the 1s. Paul’s music hit to a big round of boos from the crowd though he did high-five some fans along the ramp until one dude faked him out with the 1. Paul walked into the ring, a bit of trepidation on his face, and stood on the apron with a mic, leaning on the tope rope. Reigns said he gets it, there’s a bunch of them, and this is his show. He said that means Paul is his guest and this is a safe place, so he invited him in to speak, but also warned him they had something to say. Paul entered without wiping his shoes on the apron to a chorus of “Logan sucks.”

Reigns said they did the same thing to him years ago and he’s the greatest of all time now, so he feels like they have a lot teach him. He told the wise man to smarten the boy up. Heyman said as special counsel to the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of all sports entertainment, the Tribal Chief, also serves as wise man and drops pearls of wisdom like this: Reigns asked him the other day who in the hell is Logan Paul? Heyman said it hit him in the head like Anderson Silva is going to hit Jake Paul in the head, Heyman said they’re this generation’s version of Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper, the outside celebrities that are number one on pop culture platforms that they bring in to bring in tens of millions of more viewers to their product, who all worship the altar at the Island of Relevancy and worship their Tribal Chief.

He said they were deciding which pseudo-Kardashian they could rub. He brought up Jordan Petersen, but then said he would never have the balls to fight Reigns. He then brought up Ben Shapiro, who talks so fast that no one can debate him – though he wanted an open mic with Shapiro – and said he’s not a fighter, so he wouldn’t fight Reigns. Andrew Tate was next (I think?), then he said the less said about him the better, then repeated the same closing line. He then said they fell on Paul, called him impotent- he meant impulsive, he said, and that they’re providing him that one moment for all his YouTube viewers so that while he’s laid up in the hospital for three months with a breathing tube and catheter – he said he hopes they’re in the same hole – then went into his not a prediction, but a spoiler bit.

Paul said whew, he can’t argue with that and Heyman really is a wise man, but he has one question. He asked when Heyman said he’s going to get smashed by the Tribal Chief, does he mean Reigns or Jey Uso? Uso was incensed and was screaming at Paul as Jimmy held him back. THey yelled at each other off-mic as Paul said he can’t tell the difference. Reigns looked over and Jey calmed down and fell in line, looking intimidated as he couldn’t look Reigns in the eyes.

Zayn jumped in to calm things down to a lout applause from the crowd. A “Sami” chant started as Reigns just stared a hole into Jey as Jey tried staring a hole into Paul. Zayn said Reigns is the Tribal Chief and nobody here is questioning that or challenging that. He said this is Reigns’ family and Jey did nothing wrong. He said the only person doing anything around here (he said it like that) is this fake wannabe WWE superstar who’s going to get smashed worse than anyone’s been smashed in their entire life. He said in The Bloodline, they say you the 2s and we the 1s and Paul is the biggest 2, a giant number 2, and he’s going to end up a number two stain on the bottom of Reigns’ shoe. He said The Bloodline will still be there stronger thane ever because “we the 1s.” Reigns broke a bit during Zayn’s monologue with a smile. Cole hyped Ricochet vs. Sikoa for after the break. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Paul has no fans in WWE it seems, and it didn’t help pairing him up against the most dominant act in the company that fans have come to begrudgingly respect at worst and cheer at best. He got the “What” from the fans, and Zayn came in to save the segment from Paul’s lackluster performance on the mic. Setting the Jey turn plays into what I’ve been advocating for since their first feud in that Jey should be the one to dethrone Reigns, but Zayn’s presence really complicates matters.)

-Cole hyped the Intercontinental Championship main event of Gunther vs. Sheamus. Sikoa remained in the ring as he awaited his foe, Ricochet.

(1) SOLO SIKOA vs. RICOCHET – Singles match

Sikoa attacked before the bell during Ricochet’s flip in the ring. Referee Charles Robinson checked on him, then rang the bell. Ricochet still had on his vest as he ate a big right from Sikoa, but then sent Sikoa outside. He hit a tope and then took off his vest. He hit a springboard crossbody, then a Lionsault for a two-count. Sikoa rolled outside, then ate a triangle dropkick from Ricochet as he hit the apron. Ricochet then did his handspring flip fake as Sikoa glared from the outside. Sikoa broke the count and went back outside.

The crowd was booing Sikoa as Sikoa took his time. He reentered to eat a pump knee that sent him back outside. Sikoa slapped the announce table and grabbed a chair. He tossed it aside as he regained some composure. Sikoa pulled Ricochet’s neck across the top rope to create space, then hit a hard Irish whip on Ricochet chest-first into the corner. He hit a big chop in the corner, but ate some fists from Ricochet. Ricochet went for a springboard, but ate a right hand on the launch and fell to the outside. [c]

Sikoa had a nerve hold on Ricochet as they returned. They showed the replay from before the break where Ricochet hit the apron on his neck before hitting the floor. Sikoa went for the corner hip attack, but Ricochet countered with a front dropkick. Ricochet blocked strikes and landed a series of his own, including kicks, then hit a running head scissors. He hit a running shoulder in the corner, then a dropsault, then a pump knee, a superkick, and finally a spin heel kick that dropped Sikoa. Ricochet climbed to the top for the 630, presumably, but went for the shooting star instead. Sikoa caught him into a spinning uranage, the Spinning Solo (such a bad name), for the victory.

WINNER: Solo Sikoa at 8:16 (Spinning Solo)

-They showed The Bloodline watching in their locker room as Zayn discussed how he took Sikoa under his wing. Jey erupted, saying that’s his brother. Zayn said don’t be a hot head. Jey yelled and then saw Reigns glaring at him. Reigns said Jey’s always been a hot head and they’ve dealt with this their whole lives. He said the fact that Jey keeps doing this is a problem and it’s not going to be his problem anymore; he said it’s Zayn’s problem now. Zayn smiled, then started nodding as it dawned on him.

-They showed Hit Row leaving their bus as B-Fab, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, and Top Dolla made their way to the ring. [c[

(Hazelwood’s Take: Well, this does make it seem like they’re heading toward some kind of split or possibly a “put him back in his place” match with Reigns and Jey. Everything this group does is just so engaging and interesting, and Reigns turning this to Zayn – and Zayn accepting – is just another wrinkle in this regard. Does Zayn become a caretaker? A manager? A tag team partner? All three? Jimmy’s there, sure, but maybe they Freebird the titles?)

-They returned with an NFL promo from Cole (for the record, I guess I’m a 49ers fan). They showed The Usos and Zayn walking in the back as he said he didn’t mean for any of that to happen. Jimmy told him to chill. They ran into The New Day. Xavier Woods told Zayn grown folks are talking. Kofi Kingston said Jey went from “Main Event Jey” to having two daddies with Reigns and Zayn. Zayn challenged them to a match. Woods said, “You’re not the step-daddy, you’re the daddy who stepped up!”

-Hit Row’s music hit as they made their entrance. Adonis looked like he was straight out of In Living Color. All of the sudden, they were attacked my masked luchadores – Legado del Fantasma have finally arrived. Zelina Vega (now blonde) then took out B-Fab, the rumored new member to replace Elektra Lopez, with a rana and then a pump knee. Santos Escobar, still masked, hit Adonis with the Phantom Driver as Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro hit their double team and the a double team springboard splash.

Vega took a mic and said she’s back and she didn’t come alone. Escobar took a mic and said they are Legado del Fantasma and Smackdown is theirs; be safe. He threw down the mic.

-A White Rabbit thing played, saying tomorrow night, “Feed Your Head.” Al Snow?! [c]

-They returned with Xia Li’s music playing as she and Sonya Deville were in the ring. Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez entered on the TCB tank that shot off pyro.


Cole said the face team formed out of mutual respect; sure. Shotzi and Deville began the match. Li distracted Shotzi right away, allowing Deville to take over. Deville hit a running knee for a two-count. Li tagged in as they worked her in their corner. Li hit a running knee in the corner, then an arm-trapped exploder that Cole called a fisherman’s. Deville tagged in, but Shotzi countered a double suplex only for Li to take her down and Deville landing a running kick. They then took out Rodriguez, but Shotzi  was ablee to make the tag.

Rodriguez came in and took it to both women, hitting a fallaway slam on Deville, then a corkscrew Vader Bomb. Shotzi came over to help, then hit an assisted shiranui to Li. Rodriguez then hit her Tejana Bomb to Deville.

WINNER: Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez at 2:16 (Tejana Bomb)

-Cole shifted to tweets of former Intercontinental Champion holders tweeting about the main event, which I am very much looking forward to covering. They showed Sheamus with the Brawling Brutes in the back as Butch handed him Sheamus’ Celtic cross chain. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A ho-hum match that lacked any sort of flair or charisma, unfortunately. They needed more time to build a story, but their lack of charisma showed in the lack of crowd response.)

-They returned with Cole hyping the Women’s Championship Extreme Rules match tomorrow night at Extreme Rules with a video. It showed Liv Morgan’s successful cash in on Ronda Rousey at Money in the Bank and the controversial ending from SummerSlam. Rousey said there won’t be any controversy this time in a voiceover. The video was interspersed of footage of their matches and different promos, including their face-to-face. It didn’t really do anything to make Morgan look anymore face and just made Rousey look like a justified badass in her hostility toward Morgan. It was good in hyping the match, but if they wanted fans to get more behind Morgan, I think they failed.


-Karrion Kross’ music hit as the black-and-white coloring went up and Scarlett was in a hooded robe at the entrance. Kross walked out and stood in front of her as she unhooded and they made their way, him in I guess biker leathers? Scarlett actually took off the whole robe and was in an exquisite, bedazzled dress as she lip synced the entrance music. The red lights came on as the chorus ended and Kross hit the ring. Cole hyped the Strap match for tomorrow night between Kross and Drew McIntyre. McIntyre appeared behind Kross as he posed in the ring with Scarlett, then attacked. McIntyre had a strap and, well, strapped himself and Kross to it, but security came out and dragged McIntyre out of the ring. the strap was still attached to both, and McIntyre fought off security. He slammed some into the steps, placed at the center of the ring for Scarlett’s entrance, then hit an overhead belly-to-belly on one.

However, Kross used the strap to force McIntyre into the ring post three times. Kross then put the strap across the second turnbuckle, folded up the strap, and then whipped McIntyre HARD with the thick strap, again, folded up. He then pulled McIntyre back to the post and hit him again, then repeated the process a third time, only on the third time, he hit McIntyre with about five quick strike whips, then one finisher whip that dropped McIntyre. McIntyre writhed on the ground as his back showed red welts from the whipping. Well, why have them talk when you can just give a little preview of tomorrow night? [c]

-They played an Extreme Rules promo, this one featuring the other Women’s Championship match, a Ladder match between Bianca Belair and Bayley.

-A vignette played saying only fools confuse patience with weakness. A woman’s voice said when the gods speak, they listen, and Valhalla awaits. Sure sounds like The Viking Raiders now have Sarah Logan.

-The Usos and Zayn made their entrance. The New Day’s music hit next as they entered. They asked “Who?” Braun Strowman’s music hit (sigh).

(3) THE USOS & SAMI ZAYN vs. THE NEW DAY (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) & BRAUN STROWMAN – Six-man tag team match

Zayn and Woods began the match as Cole said today marks the 746th day of The Usos’ reign, short of only Demolition and The New Day. Woods and Kingston took control with some sneaky double team work and a close two-count. Zayn tagged in Jey, who was incensed again. He turned into a dropkick from Kingston, then Jimmy was thrown out by Kingston. The New Day then went for a kick and tope respectively. Zayn tried to regroup as Jey said, “I don’t need your help, man!” [c]

Jimmy was all over Kingston as they returned. The crowd chanted for Strowman (why?!) as they showed how The Bloodline took over: Jey hitting an enziguri to the back of Kingston’s head while the referee was distracted by Zayn. Jey tagged in and pounded away, then tagged in his brother, who taunted the faces before attacking Kingston. Zayn tagged in, wearing his honorary uce shirt, and kept up the methodical beatdown of Kingston. Jey then EMPHATICALLY tagged in on Zayn’s back, yelling for Zayn to “get his ass out of here.” Jey hit a belly-to-back for a two-count, then distracted the ref for Jimmy to hit a big right. Jey waited for the ref to make the tag.

Jimmy came in and then tagged in Zayn. They attacked the midsection as now, a “Sami” chant began. Zayn held out his hand, and Jey tagged in. Zayn put up a hand for a dap, but Jey just glared at him, then tagged in his brother as they wishboned Kingston. Jey and Zayn started arguing in the corner, but Jimmy prevented the tag by taking out Woods. Kingston hit a facebreaker, then made the tag. Strowman just took out all three of them, then a corner splash to Jimmy, and another. He tore off his shirt and hit a big chokeslam to Jimmy. Jey and Zayn kept arguing on the outside. Strowman tagged in Kingston, who tagged in Woods. Strowman hit the Strowman Express on the outside, causing Jey to tumble into Cole. Woods and Kingston hit a double team backbreaker-top rope double stomp combo for the victory.

WINNER: The New Day & Braun Strowman at 10:31 (backbreaker-double stomp combo)

-Jey was beefing with some fans at ringside after the match as Zayn tried to keep everything calm; Jimmy just kept selling.

-In the back, Maxxine Dupri yelled at Max Dupri after he laid out Maximum Male Models, who yelled not to call him that and to call him L.A. Knight to a big pop. [c]

-Cole gave an NLDS promo (I’m a Giants fan, so go everyone but the Dodgers and Padres and Yankees).

-Cole and Barrett hyped next wek’s matches: Kingston vs. Zayn and Knight vs. Mansoor (I’m not even going to try and spell it with the symbols).

-Cole shifted to the Progressive Match Flo on the main event. These are great primers for main events that should be done for all television championship main events, and this one was no different. It showed highlights from their Match of the Year candidate at Clash at the Castle. It then showed Sheamus not backing down from his beatings and asking for more.

-Sheamus’ music hit first to a good pop as he and The Brawling Brutes entered, but the latter stayed back as Cole said Sheamus told them earlier he wanted to go at it alone. Cole then hyped The Brawling Brutes vs. Imperium in a Donnybrook match tomorrow night. The arena went dark as Imperium’s music hit and they stood stoically at the entrance. They entered confidently, n olook of concern, yet no look of arrogance either, just focused intensity. Samantha Irvin, officially announced as the ring announcer yesterday, gave formal ring introductions inside the ring.

(4) GUNTHER vs. SHEAMUS – Intercontinental Championship match

Cole listed off three independent promotions that Gunther had experience in, including PWG. The bell rung with about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. Sheamus hit Gunther quickly, but Gunther took it to Sheamus outside only for Sheamus to counter and send Gunther into the sideboards once, twice, three times. [c]

The White Rabbit thing played again and definitely looked like it said “Feed Your Head.” Sheamus draped Gunther’s neck on the top rope and hit a top rope clothesline as they returned. Gunther’s mouth was bleeding. He put a boot up, but then was hit a a tilt-a-whirl slam. Sheamus set for Ten Beats of the Bodhran and hit one before Gunther intercepted. Sheamus hit him, then went to the apron as well. Gunther blocked a suplex, then hit a huge chop and drove Sheamus back-first into the post. Gunther, from inside the ring, rammed Sheamus’ head into the corner, then removed the protective padding on the steel bar, pulling Sheamus into it as they showed bloody marks on Sheamus’ chest from chops. Referee Jessika Carr counted, but Gunther brought Sheamus back inside and hit an uppercut.

Gunther switched to a sleeper hold, falling back to the mat, then rolled into the back mount rear naked choke. Sheamus powered himself to his feet with Gunther on his back, giving the crowd a moment, but ate a big chop. They traded chops (Gunther) and punches (Sheamus) to boos and yays, respectively. I mean, the went at it for a good 30 seconds of just that! Gunther then hit a release German, dropping Sheamus right on his head. [c]

A quick promo on the Morgan-Rousey match played like the Belair-Bayley one from earlier as they returned from break. Gunther was in control, holding a wrist and punching Sheamus with the other hand. He hit combos of punches and chops, which just infuriated Sheamus, who hit his own series of forearms to thunderous roars from the crowd. He forced Gunther into the corner, and hit a bunch of back elbows. This is a prototypical BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING MEAT match. This time, Sheamus hit the Ten Beats as the crowd chanted along as loud as they’d been all night. He then did it on the second rope, then the bottom rope, for 30 Beats of the Bodhran!

Sheamus went for White Noise, no, he went for an avalanche White Noise from the second rope and hit, but only for a two-count! Cole kept reiterating Sheamus has yet to win this championship in his Hall of Fame career. The crowd chanted “This is awesome.” Gunther fought off Sheamus and hit a shotgun dropkick. He went for the powerbomb and hit, but Sheamus kicked out as the crowd erupted. Gunther then attacked the back of the neck with a knee and then a neck snap. He climbed to the top and hit a splash to the back of the neck of Sheamus, but only a two-count again as the crowd roared.

Sheamus blocked a Gunther Brogue Kick attempt, hit Irish Curse, then locked in the Cloverleaf. Gunther looked like he tapped, but the referee said he was reaching for the rope, not tapping, dragging himself. The crowd booed, angry at the non-call even though she was right. Imperium ran down to encourage Gunther, but The Brawling Brutes ran down and attacked with shillelagh in hand. Gunther hit a chop, but ate a pump knee. Sheamus set for the Brogue Kick in the corner, but Ludwig Kaiser handed something to Gunther. Carr was distracted as Gunther clotheslined Sheamus with the shillelagh. The other four just kept brawling at ringside.

WINNER: Gunther at 18:23 (shillelagh clothesline) to retain the Intercontinental Championship

(Hazelwood’s Take: Just another splendid performance from these two. The crowd sounded like the crowd during The Acclaimed vs. Swerve in Our Glory, and reacted in kind to Gunther retaining. Still, what a match, and there’s still more to come tomorrow! Don’t be surprised if Imperium loses as Giovanni Vinci or Kaiser take the pin.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: For a show with only four matches across two hours, they sure packed a lot into it with a good final build for tomorrow’s PLE. There was really only one throwaway segment (the women’s tag team match), and every other segment either built toward Extreme Rules, Crown Jewel, or more long-term stories like that of Zayn and Jey Uso or Ricochet and Sikoa.

Tune into the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Post-Show as I join Zack Heydorn to discuss the show!

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  1. I can’t recall Gunther ever getting a crooked win before. Plus they gave the wonky “he sorta tapped but didn’t” thing to keep some shine on Seamus. Not sure if any of that was needed.
    Wonder what they’ll do with Elektra?

  2. Seeing Triple H was a pleasure to start the show, only to have it end abruptly with The Bloodline coming to the ring. Honestly, I am not sure who drew up plans for Reigns versus Logan, but it looks like a bust to me. The fan reaction to Logan said it all. And Logan versus Paul Heyman on the mic was the equivalent of a boy versus a man. Jey and Zane continue to be an interesting situation, but sooner or later, it has to come to a head. If by chance their animosities cause Reigns to lose tomorrow, I am sure their issues will be addressed on the next SmackDown. Sheamus versus Gunther was again the best of the show, but I felt there was no reason to have a tainted victory. I would have gladly taken a double count out. And the rest of the show? Ho hum. Looking forward to Extreme Rules tomorrow though!

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