10/27 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Chris Bey vs. Tommy Dreamer, Cardona vs. Shelley, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Impact Wrestling Announcers: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Recap video of last week’s events.

-Scott D’Amore was confronted backstage by Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. They complained about being attacked last week and Maria being hurt. Taven said Impact was an unsafe work environment and Scott would never put them in that position again. Scott called them world class talents. He said they should find some common ground. He agreed they would never be in that position again, then they all shook hands. Scott then fired them and told them to get out. Taven and Bennett were shocked and said “are you serious?”

-“We own the night” intro video.


This was a first round match in the X Division tournament. Angels had the early advantage. Fans were split in their support. Trey made a comeback with a kick to the jaw. Trey delivered a series of kicks and a double foot stomp. They battled on the top rope. Trey gave Angels the meteora but Angels kicked out. Angels came back and put Trey in a submission on the mat.

Angels gave Trey a German suplex and followed with a frog splash for a two count. Trey came back with the Lightning Spiral and got the three count.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 8:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match and an action packed start to the show. Good showing by both wrestlers.)

-Chris Bey and Ace Austin confronted Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer in the dressing room. Bey said that Bully lied to him last week. Bully denied attacking Ace. Ace stuck his hand out and introduced himself to Ace. Ace accused Bully of jumping him. Bully said it wasn’t him and suggested it could be Moose. Dreamer got into the argument. Bey challenged Dreamer to a match tonight. Bully offered to be in Dreamer’s corner, but Dreamer got mad and said it was Bully’s fault he was mixed up in this mess. [c]

-VXT and Gisele Shaw backstage promo. Shaw said they were a great trio. Deonna said they didn’t do so great last week. Shaw said they know what they’re up against now. Chelsea said that tonight they could make it Mickie’s last night. Shaw talked about winning a title belt and VXT told her to relax and focus on tonight.

(2) TASHA STEELZ (w/Savannah Evans) vs. RACHELLE SCHEEL

Steelz booted Rachelle right at the bell and floored her. Tasha dropped her again, then rolled out of the ring and took the mic. Tasha complained about her competition and said she was above this. She told Rachelle it was feeding time and called in Evans. Evans got in the ring and knocked Rachelle to the match.
The referee called for the bell and awarded the match to Rachelle.

Tasha said that Evans needed to deliver the main course. Evans powerbombed Rachelle.

WINNER: Rachelle Scheel by DQ in 2:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good way to re-establish Tasha after her loss to Kelly and being on the back burner for awhile. Evans looked like a powerhouse as well.)

-Heath and Rhino were congratulated by the Motor City Machine Guns backstage. The Guns said they were next in line for a title match. Heath told them to go to management to ask for the match. Heath said they couldn’t wait. [c]

-The Guns ran into Brian Myers and Matt Cardona. They argued about who should get a title shot. Scott D’Amore walked out of his office. He said that Cardona would face Shelley tonight.

(3) CHRIS BEY (w/Ace Austin) vs. TOMMY DREAMER (w/Bully Ray)

Fans were behind Bey, who was in front of his hometown crowd. They went to a stalemate early. Ace and Bully got on the ring apron to argue. [c]

Bey gave Dreamer a series of kicks. Tommy gave Bey a fallaway slam. Bey gave Dreamer a double stomp and a standing moonsault. Bey chopped Dreamer. Dreamer battled back with chops. Dreamer missed Bey and charged into the ringpost. Bey gave Dreamer a DDT for a two count. Dreamer gave Bey a cutter and got a two count.

Bey super kicked Dreamer coming off the top rope. They fought on the top rope. Dreamer gave Bey a superplex. Moose walked to ringside and argued with Bully. Dreamer gave Bey a series of punches, but Bey poked him in the eye. Moose tripped Bey. Bey thought it was Bully. Dreamer rolled up Bey for a two count. Bey gave Dreamer a spin kick and a cutter from the ropes and got the pin.

WINNER: Chris Bey in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Better than I expected — mostly because of Bey — and the storyline with Bully and Moose was forwarded. With Bey signing a new contract, which the announcers alluded to, perhaps Bey is in for a renewed push.)

-Impact Plus Moment of the Week: Sting vs. Bully Ray from Slammiversary 2013

-Aussie Open backstage promo. They talked about losing to the Motor City Machine Guns but they would get their win back. They issued a challenge to any team for next week and said everyone would find out that they run the world. [c]

-Backstage, Dreamer told Bully to calm down and relax. Bully was having a fit, saying that he came in to do things the right way. He said he wasn’t even sure if Dreamer trusted him. Dreamer said he did. Dreamer said it was over. Bully talked about Moose getting involved. Bully told Dreamer that they were good.

(4) MATT CARDONA (w/Brian Myers) vs. ALEX SHELLEY (w/Chris Sabin)

Cardona attacked Shelley before the bell. The match quickly went out of the ring and Shelley got the upper hand. Shelley gave Cardona a splash coming back into the ring. Shelley chopped Cardona. Myers tripped Shelley and pulled him out of the ring. Cardona attacked Shelley on the floor. Back in the ring, Cardona chopped Shelley on the ropes.

Cardona stayed on the attack. Cardona gave Shelley a back elbow. Shelley made a comeback and threw Cardona into the turnbuckles. They traded punches. Shelley gave Cardona a flying forearm. Myers protested on the apron. Shelley gave Cardona a tornado DDT. Myers put Cardona’s feet on the ropes during a pin attempt.

The Guns double teamed Myers in the ring. Cardona gave Shelley a thumb in the eye, followed by the Radio Silence for a two count. Myers slid the Digital Media title in the ring, but Shelley got it. Cardona rolled up Shelley for a two count. Shelley DDT’d Cardona on the belt while the referee wasn’t looking and got a two count.

The fans chanted “That was three”. All four wrestlers brawled on the apron. Myers hit Shelley with the belt while the referee wasn’t looking and Cardona got the pin on Shelley for the win. After the match Myers and Cardona attacked the Guns. Heath and Rhino aran in for the save and brawled with Myers and Cardona. Myers and Cardona fled the ring.

WINNER: Matt Cardona in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A good match that was a lot of fun. It appears that we’re headed to a three-way match for the tag team titles.)

-Josh Alexander and Rich Swann traded compliments backstage. Gail Kim interrupted and said she needed to speak to Alexander. Swann walked off. Gail said that Bully taught her a lot but taught her not to trust anyone. She warned him to watch his back. Steve Maclin attacked Alexander from behind. Frankie Kazarian helped to run off Maclin. [c]

-Gail was backstage with Alexander and Frankie Kazarian. Gail checked on Alexander and walked off. Alexander asked about Frankie making the save. Frankie said he did it so Alexander wouldn’t be hurt going into their match. Alexander said it was good that he could trust someone. Alexander offered to team up with Frankie to go against Aussie Open. Frankie agreed.

(5) JOE HENDRY vs. RAJ SINGH (w/Shera)

Hendry took the mic and said there was a probability that someone lost it all in Vegas last night. He said it would be okay if they lost everything though because they got to see Joe Hendry. Fans chanted “We believe”. Hendry took Singh down early and the fans sang Hendry’s song. Hendry gave Singh a delayed suplex.

Singh came back with a back elbow. Hendry caught Singh and slammed him to the mat. Singh came back with knees and a kick. Hendry rose up and clotheslined Singh. Hendry choke slammed Singh (called the Standing Ovation) and got the pin.

WINNER: Joe Hendry in 2:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Fans continue to be into Hendry’s gimmick.)

-Backstage, Eric Young and Deaner talked to someone off camera. Young said that Sami Callihan understands a lust for violence, but he doesn’t understand that Eric lives for violence. He said that he hopes the person watching off camera was going to look next week when Young faces Callihan.

-Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, and Taylor Wilde were shown warming up for their match.

-Eddie Edwards was shown preparing for an interview and Hannifan said we would hear from him. [c]

-Gia Miller had a sit down interview with Eddie Edwards. Gia asked him where Honor No More stands. Eddie said HNM was no more. He talked about Scott D’Amore firing the Kingdom. He said there was nothing to salvage. He said he was keeping matters with him and Alisha private. Gia asked if he would do it all again. Eddie said yes. He said if their mission succeeded, there would be no friction between him and Alisha. He said there was a poison pill in PCO. He called PCO a bitch and said he was going to pay, then he walked off.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt were shown on camera and commented on Eddie not taking any responsibility for the breakup of Honor No More. They talked about the matches for next week:

  • Yuya Uemura vs PJ Black (on the preshow)
  • Kenny King vs. Mike Bailey
  • Eric Young vs. Sami Callihan
  • Aussie Open vs. Josh Alexander and Frankie Kazarian

-VXT and Gisele Shaw did their ring entrances. [c]

(6) VXT (Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo) & GISELE SHAW vs. JORDYNNE GRACE & MICKIE JAMES & TAYLOR WILDE

Shaw and Mickie battled early. Deonna and Wilde tagged in next. Deonna won a test of strength and tripped Wilde to the mat. Wilde fought back and arm dragged Deonna. Grace tagged in and clotheslined Deonna. Wilde arm dragged Deonna, who tagged out to Green. Wilde got a two count on Green.

Wilde took Deonna down with a flying head scissors. Wilde gave Deonna a running kick and got a two count. Wilde took VXT to the mat by herself, then gave Green a backbreaker for a two count. All six wrestlers fought in the ring. VXT and Shaw got thrown to the floor. [c]

Wilde and Grace double teamed Green. VXT and Shaw kept the advantage on Wilde. Mickie made a hot tag and got some offense, but got stopped by Shaw. Shaw got a two count. Hannifan said it was scary because Mickie’s career was over if she got pinned. VXT and Shaw kept Mickie trapped in their corner. Shaw gave Mickie a running uppercut and got a two count.

Deonna hit Mickie from the outside. Shaw had Mickie in a headlock. Mickie fought back and gave Shaw a neckbreaker. Grace tagged in and took on VXT and Shaw by herself. Grace gave Deonna a spinebuster for a two count. All six wrestlers took turns exchanging moves. Mickie gave Deonna a Thesz Press from the top rope.

Deonna got out of a DDT attempt from Mickie. Green gave Mickie a blockbuster from the top rope, but the pin attempt was broken up. Grace and Wilde were sent out of the ring. Shaw grabbed the Knockouts title belt on the outside and held it up, but Grace hit her and knocked her down. Wilde speared Deonna and Mickie gave Green a DDT and got the pin.

WINNERS: Jordynne Grace & Mickie James & Taylor Wilde in 18:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Action packed match and everyone looked sharp. Hannifan added to the match by stressing that Mickie’s career was in jeopardy if she got pinned. It will be interesting to see if there is follow up to Shaw costing VXT the match by going after the title belt. Wilde has continued to look good in the ring since her return.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The ongoing reset continues and the road to Overdrive is underway. It was a nice touch that they wrapped up the Kingdom’s stint with them getting fired on camera, instead of just disappearing. The Bully Ray/Dreamer/Josh Alexander/Moose angle (which I’m lukewarm on) continues to slowly build. Joe Hendry continues to be a surprising bright spot and is catching on with fans. I was glad to see Chris Bey get the spotlight and I hope that continues. Good main event to cap off the show.

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