10/20 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Dreamer & Ray vs. Bey & Robinson, Kingdom vs. Heath & Rhino, more


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Impact Wrestling Announcers: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Clips from last week, including the Josh Alexander/Bully Ray storyline.

-Chris Bey was shown warming up backstage and he was joined by Juice Robinson. Bey looked around to find Ace Austin and found him laid out in the parking lot. People went to get help. Tommy Dreamer walked in and Bey and Juice accused Bully Ray of doing it.
-The “We own the night” theme returned, updated to include recent characters.
When Dreamer got in the ring he was seemingly asking Bully about the incident with Ace. Bully gestured that he didn’t know about it. Juice took the place of Ace. Dreamer and Bey started the match. Bey hit some moves but missed a standing moonsault. Dreamer came back with a suplex. Juice and Bully got in the ring. Juice aggressively attacked Bully.
Bully made a comeback, including chops and elbows. Bully went after Bey on the apron. Bey tagged in and got the upper hand on Dreamer. Juice slammed Dreamer at ringside while the referee was distracted. Bey stomped Dreamer. A crawl went across the screen saying that Bey had signed a  multi-year contract with Impact. Juice scored a two count on Dreamer.
Bey had the advantage on Dreamer, but Dreamer got a cutter on Bey and made the tag to Bully. Bully took on Juice and Bey by himself. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Dreamer clotheslined himself and Bey over the top rope. Bully gave Juice the Bully Bomb and got the pin.
WINNERS: Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer in 8:00.
After the match, Bully told Bey he didn’t know what happened to Ace and it wasn’t him.
(D.L.’s Take: Certainly a style clash, but they made it work. Bey and Juice did the heavy lifting and looked good. I was surprised that Juice took the pinfall loss to Bully, but it makes sense in the storyline since they are giving Bully such a big push.)
-Rhino and Heath were backstage and did a promo vowing revenge on Honor No More. Rhino said he would take them out with a gore. [c]
-Backstage, Dreamer made Bully tell him that he didn’t lay out Ace. Bully said he didn’t do it. Bully asked why Dreamer doubted him. He said he was only a minute ahead of Dreamer, so he couldn’t have done it. Moose walked in and asked why Dreamer was doubting Bully. Dreamer said that Moose wasn’t accepted in NFL locker rooms or in Impact. Dreamer asked if it was Moose who laid out Ace. Moose said he was a scumbag, so he probably would have denied it too.  He walked away.
There was an early back and forth exchange that ended with both wrestlers attempting dropkicks at the same time. Wilde got the upper hand after an armdrag. Mia did a leg dive, followed by a dropkick. [c]
Mia gave Wilde a series of kicks and a delayed suplex. Mia clotheslined Wilde and got a two count. Mia got another two count after a slam. Mia suplexed Mia for another two count. Mia repeatedly punched Wilde and got a two count. Mia put Wilde in a surfboard style submission. Both wrestlers exchanged punches. Wilde clotheslined Mia and gave her a rana.
Mia rolled up Wilde for a two count. They rolled each other up. Wilde did another rana. Mia booted Wilde in the corner and followed with a cannonball. Wilde blocked Eat Defeat. They exchanged elbows. Wilde gave Mia a German suplex (the Wilde Ride) and got the pin.
WINNER: Taylor Wilde in 14:00.
-Immediately after the match, Mickie James’ music played and she walked to the ring. Mickie took the mic and said it was good to have Wilde back in Impact. Mickie said she’s watched Wilde since she started in the company and noted that they are in the same locker room for the first time. Mickie talked about challenging people for her Last Rodeo, when all of  a sudden VXT and Gisele Shaw ran in and attacked them both. Jordynne Grace ran in. VXT fled the ring. Grace beat up Shaw and threw her out of the ring. Grace, Wilde, and Mickie celebrated.
(D.L.’s Take: A good match and they really worked well together. Wilde made an impressive showing in her return singles match. According to online reports, this was probably Mia Yim’s last appearance in Impact.)
-Honor No More was shown sitting around backstage. Hannifan noted that Eddie Edwards still hasn’t been seen. [c]
-Mickie, Grace, and Wilde backstage promo. Mickie accused VXT and Shaw of being jealous. They challenged VXT and Shaw to a fight next week.
A clip was shown from “last week” of Hotch complaining to a woman backstage. He wouldn’t say Hendry’s name. Hendry appeared out of a door behind them and challenged Hotch to a match. Back in the ring, Hendry took the mic and talked about being inspiring and a good listener. He said that he listens to the fans and they believe. Fans chanted “We believe”. He said the fans believe in Joe Hendry.
Hendry knocked Hotch to the mat and led the fans in chants. Hendry gave Hotch a delayed suplex. Hendry slammed Hotch to the mat. Fans loudly chanted “We believe”. Hotch made a comeback and the fans booed. Hendry rose up when Hotch said his name. Hendry chokeslammed Hotch and got the pin.
WINNER: Joe Hendry in 3:00.
(D.L.’s Take: Good showcase for Hendry and the fans were really into the act.)
-Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week: Chris Sabin cashed in his X Division title by handing it to Hulk Hogan and challenged Bully Ray for the World Title. Then they cut to the match between the two at Destination X 2013, where Sabin won (after a brawl between Aces & Eights and the Main Event Mafia — how’s that for nostalgia?)
-Frankie Kazarian was backstage in a suit with the X Division Title walking to the ring. [c]
-Scott D’Amore was in the ring. Fans chanted “We love Scott”. These fans are all in. Scott talked about Frankie Kazarian beating Mike Bailey for the X Division Title at Bound for Glory. He said Frankie was the first person to hold that title in three different decades. He said he was shocked when Frankie announced he was going to exercise Option C and turn in the title for a shot at the World Title.
Scott said they would make it official tonight. Frankie walked to the ring. Scott said there was no turning back if Frankie hands the belt in. Scott said there would be a tournament for the X Division Title that would end at the Overdrive show on November 18th; the same show that Frankie would challenge Josh Alexander for the World Title.
Frankie said he was sure and immediately handed over the title to Scott. He said he considered Mike Bailey one of the best wrestlers on the planet and the win was as special as the first time he won the title. He said as soon as he won, he started thinking about Option C and how much he loved wrestling and how sometimes it didn’t love him back.
He said that wrestling has given him a lot, but the most important things were his wife Tracy Brooks and his son Rebel. He said everything he does in wrestling, he does for them. Fans clapped and chanted his name. He said his family was proud of him, but he wasn’t proud of himself because he never won the big one and became the world champion.
Frankie said it eats at him that he never won the world title. He talked about his peers like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle who have won the world title. He got attacked from behind by Steve Maclin. Maclin stomped Frankie in the corner, then hung him up and gave him Caught in the Crosshairs. Josh Alexander ran off Maclin.
-Alisha Edwards confronted Eddie Edwards in the parking lot and asked where he had been. Honor No More walked up. Eddie said that Alisha was right: either this ends or they end. He said he would explain it later and walked off. [c]
-Backstage, Frankie Kazarian told Josh Alexander he could watch out for himself. He told Alexander to never trust Bully Ray.
Young attacked Swann at the bell. Swann came back with a crisp dropkick. Young gave Swann a wheelbarrow neckbreaker. Young had the upper hand. Swann tried to rally back, but Young cut him off with a back elbow and got a two count. Young put Swann in a nerve hold. Swann fired back with punches and kicks.
Young put a thumb in Swann’s eye. Swann gave Young a cutter. Deaner got on the apron. Swann rolled up Young and got the pin.
WINNER: Rich Swann in 3:00.
A man in a yellow hood attacked Swann. Young and Deaner attacked Swann and the lights went out. When they came back on, Sami Callihan was in the ring and ran off Young and Deaner with a baseball bat.
(D.L.’s Take: Good while it lasted, but I expected this to go much longer. It was essentially to further set up the Sami/Swann vs. Violent By Design feud.)
-Heath and Rhino were warming up backstage. [c]
-Brian Myers and Matt Cardona were backstage and said the Major Players were back together. Cardona said when he left he was the Digital Media Champion but there were other belts to go after. Myers said they should go after the Tag Team Titles.
-Hannifan & Rehwoldt appeared on camera and ran down matches for next week:
  • VXT & Gisele Shaw vs. Jordynne Grace & Mickie James & Taylor Wilde
  • X-Division Tournament begins: Alan Angels vs. Trey Miguel
-Heath and Rhino had their ring entrance, followed by the Kingdom’s ring entrance. [c]
(5) THE KINGDOM (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis)(c) vs. HEATH & RHINO — Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Title match
Rhino and Bennett brawled at the start. Rhino sent Bennett and Taven out of the ring. The Kingdom walked up the ramp, but Heath and Rhino attacked them and brought them back. Back in the ring, Heath got the better of Bennett. Rhino tagged in and continued the momentum. Bennett went after Rhino’s knee. Taven tagged in and continued to attack the knee.
Bennett raked Rhino’s eyes while the referee wasn’t looking. Maria interfered too. The Kingdom kept the advantage and continued to work Rhino’s knee. [c]
Rhino finally made the tag to Heath, who ran wild. Heath power slammed Bennett and got a two count. The Kingdom eventually double teamed Heath. Taven was knocked off the ropes. Heath and Bennett clotheslined each other. Vincent and Kenny King ran to ringside, followed by PCO.
Rhino threatened to punch Maria, but Bennett hit him from behind. Maria accidentally threw powder into Bennett’s face. Taven took out Heath. Rhino speared Maria. Heath gave Taven the Wake Up Call and got the pin.
WINNERS: Heath & Rhino in 14:00 to win the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Titles.
(D.L.’s Take: A basic tag team match, but a satisfying ending with the crowd favorites Heath and Rhino winning the belts).
Heath and Rhino celebrated and left. Eddie Edwards walked to the ring. Fans chanted “You got beat”. Honor No More (except for Maria) all stood in the ring. Eddie took the mic and told them that Alisha gave him an ultimatum that Honor No More ends or they end as a couple. Fans chanted the “na na na na na” song.
Eddie said he asked himself if Honor No More is worth saving. Fans chanted “No”. Eddie said he sees nothing but failure. He talked about the Kingdom losing the tag belts. He asked if they were loyal to HNM. They said yes. Eddie asked Kenny King if he was loyal and he said yes. He asked Vincent if he was loyal to HNM or to PCO.
Eddie said that PCO was the reason he lost at Bound For Glory. He asked PCO if he was loyal. PCO didn’t answer. Vincent put the hood over PCO’s head. Eddie called PCO a bitch. PCO removed the hood and attacked Eddie, Kenny King, and the Kingdom.
PCO went after Vincent, but the Kingdom stopped him. PCO took out the Kingdom. Vincent attacked PCO with a chair from behind and PCO attacked him. He then did a dive on the Kingdom to the outside. He got back in the ring and chokeslammed Vincent through a chair. Fans chanted “PCO” and cheered.
FINAL THOUGHTS: The reset of Impact storylines post-Bound For Glory continues. Bully Ray continues to be a focus, as is Frankie Kazarian’s pursuit of the World Title. Kazarian did well in his role and delivered a fiery promo that the fans got behind. The fans were also really into Joe Hendry and his gimmick. It also seems to be the last appearance of Mia Yim, the Kingdom (who have already appeared in AEW), and Vincent, who had all been big parts of the show. It seems like Honor No More is ….. no more.

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