10/31 WWE RAW TV RESULTS: Doucette’s “alt perspective” report on final live Crown Jewel hype, Reigns & Lesnar appear, and more

Full results and analysis of WWE Raw


OCTOBER 31, 2022

Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


-The show opened with the “Then. Now. Forever. Together” signature. The Raw intro then played, followed by a shot inside the arena of pyro blasting at the top of the stage. The Raw logo and stage graphics had Halloween-themed colors added to it.

-Bianca Belair’s music hit to a good ovation. Belair twirled her braid on the way to the ring as Patrick and Graves ran down the night’s card. Graves also hyped Belair facing Bayley at Crown Jewel in a Last Woman Standing match. Nikki Cross made her way to the ring with a new heavy metal-type theme song. A picture-in-picture recap was shown of Nikki’s return last week. Nikki was back to her “unhinged” character, as she was shaking the ring ropes and getting hyped up during her entrance.


The two competitors fought for position early with Belair getting the advantage using a shoulderblock. Nikki hit a crossbody on Belair to take over on offense. Belair exploded out of the corner with a clothesline and a jumping calf kick. Nikki tried to fight back, but Belair hit her with a fallaway slam. Nikki tripped up Belair in the ropes and attacked Belair’s legs. Nikki trapped Belair in the ring skirt and beat up on her a bit. [c]

Belair made a bit of a comeback, but Nikki blocked a backflip splash to stop it. The action spilled outside and Nikki jumped on Belair’s back and locked in a sleeper, but Belair broke it by falling backwards on the outside. Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai ran out to distract the referee. Bayley jumped out of the crowd and threw Belair into the ringpost. Nikki attacked Bayley and then took out Kai and Sky as well. Belair caught Nikki with a K.O.D. back in the ring for the win.

WINNER: Belair in 9:00.

(Doucette’s Analysis: The finish seemed a bit sudden and anti-climactic. I thought Nikki would look a bit stronger in defeat.)

-Bayley, Sky, and Kai beat down Belair after the match. However, Asuka and Alexa Bliss returned to make the save. Bliss, Belair, and Asuka took out Sky, Kai, and Bayley leaving them to regroup on the ringside floor.

-Recaps were shown of Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley’s two confrontations a few weeks ago. Lashley was then shown in a suit and sunglasses set to do a sit-down interview on a split-screen with Lesnar. However, Lesnar’s chair was empty. [c]

-Cathy Kelley interview Belair, Bliss, and Asuka backstage. Belair declared her intentions to defeat Bayley. Bliss challenged Kai and Sky to defend the titles against her and Asuka. Asuka said Damage CTRL is not ready for her and Bliss.

-Graves threw to Lashley for the interview, but Lesnar was not there. Lashley said that Lesnar ducked him for twenty years. Lashley also said that if he faced Lesnar twenty years ago, he would have exposed him like he has in their encounters. Lashley called Lesnar a “Bobby Lashley wannabe”. There were some boos from the fans in response to that. Lesnar’s music then hit in the arena and he made his entrance to the ring. The crowd seemed to be behind Lesnar as Lashley looked confused on screen. Lesnar said he didn’t come to Texas to have a sit-down interview.  Lesnar said he wants to do what folks in Texas do, and that’s fight. Lashley began to take off his microphone and left the interview. Lesnar called out Lashley for an ass-beating.

Lashley ran out to the ring and Lesnar met him halfway and the two competitors started to brawl. A big crowd of officials and wrestlers came out to break things up. Triple H even came out to try and restore order. Triple H told a referee that if Lashley and Lesnar touch, their match is off. Lesnar broke free, but the two were quickly separated again.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Lashley came off like a major heel here, I don’t know if that’s what they were going for? They used the pull-apart brawl again. However, it works for the powerhouses at the center of it. I really don’t want to see it used again after this for a while, though.)

-The commentators hyped Seth Rollins versus Austin Theory, set to take place after the break. [c]

-A recap was shown of the Lesnar-Lashley brawl.

-Theory made his entrance as a picture-in-picture promo aired. In the promo, Theory bragged about beating Mustafa Ali last week and took offense to Rollins’ comments about being “King of the Cash-In”. Rollins entered next to a star reaction. A picture-in-picture recap of Theory pinning Ali and Ali’s fight with Rollins after the match was shown.


The fans loudly sang Rollins’ theme song and chanted for him as the match started. Rollins is back to having some blond highlights in his hair. The match moved outside early where Rollins dropped a knee across the back of Theory from the announce table. Theory tripped up Rollins as he tried a springboard. Theory then tossed Rollins around outside. [c]

Theory and Rollins traded punches, but Theory landed a fallaway slam for a nearfall. Graves said that the tag title match between Damage CTRL and Asuka and Bliss was now official. Rollins began to battle back and traded strikes with Theory again. Theory got the boos while Rollins was cheered. Rollins clotheslined Theory over the top rope and followed it up with a dive outside. Rollins hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Rollins tried a stomp, but Theory moved. Rollins hit a headbutt, springboard knee, and a superkick in succession for only a two count. Rollins tried a Pedigree, but Theory flipped out and the two traded several pins for two counts.

Theory hit Rollins with a big punch and a suplex into a backbreaker for another two count. Theory tried A-Town Down, but Rollins hit an enziguri. Theory was only dazed for a few seconds and still hit Rollins with a somersault Blockbuster for a two count. Theory tried A-Town Down again, but Rollins fought out. Rollins went for another stomp, but Theory tried A-Town Down again. Rollins hit a rolling elbow and tried a punch to the back, but Theory countered with a superkick and a forearm strike. Theory yelled at Rollins and went for a Pedigree, but Rollins hit him with a flapjack and a stomp for the win.

WINNER: Rollins in 13:00.

-Rollins celebrated with the U.S. title in the ring.

(Doucette’s Analysis: An amazing match! This is Theory’s best match by a mile. In a contrast to Lashley, Rollins looked like a major babyface so it may be time to run with it soon. I do wonder how it will play out when Cody Rhodes comes back as it was going to be natural to revisit that program. I suppose things can always change between now and then.)

-A black S.U.V. pulled up in the parking garage. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman exited and headed toward the ring. [c]

-Patrick said that there was breaking news that Bray Wyatt will be at Crown Jewel. Graves said the follow the white rabbit to Riyadh.


-Reigns’ music hit and he made his way down to the ring with Heyman. Reigns got a star reaction and the crowd showed lots of fans pointing towards the sky in support of him. Graves said that Reigns was dripping with confidence, but has a threat in Logan Paul at Crown Jewel. Patrick noted that Reigns said he will embarrass Paul. Reigns posed with the titles in the ring as pyro exploded on the stage. The fans chanted “ucey” as Reigns’ music ended and he stood in the ring. Heyman handed Reigns a microphone and he told the crowd to acknowledge him. That was met with a big pop and more “ucey” chants. Reigns said he has Sami Zayn and Jey Uso working on being more ucey. Reigns said that Jey will be more ucey after Saudi Arabia.

Reigns said that for two years he’s been hyping his opponents only for them to get smashed. Reigns said he doesn’t want to be dishonest, but he’s the greatest of all time. Reigns said Paul has only had two matches so he is not going to hype him up. However, Reigns said that Heyman will. Heyman looked a little surprised, but did the talking nonetheless. Heyman made mention of Paul possibly winning with a lucky punch and training with Shawn Michaels. Reigns mocked fear and then made a dismissive facial expression at the mention of Michaels. It was the type of reaction Michaels would have made in a heel promo, funnily enough. Heyman said Paul will get smashed and that Reigns can’t tolerate an outsider. The Miz’s music then interrupted. Miz came to the ring and acknowledged Reigns formally. Miz said no-one knows Paul more than him. Miz said that Paul’s knockout punch is real and to ask Jey. Miz offered Reigns help against Paul if Reigns helped him with Dexter Lumis.

Reigns asked if Miz was trying to cut a deal. Reigns said he thinks he likes Miz. However, Reigns asked why does everyone talk about Paul knocking him out. Reigns then hit Miz with a Superman Punch. Reigns said everyone should worry about him knocking Paul out. Reigns said that Paul will then have no choice but to acknowledge him. As Reigns left the ring and headed up the ramp, he yelled into the camera that no man can knock him out and he’s tired of being humble. [c]

(Doucette’s Analysis: How over is “ucey”? Reigns looked like a star as usual and he spoke nothing but facts. Everyone knows Logan Paul is not in Reigns’ league. It’s a mockery that he is even getting a match, much less a title shot against Reigns. To top it all off, Paul is supposed to be the babyface! All this talk about “one lucky punch” is worrying me a bit, though. I hope they’re not considering Paul to beat Reigns.)

-Backstage, Miz was icing his jaw as Kelley approached him for an interview. Kelley said a tell-all interview with Johnny Gargano was airing later in the night. Miz said he was trying to get his match with Ali cancelled. Miz accused Gargano of “gotcha journalism”. Miz threatened to sue Gargano for defamation if his interview airs. Ali then showed up to mock Miz and Miz threatened to beat him with a broken jaw. Ali said that Miz has tiny balls.

-The Judgment Day made their way to the ring as Damian Priest was announced for a singles match. Graves said that he’s heard that Dominik Mysterio is like the Pete Davidson of WWE. He stressed that it’s only what he’s heard. The O.C. were out next as Karl Anderson was set to face Priest. A recap was shown of Finn Balor defeating Anderson last week.

(Doucette’s Analysis: I chuckled at the Pete Davidson joke.)

(3) DAMIAN PRIEST (w/Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, & Rhea Ripley) vs. KARL ANDERSON (w/Luke Gallows & A.J. Styles) 

The action spilled outside and Anderson rammed Priest into the ringpost. Dominik tried to sneak up behind Anderson, but Anderson punched Dominik. Priest used this brief distraction to superkick Anderson. [c]

Priest dominated Anderson on offense, including a sitout suplex for a nearfall. Anderson fought back with some strikes. Priest tried a chokeslam, but Anderson used more strikes and landed a spinebuster. Anderson got a two count from the move. Anderson went to the top rope, but Ripley jumped on the apron for a distraction. Priest caught Anderson with a Flatliner. Priest tried a reverse DDT, but Anderson countered into a backslide for a surprise victory.

WINNER: Anderson in 7:00.

-The Judgment Day attacked Anderson, but Styles and Gallows ran in for the save. Gallows hit Dominik with an uppercut. As Dominik begged for mercy, Ripley hit Gallows from behind with a low blow. Styles and Anderson faced off with Ripley and she challenged them to hit her. However, Priest and Balor attacked Styles and Anderson from behind. Priest hit Styles with a Razor’s Edge and Balor hit Anderson with a Coup de Gras. Dominik then Frog Splashed Styles after using Eddie Guerrero’s taunt. Judgment Day celebrated over the downed O.C.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Judgment Day was a bit downplayed this week. They were just as good as they have been the past few weeks. I begin to wonder when and who is going to give them their ultimate comeuppance.)

-Backstage, M.V.P. and Omos were standing. M.V.P. said that Braun Strowman will never measure up to Omos. M.V.P. declared that Strowman will find this out at Crown Jewel or maybe a little sooner. M.V.P. said he will be at Smackdown and has a surprise for Strowman and laughed.

-JBL made his entrance as a segment with Baron Corbin was set to take place after the break. [c]

-JBL praised Texas and some of it’s sports teams and figures. He even name-dropped Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, he then blamed “snowflake millennials” for ruining Texas. He even called parents taking their kids trick-or-treating “begging for food door-to-door”. JBL then introduced Corbin, whose attire gets worse each week, to the ring. Corbin had on a print-design sweatsuit. Corbin had a microphone and bragged about how the fans paid to come see him. R-Truth’s music then interrupted. Truth rapped his theme song while wearing a cowboy hat and boots riding a plush horse. JBL said that Truth looks ridiculous. Truth said that he wanted to wish Dallas a Happy Halloween. Truth said that he likes Corbin and JBL’s costumes. JBL said that they’re not wearing costumes. Truth said that JBL’s costume was an out of touch old man. Truth was going to insult Corbin, but Corbin went to attack. Truth actually fought Corbin off, but JBL distracted him. Corbin attacked Truth from behind and hit him with End of Days.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Such an unnecessary segment. Truth is right, though. JBL is just an out of touch old man. Corbin’s character was rebooted, but JBL needs a new gimmick himself. At least Corbin was allowed to speak for himself a bit this week.)

-Patrick hyped Matt Riddle and Otis in a Trick or Street Fight after the break. [c]

-Patrick hyped Gargano’s tell-all interview.

-Backstage. Damage CTRL was seen talking to Nikki, but there was no audio. Nikki smiled and walked away as Damage CTRL looked concerned.

-Back in the ring, some Halloween props were shown in the ring. Riddle’s music hit and Riddle ran out for a brief second and ran backstage to bring out Elias. Riddle was dressed as Ezekiel with trunks and tassels. Chad Gable and Otis came out dressed as Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley from the “Saturday Night Live” Chippendale’s skit. Otis and Gable then danced down to the ring.

(4) MATT RIDDLE (w/Elias) vs. OTIS (w/Chad Gable) – Trick or Street Fight

Otis tried to slam Riddle, but Riddle threw Otis into a skeleton in the corner. Riddle hit Otis and Gable with a Floating Bro and shook hands with Elias at ringside. [c]

Otis beat down Riddle, but Riddle tried to fight back. Otis hit Riddle with a bodyblock and did some gyrations.


Gable shouted at Otis “one night only”, so Otis did the caterpillar. Otis gyrated some more and tried a powerslam, but Riddle escaped. Riddle threw Otis into a chair in the corner and hit him with a kendo stick. Riddle signaled for the R.K.O., but Gable got on the apron and clotheslined him. Elias hit Gable with a knee and Gable went through a table set up at ringside. Riddle tried the R.K.O. on Otis, but Otis countered into a powerslam. Otis missed a Vader Bomb, and Elias put a pumpkin on Otis’ head. Riddle hit Otis with an R.K.O. for the win.

WINNER: Riddle in 8:00.

-Elias put the pumpkin back on Otis’ head while Riddle celebrated.

(Doucette’s Analysis: This was silly fun. Otis and Gable were the stars of this segment. Those two really put their all into everything they’re involved in.)

-Backstage, Kai was upset that Bliss and Asuka are getting a title shot. Kai mentioned that the match is only happening because they don’t back down from a challenge. Sky vowed to embarrass Bliss and Asuka. Bayley gave them a pep talk to get them to focus.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Kai made an excellent point here.)

-Miz made his entrance as Graves recapped Reigns punching out Miz earlier. Miz tried to no-sell the damage during his walk to the ring. [c]


Ali grabbed a headlock and Miz backed off holding his jaw. Ali tried a punch in the corner, but Miz dropped and cover his head. Miz came out of the corner and Ali tried a kick, but Miz dropped out of the way. Ali hit Miz with a rolling neckbreaker for a nearfall. Ali missed a 45o and Miz hit him with a kick. Miz whipped Ali hard into the second turnbuckle. [c]

Miz hit Ali with some kicks, but Ali ducked the last one. Ali hit a Backstabber and some chops on Miz. Miz tried a suplex, but Ali rolled out of the way. Miz hit Ali with a Spike DDT for a nearfall. Miz signaled for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Ali rolled him up for a nearfall. Ali hit Miz with a Satellite DDT, but Miz rolled out of the ring.

Ali hit Miz with a crossbody on the outside of the ring. Miz shoved Ali over the announce table, but Lumis popped out from the crowd and grabbed Miz from behind. Security chased Lumis away, but Ali kicked Miz back in the ring. Ali hit the 450 Splash for the win.

WINNER: Ali in 10:00.

-Patrick hyped the Gargano tell-all interview as Miz was shown laid out in the ring. [c]

(Doucette’s Analysis: The match was blah, but the visual of Miz laid out cold while the graphic of Gargano on the TitanTron was kind of funny.)

-Byron Saxton hosted “WWE Investigates”, a “60 Minutes” knockoff complete with the ticking timer sound. Saxton said that Gargano had the inside scoop on the Lumis-Miz backstory. Gargano said that Lumis is quirky but is just trying to make a living. Gargano said Lumis married into his NXT family so he had to accept him like a son-in-law or a pet raccoon.

Gargano said Lumis lost his job (complete with a re-enactment with Gargano playing Lumis and Indi Hartwell) and fell on hard times. Gargano said Miz took advantage of Lumis during this time. Another re-enactment was shown with Lumis painting pictures on the street for money and Miz (Gargano in a headband) giving him a large sum of money. Gargano said on the night of his return in Toronto, he recorded Miz and Lumis talking. The recorded audio was played with Miz telling Lumis that the sleeper hold he gave him was snug, but he thinks it’s working. Miz also told Lumis to take the money and keep his mouth shut. Gargano said Miz paid Lumis to stage attacks on him.

Saxton asked why Miz would do this. Gargano said Miz thinks he’s a celebrity and celebrities tend to fabricate stories and call the paparazzi on themselves. Gargano accused Miz of exploiting Lumis’ situation. Gargano said the first few times Lumis showed up, Lumis and Miz exchanged glances, but no physical altercations. Gargano said that Miz put up a fake struggle when he did drag him off the first time. Saxton asked about when Lumis choked out Miz in the cage match against Lashley. Gargano accused Miz getting Lumis to be his excuse for losing to Lashley because he knew he wouldn’t win. Saxton asked why Miz attacked Lumis with a chair. Gargano theorized that Miz stopped paying Lumis and now Lumis is coming after him for real.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Well…that’s certainly an explanation. A very convoluted one, but an explanation nonetheless. The re-enactments were funny.)

-Patrick asked Graves if he was buying Gargano’s story. Graves went on a tirade about how he strongly he did not believe the accusations.

-Patrick and Graves ran down the Crown Jewel card.

-Belair made her entrance followed by Asuka and Bliss. [c]

(6) ASUKA & ALEXA BLISS (w/Bianca Belair) vs. DAMAGE CTRL (Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky) (w/Bayley) – Tag Title Match

Kai and Sky beat down Bliss in their corner for a few minutes. Bliss fought back with a choke takedown on Kai. Bliss then hit a senton for a two count. Bliss tagged Asuka in, who hit Kai with several strikes and a German suplex. Kai tagged in Sky and she and Asuka faced off. The crowd reacted positively to that staredown. The action spilled to the outside of the ring. Asuka threw a kick at Sky, but Kai pulled her out of the way and Asuka kicked the ringpost. Sky used a Dragon Screw on Asuka outside of the ring. [c]

Asuka fought off Sky, but Sky pulled her back to the Damage CTRL corner. Sky tried to stomp Asuka, but missed. Asuka rolled up Sky for a two count. Kai and Sky tried to isolate Asuka further, but Bliss got the tag. Bliss hit Kai with a flurry of offense and hit a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count. Asuka tagged in and locked Kai in an armbar. Sky broke it up. Sky then hit Bliss with a backbreaker. Sky tagged in and hit Asuka with a springboard dropkick for a two count. Sky flew off the top rope, but Asuka caught her with a Codebreaker. Asuka immediately went to an armbar, but Sky rolled her up for a two count. Asuka quickly got Sky in the Asuka Lock. Sky was tapping, but Bayley distracted the referee. Kai then broke up the submission. Belair then took out Bayley on the outside. Kai hit Asuka with a Scorpion Kick as Bayley and Belair brawled in the crowd and they ended up on top of a platform.  Bayley hit Belair with a Bayley-to-Bayley from the platform through a table. Sky tried a moonsault in the ring, but Asuka kicked her. Bliss hit Twisted Bliss on Sky for the win.

WINNERS: Asuka & Bliss in 17:00.

-Bliss and Asuka posed in the ring with the titles as pyro went off to end the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I did not have high hopes for this show going in. However, I was pleasantly surprised in the end. We had Lesnar and Reigns in significant segments, a great Theory-Rollins match, and a solid main event with a title change. That’s pretty good for a Halloween show I expected to be phoned in. Unfortunately, Kai and Sky (and Damage CTRL as a whole) didn’t set the world on fire as tag champions, so I’m okay with the title change. I’m ready to move past the Crown Jewel stuff and get to the Survivor Series build. We’ll see how things play out and effect Raw going forward.

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