Kenny Omega says he and Young Bucks knew they had to make AEW return “special”


Kenny Omega match announced for AEW Dynamite


Kenny Omega says that he and The Young Bucks knew they had to make their AEW return “special” for the fans. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Omega talked about making his return with The Elite at Full Gear and all that went into it given the situation at All Out.

“We knew we had to make it special for the fans,” said of his return at the Full Gear PPV on Saturday night. “It felt like we left people in limbo, so we had to come back emphatically. Our goal is to make wrestling feel like a rock concert. We wanted people to focus entirely on the match, and whether you were rooting for or against us, we wanted people to enjoy it. As soon as the music hit, we wanted it to be a spectacle. We wanted people to know they were in for a ride. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the performance.

“We are six individuals with a unique vision on professional wrestling,” Omega said of The Elite and Death Triangle. “Our minds are never closed to one idea or another, so the possibility exists for every match to look unique. The Lucha Brothers are known for lucha libre, but Penta and Fénix aren’t limited to one style. Pac is the same–he came through the UK indies, then moved onto Dragongate in Japan, which is a totally different style, and it includes lucha libre. He wrestled in WWE, which is sports entertainment, and now AEW, which is a hybrid alternative sports entertainment brand. Death Triangle has such a wide range, and this is a platform, in a potential seven matches, that’s a lot of matches to show your craft to a lot of people. If people don’t know Death Triangle, they’re going to by the end of this series.

“We take a lot of pride in showing what trios wrestling can be. It could be a daunting task to have these incredibly challenging matches every week, but it’s really a chance for us to show that trios wrestling has a place. That’s our goal–to show what wrestling can be.”

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were suspended from AEW due to a backstage fight with CM Punk. Punk was not suspended, but has not been seen since the fight took place at All Out.

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