11/28 WWE RAW TV RESULTS: Doucette’s “alt perspective” report on Survivor Series fallout, Bloodline appearance, Becky’s Raw return, Miz vs. Lumis, and more

Full results and analysis of WWE Raw


NOVEMBER 28, 2022

Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome


-The show opened with a recap of the Survivor Series main event, ending with The Bloodline standing tall. Then Bloodline members Sami Zayn, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa were shown entering the arena.

-The inside of the arena was then shown and Becky Lynch’s music hit. Becky entered the ring and saluted the fans. The fans chanted for her as she grabbed a microphone. Becky said it was good to be back and welcomed the fans to Raw. Becky told the fans she missed then as they chanted, “welcome back”. Becky then said a man of the people should be with the people. She then went into the crowd to high-five a number of fans. She personally greeted two fans named Bobby and Zachary. Becky said she put her body on the line at War Games and she can’t wait so slap a few new and familiar faces around. Bayley’s music then interrupted.

Bayley walked down to the ring with a mic insulted Becky and the fans. Bayley complained about getting no respect after as another chant for Becky rang out. Becky took exception, called Bayley a loser, and challenged her to a fight. As Becky went towards the ring, Becky spotted Sky and Kai approaching her in the crowd. Becky went right after Kai and Sky and fought with them. Becky even hit them with a fan’s sign. Bayley ran into the crowd and joined in on the beating. The fight between Damage CTRL and Becky spilled out to the concourse and into a merchandise stand. Some of the merchandise was used as weapons in the fight. Officials and referees came to break things up.

(Doucette’s Analysis: This was a slightly different take on the usual show opening brawl we’ve been seeing. Becky’s interaction with the crowd shows why she was missed and is still such a valuable commodity as a babyface. She seemed to be genuinely happy to see the fans and vice-versa. The merchandise stand brawl was a fun touch.)

-Back at the announce desk, Patrick and Graves threw to a video package highlighting the rivalry between The O.C. and The Judgment Day.

-Rhea Ripley’s music hit as Ripley came to the ring with Dominik Mysterio, who was wearing a “I’m your Mami” T-shirt, playing off of Eddie Guerrero’s “I’m your Papi” shirt. Mia Yim, now billed as “Michin” Mia Yim, made her entrance next.

(1) RHEA RIPLEY (w/Dominik Mysterio) vs. MIA YIM

Yim got the better of a lockup between the two and Ripley bailed to the floor briefly. Ripley hit Yim with a knee to the midsection and talked some trash as well. Yim caught Ripley in a Tarantula and went to the floor. Yim jawed at Dominik who tried to sneak up on her. Yim hit Ripley with some punches, but Ripley took advantage on offense. Ripley landed a delayed suplex for a two count. Dominik urged the referee to count faster. Ripley hit Yim with clubbing blows and talked more trash. Yim began to hit Ripley with kicks and a front dropkick. Yim executed a DDT through the ropes for a two count. Yim tried Eat Defeat, but Ripley went for the Riptide. Yim blocked the Riptide attempt and hit Ripley with a DDT. Ripley went to the floor and Dominik jumped on the ropes for a distraction. Yim pulled Dominik into the ring, but Ripley attacked Yim from behind. A.J. Styles ran in to attack Dominik and the referee threw the match out.

WINNER: Ripley by DQ in 6:00.

(Doucette’s Analysis: There wasn’t much to this one, but the crowd seemed to be a bit more behind Yim than the usual non-reaction. I’m assuming it was not piped in.)

-Finn Balor, Damien Priest, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows all ran in and brawled. Judgment Day retreated to the top of the stage. Styles said that he thought the rivalry was over at Survivor Series, but he wants to end it tonight. Styles then challenged Judgment Day to an eight-person tag match. Judgment Day ran back into the ring and brawled with The O.C. again.

(2) THE JUDGMENT DAY (Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest, & Rhea Ripley) vs. THE O.C. (A.J. Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, & Mia Yim)

Styles and Balor started things off in the ring after Styles hit Balor with a Phenomenal Forearm on the floor. Gallows and Anderson each got some offense in on Balor as well. Priest and Gallows then faced off in a hard-hitting exchange. Judgment Day then began to gang up on Anderson, cutting him off from making a tag. Priest tagged in Ripley to beat up on Anderson as well. Dominik came in to get some offense in on a weakened Anderson and the crowd booed heavily. Styles then got the hot tag and unleashed a flurry of offense on Balor. Outside, Gallows tackled Priest onto the announce desk. Styles got a nearfall on Balor, but Ripley broke it up. Ripley went to kick Styles, but Styles grabbed her leg. Balor hit Styles with a Sling Blade.

Yim and Ripley tagged in. Yim hit Ripley with several strikes and a big boot in the corner. Yim hit Ripley with a Cannonball Splash, but Ripley rolled to the floor. Yim then hit Ripley with a dive outside. Anderson and Gallows brawled with Dominik and Priest in the ring. Priest hit Gallows with a chokeslam. Styles hit Priest with a Phenomenal Forearm and Balor dumped Styles outside. Yim then bodyslammed Balor. Yim tried to suplex Priest, but Ripley hit Yim with the Riptide for the win.

WINNER: Judgment Day in 14:00.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Aside from some dead spots in the middle, it was a decent eight person tag. It wasn’t much different than a match with a split screen or regular commercial break. It just made the middle of the match feel so much longer. However, in combination with the pre-match segment, there was a lot of action at the beginning and end.)

-Judgment Day celebrated in the ring. Patrick threw to a pre-taped segment where Byron Saxton interview The Street Profits. Angelo Dawkins channeled Eminem by saying, “it’s so good to be back”. Montez Ford was fired up to make his return until Alpha Academy interrupted them. Chad Gable said that he requested a match for himself and Otis against the Profits. Dawkins said Gable looked like the elf on the shelf. The Profits told Alpha Academy that they want the smoke.

-The Bloodline made their entrance to the ring looking to all be on the same page. Graves noted that they got a raucous reaction from the fans. Jimmy Uso told the fans that the Bloodline is in their city. Jey Uso called the match one of the worst they’ve been in and said he might’ve broken his hand. Jimmy said that Kevin Owens is mad because Sami is their dog and not his. The fans chanted “Ucey”. Sami praised Jimmy for being on his side no matter what. Sami then addressed Jey. Sami said even though Jey didn’t like or trust him, the way he embraced him at Survivor Series was Ucey. Sami declared he and Jey to be on the same page. Sami extended his hand. Jey looked for a few moments, slapped his hand, and then hugged him. Sami then hugged both of The Usos as Solo stood to the side looking forward socially. Sami and The Usos urged Solo to hug them. As Solo stalled, Owens’ music interrupted.

Owens walked down to the ring. Sami told Owens to stop before he does anything stupid. Owens said that wasn’t why he was there. Owens said he understood why Sami did what he did. Owens said he turned on Sami many times in the past and doesn’t blame him. Owens said his and Sami’s careers have been linked together, but he wants to be done with Sami. Sami said that’s fine and he feels the same way. Like Owens, Sami said he doesn’t want to fight, team, or be in the same room anymore since he has The Bloodline as his family. Owens said he was happy for Sami and now everyone sees how great he is. Owens warned that no matter how much they reassure him, Sami is not a blood relative of The Bloodline.

Jey told Sami he would handle the situation. Jey said Owens is mad he has no family around him. Jey said that since Owens has a problem with Sami, he has a problem with him. Owens said he may be done with Sami, but not with Jey. Owens challenged Jey to a match later and Jey accepted.

(Doucette’s Analysis: The Bloodline saga continues to be compelling television. I liked that Owens addressed the many times he’s turned on Sami in the past and therefore understands his actions. However, Owens still had a “disappointed, but not mad” tone to his promo and remained confident that The Bloodline will turn on Sami. It sets up Owens being the one who must help Sami when the inevitable happens.)

-Patrick threw to a video package of Damage CTRL attacking Candice LeRae last month. LeRae was shown walking through a backstage hallway until she was approached by Cathy Kelley. Kelley asked how LeRae was feeling heading into a match with Dakota Kai. LeRae seemed unsure of how to answer, but then grabbed the mic from Kelley and empathically declared her intention to take out Kai.

-The Street Profits made their entrance onto stage as solo cups rained down on them. Ford and Dawkins jumped into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.


Alpha Academy entered next. They kicked and stomped on the solo cups on the stage. [c]

-Saxton interviewed Matt Riddle and Elias backstage. Saxton asked Riddle how it was to team with Elias. Riddle said it’s like they’ve been teaming for years. Riddle did a quick recap of the match and asked Elias if he remembered it. Elias said he did since it was just last week. Elias said he is usually a solo artist, but he liked teaming with Riddle. Riddle asked Elias if wanted to go after the tag titles. Elias said he was interested since he’s never won gold in WWE.

The Bloodline then showed up and said that Elias and Riddle are the twos and they are the ones. Elias said if they are the ones they should put the titles on the line against them. The Usos told them anytime, anyplace and then walked away. Sami and Solo each stared Elias and Riddle down as they exited.

(3) THE STREET PROFITS (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. ALPHA ACADEMY (Chad Gable & Otis) 

Gable started off with some grappling separately against both Ford and Dawkins. The Profits looked fired up to be back in action. Dawkins and Ford hit Gable and Otis with stereo dives on the outside. [c/ss]

As Gable got the best of Ford, Dawkins tagged in ran wild offensively. Gable executed a German suplex on Dawkins got a nearfall. Ford bodyslammed Otis which led to a Sky High from Dawkins and a Frog Splash from Ford for the win.

WINNERS: Street Profits in 11:00.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Dawkins and Ford looked as good as ever here. Dawkins looks slimmer to where he and Ford almost look the same size. They brought incredible energy to this match.)

-The Profits celebrated with the fans as Patrick threw to a recap of the U.S. title triple threat match at Survivor Series.

-Austin Theory walked through the backstage area with the U.S. title over his shoulder. [c]

-Theory made his way to the ring and grabbed a microphone. Theory asked who the kid is now. Theory addressed people saying he was stupid and has the worst Money in the Bank cash-in ever. Theory asked who was stupid now. The crowd replied, “you”. Theory bragged about beating Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley at the same time. Theory then called himself the face of Raw and said everyone is jealous of him. Theory proclaimed that his era starts now.

Rollins music then interrupted. Rollins danced onto the stage in a black-lace outfit and sunglasses. Rollins got into Theory’s face and told him to shut up and let the crowd sing. The fans sang Rollins’ entrance theme. Theory alluded to Rollins by saying the undisputed future looks like the past. Rollins said Theory lucked into his title run and Monday Nights belong to him. Rollins congratulated Theory and called him kid. Rollins told Theory to give him his best shot. Theory said he would fight Rollins, but only on the champ’s time. Theory told Rollins off-mic that he is not his damn kid. Theory left the ring and stood on the stage and held up the U.S. title belt. Rollins cackled at Theory and made conducting motions towards the fans as they sang his theme again.

(Doucette’s Analysis: This has been the best week of “serious” Austin Theory so far. There was no running away, no 50-50 match with a jobber, and he was wearing street clothes which made him look like more of a star. He just needs to get rid of the cheesy “A-Town Down” theme song. It doesn’t fit his new character. Rollins is doing a good balancing act also by keeping the outlandish characteristics that endear him to fans, but tweaking it just enough not turn to everyone against him.) 

-Patrick threw to Saxton again for segment recapping The Miz and Dexter Lumis’ rivalry.

-Patrick hyped the upcoming “Anything Goes” match between Lumis and Miz. [c]

-Backstage, Saxton stopped Miz for an interview. Miz tried to stop Saxton from asking any questions. Miz was holding a bag and Saxton asked if it was a bag of money. Miz said it was, but the match with Lumis wasn’t happening. Miz said he re-injured his hand and showed his taped up left hand. Adam Pearce appeared and said that the match will still take place, because that wasn’t the correct injured hand. Miz said he would participate in the match, but Pearce would hear from his lawyer.

-Lumis made his entrance first and Miz came out next. Miz still had the bag with him and was trying to sell the hand injury. Miz walked to the ring and then decided to turn around. However, Pearce stopped him. As Miz turned to look at Pearce and turned back, Lumis was gone. Pearce snatched the bag from Miz. Miz walked toward the ring and Lumis popped out and clotheslined Miz. Lumis and Miz got into the ring, but Miz hit a DDT on him.The referee rang the bell.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Yikes, Lumis got no reaction at all. If they hope for him to succeed, this Miz stuff needs to never be mentioned again after tonight. The very confusing storyline has to be the cause of said apathy.)

(4) DEXTER LUMIS vs. THE MIZ – Anything Goes match

Lumis recovered and beat down Miz outside the ring. Lumis and Miz fought on top of the announce desk. Lumis blocked a Skull Crushing Finale and threw Miz into the timekeeper’s area. [c]

Miz used a C-clamp on Lumis’ head, but it didn’t faze him. Lumis took off the clamp and hit Miz with a spinebuster. Miz bailed and Lumis followed. The two competitors then brawled in the crowd. Lumis threw Miz into a television and placed Miz on a table. Lumis elbow dropped Miz through the table and then carried him back to the ring. Miz tried crawling away and ripped off a turnbuckle pad. Lumis blocked another Skull Crushing Finale, but Miz tossed Lumis into the exposed turnbuckle. Miz rolled up Lumis with his feet on the ropes, but Lumis kicked out. Lumis then choked out Miz to win a WWE contract and the money he was owed.

WINNER: Lumis in 8:00.

-Lumis signed a contract presented to him by Pearce. Pearce then gave Lumis the bag of money. Lumis began handing money out to some of the young fans in the audience (it seemed to be real one-hundred dollar bills or very convincing counterfeits). Miz attacked Lumis from behind and stole the bag back. Miz then took back one of the bills Lumis gave a fan. Johnny Gargano then superkicked Miz and took the bag back. Gargano gave the hundred-dollar bill back to the child Miz stole it from.

(Doucette’s Analysis: That’s one way to get Lumis over as a babyface.)


-Patrick and Graves recapped the brawl between Damage CTRL and Becky from earlier.

-Kai made her entrance to the ring. [c/ss]

-During the split screen commercial, LeRae attacked Kai during her entrance. LeRae beat down Kai on the outside of the ring and tossed her inside. The referee ensured that Kai was able to compete and then started the match.


LeRae continued to attack Kai and got a two count from a suplex. Sky and Bayley came down to the ring, but Peace, along with a few referees and officials, stopped them. Sky had a neckbrace on. LeRae got out of the ring to face off with Bayley and Sky, but the officials separated them. Kai used the distraction to land a few kicks on LeRae as the commercial ended. LeRae used a few cradles and a backslide for a series of two counts. Patrick noted that LeRae said she couldn’t hold her child due to the injuries she sustained at the hands of Damage CTRL. Graves also said that Sky and Bayley were not medically cleared due to damage done at War Games.

Kai controlled the match for a bit until LeRae hit a jumping facebuster on the apron. LeRae followed up with a missile dropkick for a two count. LeRae tried a dive outside, but Kai kicked her in the head. [c]

Back from the break, LeRae unleashed a barrage of strikes on Kai. LeRae back suplexed Kai for a nearfall. Kai caught LeRae leaping off the second rope with a superkick. Kai pinned LeRae for a two count. Kai hit a Helluva Kick and tried a sliding kick, but LeRae rolled her up for another two count. LeRae missed a Lionsault and the two competitors traded fatigued strikes. Kai hit LeRae with a Scorpion Kick and a boot to the face for another nearfall. Kai tried a superplex, but LeRae hit a swinging neckbreaker from the top rope for the win.

WINNER: LeRae in 15:00.

(Doucette’s Analysis: This was a very good match. The crowd was dead, but Kai and LeRae had good chemistry which resulted in a competitive bout.)

-Backstage, Jey did pushups as the rest of The Bloodline (except for Solo, who stood with his arms crossed) cheered him on. [c]

-The two War Games matches from Survivor Series were recapped in a highlight package.

-Patrick noted that Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair were not medically cleared to compete yet.

-Backstage, Kelley interview Asuka, Belair, and Bliss. On the monitor behind Bliss’ head, Bray Wyatt’s symbol briefly flashed. Belair said she’s banged up physically, but she’s mentally great. Belair said she was glad to put an end to the rivalry with Damage CTRL and was proud of her decision to call on Becky for help. Asuka then spoke enthusiastically in Japanese. Kelley asked Bliss for a comment. Bliss stared blankly for a few seconds, then smiled and agreed with Belair. Patrick noted that it was a strange response.

(Doucette’s Analysis: Really playing the long game with the Bliss-Wyatt reunion. It wasn’t that much of a hit the first time to go back to it now.)

-Owens made his entrance to the ring. [c]

-Jey, flanked by the rest of The Bloodline, made his entrance next.

(6) KEVIN OWENS vs. JEY USO (w/Jimmy Uso, Sami Zayn, & Solo Sikoa)

Owens stared down Sami at ringside. Owens then pounded on Jey in the corner to start the match. Jey tried to battle back, but after briefly checking his injured hand, Owens beat on him further. Owens hit Jey with a Senton Splash on the outside and Owens then stared down Solo. Jey kicked Owens off the apron. [c/ss]

Jey stopped to pose, but Owens tackled him and landed punches to Jey’s head. Owens hit a DDT for a nearfall. Owens tried a Swanton Bomb, but Jey got his knees up. Jey whipped Owens hard into the turnbuckle, working on Owens’ hurt back. Owens fought back and hit a Cannonball Splash in the corner, but Owens further aggravated his back. Owens tried some strikes to rally a comeback, but Jey flipped him into the turnbuckle for a nearfall. Jey then used a hip attack and posed for the crowd. [c/ss]

During the commercial, Jey tried a superplex, but Owens punched, headbutted, and elbowed his way out of it. Jey fell to the mat and Owens hit a Swanton Bomb for a nearfall. Sami gave Jey instructions from ringside. Owens grabbed Jey, but Jey executed a Backdrop Neckbreaker. Jey and Owens traded strikes, but Owens clotheslined Jey down. Owens got on the top rope, but Jey caught him with a punch. Jey tried another superplex, but Owens countered into a Twisting Fisherman Buster. Patrick noted that The Usos would defend the Undisputed Tag titles against Elias and Riddle next week. Owens then hit a Frog Splash on Jey for a nearfall.

Owens tried to lift Jey, but his back was still hurt. Jey hit Owens with a superkick, but couldn’t capitalize. Owens charged, but Jey hit him with a jumping superkick for another nearfall. Jey tried a Samoan Drop, but Owens reversed into a Stunner attempt. Jey blocked it and hit Owens with a superkick for another two count. Owens blocked another superkick attempt, hit Jey with a superkick and tried a Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens’ back gave out on the powerbomb attempt and Jey hit him with a superkick for another nearfall.

Owens superkicked Jimmy and Jey pounded on Owens. The referee pulled Jey off of Owens, but Solo tripped Owens. Jey missed a splash from the top rope and Owens hit the Stunner for the win.

WINNER: Owens in 22:00.

-Owens bailed up to the stage as The Bloodline jumped into the ring after the bell. Owens was still in pain on top of the stage and The Bloodline was in disbelief as the show ended.

FINAL THOUGHTS: That was a great main event, first off. This definitely furthers the Owens-Bloodline story as I was hoping for before it seemed to come to an abrupt halt a few months ago. Raw felt longer than usual tonight without the commercials in the first hour, but after that things sped up and the action was very good. The LeRae-Kai match was a good surprise as well. The Judgment Day-O.C. matches, while not my favorite thing on the show, were interesting enough. However, there could have been other matches/promos thrown in during all the time that was devoted to those two groups. Lumis-Miz got to the point and didn’t drag either. I’m surprised Becky only showed up at the beginning and didn’t come back, but keep us wanting more, I suppose. Overall, a decent to good show.

2 Comments on 11/28 WWE RAW TV RESULTS: Doucette’s “alt perspective” report on Survivor Series fallout, Bloodline appearance, Becky’s Raw return, Miz vs. Lumis, and more

  1. Lame crowd. Lots of good action. The “newcomers” Lumis, Lerae, and Yim performed very well. Lumis is tricky to book and feature – being mute makes it tough for him to sell himself. His success in NXT was due in part to his association with his “wife” and “family.” How does he NOT BLINK tho??? I don’t se Bliss going back to Bray – I see her going back to being a star and not a second banana.

  2. Becky Lynch is a bona-fide star! She can do no wrong, as far as the WWE is concerned. Rhea Ripley deserves a shot at Bianca Belair,but it looks like Possessed Alexa is coming back. Her facial expression at the end of the PPV and again tonight says it all. Hopefully, The Judgment Day and the OC are done for now. And it looks like Kevin Owens is going to have to beat The Bloodline one by one before he gets back to Reigns. Good show tonight. Welcome back, Becky Lynch.

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