Britt Baker details pressure of Light’s Out Match against Thunder Rosa


Britt Baker talks match with Thunder Rosa
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Britt Baker says that she felt immense pressure ahead of her Light’s Out Match against Thunder Rosa because it was the first-ever women’s main event on AEW Dynamite.

Baker discussed the match with Rosa in great detail during an interview with The Ringer. “It brought out such a different side of me,” Baker said of the match. “I felt the immense pressure of being in the first female main event. It came at a time when the women’s division was really under fire. Take it for what it is, but a lot of people wanted to see that match fail. They wanted to be able to point and say, ‘See? We told you: This division sucks.’ I’m so stubborn. I’m a Taurus. I was like, ‘Absolutely not. Over my dead body is this match going to fail.’ That really brought something out of me that I needed. I needed that pressure, and pressure makes diamonds.

“This was no longer the honeymoon phase of AEW,” said Baker. “People were picking and prodding and finding things they didn’t like, and the women’s division at the time was one of those things. This was a sink-or-swim opportunity. I told myself, ‘Britt, you need to go out there and kill it or everyone is going to talk their shit.’ All day, I was so determined. I said, ‘This is going to be a great match, and I will not let it be anything else.’ Thunder Rosa had the same attitude. I felt like I pulled bona fide star power out of myself that night that I didn’t even know I had.”

Baker is a former AEW Women’s World Champion and was the first opponent for Saraya upon coming out of retirement in AEW. Baker’s protege, Jaime Hayter, is the current AEW Women’s World Champion. Hayter defeated Toni Storm to win the title at Full Gear in November.

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