1/25 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal, Darby Allin vs. Buddy Matthews, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JANUARY 25, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


Action Andretti and Sammy Guevara started the match, each traded holds. Andretti then ran the ropes, Sammy tried a roll up attempt and then both men stopped in a superhero pose and stared each other down. Sammy then got control of the match, as the crowd cheered that Sammy Sucks. Andretti used this opening to fight back, Andretti sent Sammy to the outside and then hit a springboard drop kick.

Sammy got into the ring and took out Andretti, Sammy then acted like he was going to do a dive, but stopped and went to the outside. Action dodged and then did a dive, but then Daniel Garcia took the dive. back in the ring the crowd cheered to see Ricky Starks. Andretti hit a standing Spanish fly and then Starks and Jericho were tagged in.

Both men traded chops, Jericho tried a drop kick, but was caught by Starks and tossed. Starks then walked the ropes, Sammy got on the top and hit a cutter on Starks. Jericho tagged in Sammy, who continued the beatdown on Starks. Jericho was tagged in soon after and hit a body slam on Starks. Sammy entered once more and he did a spinning pose after hitting an attack of his own.

Sammy went to the top rope, Starks hit an up kick on the attack. Andretti was tagged in and took out Sammy and Jericho. Andretti hit a dive on Jericho and then Sammy. Starks then hit a DDT on Sammy, Andretti hit a spinning Moonsault on Sammy for a two count. Sammy and Action then hit running crossbodies at the same time and took each other out.

Starks and Jericho were tagged in, they ran the ropes. Starks hit a spear for a near fall that was broken up by Sammy. Jericho then rolled up Starks and grabbed the trunks for a near fall. Starks hit a Liger Bomb for a near fall of his own. Action hit a springboard kick and then tried a moonsault off the middle rope but Jericho got his knees up.

Sammy then hit a knee strike, Andretti hit a head kick then was hit by Jericho. Starks pulled Jericho off the apron. Andretti hit a poisonrana for a near fall. Ricky hit his finisher on the outside on Jericho, Andretti was hit by Daniel Garcia then Sammy hit a GTS for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho

(Sage’s Analysis: One of the most over produced matches you will see on AEW. It felt like the entire match was worked like a screenplay, also I’m not a huge fan of this feud going all the way to the Revolution PPV.)

-The memorial video of Jay Briscoe was shown. [c]


Buddy Matthews pushed Darby to the outside and into the barricade, back in the ring Matthews threw Allin into the corner. Darby was on the floor and Buddy tried for a running kick, that was caught by Allin. Darby was then slammed into the barricade until he reversed it and sent Matthews into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Darby was on the apron and Matthews jumped off the top and hit a knee slam and then covered for a two count. Darby gouged the eyes of Matthews then hit a stunner and sent Matthews to the outside and hit a coffin drop on the floor. Matthews was thrown back into the ring, then the lights went out. When they came up Black and King were in the face of Sting, Ortiz hit King with a Kendo Stick, then Sting hit with a bat. [c]

Both men were battling on the top rope when the show returned. Darby hit a head spike on Matthews then slammed him into the barricade on the outside. Darby tried for a crossbody, but Buddy rolled through and tried a pinning attempt. Darby hit a crucifix bomb for a two count. Both men were down on the mat as a ten count started, both men got up at a seven count.

Buddy hit a kick combination, Darby hit some strikes of his own and then tried a backside. Buddy then hit a buckle bomb in the corner and got a near fall on Allin. Darby hit a Code Red for a near fall, then went up and was punched by Matthews. Darby then hit a Scorpion Death Drop off the top rope for a near fall. Darby then hit a Coffin Drop for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Darby Allin

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good match start to finish, these two had great chemistry and the styles really messed well. I am over the lights out gimmick, that is the only thing I didn’t like.)

-Tony Schiavone interviewed Darby, Samoa Joe appeared on the screen and said that Darby stole his title. He said he was coming back for his title and his throne of the King of TV.

-A video featuring Adam Cole was shown, documenting his recovery.


Jack Perry and Ethan Page started the match, Jungle Boy hit a head scissors and then tagged in Hook, shortly all four men were in the ring. Perry was beating up Hardy as Page was about to hit an Ego’s Edge on Hook, but Perry broke that up with a dive. Hardy and Page were in sync after that and teamed up and traded tags working over Jungle Boy. [c]

Jungle Boy fought back as the show returned and was able to toss out Hardy and tag in Hook. He proceeded to Judo toss Ethan Page and then hit a t-bone suplex. Hook tried for a Redrum but was pulled off the apron by Hardy, who then took out Hook. Hardy the hit a side effect on Perry, Ethan Page then demanded to be tagged in. Page tried a Twist of Fate, but Perry applied the snare trap and Page tapped out.

WINNER: Junglehook

(Sage’s Analysis: This Page and Hardy story is really not working, or compelling. That being said the correct team won.)

-The family therapy video was shown, Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed were seated with a woman who looked like a psychiatrist. The Gunns were also seated. Colton and Austin said that their father is doing with The Acclaimed, hat he should be doing with them. Caster and Bowens then just said that The Gunn’s were just bad people. The Gunn’s then ran down why The Acclaimed could be viewed as the bad guys. The Gunns said the tag belts are what they wanted to make things right. [c]

-Adam Page was backstage, he was asked what was next. Page said that he was looking back to Ohio and that next week they are in Dayton. He said that he wants to knock out Moxley in Ohio next week. Wheeler Yuta came in and said its on and to fight him on Rampage.


Brian Cage sent Bryan Danielson to the mat and then flexed in triumph. Cage then chopped Danielson, The American Dragon was able to switch position and get in body kicks and then got Cage to the mat and hit elbow strikes on Cage’s face. Danielson applied a face lock submission hold, that Cage broke with a foot on the bottom rope. Danielson then dove out on Cage and then went on the top and hit a crossbody to the floor on Cage.

Danielson hit kicks on the floor and then tossed Cage into the ring. Cage dodged a top rope move and then press slammed Danielson into the turnbuckle. Cage then hit a German Suplex combination, the two went to the apron, where Cage slammed Danielson. [c]

Cage was in control of the match when full screen returned, Danielson hit head strikes to get out of a hold. Danielson broke the hold and then laid in kicks and did his back flip, Cage caught him here and he hit a shoulder breaker on Danielson. Cage hit a suplex off the apron and into the ring. Cage set up middle rope power bomb, Danielson fought back and hit a drop kick and hit a superplex on Cage.

Danielson hit chest kicks and a head kick for a two count. Danielson tried for stomps, Cage transitioned into a triangle, Danielson applied an Ankle lock and then a German Suplex. Cage hit a thrust kick and missed a lariat, but then hit a buckle bomb on Danielson. Bryan Danielson then used Cage’s momentum to get a stack pin.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A really solid match that went long then I would have thought.)

-Cage beat up Danielson, after the match. MJF came down and grabbed a chair. MJF gave the chair to Cage, who opened it and wrapped it around Danielson’s arm and tossed him into the ring post. MJF then punched Danielson. The Chair was around the arm of Danielson, Takeshita ran down and saved Danielson. [c]


The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up, Toni Storm then rolled to the outside and came back in. Storm then slammed Ruby Soho to the mat, they then traded strikes until Storm hit a running high boot and then stomped the face of Soho in the corner. Ruby hit elbow strikes then chops as she forced Storm into the corner. Storm then hit a hip attack that sent Soho to the floor. Both competitors traded chops on the outside until Storm tossed Soho into the ring post and the barricade. [c]

Storm was in control of Soho, until Ruby hit here face smash attack in the corner, then she hit a suplex and driver on Storm. Soho hit kicks and a heel trip, Storm lifted the trucks of soho for a near fall. Soho hit  her signature move for a near fall. Soho then got on the top rope and Storm dodged. Storm sold a nose injury and played opossum then hit a hip attack on Soho and then a DDT for a near fall.

Britt Baker’s music hit and Soho hit a distracted Storm with Destination Unknown for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Ruby Soho

(Sage’s Analysis: Is there anything worse than jobbing to someone else’s music? For the winner of the match and the loser, really bad booking.)

-MJF had a video saying the people with blue eyes hunt jews, or something to that effect. He then threatened Takeshita and then tore down Danielson for playing the hero, when he knows that Danielson is just obsessed with the belt just like MJF feels about the same belt. He then set up Danielson’s last match to get the the PPV will be up against Timothy Thatcher.

-Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were introduced for the main event. [c]


Both Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal shook hands, Mark took down Jay and worked him on the mat. Both men ran the ropes and traded arm drags. A collar and elbow tie-up followed until Jay hit a chop on Mark in the corner. Each man traded positions in the corner then traded chops in the middle of the ring. Mark hit a hip toss on Lethal, but Jay hit a drop kick to counter. Mark hit a neck breaker and covered for a two count. [c]

Mark fought out of a headlock with a series of chops, then he hit a kung fu punch and a steamboat elbow. Mark then hit a drop head kick and then a slam in the corner. Briscoe hit a pump slam off the top, Mark then tried to set up out of the butterfly position, Jay countered and got a cover for a two count.

Lethal hit a body slam, then hit a Lethal Injection, but Mark rolled out of the ring. Mark hit karate chops to the neck of Lethal, Jay then put Mark on the ringside table and then went to the top rope. Mark then got up and hit a drop kick through the ropes, the hit a block buster off the apron.

Mark then put Jay on the table and hit the Froggy Bow through the table, Lethal was put back in the ring and Mark covered for a near fall. Lethal countered into a bridge for a two count on Mark. Mark hit a running lariat and then a standing lariat, then he finally hit the Jay Driller for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Mark Briscoe

(Sage’s Analysis: That was just plain nice, RIP Jay)

Final Thoughts – Outside of the main event, which was touching and nice that AEW was allowed to do. This show was just ok, some good wrestling but some odd stories were started or continued. Not a bad show, just kinda meh to me, again outside all of the Jay Briscoe content.

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