10 YRS AGO: ROH Live Event in Milwaukee, Wisc. Report (1-19-2013): Adam Cole, Kevin Steen (KO), O’Reilly, Matt Hardy, Rhino, Haas, Fish, Jacobs

Kevin Steen (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


The following report was originally published on PWTorch.com 10 years ago.

Ring of Honor show results
January 19, 2013
Milwaukee, Wisc. at Turner Hall
Estimated Attendance: 350+
Results submitted by VIP member Blake (EReport1) & Chris of PWPonderings.com

Four camera shoot for the DVD and Kevin Kelly is here for television purposes.

(1) ROH TV champion Adam Cole beat Silas Young in a non-title match. From Blake: For the finish, Young was doing a handstand on the top rope, then Cole superkicked him off into a bridge for the pin. Fantastic ten minute match.

(2) Bobby Fish (w/Kyle O’Reilly) beat Tadarius Thomas via submission. From Blake: Truth Martini walked out mid-way through, taking everyone’s attention off the match. Fish got Thomas to tap out to a sloppy anklelock. Fish refused to shake Thomas’s hand after the match; instead O’Reilly and Fish almost attacked him. Truth did nothing.

(3) Charlie Haas beat Rhett Titus. From Blake: Haas came out downing a 12-pack of beer. Cheap heat from Hass saying, “I’m going to be like Prince Fielder and get the hell out of this s—hole!” Haas put the crowd into a frenzy. Haas hit an Angle Slam, which drew an “Angle’s better!” chant. Titus went for Sky High after hitting a beer in Haas’s face, but Haas got his knees up and pinned him with a roll-up.

(4) S.C.U.M. (Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs & Rhino) beat Jay Lethal & ROH tag champions The Briscoes. From Blake: A brawl started the action. Then, it turned into a tag match with actual tagging. Lethal played face in peril. They used every trick in the book to avoid the tag to the Briscoes. Rhino won with a Gore on Mark. What an exciting match!


(5) Matt Hardy beat B.J. Whitmer via submission with a 45-minute time limit. Matt won with a submission move that looked like some kind of a clutch, and Rhett Titus threw in the towel from the outside.

Post-match, B.J. was upset with Titus. ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness then came out. Hardy grabbed the mic next and challenged Adam Cole, which led to a pull-apart. Hardy kicked Cole in the groin and walked away with Cole’s TV Title.

(6) Davey Richards beat Kyle O’Reilly via buzzsaw kick. From Blake: Match of the Night! Davey won after a piledriver, foot stomp, and two kicks to the side of O’Reilly’s head. Wow!

(7) ROH World Hvt. champion Kevin Steen won a four-way Defy or Deny elimination match over Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, and Michael Elgin. Order of Elimination: Elgin eliminated by Strong, Strong eliminated by Steen and Edwards. Steen then hit the Package Piledriver on Edwards for the win. Edwards is now frozen out of title contention as long as Steen is champ.

After the match, the crowd threw beers at Steen, upsetting the champ. ROH returns on July 12.

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