HEYDORN’S AEW DYNAMITE RECEIPT 1/25: A touching and fitting tribute to Jay Briscoe


AEW Dynamite analysis
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This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Good opening tag to start the show this week. Action Andretti wrestles with a ton of energy and it got the crowd pumped up in a positive way. Ricky Starks was good too and comes across as being on the same level as Chris Jericho. Looks like things are heading to a PPV showdown between those two at Revolution.

-Such a classy video paying tribute to Jay Briscoe. It was emotional and struck all the right notes in highlighting him and remembering him as a man and as a professional wrestler.

-Darby Allin is on such a run right now when it comes to very good TNT Championship matches. Darby doesn’t have a ton of offense, but the way he sells during matches creates investment from the audience and that is better than any kind of sleek offense. The AEW Dynamite crowd cares about Darby Allin.

-Joe vs. Allin 3? Oh, hell yeah.

-Tony Khan and AEW stealing the Cody Rhodes return vignette ideas, eh? And why the hell not. Those things are tremendous and they work well to highlight what Adam Cole has done to get back into the ring. AEW all but announced that Cole would be wrestling at Revolution. Now the question is, against who?? Any predictions?

-Did anyone else totally forget what the story was with Matt Hardy, Stokely Hathaway, and Ethan Page. I swear this story took a two-month break from AEW Dynamite. That can’t happen.

-JungleHook was fun to watch once again. More and more we’re seeing Hook asked sell in his matches and while that changes up the formula for him, it heightens his ceiling as well and in a major, major way.

-I was envisioning something way, WAY worse for the family therapy session between The Gunn’s and The Acclaimed. Way worse. In that regard, I suppose the segment was a win? Maybe? I don’t know. The Acclaimed need more juice for opponents than The Gunn’s. This is the issue with the Trios Championships. Imagine The Acclaimed against The Young Bucks or Death Triangle. Both are matches that should be in the hopper, but aren’t. That’s not good.

-Moxley and Adam Page will wrestle again next week. Good stuff there. Did he just ditch the “I need to rebuild certain relationships” angle, though? Interested to see what is afoot with Page … Moxley too.

-A strong angle between Bryan Danielson and MJF this week. The MJF attack on Danielson made things personal, but it was Danielson’s backstage promo after it that drove home the stakes and narrative of the feud. He positioned the AEW World Championship as the most important championship in the company better than anyone else has. A huge week for this program.

-Wait, is Britt Baker a babyface now?

-Timothy Thatcher will face Bryan Danielson next week on Dynamite and the audience got some clips that showed who he is what he’s about. That’s the way you intro a guy like that for a one-off appearance. Can you imagine what the Nick Gage intro vignette would have looked like?

-Just a stellar, emotional, tragic, and sad main event. The match was a fun watch and Mark Briscoe seemed to have a a ton of energy behind his performance. Mark winning the match with the Jaydriller was the only way to go. Mark celebrating at the end and paying tribute to his brother broke your heart, but was a fitting and touching end to the show.

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