5/27 AEW RAMPAGE TV REPORT: Best Friends vs. Moriarty & Big Bill, Acclaimed in action, more


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MAY 27, 2023

Announcers: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Chris Jericho, and Tony Schiavone

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

– The opening of Rampage aired, and JR welcomed us to the show. He was joined by Excalibur, Chris Jericho, and Tony Schiavone.


The Acclaimed and Gunn made their way to the ring as we kicked off tonight’s show. Dralistico and Bowens started things off as the crowd chanted for The Acclaimed. Dralistico fired away at Bowens and drove him into the corner. Bowens turned the tables as the two traded blows. Dralistico hit a hurricanrana but Bowens nailed him in the midsection, then took him down with a leg drop from behind. Vance and Caster tagged in. Caster hit an arm drag, but Vance fired back with a series of forearm shots, then a fall away slam.

Billy Gunn made the tag, then slowly took his shirt off to the delight of the crowd. Gunn told Vance to suck it and Vance immediately nailed Gunn with a right hand. Gunn caught Vance in another fall away slam. Things broke down from here as all six men battled inside and outside the ring. Caster was caught alone in the ring as Vance, Dralistico, and Rush tripled teamed him. [c]

All six men were still battling around the ring. Bowens was thrown into the crowd by Dralistico. Inside the ring, Dralistico made the legal tag and took it to Caster in his own corner. Dralistico and Caster took one another out as they each slowly crawled to their respective corners. Gunn tagged in and took it to each opponent. Gunn hit a Fameasser on Vance but Jose was able to put Vance’s foot on the rope for the break. Caster threw Jose inside the ring. Gunn slammed him down as Bowens came off the middle rope with Scissor Me Timbers. The Acclaimed and Gunn were about to go for “scissor me” but Rush and Dralistico broke it up. Rush had Gunn in the corner but Bowens attacked Rush from behind. Dralistico came off the top rope with a double knee to the face. Bowens hit The Arrival on Dralistico as Caster came off the top with a Mic Drop for the win.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn in 10:00

– After the match, Bowens took the mic and challenged House of Black to the Trios Titles at Double or Nothing. [c]

(Moynahan’s Take: This was fine. The crowd was into The Acclaimed as is usual, but I don’t grasp the reasoning behind jobbing out Rush and Dralistico in a random match on Rampage. And for that matter, I’m unclear why The Acclaimed have been relegated to Rampage the last couple of weeks.)


Austin started things off for his team and made an early tag to his brother, Colten, Colten got into Aubrey Edwards’s face as he and Austin continued to make quick tags. Colten hit a big time lariat as Excalibur described it before tagging in Page. Page showboated to the crowd before getting hit with a jawbreaker. The Gunns hit the ring as Page knocked their opponent down hard with a big boot. Page propped his opponent on the top rope, then threw him hard to the mat. The Gunns hit a double move for the win.

WINNERS: The Gunns & Ethan Page in 2:00

– After the match, Page took the mic and addressed The Hardy Boys. Page said they just showed them how a real trio works and added that Isiah Kassidy was out of action and the Hardy’s didn’t have a teammate. The Hardy’s music hit as Matt and Jeff hit the ramp. Matt said they weren’t afraid to face them 3-2. Kassidy came out and took the mic. He said he wasn’t cleared to wrestle but he had a replacement, as Hook’s music hit. Hook will team with the Hardy’s to face The Gunns and Page at Double or Nothing.

(Moynahan’s Take: YOUR RAMPAGE SQUASH OF THE WEEK. A fine post-match segment but I’m not excited for this match whatsoever.)

– Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee were interviewed backstage, They were told Swerve and Brian Cage were entered into the Blackjack Battle Royale. Dustin talked about facing off with them during that match and said they better know what’s coming. Lee said he couldn’t wait.


Rose immediately took it to Shida as the match kicked off. Shafir tagged in and helped work away at Shida. Shida fought back and rocked and slammed Shafir into Rose. Baker made the tag and immediately hit a sling blade on Shafir for a close count. Baker attempted a suplex but Shafir blocked it. Baker finally was able to hit it successfully and covered for another close count. Shafir fired back to rock Baker to the mat. Rose tagged in and choked out Baker in the corner. [c]

Rose was whipped into the corner by Shafir as Baker moved and was finally able to tag in Shida. Shida took out Rose as Shafir asked Shida to hit her. Shida obliged and nailed Shafir with a number of right hands, then a huge shot to the face that took Shafir down. Shida continued the onslaught in the corner, then came off the top with a missile dropkick for two. Baker hit a twisting neckbreaker on Shafir and went for a pin that was broken up by Rose. Ros set Baker up for a guillotine knee off the top. Shida helped Baker evade the move in time.

Shida took out Rose on the outside as Baker slipped on the black glove and went for Lockjaw on Shafir. Shafir fought her off and threw Baker to the mat with a judo throw. Baker held Shafir which allowed Shida to nail her. Baker synced Lockjaw for the win.

WINNERS: Hikaru Shida & Britt Baker in 9:00

– The Outcasts were shown on screen having laid out Jamie Hayter. [c]

(Moynahan’s Take: A good match for what wasn’t affected by the long commercial break. Can’t wait until this Outcasts storyline is over.)

– A short video package aired hyping tonight’s main event. Mark Henry announced that it was time for the main event.

– Excalibur ran down the Double or Nothing card. The Hardys and Hook vs. The Gunns and Ethan Page will be on the Buy-in show.

(4) LEE MORIARTY & BIG BILL vs. BEST FRIENDS (Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor)

Participants of the Blackjack Battle Royale were shown in the crowd. Moriarty and Taylor started things off. Trent tagged in but found difficulty battling with Moriarty. Moriarty knocked Taylor off the apron which allowed Trent to finally gain an upper hand. Best Friends double teamed Moriarty in the corner, then hit a double delayed suplex. Big Bill came in and double clotheslined Best Friends, then sent Trent over the top to the floor. [c]

Taylor dove for a tag as Trent came in firing. He hit Moriarty with a series of suplexes but was caught by Big Bill in a chokeslam across the apron. Bill missed a splash in the corner, and Best Friends took advantage with a double team. Best Friends gave the people what they wanted but Moriarty knocked Taylor off the ropes as Bill hit Trent with a huge bossman slam. Bill and Moriarty double teamed Trent but Taylor broke up the pin attempt in time. Best Friends had Bill on the top rope and hit a double superplex.

Trent covered for two as Bill kicked out in time. Taylor went for a piledriver but Moriarty broke it up. Moriarty sent Trent over the top but was caught with a piledriver by Taylor. Bill choke slammed Taylor and picked up the win.

WINNERS: Lee Moriarty & Big Bill in 13:00

– After the match, a big brawl broke out with everyone involved in the Blackjack Battle Royal. Orange Cassidy ran out and helped Best Friends as everyone still battled around ringside. Brian Cage then came down, as did Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes. They took out Cage as Swerve’s music then hit and he made his way to the ramp way to look on. Lee walked back up the ramp to drive Swerve to the back.

(Moynahan’s Take: A bit of a surprise ending to this one as Big Bill and Moriarty get a nice win to send us to DoN. The post-match brawl did nothing for me, and came off as a “same old” go-home brawl.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Tonight’s show could have easily been dubbed “the night of tag teams and trios” rather than anything serving as a true go-home edition before Sunday’s PPV. That said, it was a fine show but certainly didn’t get me hyped for a major event just two days away. Perhaps once Collision starts, it will serve as a better way to head into a PPV; it better at least.

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