WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES 5/26: LA Knight a hit, Bloodline angle misses, more

WWE Smackdown hits and misses analysis


Austin Theory vs. Sheamus United States Championship Match – MISS

The work overall in the match was fine, and I was willing to give this a hit until the finish. Happy to see Pretty Deadly is getting T.V. time, but that finish was dreadful, even by WWE standards. Why does not only a champion but a guy who beat John Cena at WrestleMania have to win by distraction roll-up and grabbing the tights? Austin Theory is dull as dirt, and his reactions received from the crowd sync up with my opinion.

Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi vs Damage Control – HIT

The work overall surprised me in this match. Maybe Shotzi had something going on behind the scenes the past few months, but whatever the case was, this was the best I’ve seen Shotzi work on television in ages. The miscommunication finish should finally lead to Damage control finally breaking up as a unit.

Cameron Grimes vs. Ashante “Thee” Adonis – HIT

Straightforward, and that’s ok for a new character on weekly t.v. Ashante looked lost at times, but Grimes was able to make quick work of the Hit Row member. Corbin jumped Grimes afterward because, of course, this feud must continue.

Bianca Belair Promo – MISS

I would love it if the women’s division didn’t consistently have to overcome terrible stories and material given to them. The pairing of these two for the Night of Champions PLE should be ok, but it’s a shame that WWE continues not to acknowledge Bianca’s star power.

L.A Knight vs. Rick Boogs – HIT

L.A Knight continues to get more over by the week. I’m fearful Montez Ford will get the win over L.A Knight in the MITB qualifier.

Karrion Kross vs A.J Styles – HIT

A functional win for A.J. as he builds momentum for the PLE against Seth Rollins. Kudos to A.J. for getting an ok t.v match from Karrion Kross.

K.O show the closing segment – MISS

The Bloodline jumped the shark several months ago. What made the Bloodline stuff last year entertaining was more show than tell. There’s too much mansplaining from the characters and the announcers on what’s going on. Sometimes it’s ok for characters to interact without holding everyone’s hand.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This episode was an ok t.v show, but this was a weak go-home show with a Triple main event PLE. The card on Saturday afternoon should be fun/decent overall when it’s all said and done.

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