NJPW Strong Independence Day Night 1 result – Jon Moxley & Homicide vs. Jun Kasai & El Desperado

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


El Desperado & Jun Kasai were victorious in the main event of NJPW Strong Independence Day Night 1.

The main event saw El Desperado & Jun Kasai take on Jon Moxley & Homicide in anExciting Encounter Doomsday No DQ match. Japenese deathmatch legend Kusai was a big hit with the crowd as he made his NJPW debut on this event. Right from his entrance music hitting, it was clear the crowd was excited to see Kusai, who delivered a crowd pleasing performence by introducing several weapons into the match and hitting his signature manuevers. 

Prior to the match the ring announcer said there were no rope breaks, no count outs, and the referee was only there to count the pin or call a stoppage in case of a life-threatening incident. The match started with both teams brawling all over the venue and hitting each other with various weaspons. The crowd responded huge each time Kusai introduced a new weapon into the match. The big weaspons introduced by Kusai  included a butcher blade, a board full of forks pointing up, and a cross shaped razor blade board. 

The match served as a preview for the Moxley vs. Desperado Final Death match tomorrow at NJPW Strong Independence Day Night 2 and both men did not dissapoint going after each other with forks and the entire match, which saw both men bleed heavily. Desperado ended up getting the win after hitting two Pinoche Loco’s on Homicide.

After the match, Kusai said he wasn’t sure how tonight would go in a NJPW ring and he talked about how it looked like the NJPW fans were accepting of the death match style. Kusai said wrestling in the match gave him a high he wanted to experience again and asked Desperado to tag with him again. Desperado said he would after he got through with Moxley tomorrow to close the show.

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