Edge gave WWE an opportunity to re-sign him, but the belief now is he is AEW-bound

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


Edge wrestled his last match on his current WWE contract on Friday. His contract expires, according to Edge on the FAN Morning Show, at the end of September. It’s not known if he has any non-compete period afterward, but there is a lot of buzz that he is AEW bound.

PWTorch has learned that Copeland presented to WWE what it would take to retain his services, but WWE declined to meet his request. This has sparked a belief within WWE that he is probably headed to AEW and knew at that time what AEW could offer him (based, perhaps, on conversations with other wrestlers of his star power about AEW pay). Tony Khan is a big fan of Edge and certainly would value adding him to the roster, either as a wrestler or in some other role.

Also, Christian Cage is a longtime friend of Copeland and is prominently featured on AEW TV, so linking them together in some way on TV would be natural.

Edge received the big celebration of his WWE career on Friday’s Smackdown because he’s well-liked within WWE. Management doesn’t resent the possibility that he’ll go to AEW. WWE is always looking for ways to create special segments and episodes and Friday was an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Edge in a positive way and, they hoped, draw a bigger audience than if they had to go with a different main event.

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