AEW COLLISION FEUD TRACKER (9/9): Evaluating the top new and ongoing feuds including Kevin Kelly vs. The Viewers, Miro vs. Hobbs, Statlander vs. Cargill, Danielson vs. Starks

By Zach Barber, PWTorch contributor

Miro (photo


Bryan Danielson vs. Ricky Starks

Bryan Danielson announced that this next year will be his last as a full-time wrestler as per a promise he made to his daughter. He also promised that he planned not to go out quietly. He then challenged Zack Sabre Jr. to a match at WrestleDream before being interrupted by Ricky Starks.

Starks cut an unsurprisingly good promo about being greedy and taking what he wants. Danielson was going to offer Starks a spot in the BCC before Big Bill and Starks attacked him. Moxley attempted to aid his stablemate but got laid out for his efforts. The segment ended with Starks choking Danielson out with the BCC t-shirt.

Good stuff all around. Danielson is a much better opponent for Starks than C.> Punk was as the crowd actually likes Danielson and will cheer him over Starks.

Grade: A+

Miro vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

I think this feud is still going. Hobbs had vignette in which he talked about the All Out match and the Book of Hobbs but wasn’t completely clear if he was coming for more of Miro. We didn’t hear from Miro at all. We did however hear from Mrs. Miro.

C.J. Perry cut a shockingly great promo about Miro forsaking her and her wanting to go back to being a manager. I say shockingly good because the last time Perry was seen on a wrestling show she was being forced to wrestle despite not being very good at it and that was after the atrocity of a story involving Miro (then Rusev) and Bobby Lashley.

Perry going back to being a badass manager is something I can get behind. She excelled in that role before and it’s a shame WWE wasted that talent on bad soap opera love triangles.

Incidentally, it seems like AEW hasn’t settled on a name for her, which is strange. Just call her C.J. Don’t overthink it.

Grade: A+

Kris Statlander vs. Jade Cargill

Kris Statlander successfully defended the TBS Title in an open challenge against Robyn Renegade. After the match Robyn and her twin sister attacked Stat leading Jade Cargill making her return after nearly four months to obliterate the twins and save Stat, at least temporarily.

As soon as the twins were disposed of, Jade hit Statlander with Jaded and made it clear she wants her belt back. We have us a hoss-ette fight on our hands.

Grade: N/A

FTR vs. All Comers

The tag team champions officially instituted their own open challenge for their titles. Answering the challenge first on this coming weekend’s episode will be Iron Savages. I like Iron Savages. I’ve talked about how they feel like a throwback to WCW Saturday Night. I’m not sure they should be answering an open challenge, although I think the match will be great.

Grade: N/A

Kevin Kelly vs The Viewers

I only mean this half-jokingly. I’ve been patient with Kevin Kelly, but I just don’t think it’s working. It’s like he’s actively working against the viewers. He doesn’t seem to have familiarized himself with the product, in particular wrestlers’ movesets. He didn’t even seem to know the names of half the finishers. When Michael Cole is better at calling moves than you, that’s a problem. He also thought Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs fought at All In instead of All Out and confused AEW and ROH. His cadence is also sort of off-putting. No offense to Kelly, but maybe he should stick with New Japan.

Grade: F

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