NXT TV RESULTS (11/7): Hazelwood’s live report on Valkyria’s return, Dar-Tozawa, Stratton-Henley, Breakker-Wagner, more



NOVEMBER 7, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with a recap of last week’s Halloween Havoc Night Two.

-Vic Joseph welcomed viewers. Akira Tozawa’s music hit and he was accompanied by Alpha Academy. Joseph mentioned that Dar is 0-7 against Tozawa heading into this match. Dar gave the Heritage Cup a deep kiss before placing it on the ringside stand, then spoke to it a bit.

(1) NOAM DAR (c) (w/Meta-Four) vs. AKIRA TOZAWA (w/Alpha Academy) – NXT Heritage Cup Championship match

Each wrestler has three seconds at ringside. Dar took back control immediately, but Tozawa transitioned to left arm control. Dar and Tozawa went at it with some quick reversals and holds as you’d come to expect from these matches in NXT. Dar pushed Tozawa into a corner, but Tozawa ducked and Dar punched the turnbuckle. Tozawa took off the headband and used his agility to get a few quick pin attempts on Dar. Dar kicked out Tozawa’s foot with about 1:15 left in the round (I’m going to keep a running clock). Dar went for a suplex, but Tozawa countered into one of his own and gave a bit of an Otis hip swivel. Tozawa was sent to the apron, but he hit an enziguri to Dar. He went to climb, but Meta-Four distracted him. He was able to catch Dar with a belly-to-back with ten seconds left, but the round ended with Dar hitting a big superplex.

Round two began with both being tentative, Tozawa caught a kick and went into guard. The two men traded positions and then a few quick pins as Dar hit a rollup with the tights for the first fall and then hit a superman punch after the bell. [c]

Noam Dar up 1-0

Round three ended as they came back from break, but Dar had Tozawa in a triangle choke and just rained down about five elbows after the bell, once again attacking after the bell.

Round four began with immediately rushing Tozawa in his corner and hitting a release Northern Lights. He hit a running lariat, but Tozawa kicked out of the pin. Dar put Tozawa into an ankle lock all while taunting AA, but Tozawa caused him to go outside and then hit a tope, but the second one hit Oro Mensah instead. Dar went to kick Tozawa, but he moved and Dar kicked the post. Tozawa hit a wheelbarrow and rolled through, putting on an ankle lock to get the tap.

Tied 1-1

Joseph said Tozawa was on the verge of his eighteenth title in WWE (remember all those 24/7 reigns?). Tozawa hit two rushing kicks and a Saito suplex for a two-count. He went for a suplex, but Dar caught him with a spinning back elbow for a two-count. Dar put the pinky up to signal for the Novaroller, but Tozawa caught him with a rana pin and then a German suplex bridge, both for two-counts. Dar countered into an ankle lock at 1:30 left, but Tozawa shifted and hit a deadlift German. He hit a cyclone kick and set up for the top rope senton. Mensah distracted the ref after getting kicked and Lash Legend used that to pull Dar to safety. He then hit the Novaroller. After the match, Mensah was taunting Tozawa. Maxxine Dupri slapped him and Chad Gable hit a German. Otis then hit a big running splash. They posed after, but Dar won the match, so yeah.

WINNER: Noam Dar at 13:17 elapsed time (Novaroller) to retain the NXT Heritage Cup

-Joseph and Booker T then hyped Deadl1ne and the Iron Survivor Challenge qualifiers for tonight. They were selected by Mick Foley through an IG video: Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley and Tyler Bate vs. Dijak.

-They showed Gabi Butler (I think?) with Lyra Valkyria in the back. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: The one little thing that Shawn Michaels and Triple H could do to vastly improve the product would be to scrap all DQ and interference finishes. Just go straight up winner and loser and let it be that way. That’s different than Dar, a heel, bending the rules with consecutive attacks after the bell. It’s just annoying that you know there will be interference in a match before it even begins, and this has been plaguing WWE for a long, long time. The match was fine, a good opener, and I like the idea of having the Heritage Cup open NXT when it’s scheduled.)

-They returned with an earlier today video of Lola Vice walking in with Elektra Lopez on Kelani Jordan, Ariana Grace, and Karmen Petrovic, bragging about her contract. Jordan stepped to her and said if it wasn’t for Lopez, she would have won. Grace tried speaking, but Lopez interrupted. She tried again, but Vice cut her off. Roxanne Perez walked in and said it’s one thing to win the contract, but doesn’t make you an automatic champion. Vice and Perez said something in Spanish to each other. The four left and Grace went to say something, but Petrovic just said, “Will you shut up?”

-Valkyria made her first entrance as Women’s NXT Champion. She received a good pop from the crowd. She was in all black, which of course means she’s turning heel (I kid, I kid).


She took a mic and said she never dreamed it would happen the way it did, but she’s the champion. She said whoever said never met your heroes clearly never met Becky Lynch because she is a true legend (she spoke right through some of the chants too). She said she didn’t just meet her, but beat her, and icon, and the finest prize in NXT is around her waist. She said something she’ll always remember is that the fans made the place feel like magic and they showed the world what a main event women’s title match is all about. She said every bit of her story is true, but she knows she’s not the only one with dreams of holding her title. Suddenly, Xiz Li made her way from the crowd as security tried to keep her away, but Valkyria said let her through.

Li yelled for a mic and entered the ring. Security was on the apron. Li asked if Valkyria watched what she did to “your hero” to Lynch last night on Raw? Valkyria retorted it’s because she told you to go win a title. Li said now she plans to take hers. The two security entered to back them up and Li hit one with a spinning back kick right to the face (that move is becoming the hottest move in WWE, no?). The two jawed at each other.

-A video on Bate aired where he said don’t mistake his way of being as a weakness because he is always laser focused. He said he needs to win because he’s tired of living on his resume of the past. Good line.

-Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs were hyping up Henley in the back as she told them she doesn’t need them out there because she’s locked in, that Tiffy Time is over.

-Stratton’s music hit as she made her entrance. Her and Valkyria eyed each other as the latter made her way back up the ramp. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I thought it was kind of funny how Valkyria just ran over the chants for her to begin her promo as if she didn’t even hear them. I like how they roped in what happened last night to give Valkyria a first challenger when there really wasn’t a clear option right now. Vice is for later, Stratton was just champion and booked into the Iron Survivor Challenge qualifier, Perez has been booked like Bate, and Thea Hail has been teamed with Jacy Jayne. It’s also a great way to get Li on TV, a skilled striker who I’m excited to see in the ring once again.)

-Joseph hyped Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia for February.

-Alpha Academy was in the back giving Tozawa a pep talk saying they knew it wouldn’t be easy with his match against Shinsuke Nakamura last night and Dar tonight. Tozawa said he wanted to unlock his potential now and Dupri said they’d be back next week for Supernova Sessions. Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey, Damon Kemp, and Myles Bourne came through and Gulak mocked Gable. Dempsey said he would stretch them all out. Otis said why don’t you stress this and started swiveling and hip thrusting. Gable did his shoosh. Otis then challenged Gulak for tonight. A big “Otis” chant rung out.

-Ref Daryl Sharma was shown leaving Micahels’ office and was asked by an off-camera person what it was about. He said he was told to use his discretion in the match between Bron Breakker and Von Wagner. Ava walked into Michaels’ office in the background.

-Henley made her entrance.

(2) TIFFANY STRATTON vs. FALLON HENLEY – Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match

The bell rang 42 minutes into the first hour. They locked up and did their travel around the ring. Stratton pushed off Henley, but Henley slapped her and slammed her to the mat. She hit an alley oop as Stratton has hanging on to the rope, then she slid through a run into a single leg crab. Stratton crawled and reached. She then rolled outside. Henley followed, but ate a big right hand. Back in the ring, Stratton climbed only to be met by Henley. She went for a superplex and hit from the second rope for a two-count. Henley reapplied the single leg crab in the middle of the ring. Henley pulled her back to the middle after a bit of a crawl, but Stratton eventually made it only for Henley to slide out and hit a right hand like her two buddies. [c]

They returned with the two trading blows including a headbutt from Henley. Stratton bodyslammed her into the ropes, targeting the leg. Henley came back with a second rope crossbody, but Stratton rolled through, lifted her, and simply just dumped her through the second rope and outside. She then put her back in the ring to work the left leg on the post. Henley kicked her with her right leg, but Stratton came back to hit the leg and hit a sit-out spinebuster for a two-count. She then went right back to attacking the left leg and knee, but Henley fought back with right kicks. She then hit a flurry of offense, favoring the leg yet still using attacks with her left leg as the plant leg, and scored a two-count. Stratton came back with a basement dropkick to the knee. She then caught Henley onto her shoulders and hit You Can’t Escape and then rolled through the PME as Henley moved. Stratton forced her into a turnbuckle and hit a chop block, then the PME. Her knee almost landed across Henley’s face.

WINNER: Tiffany Stratton at 10:29 (Prettiest Moonsault Ever)

-McKenzie Mitchell was in the back with Wes Lee, both dancing, then she welcomed him back and asked why. Lee said he couldn’t leave with his head hanging low. He said he was on a never-ending hamster wheel and he needed to step off. He pulled out a list of who he wanted to get back at with Dominik Mysterio at the top. Baron Corbin interrupted and said no one cares about Lee. Lee said Ilja Dragunov is going to beat the brakes off of Corbin, but he wants to do it himself. Corbin said him and Dragunov will have something in common: they both failed.

-They showed Breakker making his way as Kelly Kincaid approached him and asked if he’s concerned about tonight. Breakker said he’s going to desecrate whatever’s left of that corpse in Wagner tonight. His music hit as he made his entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: If I was booking on who needed to be in the match most, Henley would have gone over as Stratton can eat losses and be fine. At this point, I wonder if Henley ever moves beyond just beyond title contention. The match itself was a good showing for both and Henley really showed an added emphasis to her offense tonight. It was a good story told and hey, what do you know, basically a clean finish with no interference! Hooray!)

-A Dijak video aired as he hyped himself up for the qualifier. He asked why Foley put Bate in a match that Bate can’t win. He said he possesses the grit and endurance to thrive in the Iron Survivor Challenge and called Bate “Twinkle Toes” like he’s another Frank Trigg. That’s right, if you only know Trigg as a ref in MMA, look him up!


-Wagner made his entrance with Mr. Stone. He took off the headpiece to reveal a big scar.

(3) BRON BREAKKER vs. VON WAGNER (w/Mr. Stone) – Referee’s discretion match

He rushed in and they immediately went at each other. Wagner hit a big right to send Breakker outside. Breakker came off the steps only to eat a big boot. Wagner shook his head a few times like he was getting his head right. He then went inside and hit eight of the ten punches, dodged a Breakker attack, and hit a middle rope lariat. Wagner. Shook his head a few times again and went to his knees. Breakker then hit a running knee as Stone yelled at the ref to check on Wagner. Breakker then beat on Wagner some more in the corner. Wagner hit a shoulderbutt and then was taken down immediately. Breakker hit a release German and Wagner landed hard. Breakker hit a release overhead suplex next and just took his time. He then took down the straps and put Wagner in the Recliner. After about ten seconds, Wagner fought to his feet and rammed Breakker into the turnbuckle. Breakker came back with a right hand and this I guess hulked up Wagner. He hit a sequence of attacks, mostly clotheslines, and then a butterfly suplex. A big boot followed a corner avalanche. He went for the Roode Bomb, but Breakker slipped out only to eat a running high knee, but Breakker kicked out. Wagner decided to clear the announce table for a powerbomb, but Breakker slipped out and rammed him into the steps gut-first. Stone grabbed the chair, distracting the ref, so Breakker hit a low blow. He grabbed Stone for the military press slam, but Wagner saved him only to eat a spear instead of Stone. Back in the ring, Breakker set for another and hit.

Stone entered the ring and hit Breakker across the back with a chair. Breakker grabbed Stone outside, but Wagner recovered and powerbombed Breakker through the table as Joseph said, “I don’t give a damn about my candy!” Stone kept yelling that Wagner did this and Wagner took him into a hug.

WINNER: Bron Breakker at 5:25 (spear)

-Mitchell was in the back with Carmelo Hayes and asked about Trick Williams returning during his match last week as they showed video of the return. Hayes said he was shocked after his boy returned after a brutal attack. She asked how he knew it was brutal and he said he was right there when they put him in the ambulance. He said he did not attack Williams and said he’s going to give answers face-to-face.

-Vice and Lopez made their entrance for a tag team match, I’m guessing against Perez and Jordan after the earlier interaction. Indeed, that’s what it is after the break. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I laughed during the match.)

-They returned with a Brawling Brutes video, responding to OTM’s video. they said they grew up on the streets and if you didn’t scrap, you didn’t survive. They showed footage of Ridge Holland playing rugby (maybe Aussie rules) and Dunne as a young pro wrestler. They said they have different principles so they’ll see them next week face-to-face to knock their teeth down their throats.

-Perez and Jordan entered together. Grace’s music hit and she came out to say that as Miss NXT, wished the four ladies the bestest of luck.


A stagehand brought out a director’s chair for her to sit in and watch the match as Perez and Lopez began the match, trading blows, until Lopez hit a fallaway slam. She then tagged in Vice. They have matching gear, but with Vice adding her trademark Miami Vice pink and blue. Perez fought back and took the left arm, then the right, slapped the chest, again, climbed, tagged in Jordan, and hit a the arm drag. Jordan hit her own using the ropes. Vice forced Jordan into their corner and Lopez tagged in, hitting a big corner elbow and then one on the mat for a two-count. She tagged in Vice and Vice hit a running hip attack in the corner. Jordan ducked a clothesline and hit a running crossbody, then tagged in Perez.

Perez took it to Vice and knocked away Perez, but Vice came back and they hit a high-low for a two-count. Vice tagged back in and they hit their double hip thrust into the head. Vice taunted Jordan and Perez only for Perez to hit the side Russian leg sweep. Jordan tagged in and hit running attacks to both women and then a cartwheel handspring elbow. She went for and hit the Playmaker for a two-count. Perez tagged back in, was able to dropkick Lopez into Vice, hit Pop Rocks on Lopez, tagged in Jordan, a lope on Vice, and Jordan hit her split-legged moonsault. Grace cut off Alicia Taylor and made the announcement only for Petrovic to attack and yell for her to shut up already.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez & Kelani Jordan at 4:41 (split-legged moonsault)

-Another Joe Gacy video played where he said it started as a whisper and only grew into a yell to where he only saw red. He said some even called him a maniac, but he’s just him, how he was brought into this world. He said now it feels like he’s in his own personal hell and maybe he does know what to do.

-Alpha Academy made their second entrance of the night for Otis’ match with Gulak. [c]

-They returned with a Dragunov video on Corbin. He said his eyes are the window to his soul so take a good look. He acknowledged they met before, but he’s a different man with the title. He said the only person that can slay the dragon is the dragon himself.

-Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, and Hank & Tank approached Corbin and he just laughed them off.

(5) OTIS (w/Alpha Academy) vs. DREW GULAK (w/Charlie Dempsey & Damon Kemp & Myles Bourne) – Singles match

Otis hit a shoulder tackle and swiveled a bit. Gulak kicked the knee, but Otis maintained control using gut to strike Gulak in the head. He then hit a shoulder to the gut in the corner, but Gulak dodged the next one as Otis hit ring post. He recovered on the outside, then reentered only for Gulak to immediately attack. Gulak hit a second rope clothesline for a two-count where the kick out sent him flying. Gulak went for a triangle armbar and struggled to gain a good hold on the thick Otis. Otis rolled into a pin, but Gulak rolled his shoulders up a few times only to be lifted and bombed with the one arm. Otis then caught Gulak and hit a high angle belly-to-back. He ran through a clothesline and elbow and hit a mini-pounce on Gulak. He hit three spinning back elbows and then a fourth, this the running variety in the corner and then a massive lariat. He removed the shirt and set for the Caterpillar, which he hit. He hit a thunderous pop-up powerbomb for the victory. AA danced in the ring together after the match.

WINNER: Otis at 4:26 (pop-up powerbomb)

-They showed Kiana James congratulating Stratton on winning in the kitchen area as Boa was speaking to someone hidden by the wall. James and Stratton said they’re carrying the entire division on their backs which is why they can’t stand to let anyone from the past or future ruin their time. Dante Chen emerged with some of the same black-and-white face paint over his left eye, following Boa as he went out the back. [c]


They returned with a Chase U segment, Jayne pacing back-and-forth about him no scratching her back. A woman with two thugs came in to deliver a message with a very bad New York Italian accent. They left and she was about to open the mail when Chase said it’s a felony. Hail and Duke Hudson approached and asked what they’re talking about and the two played it off. Jayne dropped it that they have their first title defense next week against the former champion. Chase canceled class to look over the mail. After everyone left, he pulled out some papers and looked distraught (though the papers looked completely blank).

-Dijak made his entrance with the black-and-white treatment. Bate was next to his usual pop.

(6) TYLER BATE vs. DIJAK – Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match

Bate leaped into a side headlock, but Dijak hit him with a huge forearm after, then another, then a big corner elbow. Bate came back with his usual corner counter and second rope uppercut for a one-count. Bate took a side headlock and grabbed his foot to kick Dijak. He tried a second time only for Dijak to catch it and get out, but getting nailed by a Bate enziguri. Dijak rolled outside and ate a tope from Bate as he sailed over the top. Dijak used the barrier to recover and then caught a charging Bate. He hit a knee to the side and the spun twice before tossing Bate over the barricade and between the crowd barrier. [c]

Bate was attempting a middle rope superplex as they returned and hit thanks to Dijak using the rope for more leverage. Dijak was holding his leg after that landing. They traded strikes from their knees, then from their feet with Dijak hitting many, then Bop and Bang twice, but a third was turned into a sit-out chokeslam for a two-count. Dijak set for his discus kick, but Bate caught him into an airplane spin and he kept going for a good 20 seconds and ended with a Cradle Shock, but Dijak kicked out. They both struggled to their feet and threw wild blows that missed due to the airplane spin. The ref had to duck a blow from Dijak and then Bate hit his rebound lariat .Dijak responded with a vertical suplex throw across the ring, Bate landing in the corner. Dijak then climbed for a moonsault. Bate met him for a German, but Dijak landed on his feet and hit the discus boot; Bate kicked out. Dijak went for Feast Your Eyes, but Bate dodged and hit two big right hands. He went for Tyler Driver 97, but couldn’t land. He went for another middle rope uppercut, but Dijak caught him and turned it into Feast Your Eyes.

WINNER: Dijak at 9:46 (Feast Your Eyes)

-A Dodge Challenger was shown pulling up and Williams exited without even parking his car, blocking the cars that were parked. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That was a fun match. Good counters, good action, strong strikes, impact on moves, and Dijak finally overcoming a big match hurdle led to a nice ending. Bate sold like hell on that Feast Your Eyes.)

-They returned with a promo that showed Foley, Jerry Lawler, JBL, and Lita as the Hall of Famers making the qualifying matches as we saw earlier with Foley. Did I see Sol Ruca in that video? They did show DANTE MOTEHRF*****G CHEN. Lita is next week.

-Joseph ran over some of next week’s card including the Men’s Tag Team Championship rematch.


Hayes was in the ring and said cut to the chase. He said it’s bigger than the title because it’s about his brother, his friend, and invited Williams out. He obliged to a huge pop and made a beeline to the ring.


Williams was in all black so you know what that means. Hayes said before Williams says anything, he understands why Williams is upset, but he needs to understand that roadblocks are a part of the journey. He said look at their journey. When Hayes needed someone, who did he call? His best friend and said without Trick, there is no Melo. Williams said that’s why he’s having a hard time figuring it out because for the past two years he was all about Trick-Melo Gang and Hayes’ success was his success. He said he did whatever it takes to make sure whenever Hayes shot, he didn’t miss. Hayes said they were like Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, and Williams said it’s easy to say that when you’re shooting the shots, but what about now with him shooting the shots? He asked why Hayes couldn’t have been right there like he was for two years. He was about to ask if Hayes attacked him and Hayes said, “Did I do what?” He said did he put him on the map before the “Whoop that Trick” chants and knew he was destined even when the NFL didn’t work out. He said what John Cena told him weeks ago, he told him months ago and said he knows Williams can be a once-in-a-lifetime performer and asked if that answered the question.

Williams said he just wants to do his own thing, have his moments, his main events. He said whenever Hayes needed him, he was there and specifically put over the entrances. He asked where was Hayes when he was jumped, attacked? He just knows Hayes wasn’t there because he didn’t see who attacked him. Hayes said so you’re saying you didn’t see who attacked you. Williams said he came to hearing Hayes’ voice before they put him in the ambulance. Hayes said you for real saying you didn’t see who attacked you? Williams said that’s what you’re taking from this? He then asked, “Melo, did you attack me?” Hayes looked off, then at Williams, and asked if he wants the truth. They were interrupted by Lexis King.

He said they have quite the paradox here. He said we’ve got the friend who was brutally assaulted and the first man at the scene of the crime was his best friend. Hayes said he knows King’s new here, but shut your mouth and mind your business. Williams said shut his mouth while grown folks are talking. King said to just relax and said the attacker could have been someone new, trying to make an impact, with a mind so twisted, thoughts so unclean. He asked if Williams is sure if Hayes attacked him? King said he wants Williams to say it, then dodged Williams as he went for a punch and hit Hayes instead. Williams extended his hand, but Hayes slapped it away. King just looked on and smiled. Williams tried again and Hayes accepted the hand to help him up. Williams then hugged Hayes as Hayes glared at the camera not reciprocating the hug. He looked like he had blood in his mouth.

(Hazelwood’s Take: Damnit, King brought that segment down until the very end. While Hayes accepted the hand at the end, his glare and failure to wrap an arm around Williams seems to indicate that if he didn’t attack Williams – and King did his best to garner attention his way – then  he’s going to be the next one to attack his friend. I like how Williams turned the Jordan/Pippen and Shaq/Kobe comparisons on its head, and the shock on Hayes’ face when Trick made that switch read like, “Wait, is that even possible?” The crowd is all behind Williams and Hayes turning toward a darker, heel side as indicated tonight will be a great way to both put over Williams and that final hug after the match before Hayes is moved to Raw or Smackdown,)

FINAL THOUGHTS: There was one match through 42 minutes and two matches through an hour, but it still felt like a lot happened on this show without feeling rushed. The Iron Survivor Challenge is shaping up with the inclusion of guest matchmakers a nice touch, stories like Chase U and Boa/Chen are advancing in their own ways, and we have Valkyria’s first challenger in Li. With how that last video on the qualifying matches was worded, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one (if not more) wrestlers from Raw or Smackdown in these over the next few weeks. I do wish they would have picked two others instead of JBL and Lawler, but this is also not surprising. Also, by my count, we had four clean finishes tonight!

Tune into PWT Talks NXT for more!

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