AEW COLLISION RESULTS (11/17): Zilem’s alt-perspective report on final Full Gear hype, Miro vs. Garcia, Shida & Statlander vs. Outcasts, MJF sits down with Schiavone

By Brian Zilem, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 17, 2023

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly


-The Collision opening theme by Elton John aired. Then Tony Schiavone introduced the show. Kevin Kelly welcomed everyone to the show.

-Schiavone introduced Christian Cage and the Patriarchy. Schiavone let Christian know that he would face the winner of the TNT Title four-way eliminator. Christian said he’s sick of Sting and hope everyone is ready for Sting’s last match. Christian said if Ric Flair sticks his nose into their business, it will be a “come to Jesus moment” for him on Saturday night. Christian also told Adam Copeland he’s not the same man he used to know and on Saturday he will break his neck. Christian finished the promo by quoting James Harden: “I don’t work within the system; I am the system.”

-The show went backstage to Lexy Nair and the AEW Team Tag Champions Ricky Starks & Big Bill. Starks announced Tony Khan allowed him to pick a stipulation in their fatal four-way match this Saturday at Full Gear. Starks said that he and Big Bill will be walking out as the AEW Tag Team Champions.


Before the match started, the commentary team recapped the set up with Garcia and Andrade from last Saturday. Miro threw around Garcia early in the match. Miro rallied the fans behind him when he beat up Garcia in the middle of the ring. Garcia went for a crossbody, but Miro caught up him and slammed Garcia to the mat as the show went to its first commercial break of the night. During the break, Miro threw Garcia against the ring barricades.

After the break, Miro had Garcia in the middle of the ring with a chokehold. Nearly six minutes into the match Garcia finally got some offense in when he chopped blocked Miro. Garcia would hit a flurry of dropkicks on Miro until Miro finally nailed Garcia with a kick of his own. Garcia recovered and found the energy to do a belly-to-back suplex onto Miro.

Garcia was about to do his dance when Daddy Magic ran down to the ran to prevent the pop for the fans. Garcia avoided the distraction from Daddy Magic and managed to put Miro into the Dragon Tamer submission hold. Miro looked like he was going to tap out, but as Garcia sunk deeper into the submission hold, Miro used his strength advantage and pounded Garcia’s head to the mat until he released the submission hold. In the closing moments, Miro recovered; he nailed Garcia with a superkick, locked in the Game Over submission, and secured the submission as Garcia passed out.

WINNER: Miro at 10:09.

(Brian’s Analysis: The match started slowly but became something good in the last three minutes. The Daniel Garcia losing arch continues, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter within Garcia’s story.)

-The show went backstage with Lexy Nair meeting with C.J. Perry and Andrade. C.J. confirmed she’d entered Andrade in the AEW Continental Classic.


WINNERS: Black & King at 2:07.

-A video package was shown to hype the three-way TBS title match at Full Gear.

(3) TRENT BERETTA vs. PENTA vs. KOMANDER vs. BRIAN CAGE –  Winner Earns TNT Title match

The match started with Penta doing Zero Fear to Trent and Cage. Komander, Penta, and Komander agreed they needed to take out the big opponent in Cage. Komander flew to the outside and nailed Cage with a dive. Cage recovered and did a blind suplex on the apron onto his three opponents. The fans chanted, “Holly shit!” Once each man recovered, the show went to a commercial break. During the break, Cage worked over Komander in the ring.

After the break, Cage was still overpowering in the match. Komander, Penta, and Komander worked together again to triple-team Cage and take him out of the match. Trent threw Komander around the ring with German suplexs. Penta hit a Canadian destroyer onto Komander, which got a big pop from the fans. Penta and Komander would hit back-to-back dives on the outside. In the match’s closing moments, Komander went for a splash, but Trent countered and hit Komander with the strong zero to secure the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Trent at 10:49 to earned a TNT Title match at AEW Rampage.

(Brian’s Analysis: The match was rough in places at times, with a few high stops that the fans enjoyed.)

-A recap video was shown from this past Wednesday with Powerhouse Hobbs slamming Paul Wight.

-Lexi Nair was backstage with Powerhouse Hobbs and Don Callis. Callis said Hobbs broke Paul Wight. Hobbs said he took out a giant. And anyone can get it.


WINNER: Wardlow at 0:55 after an official stoppage.

-The commentary team ran down the card for Full Gear.

-Ricky Starks and Big Bill joined the commentary team for the next match.

(5) DAX HARWOOD (w/Cash Wheeler) vs. RUSH (w/LFI)

The match started with Rush chopping Dax in the chest. Rush hit a backbody drop onto Harwood, and both men brawled on the outside. Once both men returned to the ring, they exchanged chops, and Dax started bleeding from his chest. Dax rolled out of the ring to recover, and the show went to a commercial break. During the break, both men brawled on the outside.


After the break, Rush went for a pinfall on Dax but got a near fall. Dax recovered, and both men climbed to the top rope; Rush got Dax up for a superplex and got a near-fall pin attempt. The fans started chanting, “This is awesome!” Both men started slapping each other in the chest so hard that they both passed out from the pain. Once Rush recovered, he hit Dax with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Dax then hit Rush with a powerdriver for a near fall. In the closing moments of the match, Rush would get in the face Starks and push him in the face. Rush was setting up Dax for the Bulls Horns, but Starks speared Rush, and the match was ruled as a no-contest.

WINNER: No contest at 13:54.

(Brian’s Analysis: A small preview into a match that could steal the show on Saturday night at Full Gear. I don’t mind a no contest because AEW practices discipline regarding these types of finishes.)

-After the match, all four teams participating in the Full Gear tag team title ladder brawled as the show went to a commercial break.

-After the break, Lexi Nair was backstage speaking with Action Andretti. Roderick Strong and the Kingdom interrupted the interview, and Strong appeared to challenge Andretti to a match.


The match started with both men attempting to gain waist advantage on the other. The commentary team put over Matthews as a great athlete. Yuta and Matthews exchanged holds with their agility inside the ring. Both men started to fight on the ring apron, and Matthews lawn darted Yuta to the commentary table as the show went to a commercial break. During the break, Matthews beat Yuta from pillar to post.

After the break, both men exchanged hard strikes against each other. There was a sequence where Yuta hit a forearm, and Matthews hit a knee which led to Yuta getting a roll-through pin attempt for a near fall.

The fans were really into this match. Both men started fighting on the apron again. Matthews suplexed Yuta onto the top turnbuckle. Yuta recovered and hit a dive onto Matthews as Mathews was draped in the middle rope. In the match’s closing moments, Matthews hit two super kicks, a running powerbomb, and a curb stomp onto Yuta to secure the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Matthews at 13:41.

(Brian’s Analysis: Excellent work from both wrestlers. I’m glad to see Matthews is getting more time to showcase his outstanding work in the ring by being added to the Zero Hour show at Full Gear.)

-After the match, Matthews went to attack Yuta after the match, but Claudio Castagnoli chased him away. Afterward, Claduio challenged Matthews to a match at Full Gear, which was added to the Zero Hour show.

-A video package was shown to hype up Jon Moxley and Orange Cassidy for Full Gear.


Shida and Soho started the match as Shida had her way with Soho early on. Statlander and Saraya were tagged in, and Statlander hit Saraya with a stiff shoulder block and got a near fall. Soho and Saraya regained momentum in the match by throwing Shida from the top rope to the mat as the show went to a commercial break. During the break, Soho and Saraya beat on Shida.

After the break, Shida reached out for a tag to Statlander, but Soho pulled Statlander away from the apron. Statlander would recover and get the hot tag from Shida. Statlander ran wild and showcased her strength against Saraya and Soho. Angelo Parker, who sat ringside, checked on Soho. Statlander went to take out Soho, but Parker took the bullet for Soho. Saraya turned around to face Shida, and Shida hit the cantata knee to secure the pinfall victory for her team.

WINNERS: Shida & Statlander in 11:00.

-Tony Schiavone sat down with MJF to close the show. MJF said he was going to defend the ROH Tag Team Titles because he made a promise to Adam Cole. Schiavone put over the title accomplishments as the World Champion. MJF asked what is the likelihood he would beat the Gunns and Jay White on the same night. MJF said, “Not great, but I like those odds.”

FINAL THOUGHTS: Generally, you want that go-home angle or promo to get last-minute buyers to purchase the show. Was that accomplished for this episode? I would say no. There’s been something missing in the entire MJF and Jay White program. I’m unsure what happened, but Jay White and MJF can make their feud feel right again at Full Gear with their work inside the ring.

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