AEW COLLISION TV RESULTS (11/26): Continental Classic continues with Claudio vs. Garcia, Kingston vs. Brody King, plus Copeland interview, Killswitch squash, FTR, more

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 26, 2023

–They had some pre-show promos with the wrestlers who are having matches in the Continental Classic Tournament. Eddie Kingston said he will see Brodie King out there. King promised violence in the match. Daniel Garcia spoke about being familiar with Claudio Castaganoli’s work. Garcia spoke about getting ready to win wrestling’s greatest tournament.

–AEW Collision opening played with Elton John letting everyone know “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” There was a firework display. They showed a high camera shot as they looked to have a good crowd for Collision. Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcomed everyone to the show. They hyped up the Continental Classic Tournament matches on the show.

(1) CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI vs. DANIEL GARCIA – Continental Classic Tournament match

Castagnoli took control early, planting Garcia with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Garcia went for a guillotine hold. Castagnoli broke free, planting Garcia with a suplex. Castagnoli rocked Garcia with a huge uppercut. Garcia responded by catching Castagnoli with a sleeper against the ropes. Garcia connected with a running tackle, sending Castagnoli to the floor. The crowd cheered as Garcia did his signature dance. Castagnoli caught Garcia charging as he swung him into the barricade. [c]

Garcia caught Castagnoli with a guillotine hold as they returned from break. Castagnoli tried to break free but Garcia transitioned into a sleeper hold. Castagnoli broke free running Garcia into the turnbuckle. Castagnoli responded by rocking Garcia with a lariat for a two count. Castagnoli rocked Garcia with elbow strikes. Castagnoli called for the Ricola Bomb. Garcia countered into a sunset flip for a two count.

Garcia went for a Sharpshooter. Castagnoli reversed into a Sharpshooter. Garcia countered with an inside cradle for a two count. Castagnoli caught Garcia with a Popup Uppercut for a two count. The crowd cheered as Garcia got to his feet. Castagnoli rocked Garcia with a huge uppercut. Castagnoli delivered a Ricola Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Claudio Castagnoli in10:30 earned three points in the Continental Classic Tournament.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a very good professional wrestling match to start the show. Here’s the only problem of this match. Garcia is someone who’s been stuck in the midcard for so long that you can’t see him getting big wins over top level wrestling. This match was the perfect example of that. Garcia had a strong showing but in the end lost the match. Totally fine if the goal is likely to turn Garcia into a babyface professional wrestler away from the Jericho Appreciation Society. I would rather just see most of the top level AEW take part in the first Continental Classic Tournament. A really good showing from Castagnoli as he looked great in the match. There’s really no complaints about the actual wrestling as Castagnoli and Garcia had a good match.)

–Wheeler Yuta came out and celebrated with Castagnoli after the match.

–Kingston was backstage. He spoke about putting his ROH World Title and the NJPW Strong Title on the line in the Continental Classic. He spoke about former great ROH World Champions who held the title. He spoke about wanting to wrestle in Japan. He spoke about winning the NJPW Strong Openweight Title in Japan. He spoke about putting his titles on the line to make the Continental Classic the most prestigious tournament in North America. He spoke about having to face King in the tournament. He told the stage hand he doesn’t have time for this interview because he has to get ready for the match. He wrapped up the interview and left.

(Amin’s Thoughts: Kingston did a really good job explaining why the Continental Classic Tournament is so important to him.)

(2) KILLSWITCH vs. BRANDON & BRENT (The Boys) – Two-on-One Match

Killswitch attacked The Boys as his music was still playing. Killswitch delivered a Chokeslam sending Brandon onto the ring apron to the floor. Killswitch rocked Brent with a huge lariat for the win.

WINNER: Killswitch in 1:20.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a good squash match to get over Killswitch’s new character.)

–Killswitch gave Brandon a Chokeslam onto a chair after the match. The crowd cheered as Adam Copeland music played. Copeland appeared from behind attacking Killswitch with a chair. Copeland pulled a piece from the chair. Copeland placed Killswitch in a crossface. Copeland delivered a Con-Chair-To to Killswitch. Copeland’s music played as he posed on the turnbuckle. Copeland saw Killswitch moving. Copeland delivered a Curb Stomp to Killswitch onto a chair. Copeland delivered a second Con-Chair-To to Killswitch.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a pretty strong angle. They really wanted to Killswitch a new character by having him take two Con-Chair-To. The story here is Copeland has snapped and is going through everyone who Christian Cage puts in-front of him. Copeland was great here showing the right amount of intensity needed for this angle.) [c]

–Lexi Nair interviewed Copeland backstage. Copeland told Nair to leave. He wondered if he should call him “Jay” or Christian Cage? He wondered if he should call him the Patriarch. He blamed Cage for what happened to Killswitch and Nick Wayne. He said Cage thought people would compare them again if he came to AEW. Copeland said he didn’t care about any of that. Copeland said he told Cage their friendship was bigger than everything. He spoke about Cage almost delivering a Con-Chair-To to Sting at WrestleDream. He spoke about having Killswitch deliver a Con-Chair-To to Shayna Wayne. He spoke about Cage bringing up his wife and kids names. He said things changed when Cage said he was going to put him in a wheelchair. He spoke about already taking out two members. He said going to hurt Cage and bring pain to him. He challenged Cage to a TNT Championship match on December 6 on Dynamite in Montreal, Canada.

(Amin’s Thoughts: A tremendous promo from Copeland hitting all the right notes. Copeland did a great job making the match with Cage feel like a big deal.)


Matthews took control early catching Gravity with a running knee strike.. Gravity responded by catching Matthews with a tilt-a-whirl into a German Suplex. Matthews responded by nailing Gravity with a big boot. The crowd cheered as Black tagged in. Komander tagged himself into the match. Komander caught Black with a springboard hurricanrana. Komander rocked Black with a Disaster Kick. Matthews distracted the referee. This gave Black the advantage as he planted Komander with a German Suplex for a two count. [c]

Black and Matthews went for a double suplex but Komander escaped as they returned from break. Komander got Gravity the hot tag. Gravity ran wild and delivered a flying crossbody onto Black and Matthews. Matthews stopped Gravity, sending him into a Black knee strike. Komander tagged in planting Matthews with a Satellite DDT. Komander delivered a gut buster to Black for a two count.

Buddy distracted Komander from climbing the ropes. There was an awkward spot as Black went for a suplex on Gravity but they both feel to the mat. Gravity went for a Tope Con Hilo but Black and Matthews caught him on the landing. This led to Komander delivering an awesome rope walk Corkscrew Splash to the floor. This got the biggest reaction of the match.

Gravity and Komander went for stereo splashes but Black and Matthews got their knees up. Black and Matthews rocked Gravity with a combo popup knee strike. Black stopped Matthews from attacking Komander. Black sat cross-legged inside the ring. Komander crawled over to Black. This gave Matthews the opening to hit a Curb Stomp for the win.

WINNERS: Black & Matthews in 11:20

(Amin’s Thoughts: There was some awkwardness early with Gravity seeming to not be on the same page with Black and Matthews. The match did recover but took another rough hit after the miss-timed suplex spot. This ended up turning into a good tag team match as Komander kept things together for his team as he looks to have the bigger upside. Interested to see what Black and Matthews do with King taking part in the Continental Classic Tournament. They could put both Black and Matthews into the tag team title mix after this win.)

–Action Andretti was backstage with Darius Martin. Andretti spoke about his bond growing with Darius over the past eight months. They spoke about being in Martin’s hometown this coming week. They mentioned something was missing. They seemed to cut to an abrupt commercial break. [c]

(4) JULIA HART vs. LADY FROST – TNT Title House Rules Match

This was a no count-out match. Hart took control early, rocking Frost with a running kick. Frost got right back up. Hart took control yanking Frost onto the ring apron. Hart ran Frost into the barricade and ring apron. Hart grabbed a chair. The referee Bryce Remsburg stopped hart. This led to Frost launching Hart onto the ring steps.

Frost went for a flying moonsault but Hart moved. Hart placed Frost on the chair. Hart rocked Frost with a running clothesline for a two count. Frost battled back, rocking Hart with combination kicks. Hart responded by yanking Frost to the mat. Hart rocked Frost with a sliding lariat. Hart locked Frost in Hartless for the submission win.

WINNER: Hart in 5:30 to retain the TNT Title.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fine match for the time given. They gave Frost some shine and looked good. This was mostly about giving Hart a first strong title defence as she looked good in the win.)

–Nair was backstage with Don Callis and Powerhouse Hobbs. Callis liked the fact they are adding to Hobbs tombstones. Callis isn’t happy that Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega got a tag team title match after teaming together in just one match. Callis spoke about breaking Jericho and Omega last time they were inside the ring. Hobbs said he’s Big, Black and Jacked. He said anybody can get it.


FTR received a great reaction from the crowd. Harwood’s shoulder was taped up. Wheeler’s ribs were taped up. Harwood connected with a sliding leg drop to Vincent for a near fall. Vincent responded by catching Harwood with a running forearm. Dutch tagged in rocking Harwood with a clothesline. Dutch charged but Harwood got his boots up. Harwood went for a reverse crossbody. Dutch caught Harwood right as he was about to hit the mat. Harwood broke free of Dutch’s bear hug by biting at his face. [c]

Vincent had Harwood placed in a sleeper hold as they returned from break. Schiavone on commentary mentioned TNT went to an abrupt commercial break cutting out Dante Martin’s return promo. Schiavone mentioned they will show the promo after the match. Vincent went for a sliding elbow but Harwood moved. Dutch tagged in as Vincent held onto Harwood’s leg. Dutch delivered a standing splash for a two count. Dutch planted Harwood with a powerbomb. Dutch went for a flying senton but Harwood moved.

Harwood got Wheeler the hot tag. Wheeler ran wild, rocking Dutch and Vincent with strikes. Wheeler caught Vincent with a reverse rollup. Dutch made the tag. Dutch caught Wheeler with a Bossman Slam for a two count. Dutch and Vincent went for an assisted sliced bread but Wheeler broke free. Harwood and Wheeler caught Vincent with the Shatter Machine for the win.

WINNER: Harwood & Wheeler in 9:15

(Amin’s Thoughts: I thought both Dutch and Vincent had a good showing as they took most of the match. Really hard to take The Righteous as a serious act after how they were booked at the WrestleDream show in the 2-on-1 Handicap match against MJF. This was a good tag team match. A strong showing and win for FTR who are another team that can be placed right back into the tag team title mix.)

–Black and Matthews appeared from the crowd. Black noted if they came to ring nobody would be there to save them. Black mentioned Castagnoli (as Cesaro). He mentioned Yuta. The crowd gasped as Black name dropped CM Punk’s name. He said it’s not the Brotherhood that FTR thinks it is. The lights went out. The lights turned back on. They started laughing. FTR’s music played.

(Amin’s Thoughts: They are clearly building to an FTR and House of Black match at some point. The timing on Black name dropping Punk was pretty interesting. Punk would make his big comeback at WWE Survivor Series just one hour after the conclusion of Collision.) [c]

–They replayed the interview with Andretti and Darius Martin from earlier in the show. They spoke about something missing. Dante Martin returned to a nice reaction. Dante said he’s back.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was good on their part to replay the Dante Martin interview bit. Will be nice to see Dante back in action.)

–They showed clips of Ricky Starks & Big Bill attacking Jericho after the Full Gear media scrum.

–Schiavone was inside the ring as he called out the AEW World Tag Team Champions Starks & Bill. Schiavone spoke about Starks & Bill retaining the titles in the ladder match at Full Gear. Schiavone asked them about attacking Jericho. Starks called Jericho a “clout vampire” that was looking to get a bit in after Starks won the tag team titles. Bill made fun of the Golden Jets calling them the Golden Girls. Starks spoke about him and Big Bill not knowing each other well. Bill mentioned he had no idea when Stark’s birthday are.

Bill spoke about always making it back to the top, even when he was at the lowest point of his life. He said when everyone counted him out, called him washed, he would always make it back to the top. There were cheers from the crowd. He spoke about holding the titles with Starks, he made it back to the top. He spoke about Jericho and Omega being the best to ever do it. He called him and Starks motivated and claimed they will beat the hell out of them. Starks compared him and Bill to Jordan and Pippen. He said Jericho and Omega weren’t even Kukoc and Wennington. Bill said the Golden Jets were more like the two guys who gave Jordan his gum before warmups. Starks spoke about liking his gum minty fresh, and Bills likes his gum Big Red.

(Amin’s Thoughts: Good promos from Bill and Starks building up the AEW Tag Team Title match with Jericho and Omega.)

–They aired post-match clips from Jay White, Mark Briscoe and Swerve Strickland speaking about their matches in the Continental Classic Tournament. Strickland spoke about the people wanting to see him as champion. Briscoe spoke about not going anywhere and being a Triple Crown Champion. White spoke about being the only in the tournament to be a NJPW G1 Climax briefcase winner.


Lee went for a spin kick as Moriarty fell to the mat. Lee sent Moriarty flying with a pounce. [c]

Moriarty caught Lee in a triangle hold as they returned from break. Lee broke free of the hold with one hand. Moriarty responded by rocking Lee with a running boot. Moriarty connected with a flying bulldog for a near fall. Moriarty went for a springboard but Lee rocked him with a head butt. Moriarty was out on his feet. Lee delivered a Jackhammer for the win.

WINNER: Keith Lee in 7:30.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fine match. The wrestling was solid as they gave Moriarty some shine in the match. A good showing from Lee who looked strong in the win.) [c]

–Nair interviewed Lee backstage. Lee wanted to speak about how great Moriarty was. He said he’s no Keith Lee. He said he’s tired of the mistreatment and the lack of opportunity. He said he’s there to take it. He said that means “him” He warms saying he knows who he is.

(7) EDDIE KINGSTON vs. BRODY KING – Continental Classic Tournament Match

Kingston received a great reaction from the crowd. The match began with an aggressive tie up. They no-sold each other’s shoulder tackles. They exchanged big chops. King took control rocking Kingston with a running splash. The crowd did King’s bark as he rocked Kingston with a running corner cannonball. Kingston used King’s momentum sending him into the ring steps. King quickly stopped Kingston delivering huge chops. King crushed Kingston with a running crossbody into the barricade. Kingston connected with a running senton for a near fall. [c]

King planted Kingston with a Superplex as they returned from break. Kingston responded rocking King with a huge lariat for a double down. Kingston fired up rocking King with rapid fire chops. Kingston went for a T-Bone Suplex but King blocked. King sent Kingston flying with a German Suplex. Kingston responded rocking King with a huge spinning back fist for a good two count. King and Kingston exchanged huge chops which got big reactions from the crowd.

Kingston caught King with an enzuigiri. Kingston connected with a DDT for a two count. Kingston went for a powerbomb. King broke free with a backdrop. King caught Kingston with a uranage slam. Kingston responded by catching King with an Exploder Suplex. Kingston followed with a Half-and-Half Suplex. Kingston delivered a Saito Suplex for a two count.

King responded by catching Kingston with a piledriver. The referee counted but then noticed Kingston’s foot was underneath the ropes. King rocked Kingston who was out on his feet. Kingston told King to bring it. Kingston caught King with a spinning back fist. King responded, rocking Kingston with a big boot. King delivered Dante’s Inferno for the win.

WINNER: King in 16:50 earned three points in the Continental Classic Tournament

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was really good.I thought King and Kingston were great as they worked a really good back-and-forth hard hitting match. Kingston was great in this match as he did a really good job selling for King making him look like someone who can win. We got our first tournament upset with Kingston taking the first pin. This was a great win for King who could get a big single’s run coming out of this tournament.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Just like Dynamite the focus on this show was about the two Continental Classic Tournament matches. Both tournament matches were very good. The rest of the matches were fine but nothing really stood out. Copeland did a great job building up the match with Cage making it feel like a big deal. Overall, this was a solid episode of Collision. My big takeaway is the specialness that Collision had from it’s first couple of shows is not there anymore. Collision just now feels like another AEW show.

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