WWE SURVIVOR SERIES KICKOFF SHOW REPORT (11/25): Panel discussions preview, predictions, and analysis of WarGames and other matches

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 25, 2023

Kickoff Panel: Kayla Braxton, Wade Barrett, Booker T, Jackie Redmond, Peter Rosenberg

Video package: Women’s War Games

Kayla asked whether Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch could coexist on a team. Peter thought there was room enough at the top for both. Barrett, on the other hand, predicted their team would implode because of Flair and Lynch. Jackie added that Bayley could have similar issues with her team – Barrett called this “tabloid nonsense.” Kayla said Damage CTRL was made as dangerous as it’s ever been with the additions of Asuka and Iyo Sky.

Video package: Dragon Lee vs. Santos Escobar

Byron Saxton was backstage with Santos Escobar. Byron said that Escobar recently attacked Carlito and Mysterio. Escobar interrupted him, saying it wasn’t an attack – he was bringing justice to Mysterio. Regarding Lee, he said he was talented, but that is nothing without the will to do what it takes. He said that Lee’s challenge will be the biggest mistake of his career.

Back on the panel, Kayla asked about how little time Dragon Lee has had to prepare for his match against Escobar. Booker seemed to relate with Escobar living in Mysterio’s shadow, and said that Lee would suffer tonight for it. Barrett said that Escobar didn’t snap, that he’s behaving how he always has, and added that Escobar wouldn’t be second fiddle to anyone.

Video package: Bobby Lashley

Video package: Rhea Ripley vs. Zoey Stark

Greg Miller, host of “This is Awesome,” joined the panel. Kayla asked Greg if he knew the panel would be outdoors when he accepted the invite. Greg stood up and grabbed the excess padding around his midsection, and enthusiastically said, “This isn’t for show! This is so you can live your life here like this, and act like you love it!”

Kayla said tonight was Stark’s chance to take advantage of Ripley’s current distractions. Greg disagreed with Kayla, saying Ripley would be distracted by nothing once in the ring with Stark. Peter hypothetically asked how awesome Ripley has been the last year. Greg said she’s atop the throne, she looks better every time we see her, all while being the leader of Judgment Day. Booker said he’s been in the ring with athletes like Stark, and that you never know how good they are until you compete against them. Barrett said a lot of the women in the division are “beaten” by Ripley before the match even begins. Jackie said she’s been in the room with Ripley and Stark, and that she’s never seen another woman step to the champion the way Stark has.

Video package: Gunther vs. The Miz

Booker said Gunther has been dominant on his run, but the Miz has had a better ten-year run than anyone else. He said Miz would try to manufacture a win by any means necessary. Peter compared the Miz to the Cleveland Browns, and how they grind out wins without their planned quarterback. Barrett said he was glad to hear that comparison, because when the Browns get everyone hyped up, they end up letting them down. He wondered if Miz could get back to the level he was at back in 2010, because that’s what it will take to overtake Gunther.

The panel revealed the women’s War Games advantage would go to Lynch / Shotzi / Belair / Flair. Booker said his first PPV match was in a War Games match, and that the better team would win regardless of the built-in advantage.

Jackie opened a bag of sponsored potato chips that had been placed on the desk, and the panel was immediately distracted by their deliciousness as they were passed around.

After having his fill, Booker said that tonight was about checks and championships. He then went back to the chips, and announced how good they were between crunchy mouthfuls.

Video package: Roman Reigns

Video package: Men’s War Games

Barrett said you want to be on a team you can trust in War Games, which is problematic with Randy Orton returning. Wade predicted that nine out of ten wrestlers would get RKO’d by Orton tonight.

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