NXT TV RESULTS (12/5): Hazelwood’s live report on last chance Iron Survivor Challenge qualifiers, Dragunov-Corbin face-to-face, Meta-Four vs. Alpha Academy, more



DECEMBER 5, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid

Tonight after the show, join the PWT Talks NXT self-proclaimed “gang of idiots” to break down the show with calls and emails.

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(McKenzie Mitchell was released last week and I cannot stress to you enough, dear reader, how big of a loss this is for NXT. Mitchell was absolutely fantastic in her role, an interviewer with relatable and believable reactions who asked relevant questions, which isn’t always the case with professional wrestling announcers/interviewers. If Vic Joseph seems sullen tonight, this is why. I assume Kelly Kincaid takes over the role now – which is why I put the question mark above until it’s confirmed during the show – with Alicia Taylor remaining the ring announcer; Kincaid was ring announcing two weeks ago when I covered the show.)


-The show began with Roxanne Perez’s music hitting for the last chance match. They went to a split-screen and then full of Perez and Kiana James getting into it during a training session and needing to be separated by those around them. Thea Hail was next with Jacy Jayne’s music I believe, who also accompanied her. Fallon Henley was next, and last was James.

(1) ROXANNE PEREZ & THEA HAIL (w/Jacy Jayne) & FALLON HENLEY & KIANA JAMES – Last chance fatal four-way qualifier match

Perez immediately went after James. James recovered and then took care of Hail and threw Henley into Perez. Hail and Henley came back with a double shoulder tackle that sent James outside. They showed Lyra Valkyria watching in a split-screen, Tatum Paxley creepily watching from behind a door. Hail was able to counter a double team by Perez and Henley, and then the three went through a series of pin attempts on each other, including a body scissors takedown and pin attempt by Henley and wheelbarrow slam by Perez. She then stiffly kicked Hail in the face, climbed the top, and was pushed off by James, recovering to the mat. Hail knocked her back off and then sent Henley out with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. She hit a drop toehold on James into the bottom rope, Henley punched her, Perez kicked Henley, Hail hit a lope on James and Perez, Henley hit Hail, James took out Henley and hit Perez with her loaded purse before throwing her hard into the barricade. [c]

Hail was set on the top rope by Henley as they returned. Henley climbed for a superplex – I smell a tower spot coming – and indeed James joined to powerbomb Henley’s superplex of Hail. Perez was presumably on the outside. The fans cheered for her as she hit a top rope crossbody to James. Vic Joseph mentioned James winning the Iron Survivor Challenge last year before Perez beat on her and then turned to Henley. She went for Pop Rocks, but James shoved her off and took care of Henley before Perez countered a corner rush with a Kofi Kingston-like rope-hung double kick. Perez then went outside and cleared the announce desk. James responded with a gut shot, but Perez slipped out of the bodyslam attempt and shoved James into the announce chair. The two fought to the top of the barricade, punching each other, before James lost her balance and took Perez with her to take out both themselves and the desk. Back in the ring, Henley and Hail realized this was their shot. Hail tried an O’Connor roll, but Henley kicked out, sending Hail into the ropes. She then hit a shining wizard for the win.

WINNER: Fallon Henley at 10:09 (shining wizard) to qualify for the Iron Survivor Challenge

-They showed Ilja Dravunov walking in from the parking lot, glaring at employees.

-They showed A Jakara Jackson post about Meta-Four making easy money, then one from Maxxine Dupri mocking the same video and putting over Alpha Academy.

-Kincaid indeed was in the back and asked Valkyria about the qualifiers. Lola Vice approached with Elektra Lopez and reminded her she can cash in her Women’s Breakout Tournament contract anytime. Perez said maybe it’ll be for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Paxley suddenly appeared and then challenged Vice. They walked away as Valkyria looked apprehensive.

-They showed Wes Lee grabbing a crutch to walk out, stopping Joseph in mid-sentence. Booker T said, “That’s not good, Vic.” [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: As far as fatal four-ways go, that wasn’t as bad to cover thanks to the commercial break and the focus on Perez and James after the break. It was a fairly standard four-way, but the issue is that the winner was thoroughly overshadowed by both Perez and James continuing their blood feud.)

-They returned with a look back at last week’s four-way match that saw Lee become number one contender for Dominik Mysterio’s North American Championship.


Lee was in the ring as the cut back after the video looking furious and heartbroken. He said Deadl1ne is four days away and he was imagining smacking “Dirty” Dom all around the arena, hearing that 1-2-3, and then hearing “Alicia’s angelic voice” announcing him as the new North American Champion. He said unfortunately, it won’t be happening like that. He said he doesn’t say this out of uncertainty or doubt because one-on-one Mysterio cannot handle “the heart of the King of the Wes Side.” He said it’s the same heart that “all of you” cheered and supported week in and week out to give him the strength to do things he never imagined he could (he was emotional). He said it won’t help him right now or bring back the feeling in his leg or take away the excruciating pain he feels standing in the ring. As tears flowed down, he said said it’s going to take surgery and time, but just like he rose from the ashes to become one of the best champions to step foot in the NXT ring, he will return to cement his legacy as one of the best to ever do this. He added this is not a goodbye and he’s far from being done, but let’s just say, “for now, I’ll see you later.”

Mysterio’s music hit as Lee moved to exit the ring. Lee’s face visibly became infuriated. Mysterio entered the ring and said Lee is heading home again. He said he doesn’t doubt that Lee needs back surgery (boos were LOUD). He said imagine how his back feels for carrying all of WWE for the past two years. Lee held the crutch, his right leg shaking to support himself without the weight of the crutch. Mysterio said he has the night off to chill with Mami. Lee said Mysterio won’t have a match against him at Deadl1ne, but he’ll still be competing. He said take the word of someone you’re more closely related. Rey Mysterio appeared on the Tron from the set of his new cartoon show. Mysterio said he’ll be at Deadl1ne to see the title match take place: Dominik Mysterio vs. Dragon Lee, Mysterio’s friend or old foe depending on which Mysterio you’re discussing. Lee’s music hit and he made his way to the ring. Mysterio was frustrated and tried attacking, but Lee got the better. Mysterio was able to slip out of the powerbomb and head outside. Lee grabbed the title and taunted Mysterio.

-They showed a moments ago video with James heading into the trainer’s room and Izzy Dame (I think that’s her name) coming in to show support. Perez, who inexplicably was only a few tables over, heard James saying she was going to end her so they went at each other. All of the sudden, Ava showed up and said she’ll make it official for Saturday. What? [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I wondered if the injury was an angle, and then I saw Lee’s face as he started his promo. Emotional would be an understatement, but it was heartfelt. I don’t pay attention much to the “sheets” so this caught me by surprise, but all I can say is I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s time as a professional wrestler and wish him a healthy recovery. The replacement match on short notice actually works because there’s already a built-in storyline between these two from the summer. I like the switch.)

-They returned with a Men’s Breakout Tournament video, but they went too fast for me to catch all of the names. I did recognize Luca Crusifino, fully in the lawyer gimmick, and Myles Bourne. Trey Bearhill is a Native American wrestler and Oba Femi – who was my random pick to win this a few weeks ago – ended the video.

-Paxley was in the ring when they cut back to the ring. Vice and Lopez then entered.

(2) LOLA VICE (w/Elektra Lopez) vs. TATUM PAXLEY – Singles match

Vice hit a go-behind to begin only to eat an elbow. Paxley ducked a lariat and then did like a pseudo-Bray Wyatt spider pose, but only from her knees. Vice then took control with a leg kick and hipbutt to the head. She put Paxley in a side headlock, then hit a big takedown after a series of rope runs and counters. I think Booker T said Lee is suffering from sciatica. Paxley took control and then crawled over to Vice like she was in The Ring, then used the bottom rope to choke Vice a bit. Paxley threw Vice in a corner and the hit a three-point stance before hitting a running splash in the corner. She tried again, Vice applied a triangle choke, but Paxley powerbombed her Rampage-Arona style to break the hold. Paxley then locked in a body scissors in this slower-than-expected match. Vice reversed position and then applied the triangle again, but Paxley rolled it over into a pin attempt. Vice then put in a heel hook, but Paxley reached the rope. Vice hita few kicks and spinning backfist, then a cyclone kick, a 540 spin kick, and her running hip attack into the corner for a two-count. She went for her hipbutt again, but Paxley rolled her up. when they hit their feet, Vice hit her version of Black Mass.

WINNER: Lola Vice at 4:04 (Black Mass)

-They showed a video from last week with Axiom counseling Nathan Frazer after his loss last week. He tried giving Frazer one of his masks, but Frazer said he didn’t want it and then he got angry at Axiom. Axiom said he’s not trying to get him angry and they said it can be like old times where they “beat the hell out of each other…and shake hands afterwards.”

-Alpha Academy made their entrance for the mixed-tag match. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That wasn’t a match I think either woman would put on their highlight reel. It just had a real slow pace as Paxley looks to work in her character to her in-ring work, but a little more speed from her wouldn’t take away from her character. Vice’s last kick probably had a good bit of light, but a tricky bit of camerawork gave us the view from behind Paxley on impact.)

-The other men’s names were Riley Osborne, Keanu Carver, Tavion Heights, and Dion Lennox.

-Kincaid caught up with Corbin in the parking lot and asked if he was worried about “The Mad Dragon” and if he would have security. He said he has him right where he wants him.

-They showed an NXT_Anonymous video from October 17 where Trick Williams seemingly informed Carmelo Hayes he was going to be in the match. Williams left as Hayes sent a message on his phone.

-Joe Gacy appeared behind Joseph and Booker T and maniacally yelled at Joseph that “WE LOVE YOU!”

-Meta-Four made their entrance.

(3) META-FOUR (Noam Dar & Oro Mensah & Lash Legend w/Jakara Jackson) vs. ALPHA ACADEMY (Chad Gable & Otis & Maxxine Dupri w/Akira Tozawa) – Mixed six-person tag team match

Gable and Dar began the match, Dar used some quick leg quicks for distance, and then the two engaged in some quick counters and holds like they did in their Heritage Cup match a few weeks ago. Dar got a cheap shot, so Gable just lifted and slammed him before going for the ankle lock. He tagged in Mensah as Joseph reminded viewers Gable got a tap from that same hold. Gable hit a few chops on Mensah, but Mensah hit a rolling leg sweep to trip Gable. Gable countered a t-bone suplex, dodged another trip attempt, and hit a few arm drags before locking in the arm. Mensah tried rolling out, but Gable caught the leg and said shoosh before flipping Mensah into an ankle lock. He crawled to the corner where Lash Legend tagged in, forcing in Durpi. Legend used her size and strength advantage at first, but Durpi hit a rana pin for a two-count. She went for a suplex, but Legend blocked, caught Durpi and then tagged in Dar before just tossing out Dupri. Otis came in and started dancing before Dar cut him off. Dar took out Gable and the goaded Otis into their corner. He tagged in Mensah and they went for a suplex only for Otis to suplex them both at once. He tagged in Gable, who hit a top rope double clothesline and then slid outside to beat on Dar. All six were working each other by the announcers and their replaced desk. [c]

They returned with Dar in control of Gable, hitting a big forearm, but Gable flipped him with a German. Otis and Mensah tagged in, Otis going to work with strikes and bodyslams, then his spinning back elbow or Judas Effect if you will. He hit a chokeslam-powerbomb basically to Dar, then caught Mensah on a moonsault on a sloppy slam. He then hit the caterpillar. Mensah went to tag in Legend, forcing in Dupri, but she stayed on the apron as Legend approached Otis. Otis began shaking his hips as Legend looked like she would vomit. He went for a hug, came off of the ropes, and Legend lifted and bodyslammed him. She celebrated and turned right into a top rope rana from Dupri. She then hit a roundhouse kick and suplex, but Mensah broke up the pin. Dupri beat on Mensah and then Gable took out Mensah.


She then knocked off Legend right into Otis’ arms. Durpi then climbed Gable’s shoulders and leaped onto Legend, Mensah, and Otis. Back in the ring, Dar went for the Novaroller, but Gable caught him in the ankle lock and grapevined. Gable getting a rematch? They did the Tozawa dance at the entrance.

WINNER: Alpha Academy at 11:05 (ankle lock)

-They cut to a video of Gallus in their pub, Hank & Tank visiting. They told the two they can either leave or get thrown out. The two pulled out three beers to talk business, and the Gallus boys on top agreed to hear them out. The two said they want to go the next level as a tag team, and nobody is more decorated in NXT than Gallus. Gallus just laughed them off. Hank tried to do some bad Scottish stuff and insulted Wolfgang. Tank said why don’t you shut us up in the ring? Mark Coffey said if they agree to the match, they’ll leave? It’s official.

-Ava left Shawn Michaels’ office and an unseen, unnamed woman asked what she was doing. She said a steel cage match for Perez vs. James. Joseph then hyped Mysterio vs. Lee and the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Hank & Tank haven’t had a match in what, six months? Good for them for getting back on tv. The mixed tag match was a great mix of fan service and solid in-ring work. Gable looks like he’ll get his rematch with Dar for the Heritage Cup. Dar tapped just after time expired in their last match. I guess for now, if you have no one else ready, you might as well run it back.)


All five women in the match were in the ring, Legend just coming off of her match with Byron Saxton leading the segment. Aside from Legend, Tiffany Stratton, Blair Davenport, Kelani Jordan, and Henley were also seated. Saxton said each woman will take the floor and will explain why they’ll win. He basically laid out the rules like a political debate – there’s one tonight, right? – and gave the floor to Stratton. She said she was the favorite not only because she was the most gifted and talented and athletic – she could go on – and that Charlotte Flair even shouted her out as the future of the women’s division. She said she’s the only one in the ring to have actually held the title and she only sees four participation trophies and one winner (her).

Saxton said the wrestler with the most potential is Jordan (the others catching strays from Saxton!). Jordan said she doesn’t know what to expect, but last time she checked, “none of y’all” were in the match last year. She put over her gymnastics and how it’s given her limitless endurance. Stratton added she did gymnastics, too.

Legend was next and she said that was real cute from Jordan, but too bad no one wants to hear her speak. She begged to differ that Stratton was more athletic, but that she did look athletic when Becky Lynch took the title. She said hello, have you not seen her with the Heritage Cup champion? She knows a thing or two about multiple pinfalls. Jordan piped in and taunted Legend.

Davenport was next. She cleared her throat and said she’s not here to one-up anyone with witty one-liners; that’s not her style. She said she doesn’t like anyone in the ring and doesn’t care about their opinions of her either, but no one will challenge her because of who she’s put on the shelf.

Henley jumped in and said they get it, just like everyone gets that she’ll kick anyone’s ass to get what she wants. She ran down all four women, except for Jordan really, and said she is hyped up after her victory tonight and she’ll ride that momentum to Deadl1ne. Stratton cut off a Legend reply and said it was pathetic they wasted a spot on Henley.

Saxton exclaimed that they agreed this wouldn’t happen. Henley got up and looked hard cam to say nice women rarely make history. She said to Stratton “yeehaw bitch” and then turned for a surprise attack. Everything broke down. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A bit too rehearsed for my liking, but they did do a good job in giving pretty much each woman a reason to despise the four other women in the match so that they can have their moments together on Saturday. I wonder if Stratton-Henley ends there and if so, what other feuds they create using this match heading into the new year and Stand & Deliver build.)

-They returned with Axiom’s entrance. Damn, this match is going to suck for my hands. Frazer sprinted out per usual.

(4) NATHAN FRAZER vs. AXIOM – Singles match

The two reignited their rivalry with a series of moves and counters as Joseph reminded viewers about their best-of-three series last year. The two then hit simultaneous boots. They strated to trade strikes, including high-impact strike and a sliding spider German from Axiom. However, he was caught with a superkick as he came off the top rope, a two-count for Frazer. Axiom then came back by kicking Frazer as he went for a springboard, and then he hit an Orihara moonsault to the outside. Suddenly, behind them, the five women from the segment earlier brawled back to the ring. The ref called a no contest as the two men went outside. Davenport went outside and then Nikkita Lyons’ music hit. Davenport looked scared for some reason and turned into a kick.

WINNER: No contest at 2:09


From a podium, Andre Chase said these are usually for celebrations, but as they saw last week, it’s not a time for that. He said the person that has put the university in the debt and its compromising position was him. He said he’s disappointed in himself for his continuous lack of judgement. He said due to the results of the investigation, Chase U is under academic probation and they have some sanctions. The students who enrolled after the investigation are no longer eligible for financial aid. Hail said it’d be easier if he just told them how much he actually owed. Chase said he owes hundreds of thousands dollars plus interest because he went through a third party. He said he lost all of his personal assets and used university resources, finding himself borrowing money from a party (The D’Angelo family most likely) he can’t escape. Duke Hudson said other than selling his trophy because he’s not selling his trophy, how can they help? Hands went up for a bake sale, car wash, a crash course on avoiding financial crisis; Hail glared at him as his voice went all echoy to impart some dream-like sequence.

-Williams confronted Hayes about the video and said he needs answers, but Hayes’ music hit. Williams said it’s Hayes’ last chance. Joseph said it’s main event time as the actual main event segment will be the Dragunov-Corbin faceoff. [c]

-They returned with Lexis King Twitter video about how the entire internet is talking about the leaked footage that seemingly implicated him in the Williams attack and not the tweet that compared his facial hair to the Bat Signal (he didn’t say that last part). King said he knows for a fact that Melo doesn’t miss and Hayes now knows that King doesn’t miss. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

-Bate entered the ring as they cut back, Hayes the only other in the ring at this juncture. Joe Coffey was next as Booker T said there’s something special about Eddy Thorpe. Kincaid caught up with Thorpe before his entrance asking about his taped ribs. He said they don’t feel great and he’s nowhere near 100 percent, but tonight is too important. He said if he wins, he gets a shot at the guy who injured him in the first place: Dijak. He entered.

(5) CARMELO HAYES vs. TYLER BATE vs. JOE COFFEY vs. EDDY THORPE – Last chance fatal four-way qualifier match

Coffey immediately went at Thorpe with body shots, but Thorpe came back with a Saito suplex. Hayes rolled up Thorpe and then the three face characters faced off. Bate and thorpe glared at Hayes for using the tights. They combined to take him out and then turned to each other. Bate hit a few uppercuts, then his usual knee strike and uppercut from the corner to Thorpe. He lifted and went for the airplane spin, but Coffey reentered the ring to cut it off only to suffer one himself into a cradle shock. Hayes came back in after Bate took care of Thorpe to square off with Bate. He ate a dropkick and rolled away for Coffey to go after Bate. Bate hit his corner knee, but Coffey caught him on the uppercut. They backbody dropped Hayes and then Coffey hit an airplane wheelbarrow slam for a two-count that was broken up by Thorpe. Thorpe and Hayes then went at it and after a few rope runs, Hayes hit his springboard lariat. Hayes sat Thorpe on top and called for Bate to join him. Thorpe fought the two for a bit, but they both hit enziguris. They set and then saw Coffey coming so went after him, but he ducked and Thorpe hit the both of them with a springboard. The four men then hit a series of high-impact maneuvers ending with a Thorpe spinebuster to Hayes. [c]

Hayes was in control when they returned, but Thorpe tried to steal a quick pin. Coffey then focused on Bate, but this allowed Hayes to hit a springboard double DDT to them. Thorpe then took out Hayes with a pump kick. Coffey went after the ribs of Thorpe, but Thorpe fought back and hit his leaping slam, then a snap German to Hayes, and a big brainbuster to Bate, but Coffey broke up the pin with a basement dropkick. Thorpe went at Coffey with strikes, knocking him to the outside, then hit a tope. He ran back and hit one on the other side to Bate. He ran and kicked Hayes, but as he ran toward Coffey, he was spinebustered onto the steel steps. Ref Dallas Irvin put up the X for Thorpe.

Back in the ring, Bate and Hayes faced off as Coffey climbed to the top and hit a huge double missile dropkick. He set Hayes on the top rope, but turned to Bate. Hayes hit a sunset that sent both men into the mat, but Coffey countered by sending Hayes into Bate and hitting his big leaping headbutt that I forgot the name of to both men. Hayes gourdbustered Bate onto Coffey, then hit his big double knee facebuster. Coffey broke up the pin. Hayes then hit a thrust kick to Coffey and went for his springboard, but Coffey hit Glasgow Sendoff (that’s the name). Bate and Coffey went at it as Bate hit a big uppercut to a leaping Coffey and then to a leaping Hayes. He hit the rebound lariat to Coffey and the Tyler Driver 97.

He took a mic after the replays and said he’s the final man going to Deal1ne and he knows what awaits him, a match like no other. He said he’s usually about peace and tranquility, but to hell with that. Dijak interrupted and here we go with the parade, right? He said the adrenaline must be making Bate as delusional as Thorpe, who he promptly kneed in the gut and told the medics to take the trash out. He entered the ring and said the Big Strong Boy has a Big Strong Heart and it’s working overdrive. Bron Breakker’s music hit as he made his way to the ring. He said those two better hope and pray that he’s the last entrance because if not, they’re all going to the penalty box, the safest place to be in his eyes. He told them to stay in there. Josh Briggs then interrupted and said he’s banking on Breakker coming after him. He said he knows they’re underestimating him and he likes it like that. He said he’s been waiting for this moment for his entire damn life and he’s betting on himself. He said he is going to shock the world. The crowd starting chanting “whoop these tricks” and the music hit. He said he’s not in the mood so he’s going to get to that business and said he’s going to whoop that trick to each men. Dijak said the only trick he should be whipping is his so-called best friend only for Williams to pop him in the mouth as the entire thing broke down with refs and security everywhere.

WINNER: Tyler Bate at 11:05 (Tyler Driver 97) to qualify for the Iron Survivor Challenge

-They showed a, well, mad Dragunove making his way and a smug Corbin making his way. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: A damn-near clean finish as you can get in these types of matches. Good for Bate as we keep discussing how he just seems to come in, lose a big feud or match, and then disappear. Maybe he’ll remind everyone on Saturday just who he is and come out of it the better even if he doesn’t win the match. Williams was great there, putting over the stress and anger he’s feeling and not even giving Dijak a chance to finish. I’m confident Davenport will win the women’s, but I’m not sure on the men’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually give it to Briggs.)

-They returned with Hayes and Ava speaking in the back. Ava agreed to his terms which I didn’t catch. She walked away and Williams appeared saying no more running. He asked Hayes if he sent a text to King to attack him and he emphatically said no. He said he would never work with that sucker and to prove it, he’s going to whoop his ass on Saturday. He said that’s what he spoke to Ava about and he’s going to have King on Saturday. Williams said on Saturday, “Melo opens the show while Trick closes the show.”

-Joseph ran over the card: both Iron Survivor Challenge matches, Perez-James steel cage, Mysterio-Lee (Dragon, not Wes) for the North American Championship, Dragunov vs. Corbin for the Men’s NXT Championship, and Axiom vs. Nathan Frazer on the Kickoff.


They were already seated in the ring as they hit the ring. Corbin said he’ll go first as the challenger. Dragunov said no he will not and roaringly stood up and threw aside his chair. He chided Corbin for turning this into something more than a battle for what’s on his shoulder, a title Corbin’s failed to win before. He said Corbin can knock his accent, demeanor, fire, intensity, but not the sacrifices he makes for his son so that his son has a better life. He said on Saturday, Corbin’s body will pay for this. Corbin said what Dragunov calls sacrifices he calls excuses. He said there’s always a way to bring his family, but Dragunov turned his back on his son and got on a plane, leaving. He said what Dragunov is doing to his son right now is exactly what Dragunov’s father did to him. Dragunov looked shook. He unbuttoned his blazer and threw off his tie as Corbin looked unbothered.


Dragunov stuttered that he’s trying to contain this because if he unleashes it now and not Saturday then there will be no title match and Corbin will leave tonight in an ambulance with no opportunity to add that title to his lavish life with his expensive cars and fancy watches, “you materialistic son of a bitch!” Corbin said it’s not about material things, but about vindication for him. For Dragunov, he said it’s just another high-profile NXT match, but it’s vindication for him because they know he has never stopped, not through brand changes or COVID; he’s been ever-present on the screen for eight years. He said he can see that Dragunov is going to lose it because his son misses him and he misses his son and he can stand there and say that because he’s a bad man and challenged Dragunov to do something about it right now. Dragunov yelled and pushed asid the table as Corbin asked if he thinks that actually scares him since he’s been through hell. He then set the table up in the corner for Dragunov and turned his back, goading Dragunov to hit him with Torpedo Moskau into the table. Corbin called him a coward, but then Dragunov turned him around and wrapped him, saying “the only one who can destroy the dragon is the dragon himself!” Now, Corbin looked shook as Dragunov smiled and laughed. This time, the men from the Iron Survivor Challenge fought to the ring. They all went at it iin the ring. Breakker then saw his opening and went to spear Dijak through the table, but Dijak moved and he hit Williams instead. Bate was the last one standing after hitting a rebound lariat on Dijak.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A nice segment between champion and challenger to end the night, the challenger not showing an ounce of fear until the very end when he realized he may have unleashed something more unhinged that he imagined. Dragunov at times is way too over-the-top for me and he sometimes crossed that line here tonight (like that needless throwing aside of the table), but it still fits his character’s disposition. Now, if you didn’t know there was a PLE on Saturday named Deadline (since they can’t really say “dead-one-ine”), then I’m sure you know by now with how often they repeated “Saturday” or “Deadline” tonight. It’s a good reminder, but started to annoy me near the end of the show. For a go-home show, they did a good job of getting you excited about Saturday while also reminding you of other stories that will likely be furthered after Saturday with Vice holding that contract and the feud with Meta-Four and Alpha Academy. Speaking of Saturday, we should be recording a VIP roundtable after the show, but I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to make the show as I had to cover a shift for work.

For more on tonight’s show, though, tune into PWT Talks NXT!

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