IMPACT WRESTLING TV RESULTS (12/7): Lilly’s report on Guns & Vikingo vs. Miguel & Los Vipers, more

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch Contributor

Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling


DECEMBER 7, 2023

Commentators: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt


Tonight’s episode was taped in Mexico and featured wrestlers from the Lucha Libre AAA promotion. Trinity and Chik started the match and traded the advantage. Sabin and Dinamico took turns playing to the crowd, then took each other to the mat. Chik and Dinamico double teamed Sabin and threw Trinity out of the ring. Sabin made a comeback by giving Dinamico a DDT and kicking Chik. Trinity made the hot tag and cleaned house. Sabin dropkicked Dinamico from the top rope. Trinity got a two count on Chik. Dinamico did a dive on Sabin to the outside. Chik got a two count on Trinity after driving her to he mat. Chik dropkicked Sabin off the apron after he kicked Dinamico. Chik slammed Trinity but missed a double stomp. Trinity and Sabin double teamed Chik. Trinity gave Chik the full nelson bomb for the pin. [c]

WINNERS: Trinity & Chris Sabin in 8:00.

-Josh Alexander talked about wanting to regain the World Title and how he lost at Bound For Glory. He said he needed to set the standard in Impact. He challenged the Motor City Machine Guns to a match against him and Zack Sabre Jr. at Final Resolution.


Eddie tried to form an alliance with Latigo. Latigo went for a pin, but Eddie pulled him off and they began arguing. Eddie and Latigo continued to team up on Myzteziz. Hannifan said a new TNA Plus app is coming. Myzteziz made a comeback and did a corkscrew plancha on Latigo, to the delight of the crowd. Eddie and Myzteziz squared off in the ring, but Latigo recovered and went after Myzteziz. Myzteziz did a series of moves on Latigo but got pulled out of the ring by Eddie. Latigo took out his opponents on the floor. Latigo did a frog splash on Eddie for a two count. Myzteziz and Latigo battled on the entrance ramp. Latigo gave Myzeteziz a destroyer. Eddie gave Myzteziz a brainbuster. Back in the ring, Eddie and Latigo battled. Eddie gave Latigo a Tiger Driver for a two count. Myzteziz gave Latigo a flying crucifix. Eddie powerbombed Myzteziz and went for a pin, but Myzteziz stopped the count by catching the referees hand. Latigo suplexed Myzteziz and got a two count. Eddie punched Latigo. Myzeteziz dropkicked and slammed Eddie. Myzteziz hit the shooting star press and pinned Eddie.

WINNER: Myzteziz Jr. in 12:00.

-Trey Miguel promo. He sang the 12 Days of Christmas but changed the lyrics to say he would whip Mike Bailey. He insulted Bailey’s feet and said he would face him at Final Resolution. [c]

-The Motor City Machine Guns did a promo and talked about their match at Final Resolution against Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr. Shelley said they wouldn’t go into the TNA era as losers and said they were the best team in the world.


Grace and Maravilla reached a stalemate, then Deonna and Star mixed it up. Maravilla worked on Star’s arm and pulled her hair. [c]

Deonna and Maravilla kept the advantage on Star. Star finally made the tag to Grace. Star gave Maravilla a running knee and slammed her to the mat. All four wrestlers exchanged moves. Maravilla gave Grace a German suplex. Star dove on Deonna on the outside. Grace gave Maravilla the Juggernaut Driver and got the pin. [c]

WINNERS: Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star in 14:00.

-Video package on the stars of Impact in Mexico. Scott D’Amore, Alex Shelley, Jordynne Grace, Brian Myers, Trinity, and Josh Alexander all spoke.


Myers and Kid squared off and traded the advantage. Kid sent Myers out of the ring. Myers hid behind the announcers and argued with the crowd. Dreamer and Taurus faced off next. Dreamer and Kid kept the advantage on Taurus. Dreamer teased a dive to the outside, but Myers punched him. Kid did a dive on Myers and Taurus. Dreamer came off the apron with clotheslines on Myers and Taurus. Myers snapped Dreamer’s neck on the top rope to turn the tide. Myers and Taurus kept the advantage on Dreamer. Dreamer finally got the tag to Kid, who cleaned house. Myers teased a dive but Dreamer hit him with a cookie tray. Fans chanted “ECW”. Kid hit Taurus with the tray, then followed with a destroyer and another flying move for the pin.

WINNERS: Laredo Kid & Tommy Dreamer in 11:00.

After the match, Dreamer gave Taurus a Death Valley Driver through a table. [c]

-Trinity said she couldn’t wait to face Jordynne Grace at Hard To Kill. Grace interrupted. She said her and Trinity need to be on the same page when they team together at Final Resolution. Grace said she couldn’t wait to make history again.


Alexander and Toxin started the match. Alexander got an early ankle lock, but Toxin escaped. Moose and Octagon faced off next. Fans were solidly behind Octagon. Moose used his power, but Octagon came back with a crossbody block. Moose slammed Octagon. Moose slammed Toxin onto Octagon. Moose and Toxin kept the advantage on Octagon. [c]

Alexander finally made the tag. Alexander gave Moose a German suplex. Alexander gave Toxin a backbreaker. Octagon gave Toxin a Sliced Bread on the ring apron. Octagon gave Toxin a 450 splash. but Moose broke up the pin attempt. Moose dropkicked Alexander. Octgaon gave Moose a rana and a cutter for a two count. Octagon gave Moose a twisting splash for a two count. Toxin gave Alexander a suplex into the corner. Alexander slammed Toxin and got a two count. Toxin sent Alexander to the outside and dove on him. Octagon dropkicked Moose. Octagon caught Moose with a cutter for a two count. Toxin knocked Octagon off the top rope. Moose followed with a spear and got the pin.

WINNERS: Moose & Toxin in 17:00.

-Tommy Dreamer talked about facing Deaner at Final Resolution. He called Deaner one of the most underrated wrestlers of all-time. He said the Digital Media Title gave him the will to go on and vowed to keep the belt and take it to Hard To Kill. [c]

-Video package promoting that Kazuchika Okada is returning to TNA Wrestling at the Snake Eyes show in Las Vegas in January. They acknowledged his not-so-great history in TNA and told the story of how he became the face of NJPW.

(6) THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & EL HIJO DEL VIKINGO vs. TREY MIGUEL & LOS VIPERS (Latigo & Toxin)

Trey and Shelley started the match. They traded punches and slaps. The Guns double-teamed Trey. Sabin squared off against Latigo and sent him out of the ring. [c]

Shelley put Trey in a figure four leglock but Toxin broke it up. Latigo put Sabin in a leglock. Vikingo tied up Toxin and walked him around the ring. Miguel and Sabin squared off. Toxin accidentally hit Trey. Vikingo gave Toxin a rana. Vikingo kicked Trey and delivered a frog splash. Shelley put Toxin in a crossface. The Guns put the Vipers into dual crossfaces. Vikingo did a dive on Trey to the floor. All six wrestlers traded moves. Vikingo and Trey faced off. They traded chops, strikes, and kicks. Trey gave Vikingo a Poison Rana. Vikingo gave Trey a knee to the face and a Phoenix Splash from the ropes for the pin.

WINNERS: Vikingo & the Motor City Machine Guns in 18:00.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A fun show with good wrestling. An improvement over last week’s IPWF show (although that’s faint praise). No angles or storyline advancement, but they did manage to effectively promote the upcoming Final Resolution and Hard To Kill shows. The Okada video package was well done and it’s a really good way to build excitement for the upcoming rebrand.

Darrin Lilly is a Pro Wrestling Torch contributor who writes the weekly Impact Wrestling TV results and co-hosts the Impact Wrestling podcast for the site with John Laslo. You can find him on Instagram and Threads at dklstl or on You Tube at Darrin’s Wrestling World, including a video recapping his attendance at a recent WWE Smackdown taping.

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