NXT HITS & MISSES (1/30): Trick & Carmelo vs. Cruz & Wilde, Dragonov-Trick face-to-face, Lexis King, Electra Lopez, Rozanne Perez, Oba Femi

By Jason Goodspeed, PWTorch contributor


Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes vs. Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde: Hit

I’m not taking anything away from Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes’s performance here, because they showed great fire and athleticism, but Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde are performing at a level I haven’t seen in a while. Please give these guys a run with one set of titles; they’ve been putting on stellar matches as of late. I know they are telling a story with Trick and Melo, but I didn’t like that in this case; it had to be at the expense of Del Toro and Wilde. Great opening match.

Oba Femi: Hit

This guy is just a beast. I know they are positioning him as a heel, but he’s gaining popularity too quickly. I think they need to change his music (something less sing-a-long) and have him go after a guy who is immensely over, like Trick Williams, to truly establish him as a heel. Watching him, it’s hard to believe that this guy is in the infancy of his career.

Tatum Paxley: Hit

She gets her own Hit because she is obviously sinking her teeth into this stalker role and playing it brilliantly. I think this helping Lyra Valkyria’s character, too, as she gets to play a wider range of emotions dealing with Paxley.

Tatum Paxley vs. Roxanne Perez: Minor Hit

I think they could have given them a few more minutes, but what was there was solid. It was more about the after match story. Rozanne Perez against Valkyria should be a lot of fun at Vengeance Day

Lola Vice vs. Electra Lopez: Hit

I waffled on this: I was going to give them a Minor Miss, but then thought I’d bump that to a Minor Hit, because although they are both green, they were putting in the effort. By the end of the match, I actually found I enjoyed it more that I thought I would. If Lopez is Smackdown-bound to rejoin Escobar, it makes sense that she put over Vice.

Lexis King vs. Ridge Holland: Minor Hit

Another match that just never got out of second gear for me. As with many NXT matches that are just thrown together, it’s more about the story told afterwards, this time advancing the Gallus-Holland feud. You knew interference was coming, as I don’t think King should be taking too many losses this early. By the way, I know it’s a weird thing, but I think King’s throne entrance is awesome.

Ariana Grace vs. Fallon Henley: Hit

Nice match that was given time to develop. I hear some people hate on Grace’s character, but I like it. She’s pretty good in the ring and, of course, Fallon Henley is a treasure. Is it just me or if you ever met her, she just comes across as a genuinely nice person who’d do shots with you (dry January is almost over for me, so I got drinking on my brain!)

Trick Williams and Ilya Dragonov Face to Face: Hit

Nice continued build to who’s playing who with the whole Ilya-Trick-Melo dynamic. I’m really looking forward to this match and I’m curious to see if the outcome of their tag match will impact the outcome of Championship Main Event.

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