10 YRS AGO – NXT TV RESULTS (1/29/2014): Corey Graves vs. Camacho, Miz, C.J. Parker (Juice Robinson), The Ascension, Bo Dallas, Collin Cassady (Big Bill)

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

The Miz (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)


The following report originally published 10 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

WWE NXT Results
January 29, 2014
Taped at Full Sail University
Report by Justin James, PWTorch contributor

[Q1] Once again, the Hulu thumbnail has served as a spoiler.

No pre-credits video.

The Ascension starts the show off to a C.J. Parker reception (three women scream for them). Conor O’Brian has a chain mail apron now. Tom Philips, Alex Riley, and William Regal have the call. The tag champs are facing an unnamed pair of jobbers.


O’Brian and Victor start strong against Kuwari. The crowd is chanting along to something Victor does. “This is awesome” chant, which I suspect is in irony. Icarino tags in and gets flipped over with a clothesline. Kuwari gets cleared from the apron and the Fall of Man ends it.

WINNERS: The Ascension in 2:30. It’s getting old seeing these guys in squash matches. The tag division needs new teams immediately.

Backstage, Sylvester Lefort has Cal Bishop in to maybe become his new client. They make a big deal about his cauliflower ear, and Lefort is concerned it may impact his hearing. Lefort turns him down because of the ears.

A contract signing between NXT champion Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville is advertised.

Corey Graves makes his return after injury, with a bit of a new look. He’s going to cut a promo mid-ring. He won’t forgive Neville for trying to end his career in the ring. But he has a message for everyone: “stay tuned.” Camacho comes out to be his opponent.


Graves lounges in the corner, then comes out to control Camacho with a headlock. Graves to the outside, but ties up Camacho’s leg in the ropes, then back in the ring Graves keeps working the leg. Camacho taps to Lucky 13.

WINNER: Corey Graves in 1:30. Graves is immediately back on track after injury. He has put on some weight which will help him a bit, too. Nice to see him return to his vicious style.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Antonio Cesaro. She asks why he won’t face Sami Zayn again. He wants to know why he needs to explain himself, and points out that Zayn in injured. Cesaro just leaves.

Lefort has Sawyer Fulton in for an audition. Fulton won’t stop shaking his hand. Lefort asks him to leave.

[Q2] Renee Young joins the booth for a Divas match. She explains that Charlotte has been on vacation.

3 – BAYLEY (w/Natalya) vs. SASHA BANKS (w/Summer Rae and Charlotte)

Bayley charges cross ring to try grabbing Charlotte through the ropes which lets Banks take control. Bayley fires up. Charlotte tries a distraction, but Natalya takes her out. Rae joins in and it distracts Bayley and Banks sneaks in for two. Hugplex gets the win for Bayley despite ringside commotion.

WINNER: Bayley in 2:45. Bayley continues to burn through the BFFs, working her way towards a match with Charlotte. I like the steady, logical progress in this feud.

Colin Cassady gets a nice reaction to his entrance. He is facing Tyler Breeze. Cassady is able to get some heat on Breeze pre-match, who decides to leave the ring before the bell to check himself out and jaw at Cassady. Regal admits to a “man crush” on Aiden English. Breeze continues to stall. Cassady gets a phone from the audience to take selfies and do the Breeze strut. Cassady is a real riot making fun of Breeze’s mannerisms. Breeze is finally angry enough to fight.


Hot start as Breeze unloads on Cassady. A pair of rights out of the corner puts Breeze down. The crowd is eating Cassady up. Running big boot gets two for Cassady.

[Q3] Aiden English interrupts on the ‘Tron. He goes into a room backstage that Enzo Amore is in, and closes the door just as Amore starts begging for mercy. Cassady turns around into the Beauty Shot for the loss.

WINNER: Tyler Breeze in 2:15. Super-effective booking. Breeze gets another fluky win, Breeze and English both get legit heat by going after fan favorites, and Cassady managed to grow a following on his own without the super-charismatic Amore.

Post-match, Cassady stumbles out of the ring to find Amore.

Backstage, Cassady finds Amore. Amore seems to be fine. Cassady is furious about losing a match because of English.


Alex Riley calls former rival The Miz one of his “personal favorites” as C.J. Parker comes out to face him. The Miz gets a big welcome in FSU.


Miz invites Parker to slap him, dodges it, and returns it to take control. Parker ducks a chop and lands a few of his own. Miz gets eight punches in the corner, then tries an atomic drop but Miz gets his feet down and lands a dropkick. Miz wants the Figure Four but Parker escapes. Double knees in the corner gets two for Parker. Miz with the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo and a two count. Miz works a leg. Miz rolls through on a cross-body and locks in the Figure Four for the win.

WINNER: The Miz in 5:00. Nothing special, but it helps to put more heat on Parker and help continue to build his frustrations.

Backstage, Sami Zayn is asked about Cesaro denying a re-match. He demands that Cesaro turn him down face-to-face (which is what happened last week).

Backstage, Lefort is frustrated. He gets happy to see Mason Ryan in his office. Ryan says that he’ll work for Lefort if Lefort can beat him next week in a match.

In the preview of the contract signing, they show the “contract.” It looks like a W2.

Renee Young is in the ring to officiate the contract signing. Apparently, Neville matches a pink polo with white wrist tape. Dallas’s music hits, but he doesn’t show. Neville gets the mic and says that no matter what, he still has his match, and signs the contract.

[Q4] Neville asks Young to make sure Dallas signs the contract when she sees him. Dallas’s music hits again and he comes out dressed to wrestle. Dallas says he isn’t afraid, he’s just sick of Neville. He will sign the contract on his own terms. He tells Neville to take a set and watch as he proves why he is the NXT champion. Danny Burch is out to face him.

6 – NXT champion BO DALLAS vs. DANNY BURCH

Dallas backs Burch into the corner, and stares down Neville as he works Burch over. The crowd gives Dallas a “tighty whities” chant. Burch shows sudden life but it is short lived. Double underhook DDT wins it for Dallas.

WINNER: Bo Dallas in 2:30. Basic match to make Dallas look like he can win a match on his own.

Post-match, Dallas says he will sign the contract. Neville brings it into the ring, and Dallas signs it. Dallas with a cheap shot as Neville checks over the contract. Dallas gloats on the outside so Neville jumps him. Fade out as they brawl up the ramp.

[ J.J.’s Reax: Dallas is picking up new, more heelish mannerisms to continue his evolution as a character. Makes me want to see him stay champ a bit longer. ]

FINAL THOUGHTS: Six matches in an hour show is about two too many and the match length shows it. The Miz vs. Parker match and The Ascension squash should have been cut. None of the action was bad, just too short. The booking around Breeze, English, Amore, and Cassady is pitch perfect and very effective. Nice to see Corey Graves back and immediately on fire. All signs point to Neville taking the title and Graves coming after it.

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