AEW DYNAMITE HITS & MISSES (1/31): Tag Team Title sitdown interview, Moxley vs. Hardy, Swerve vs. RVD, Arena Lighting Issues, Purrazzo-Toni Storm build

By Gregg Kanner, PWTorch contributor

Toni Storm


Here we are again on Wednesday night with a potentially solid episode of Dynamite on paper in front of around 2,000 fans. Will it be like last week’s Dynamite where the crowd size and reaction was a major factor in the show seeming, as the kids say, meh? Or will it be like Saturday night’s Collision show where the same number of fans were loud, excited and made the show very enjoyable to watch? Let’s go!



It is such a joy to watch Jon Moxley work every week. Sure, we knew he was going to win, but it was a fun opener with Jeff Hardy who continued his turn to the dark side. Mox is a true multi-tasker. He brawls. He sells. He is defiant. His mannerisms are spot on. Plus, in the middle of a match, he set up future battles with his interaction with the CMLL contingent in the front row. Complete package.


Even though it was not advertised at all, it was nice to see a lengthy sit-down preview from Darby & Sting and Starks & Big Bill to promote the AEW Tag Team Title match next week. Using the history of Sting and Starks was a nice touch and all four did a solid job in getting me excited to see the match.


The match was very good and there were too many one-liners to count from Toni Storm on commentary. I enjoyed all of it from start to finish. I think the facial expressions from Storm are too over the top for me, but the rest of it was fun. I’m looking forward to their eventual matchup.


I thought the Dealer’s Choice choices were a miss because the matches were too predictable, but the match Swerve and RVD put on was great. I wish the outcome was in doubt, because then it would have been a classic. Both guys went all out and RVD proved he can still go with the best of them. A very entertaining main event which led to the announcement of Swerve vs. Hangman next week. I’m intrigued, but I just hope they don’t go into it looking to top the brutal fight they had at Full Gear. Can’t do it.


– Moxley putting a pen through the earlobe of Jeff Hardy was a major cringe and memorable
– Adam Cole to Excalibur: “Counterpoint… you are an idiot.”
– Tony Schiavone to Adam Cole (after he left the table): “My best to your girlfriend!”



I would love it if someone who works for AEW would explain it to me, but for the past few weeks, the seats opposite the hard camera seem filled yet the only light the first 4-5 rows. This makes the product look extremely minor league. I know they tend to move fans to that area of the buildings to make it look better… so make it look better! There may be a few empty seats shown, but if most of those rows are filled, they need to make the atmosphere look better on TV until they are able to properly fill the arenas again.


It’s neither a hit or miss, but the Undisputed Kingdom seems cursed. I thought Wardlow’s match was a nice showcase, especially with Adam Cole on commentary, but Wardlow suffered a freak knee injury when he picked up Kommander for the powerbomb at the end. Another in a long series of tough breaks for this group. Wardlow cursing and slamming his hands on the steps was enough to speculate the injury may be serious. I’m hoping it was just a sprain and nothing that will keep him out long-term.

I thought the crowd was decent. More energy than last Wednesday but slightly less than Saturday’s Collision. Next week’s card is a huge one. I’m hoping they can fill that building and have an atmosphere that a show like that deserves. First Dynamite in a while that I already can’t wait to see.

Finally, thank you to everyone listening to The All Elite Conversation Club on the PWTorch podcast lineup on Fridays. Joel Dehnel and I have a great time breaking down all things AEW and appreciate those who have given us a try!

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