WWE RAW HITS & MISSES (2/19): McIntyre vs. Cody, Gunther vs. Jey, Ivar vs. Gable, Parade of Women, Michael Chandler, more

By Jon Mezzera, PWTorch contributor



McIntyre vs. Rhodes – HIT: There was no way that WWE was going to give a clean finish to this match which is disappointing considering it was one of the two huge matches heavily hyped for this week’s show. However, the match was very good up until the ending which isn’t surprising given the skill of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. The ending with the Bloodline’s surprise interference did work given Cody’s story and Drew’s now hypocritical character. This will further the idea that Rhodes needs backup going into WrestleMania and helps cement McIntyre as the top contender to win the Elimination Chamber.

Last Chance Battle Royal – MISS: I hate the idea of a Last Chance Battle Royal for a spot in a big match like the Chamber. I’d be okay with it if it only featured wrestlers who hadn’t already lost qualifying matches. They had a chance, why do they get another, when the others in the mach are only getting this one? The match itself was perfectly fine in terms of a tv battle royal, but it never rose above fine. I’m not a big fan of Raquel Rodriguez, at least in this bland generic babyface character. While I am happy that she is healthy, I’m not enthused about seeing her in the Chamber. I would have rather seen someone like Ivy Nile get a chance.

Michael Chandler – MISS: I get why WWE would do this now that they are owned by the same company as UFC, but I don’t care at all about MMA. This just came across as an out of place semi-celebrity plugging an upcoming project. He was yelling for no reason. Or maybe he has a reason, I don’t know. I don’t care. It isn’t a big deal. It didn’t take up much time. But, it is a sign of things to come which doesn’t get me excited.

Judgment Day vs. Miz/Truth/DIY – HIT: This was a fun 8 man tag match. There was a lot of talent in the ring, and The Miz. The right team won with the right guy going over as Damian Priest pinned R-Truth. It had plenty of good action throughout and lasted a good length of time. I also got a kick out of R-Truth’s interview earlier in the show. His line about being as excited as John Cena the first time he tried on jean shorts was hilarious.

Becky Lynch, et al – MISS: Becky Lynch was good in starting off what turned into another lame WWE style train of challengers talking for 30 seconds each segment. The segment also had a strong ending with Nia Jax beating up everyone to remind us all that the winner of the EC might be facing her at WrestleMania instead of Rhea Ripley. But, the middle of the segment was so generic. None of the performances were bad, but none of them stood out. I don’t remember what Naomi said, or Rodriguez, or Tiffany Stratton. When everything points to one obvious winner in Lynch, WWE needs to do more to make it feel like these other women have a chance. They’ve done a bit with Liv Morgan who was the first to interrupt Becky. But, she wasn’t out there long before the next member of the parade came out, so the impact of Morgan’s words was lessened by her getting interrupted so quickly.

Ivar vs. Gable – HIT: This was a good match between Chad Gable and Ivar. This has been an overly long mini-feud of Ivar and Valhala against Alpha Academy (and Diamond Mine somewhat too). Hopefully this story is over now that Gable got the strong win. These two work well together and play into the huge size difference between them perfectly. The German suplex was awesome. Ivar looked strong in kicking out after taking that move and the moonsault. I was particularly happy to see Gable getting a tap out victory with the Ankle Lock which is another once great finisher which has unfortunately turned into just another move, done by multiple wrestlers, who never win with it. I’d love to see it become Gable’s top finisher, with the rolling German suplex or the moonsault used as secondary finishers too.

Serious New Day – HIT: I continue to enjoy the current presentation of The New Day which has been brought out by their intense feud against Imperium. This was a good promo hyping their street fight next week.

Gunther vs. Jey – MISS: I gave the opening match a Hit despite the interference from The Bloodline. I can’t do the same for the main event. It is worse here because it is the main event and an Intercontinental Championship match. Like the opening match, this one was very good until that ending. Gunther and Jey Uso put on a good match. Gunther wasn’t going to lose, and they want to protect Jey, but losing to Gunther isn’t shameful. I would have much rather seen Gunther win clean, and Jimmy attack Jey afterwards. The beating at that point was well done. It does start the ball rolling towards a Jey vs. Jimmy WM match which is fine. But, even the way the interference happened was lame. The bell ringing was stupid. When that spot has been done in the past, it typically happens when the babyface has the heel in a submission hold, hears the bell, assumes the opponent tapped out, and lets go of the hold. Why would the referee stop his count just because he hears the bell? He should be fired for that. So, I wasn’t a fan of the plan nor the execution of this, which ruined an otherwise very good match.

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