WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER RESULTS (2/24): LeClair’s detailed report on men’s and women’s Chamber matches, Ripley vs. Jax, more

By Brandon LeClair, PWTorch contributor


FEBRUARY 24, 2024

Announcers: Michael Cole & Corey Graves

-Michael Cole talked over a drone shot from high above Optus Stadium in Perth. They showed clips of a number of wrestlers arriving at the stadium earlier in the day. Kevin Owens, of particular note, arrived carrying a Koala bear.

Inside the massive, bright stadium, ominous music filled the stadium as the Elimination Chamber structure lowered from the constructed rafters. Cole said the women’s chamber match would open the show before the broadcast faded to the opening video package.

After the video, Cole continued to talk over various wrestler arrivals. At ringside, Cole introduced his partner, Corey Graves, and wished him a happy birthday. He tossed to ring announcer, Mike Rome.

Mike Rome explained the rules and introduced Bianca Belair first. Belair whipped her braid and skipped to the ring as Cole and Graves talked up the menacing nature of the chamber. Raquel Rodriguez was out next. She circled the pods, sharing a nod of respect with Belair. Tiffany Stratton entered next. Cole and Graves called her a dark horse. Corey said they’re about to find out a lot about her in this match. Liv Morgan was the final wrestler to enter a pod. Michael Cole said that Morgan is the last person to pin Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, nearly two years ago.

Naomi arrived to a strong reaction. She danced her way into the ring and looked toward the entrance way as the familiar music of “The Man” rang out. Becky Lynch marched onto the stage and threw a fist to the sky amidst a cloud of smoke. She slapped hands with fans as the camera followed her to the ring from behind. The camera pulled back once more for another sweeping wide shot of the stadium. AR graphics around the rim of the stadium showed cameras on each of the four women inside chamber pods, a neat production touch. Cole said it’s the 33rd Chamber match in company history, and just the 6th for the women.

(1) BIANCA BELAIR vs. RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ vs. TIFFANY STRATTON vs. LIV MORGAN vs. NAOMI vs. BECKY LYNCH  – Women’s Elimination Chamber match to decide the #1 Contender for the Women’s World Championship

Becky Lynch wrestled Naomi to the mat as the match began. Michael Cole said it had been about 100 degrees throughout their stay thus far, but it was a little cooler tonight. He noted that it was still very humid. Graves added that there’s minimal air flow inside the Chamber pods and the two wondered how it would work for against the wrestlers in the Chamber matches. Lynch and Naomi shared a number of quick take downs, counters, and two count covers. Bianca Belair looked on from her pod, nodding in respect. The two women in the ring slapped hands and circled one another.

Lynch managed to drag Naomi to the mat and look to apply the Dis-Arm-Her. Naomi fought out with ease. She rolled Becky into a school girl cover for two. Naomi pulled Becky into a bulldog against the middle turnbuckle. A small “let’s go Becky” chant broke out. It was met with “we want Tiffy” from a seemingly equal number. Lynch and Naomi continued to battle in front of each pod. They spilled to the outside, taking turns tossing each other into the chain link fence of the pod. Naomi climbed the steel wall and swung her legs to hook Lynch’s face. She slammed her into the chain links repeatedly, then gave her a big leg drop.

Back in the ring, Lynch and Naomi took each other out with stereo cross-body attempts. The clock counted down and released Tiffany Stratton first, just before 6:00. The crowd popped big. She whipped Lynch and Naomi to opposing corners and delivered a handspring back elbow to each. Stratton covered both women for respective two counts. Becky was the first to recover. She went for a Man-Handle Slam on Tiffany, but the new-comer countered and gave the veteran a big Spinebuster for a cover and two count. Stratton hoisted Becky onto her shoulders, but Lynch slid free. The two women spun around just in time for Naomi to launch herself from the top rope with a double cross body for two two counts.

Naomi whipped Stratton to the corner and caught her with a running elbow. Lynch immediately hit Naomi with the same move. The women worked toward the opposite corner. Stratton hoisted Becky onto her shoulders, but Naomi broke up the exchange. Tiffany lifted her instead, and rolled Naomi’s body onto Becky’s. She covered for another two count. The camera pulled back to again show the chamber cameras. Stratton tossed Naomi into the middle turnbuckle and tried to steal a pin on Lynch. The clock struck 0:00 again, releasing Liv Morgan at 10:20.

Liv Morgan exploded into the ring, tossing Tiffany Stratton to the outside and running her from pod to pod, crashing her body into the plexiglass walls. The crowd booed her initially, but came around once she turned her focus away from Stratton. Liv worked Lynch and Naomi into opposing corners and hit them with running elbows and hip strikes. She covered Becky, but got run over by a kick from Stratton. Tiffany covered for two. Naomi tossed Stratton back to the outside. The two traded cartwheel counters, then Naomi scaled the chamber wall for a second time. She kicked herself free of Tiffany’s grasp. Lynch entered the fray and gave Stratton a Bex-ploder into the chamber wall. She applied the Dis-Arm-Her, but Cole noted that eliminations can only occur in the ring.

Morgan tossed Lynch back in the ring. Stratton quickly joined. Naomi was laying in wait atop a chamber pod. She managed to lanhd a leaping sunset flip Powerbomb. Tiffany Stratton immediately rolled her up for a surprise elimination at 12:38. Naomi slammed the mat in frustration. “Sorry!” Tiffany sarcastically yelled. The clock counted down again as the Naomi left the chamber. Raquel Rodriguez was released. She immediately caught Tiffany Stratton in Powerbomb position and swung her wildly into the wall of the chamber. Again, the crowd booed.

Rodriguez re-entered the ring to meet Liv Morgan. Cole and Graves talked about their history as partners and friendly competitors. Morgan threw herself at Raquel. Rodriguez tossed her outside the ring and into the steel. The two worked back into the ring to join Lynch and Stratton. Morgan worked with Becky to give Raquel a double DDT. They covered her. Stratton joined in, too. Raquel kicked out at two. The camera pulled back again as the clock counted down. Cole noted that nine winners have emerged from the final chamber slot.

Bianca Belair could hardly wait for the glass door to slide open. She went for Tiffany Stratton immediately, then hit the ring and dropped Liv Morgan. She hoisted Lynch into a stalling vertical Suplex and did some marching with her opponent in the air. She dropped Stratton again. More boos. Belair wiped her hands dramatically, then turned to face Rodriguez. The two traded punches. Belair launched herself, but Raquel caught her. Bianca slid free, looking for a K.O.D. Raquel fought out of it. The two spilled to the chamber floor. Rodriguez lifted Belair up for a Suplex, but Bianca managed to turn it into a DDT.

Sliding into the ring, Belair called for the K.O.D. Stratton put a stop to that thought and went to work on Rodriguez as the match crossed 20:30. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan had positioned herself atop a chamber pod. She delivered a seated Senton onto Raquel below. Lynch and Stratton climbed up right behind her. They traded punches. Tiffany shoved Lynch off the pod. Becky crashed into Raquel, who’d only just recovered seconds prior. Stratton was left alone atop the chamber. She tapped her wrist and dove, flipping onto the cavalcade of waiting bodies below. A big “this is awesome” chant broke out.

Stratton and Morgan returned to the ring, trading blows. Stratton hoisted Morgan onto her shoulders and hit a rolling Senton. She leapt onto the ropes, setting up for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Morgan rose to meet her there. She hit a modified Oblivion off the middle rope and covered Stratton for a three count just past 23:00. Four women remained. Raquel dropped Lynch and then leapt onto Morgan. Becky quickly recovered and pulled Raquel into the Dis-Arm-Her. Raquel rolled through it initially, but Becky kept it applied. Raquel briefly rolled her into a cover for a two count. Lynch held on. Raquel lifted Becky into the air and stumbled toward the ropes, getting hung up. Morgan leapt onto the middle rope and gave Raquel Oblivion with Lynch still attached. Belair ran in, immediately hoisting Raquel onto her shoulders and delivering a K.O.D. for a cover and three count at 25:00.

Another wide drone shot showed the sun setting in Perth as Cole reset the stage with three women remaining. Belair took down Lynch and Morgan and connected with a standing Moonsault on both women. She hoisted Lynch into position for a K.O.D., but wound up dumping her to the chamber floor instead. Liv gave Bianca a backstabber. Belair rolled to the outside. Morgan tried to jump on her, but Belair picked her out of the air and swung her into the steel. She grabbed Lynch and tried to use her body to take out Liv. Morgan kicked Belair twice, causing her to drop Lynch hard against the wall of the chamber. Morgan swung Belair into the glass door. Lynch slammed Morgan against the steel links repeatedly.

Becky hooked both Morgan and Belair for a DDT/reverse DDT combo. Back in the ring, she tussled with Belair against the turnbuckle before the EST gained control and tossed her to the opposite end. She and Lynch traded punches in the northeast corner of the ring. Liv returned, looked for the sunset flip bomb off the middle rope. She connected for a two count. Becky immediately hit Liv with a missile dropkick for a cover and two count just before 30:00. Another wide shot captured the sun setting just between the openings in the upper deck of the stadium. In the chamber, Belair went for a 450 Splash on a downed Becky Lynch. Lynch got her knees up.

Liv went on the attack, downing Lynch in the corner. Belair tried to give her a K.O.D., but Liv countered it into a Codebreaker. Lynch hooked Liv for a Man-Handle Slam, but Liv countered that into a Codebreaker, too. Liv went for Oblivion on Lynch, but Becky dumped her over the top rope instead. Belair cornered Lynch and flipped over her. She challenged Becky to attack. Belair hoisted Lynch up for the K.O.D., but Becky blocked it. Morgan surprised Belair with a roll up for a three count at 32:00. Morgan turned around and immediately ate a Man-Handle Slam for a cover and three count at 32:15.

WINNER: Becky Lynch in 32:15

(LeClair’s Analysis: Fun opener. The result never seemed in doubt, but they told a fun story to get there. The crowd was heavily invested in Tiffany Stratton, in particular, making for an entertaining first half as the new-comer earned her keep and the crowd alternating between booing and cheering the other women depending on who they were matched up against in the moment. Stratton was really impressive, not just in crowd reaction, but in her innovative offense and general presence in a ring full of pretty big stars. They should definitely have something with her on the main roster. I thought they did a nice job here of making each elimination feel earned and giving each of the wrestlers memorable spots, even in defeat. Lynch can now fully transition into WrestleMania mode, rather than trying to build a program that only existed as a “maybe” up until now.)

-After a break, the newly-minted New Catch Republic headed to the ring for their Undisputed Tag Team title match. Cole and Graves talked up their storied history. The stadium had darkened considerably with the setting sun. Finn Balor and Damien Priest entered, accompanied by Dominick Mysterio. Cole talked about R-Truth, off-and-on again member of Judgment Day, traveling to Austria instead of Australia. Mike Rome provided championship introductions for the match. Dominick Mysterio stole the microphone from Rome to introduce his cohorts himself. Boos drowned him out.

Dunne and Bate tried to rid the ring of Mysterio, leading to a brief scuffle before the bell.

(2) THE JUDGMENT DAY (c, Finn Balor & Damian Priest, w/ Dominick Mysterio) vs. NEW CATCH REPUBLIC (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate) – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match

The referee quickly got things under control and called for the bell. Tyler Bate and Finn Balor opened the match, trading quick take downs. Bate tagged in Pete Dunne quickly. The Bruiserweight took Balor down, twisted his arms behind his back, and began his signature joint manipulation. Cole said he considers Dunne to be very “Fit Finlay-like.” Dunne stomped on the back of Balor’s arm and then tagged Tyler Bate back in.

Bate and Balor wrestled back to a standing position. Tyler shot Finn off the ropes. Damian Priest tagged himself in. He dropped Bate with a huge boot, then gave him a Broken Arrow for a cover and two count just before 3:00. Priest worked Bate toward the corner and tagged Balor back in. Finn applied a headlock and worked Bate to the mat as the camera cut to another sweeping drone shot high above the stadium in Perth. Bate tried to fight free, but Balor used the turnbuckle to mount Bate and apply more pressure. Bate eventually managed to dump Finn in the corner, but it close enough to Priest for him to tag in.

Damian Priest downed Tyler Bate in the corner and suffocated him with stomps. Dominick Mysterio smiled arrogantly at ringside. He caught Bate with a sucker punch behind the referee’s back. Cole admonished him. Mysterio talked some trash in his direction. The crowd sang (with disdain) at Dom. Priest continued to beat down Bate. He knocked Dunne off the apron at the mere sight of a tag attempt. Priest tagged in Balor and whipped him to the corner. Bate managed to boot Priest off the apron and flip over Finn. He crawled valiantly to his corner and finally reached Pete Dunne.

Dunne caught Balor with a step-up Enziguri, then gave one to Priest on the apron. Finn spilled to the corner. Dunne kicked him again. Finn fell to the outside. Dunne climbed the turnbuckle and flipped onto both Balor and Priest. He tossed Finn back in the ring and stomped on his fingers. Finn screamed in pain. Bate tagged himself in. Dunne gave Balor a hard chop. Bate launched himself off the ropes for a big Clothesline, leading into a German Suplex from Dunne.The advantage didn’t last long. Balor managed to take Bate down and hit a standing double stomp. He tagged in Priest. Damian clapped the ears of Bate, then Dunne. He covered Bate for a two count at 8:45. The Money in the Bank winner dragged Bate to his feet by the ear, screaming, “this is my world, this is Judgment Day’s world, you don’t belong in it!” Balor tagged in. He and Priest hit a Sidewalk Slam-Sling Blade combo for a cover and two count.

Tyler Bate tried to recover against the ropes, but ate a number of violent stomps from Balor. Priest entered the ring and knocked Dunne off the apron. Bate recovered, shoving Balor to the side and hoisting Priest onto his shoulders for an impressively long airplane spin. He finally dumped the dizzied Priest after countless revolutions. He stumbled into Dunne and made a tag. Priest rolled to the outside. Bate launched himself onto him. In the ring, Dunne hit Balor with the Bitter End. He covered, but Mysterio pulled him out of the ring to make the save. Bate told the referee. Dominick leapt onto the apron, arguing with her. She tossed Mysterio out. The crowd sang him out.

The screen went black for about 25 seconds, but audio remained. Balor pushed Dunne into Bate, knocking him off the apron. He rolled Pete up for a two count, then hit a Sling Blade. Finn leapt to the top, looking for a Coup De Grace. Dunne rolled out of the way. Pete tagged in Bate. The duo hit a double Tiger Driver for a cover and near fall, saved by Damian Priest. The camera pulled back and Cole reset the stage at 13:45. A “this is awesome” chant broke out. Dunne stomped on Priest’s hand then leapt over the top rope onto him. Damian caught him and slammed him into the ring apron. Bate leapt through the ropes, bounced backward off of them, and clotheslined Priest onto the announcer’s desk.

Balor returned to the ring and delivered the 1916 to Tyler Bate. He covered for a near fall. “Time for the Razor’s Edge,” Balor shouted at Priest. He tagged Damian in. Priest hoisted Bate, but Bate slid down his back and knocked the waiting Balor off the top turnbuckle. Tyler tagged in Pete. Priest caught them both by the throat. Dunne and Pete fought free and hit Priest with their finish, the Burming-Hammer. Dunne and Bate clobbered Priest with fists. Cole said that Bate is a boxer by trade. The duo hit the champion with tandem running knees, then hoisted him onto the southeast turnbuckle. Balor held onto his partner’s leg. Priest hit Dunne and Bate with double South of Heaven Chokeslams. Balor flew off the adjacent turnbuckle with a Coup De Grace to Dunne for a cover and three count.

WINNERS: The Judgment Day in 17:25 to retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships

(LeClair’s Analysis: A strong, unique match befitting the style of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. Again, this outcome never really felt in much doubt, but I thought they did a solid job giving Dunne and Bate a number of big hope spots and major moves to make the action feel consequential and take the fans on enough of a ride to keep them invested. Dominick played his usual, effective foil and his removal added to the off-chance hope that this could be the moment for a title change. Though Dunne and Bate fell short here, this team feels like it has legs. With continued exposure and more of these strong matches under their belt, I think they could be a mainstay stalwart and give a pretty significant boost to the tag team division overall going forward.)

-Cole and Graves talked over various shots of wrestlers competing in the men’s Elimination Chamber match as they warmed up. Cole tossed to a Cody Rhodes package for Premium subscribers as they set up for the Grayson Waller Effect.

-Out of the break, Mike Rome introduced Austin Theory. He said he tried Vegemite for the first time and it was disgusting, so he got a blooming onion from Outback Steakhouse instead. The crowd groaned. Theory quickly introduced Grayson Waller, who received a strong reaction. He led the crowd in an “Aussie” chant, and then introduced the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. Seth danced onto the stage and led the crowd in a big rendition of his theme. Rollins climbed the barricade to slap hands with fans on his way to the ring.

Rollins stood in the center of the ring for several moments, soaking in the crowd’s singing long after his theme had faded out. Waller then introduced Cody Rhodes. He said Cody could “thank the American education system for his inability to finish a story.” The crowd booed. Cody’s music hit and the crowd sang along, loudly. Fireworks exploded from high above the stadium as Rhodes posed on the turnbuckle.

A large “Cody” chant filled the stadium as this year’s Royal Rumble winner grabbed the microphone. He asked Perth, “what do you want to talk about?” Grayson Waller immediately cut him off, saying it’s his show. Waller asked for a brief moment to acknowledge the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. The crowd booed. Waller turned his attention to Seth Rollins. He asked him who he wants to face at WrestleMania. Rollins said the Chamber match is stacked and that he has an “inside scoop.” He said he’s days away from being medically cleared. He stood up from his stool and strutted across the ring.

“Whoever wins the Elimination Chamber, I’ve got news for ’em – they don’t stand a chance.” He led the crowd in another raucous rendition of his theme. The crowd ate it up. “Cool story, bro,” Waller surmised. He turned to Cody. He asked Rhodes if he thinks he’s selfish, taking The Rock vs. Roman Reigns away from everyone. A big “Rocky sucks” chant broke out. Cody said he’s actually a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Seth acted like he’d just been jump-scared. Rhodes ran through a list of things Rock might call him if he were there. Waller pointed out that he calls Cody’s fans “Cody crybabies.” Cody asked if there are any in Perth. The stadium popped loudly, breaking into another “Cody” chant.

Cody said if Rock were there, he wouldn’t want to talk about why Cody stepped out of the main event, only to step right back in. Waller called Rock the “People’s Champ” and said Rhodes just does what he’s told. Cody claimed that to be the People’s Champ, you’ve got to have respect of the people. Cody laid out a challenge to face The Rock one-on-one. Seth stepped up and put a hand on Cody’s shoulder. He said when it comes to the Bloodline, nothing is ever one-on-one. He said when that match happens, Rhodes won’t be doing it alone.

Waller leapt up in excitement. “Another scoop on the Grayson Waller Effect!” Austin Theory cut him off. He started running through Rock’s catchphrases. Rollins laughed at him and said he was pretty good. Theory tried to launch into the “if ya smell…” line, but Rollins tossed him into the set decorations. Rhodes gave him a Cody Cutter. Seth stomped Theory. Waller just watched it happen. Rollins and Rhodes shook hands.

(LeClair’s Analysis: Strange segment that didn’t seem to go anywhere. I get that that they broke news here by having Rhodes officially challenge The Rock, but they seemed poised to reveal why Cody changed his main event, which, to me, would’ve been a more satisfying exposition. At the very least, I’m pleased to see them acknowledging the logical leap it took to get here and it gives me a little bit of hope that they’ll revisit the topic whenever Rhodes and Rock work to build up their now inevitable match. News aside, it felt noteworthy how diminutive Austin Theory felt here. No longer a focal point, he was little more than the butt of the joke. It’s amazing to consider that this is the same guy who was pushed into a match with John Cena last year.)

-Cole and Graves turned their attention to the men’s Elimination Chamber match. They threw to a vidco package for premium plus subscribers.

Out of the break, Mike Rome introduced the men’s Elimination Chamber match. Kevin Owens was first out. Cole said it’s only his second Chamber match. Graves said it’s an environment where KO thrives. Bobby Lashley was out next, elbow heavily taped following the events of last night’s Smackdown. Logan Paul was third to be locked in a pod. He marched to the ring, swinging the United States Championship at his side. He received a chorus of boos as he lifted the title high above his head to a sea of fireworks. He entered the ring and stepped to Kevin Owens. KO began slamming his own head into the glass. Paul jumped.

Randy Orton was last into a pod. Cole mentioned that Randy Orton breaks a record tonight, competing in his ninth Chamber match. Orton slapped hands with fans, stepped into the chamber and circled the pods. Graves said that, despite Orton’s number of Chamber matches, he’s only won once. Orton climbed on top of Bobby Lashley’s pod and posed high above the ring. Lashley looked on stoically. Drew McIntyre entered next, sauntering out of the back with his head held high, looking around at the stadium. He walked to the ring slowly, eyes fixed on the chamber. The camera cut to the in-pod cameras again.Drew looked at each of the four men in pods. He stared down Logan Paul, in particular, posing in front of him. LA Knight was last out, receiving a strong ovation.

Knight blew past McIntyre and climbed Randy Orton’s pod, copying his move from earlier. Randy reached up through the mesh top and poked Knight’s boot, amusing himself.

(3) KEVIN OWENS vs. BOBBY LASHLEY vs. LOGAN PAUL vs. RANDY ORTON vs. DREW McINTYRE vs. LA KNIGHT  – Men’s Elimination Chamber match to decide the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship

Drew McIntyre never moved from the center of ring, giving LA Knight no respect during his entrance. Knight made his rounds, then settled right in front of McIntyre as the bell rang. Drew immediately worked him to the corner and gave him a big chop. LA Knight fought out with punches. Each one brought a louder “yeah!” from the crowd. He gave Drew a Suplex, then an elbow from the middle rope for a cover and one count. McIntyre returned to his feet quickly. He backed Knight into the corner and gave him an overhead belly-t0-belly throw. The crowd booed, then broke into a “CM Punk” chant. Drew looked toward them with contempt.

McIntyre gave Knight another chop, then did Punk’s signature “go to sleep” taunt. He hoisted Knight up to deliver Punk’s move, but Knight blocked it. He tossed Drew to the outside and caught him with a dropkick under the bottom rope. Knight tossed McIntyre into the steel wall of the chamber. Drew clutched at his knee and tried shaking his leg out. He winced. Knight pulled him to his feet and smashed Drew’s head repeatedly against Logan Paul’s pod. Paul smiled. Knight and Paul began talking trash, necessitating an audio cut for several seconds. Knight walked McIntyre over to Kevin Owens’ pod and slammed his head against it repeatedly, too. Owens threw punches from inside the glass to exacerbate the damage. The clock reached 0:00 and Kevin Owens was released at 4:40.

Kevin Owens leapt into the ring and began throwing rights wildly. He knocked McIntyre to the outside, then turned and gave LA Knight a Chokeslam. Cole noted that Owens met a young Make-A- Wish recipient in Perth and promised he’d deliver the move during the match. Drew returned to the ring and sent Owens to the northwest turnbuckles. He hoisted him up and pounded his back. Owens managed to fight McIntyre off and shove him to the mat. KO delivered a Frog Splash for a cover and two count at 6:30. Owens tried to whip Knight into the body of McIntyre, but Knight countered. Drew caught KO with a big boot. Owens recovered quickly. He gave Knight a driver, then a Senton. At the same time, he pulled McIntyre into a Codebreaker. Owens posed in front of Orton. Randy clapped for him. He went to Paul, who shrugged him off.

Knight and KO worked together to hoist McIntyre onto the turnbuckle. They joined forces to deliver a Superplex, but McIntyre fought out of it with headbutts. Drew dove onto both men. With everyone down, the clock ticked down again. Bobby Lashley entered the match at 9:15. He went straight for Drew, slamming him into the corner and giving him a number of shoulder thrusts. Bobby draped Drew against the ropes and gave him a big elbow. Off the ropes, McIntyre caught Lashley with a headbutt and overhead belly-to-belly. A big welt had formed over Drew’s shoulder blade. He and Lashley spilled to the outside. Lashley slammed McIntyre into the steel wall, then called for the Hurt Lock. Knight cut it off, but Lashley tossed him away. Bobby went back to it. Drew flattened his body against the chamber wall to avoid having it locked in. Graves wondered if Lashley’s elbow injury would prevent the hold from being effective.

In the ring, Drew caught Bobby with a Glasgow Kiss. He charged, but Lashley hoisted him to the outside. Drew took down KO, then climbed the turnbuckle. He leapt at Lashley, but Bobby rolled out of the way. Lashley gave McIntyre a modified Chokeslam. He lifted LA Knight onto his shoulders, but Knight spun free. KO kicked Lashley in the face and covered him for a two count at 13:10. The clock struck 0:00 again and Randy Orton entered at 13:45. He tossed LA Knight to the outside, then gave KO a snap Powerslam. He tossed him through the ropes and set him up for the draping DDT, but KO countered it. Orton recovered and pulled Orton in for the same move on the outside, instead. Randy delivered the DDT onto the chamber floor. He seemed more hurt than Owens.

Lashley gave McIntyre a swinging neckbreaker in the ring, followed by an inverted DDT. Randy Orton returned to the ring, grabbing his back and hunching over in the corner. Lashley gave him a Spear in the corner. Bobby speared Knight head on, but Knight rolled to the outside to save himself. Orton continued to grab at his lower back, writhing on the mat. McIntyre tossed Lashley into the turnbuckle, then threw Knight to the floor. He followed him out and looked for a slam, but Knight slid down the back and dropped Drew with a DDT on the floor. Everyone was down. Logan Paul looked on, hyping himself up and waiting to enter.

Orton gave LA Knight a back Suplex, then collapsed, continuing to favor his back. Logan Paul’s pod opened at 17:40. Kevin Owens was there waiting for him. Paul desperately tried to keep the door closed, but KO pried it open. He slammed Paul into the pod repeatedly, then ran him into the adjacent one, breaking the plexiglass. Owens tossed Paul against the chain wall, then into the ring. He clotheslined him to the floor. Owens gave chase, but Paul pulled him in and slammed him against the steel. He caught Owens with a number of uppercuts. Owens shrugged them off and dropped Paul with a massive Clothesline. “This is my ring!” Owens told him. Lashley re-emerged and threw Owens through a pod, then speared Paul through the adjacent one. “I think Logan’s dead,” Graves surmised.

“Thank you, Bobby!” the crowd chanted. Lashley pulled himself out of the wreckage and immediately got dropped with a Claymore from Drew McIntyre. Bobby rolled back in the ring. LA Knight pulled him up and Bobby grabbed the Hurt Lock, but couldn’t clasp his hands because of the injured elbow. McIntyre exploded back into frame, delivering a Claymore to Lashley and covering him for a three count at 21:40. LA Knight downed McIntyre in the corner, then gave Orton a spinning back body drop. Orton slumped to the corner. Knight gave him a knee. McIntyre began climbing the turnbuckle. Knight leapt up to his level and delivered a Superplex. He shot to his feet and gave Randy Orton Blunt Force Trauma.

The camera cut to Lashley, still trying to leave the ring through the open door. Back to the action, Knight hit McIntyre with the B.F.T., too. Suddenly, A.J. Styles appeared in the ring with a steel chair. He cracked it across Knight’s back. Knight collapsed to the mat and A.J. continued his beat down. After a plethora of chair shots, he gave Knight the Styles Clash. McIntyre crawled over and covered Knight for a three count, eliminating him just before the 25:00 mark.

Cole and Graves reset the scene with four men remaining. KO took Logan Paul down on the outside, then climbed the turnbuckle and gave Orton a Swanton for a cover and two count. Cole called him a “one man wrecking crew.” Owens climbed the opposite turnbuckle and went for the Swanton on Drew. McIntyre got his knees up. The camera focused in on Logan Paul and the crowd booed loudly. The referee checked on Drew and Kevin, both struggling to their feet. Drew went for a Claymore, but Owens tossed him up and delivered a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Paul intervened and ate a Stunner. Orton approached and took a Superkick. Randy bounced back and gave Owens an RKO. He crawled over and covered him for a three count at 28:00.

The three remaining men struggled to stand. Only Orton was in the ring. McIntyre rose first, stalking Orton. Randy rose to meet him, barely able to stand upright. They began trading punches. Orton got control. Drew hit the ropes, but Orton caught him with a snap Powerslam. He turned around to find Logan Paul, who drove his shoulder into Orton’s ribs. Paul climbed the northwest turnbuckle. Orton cut him off and gave him some right hands. Randy hooked Logan for a Superplex, but McIntyre broke it up. Drew threw a pointed punch at Orton’s lower back. He and Randy traded punches. Drew hit a Glasgow Kiss. Orton bounced back for an RKO, but Drew blocked it and delivered a neckbreaker. McIntyre kipped up. Paul was waiting on top of the pod to deliver a big cross body.

“You still suck!” Perth told Paul. The U.S. Champion pulled brass knuckles from his tights. He put them on and gave them a kiss. Randy Orton came out of nowhere, delivering an RKO to Paul before he could even consider using the weapon. Orton covered him for a three count at 32:35. Only McIntyre and Orton remained. Neither were standing. Drew rubbed his shoulder, flexing his fingers. Orton used the ropes to steady himself, fist against his lower back.

McIntyre stalked his prey. He went for the Future Shock DDT, but Orton countered, looking for an RKO. Drew blocked it. Orton tossed Drew to the outside and dragged him onto the ropes, hitting his signature draping DDT. Orton pounded the mat. He went for the RKO again, but no dice. McIntyre gave him a Spinebuster. Orton continued to sell the back. Drew called for the Claymore. He counted down, but Randy just collapsed.

Drew took small steps toward Orton, disgust on his face. Randy used Drew’s boots and knee pads to try to stand up. Suddenly, he exploded to his feet and dropped McIntyre with an RKO. Orton was ready to cover, but Logan Paul returned to the ring and cracked Orton in the skull with the Brass Knuckles. Randy crumpled to the mat in a heap, glassy eyed. McIntyre crawled over and threw an arm across Randy’s chest for a three count.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre in 36:53

(LeClair’s Analysis: Like the women’s match earlier in the night, the result here was never in doubt. It was more about the way in which they got there, and what they chose to set up along the way. This was an effective match. McIntyre, an unquestioned MVP of WWE TV in recent weeks, locks himself into a big World Title match at WrestleMania. We knew that was coming, though. Perhaps more interestingly, at this stage, was the two other ‘Mania matches presumably laid out during the course of this one. Randy Orton, who we’d long wondered where he may slot in, now looks poised for a date with Logan Paul. Meanwhile, LA Knight and A.J. Styles seem to have solidified their path to WrestleMania, too. Like the women’s chamber before it, I thought this did an admirable job of putting each wrestler in advantageous positions throughout. Only Kevin Owens’ appearance felt relatively unproductive. Though he managed to get some measure of revenge on Paul, he was quickly moved aside and eliminated by Orton. With Paul now starting a program with Randy, it certainly puts Owens’ position moving forward in some doubt.)

-Over a wide shot of Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Cole and Graves talked about WrestleMania 40 and teased Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes.

-Triple H’s music played and the camera cut to him, already in the ring. He hyped the crowd, who gave him a strong ovation. Levesque thanked the crowd in Perth and announced the attendance as 52,590. Fireworks were set off around and above the stadium.

-Nia Jax was shown lacing her boots backstage. Cole and Graves talked up the main event before tossing to a break, or video package for premium plus members.

Nia Jax headed to the ring first. Cole said she’s hungry for gold, having not won a singles Championship in six years. Graves said, despite Rhea Ripley having a massive home-turf advantage, Jax isn’t sweating it, having utmost confidence. Jax’s music faded, and they let anticipation build before hitting the champion’s music. Rhea Ripley entered with a massive smile on her face. She slung the title over her shoulder and slapped hands with fans on her way to the ring, fully embracing the role.

Mike Rome delivered standard Championship match introductions.

(4) RHEA RIPLEY (c) vs. NIA JAX – WWE Women’s World Championship match

Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax circled each other to start. Michael Cole sold the moment of Rhea Ripley wrestling for WWE in her home country for the first time. Ripley looked for Riptide almost immediately. “No way in hell,” Graves said. Jax dropped Ripley with ease and gave her a Senton. She tossed the champion into the corner and gave her a splash. Jax jawed at Ripley’s family members in the front row. Cole said she had 13 of them in attendance. Ripley tried to fight out of the corner, but the bigger Nia Jax no sold her punches and flattened her. Jax gave her a leg drop. “Come on, Mami!’ Nia challenged.

Michael Cole said Ripley has had the Women’s World title for almost a year, but noted the recent prowess of Jax, saying she’s a much different competitor than she was during his first run. Jax pulled Ripley’s leg over the back of her neck in a Stretch Muffler, then converted it into a single leg crab. Rhea crawled toward the ropes, but Nia cut her off. She paced the ring with confidence as the match approached 4:00. Jax lifted Ripley into a Torture Rack. She stomped violently, stretching the back and side of the champion. Rhea managed to spin free, still in Jax’s clutches. She applied a standing guillotine. Nia thrust her off and tried to splash Rhea, but she moved.

Champion and challenger rose slowly. Ripley peppered Jax with a number of chops. She leapt toward the middle rope, looking for a ‘rana. Jax picked her out of the air and gave her a Powerbomb. She lifted her back up and delivered a second. Nia gave Rhea another leg drop and covered her for a two count. The challenger dragged Rhea Ripley toward the corner, setting up for her signature squash. Ripley kicked at her, avoiding peril. She climbed to the top rope and connected with a missile dropkick for a two count at 7:10. Ripley grabbed at her lower back, then pounded the mat in frustration.

Ripley gave Jax a short-arm clothesline. Jax didn’t budge. Instead, she pulled Ripley up and into a Samoan Drop. Jax went for a third leg drop, but Rhea moved. She gave Jax another dropkick. Ripley hoisted herself onto the top turnbuckle, but Jax rose quickly to meet her. She pulled Ripley onto her shoulders and hit a Samoan Drop off the middle rope for a cover and near fall. Nia dragged Ripley to the southwest corner of the ring, looking for the Annihilator. Ripley popped up and grabbed Jax’s feet, ripping her to the mat. The champion climbed to the top rope, gave a little shoulder shake, and delivered a Frog Splash in homage to Eddie Guerrero. She hooked the leg for a two count just past 10:00.

The champion set Jax up for Riptide, but Jax easily powered out and tossed Ripley haphazardly to the outside. Nia stepped through the ropes, but Rhea tripped her up. Jax tumbled to the floor. Ripley removed the cover off the announcers desk and pulled Jax in for a Powerbomb. Jax blocked it, scooped Ripley and gave her a Samoan Drop onto the desk. The table barely budged. Jax climbed onto the table and delivered a crushing splash, breaking the table and flattening Ripley.

Nia Jax tossed the champion back in the ring and quickly climbed the ropes, finally hitting the Annihilator. She hooked the leg for a near fall. Jax couldn’t believe it. Frustrated, she tossed Ripley to the adjacent corner and slammed her to the mat. Jax looked for another Annihilator, but Ripley quickly moved. She tossed Jax to the apron. Ripley climbed the turnbuckles, trying to Suplex Jax back into the ring. Nia blocked with a headbutt. Jax climbed the turnbuckles herself. Ripley met her, delivering a Superplex. “Rhea’s got a chance!” Cole yelled.

The camera pulled back to show the darkened stadium as the match approached 14:30. Back in the ring, Ripley kicked Jax in the face and delivered Riptide for a cover and three count.

WINNER: Rhea Ripley in 14:38 to retain the WWE Women’s World Championship

(LeClair’s Analysis: For the fourth time tonight, the result never really felt in doubt. Nia Jax was a well built challenger of the month, a stepping stone on Rhea Ripley’s inevitable crash course with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. They did a nice job getting Jax in position. She felt, for the first time in her career, like an actual, credible, big time challenger. Ripley had sold her attacks effectively. That, coupled with Ripley’s homecoming, made this feel like a worthy main event. The two worked exceptionally hard. Jax has not had a plethora of strong matches in her career, but I thought she played her role incredibly well here. Ripley was the babyface in peril throughout, hitting her big spots when the moments called for them. Letting her shine on her own, without Judgment Day, was the right move. Time to look forward to an exciting title match for WrestleMania.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: “Foregone conclusion” felt like the name of the game this morning. There was a certain laissez faire attitude when it came to WWE’s hype of Elimination Chamber. They knew a 5:00AM EST start time was a hard sell. They knew there were a number of key stars missing, and they likely predicted they’d have a rowdy, happy audience in Perth as they witnessed their first canonical WWE premium event. They were right. This wasn’t a particularly newsworthy show, but it was noteworthy for its number of WrestleMania developments, and general atmosphere. I thought three of the four matches fell into the “very good” category, while the main event provided enough novelty and star power in Rhea Ripley to get by and feel perfectly suitable. I’d call this a mild thumbs up overall, but it’s easy enough to recommend watching just based on the atmosphere alone.

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