AEW COLLISION REPORT (3/2): Final hype for Revolution, Penta vs. Dante vs. Keith in All-Star Scramble qualifier, Caster & Bowens & Gunn vs. Dark Order, plus Private Party, Thunder Rosa, Hook

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 2, 2024
AIRED ON TNT (Taped 2/28)

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness


—AEW Collision opening played. There was a firework display. They showed a camera shot around the arena with the crowd seated mostly in the first deck.

—Buddy Mathews came out for the opening match. Mark Briscoe appeared attacking Matthews before the match began. A brawl broke out around ringside. Briscoe leaped off a chair delivering a flying tope con hilo sending Matthews crashing through a table. Briscoe grabbed a spike. Brodie King and Malakai Black ran down to make the save. Briscoe made his own comeback whacking Briscoe and Black with chairs. Briscoe went to stab Black with a spike but Mathews made the save. Briscoe delivered a flying crossbody off the stage onto Matthews. Briscoe grabbed the pyro buttons as he tried to burn Matthews. Security came out and pulled Briscoe away. Briscoe used the pyro buttons as flames bursted from the entrance ramp. House of Black watched on.

—They aired a “Swerve” Strickland pre-tape promo. He wasn’t sure what to be more pissed off about Hangman ripping his jacket or him being too nice. He said he doesn’t let his guard down too often. He said he hung the Hangman. He said Hangman swerved Swerve. He said he’s not going to take his eyes off Hangman again. He said Hangman can’t get behind him on Sunday. He said Hangman would have to look him in the eyes. He said he’s taking the championship away from Samoa Joe on Sunday. He said was going to walk out the first African-American AEW World Champion. Whose House? Swerve’s House.

(1) PENTA EL ZERO MIEDO (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. DANTE MARTIN vs. BRYAN KEITH — All-Star Scramble Qualifying Match

Penta began the match taunting both Keith and Martin. Keith and Martin rocked Penta with a double superkick. Martin rocked Keith with a jumping knee strike. Penta responded by catching Martin with a pair of sling blades. Penta connected with a back cracker to Martin. Keith stopped Martin from going for a dive. Keith planted Penta with an exploder suplex for two. Martin responded by catching both Keith and Penta with topes on the floor. [c]

Everyone stood inside the ring exchanging superkicks as they returned from break. Penta leaped off Keith catching Martin with a Canadian Destroyer. Keith made the save. Keith caught Penta with a jumping head butt. Keith caught Martin with a Tiger Driver for a two count. Penta caught Keith with a Fear Factor on the ring apron. Martin caught Penta with a Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron. Martin delivered a frog splash to Keith for the win.

WINNER: Dante Martin in 10:00

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fun, action-packed match with everyone getting a chance to shine. They could’ve gone with the easy choice of Penta who’s more established to the AEW audience. I’m pretty sure Martin isn’t going to win the scramble match. Martin having a good showing at the PPV could help to possibly get him running as a single’s wrestler.)

—They aired a pre-tape promo after Dynamite with “Hangman” Adam Page who was storming out of the building. Someone off camera asked Hangman if he’s hurt? Hangman called him a dumbass. He said he’s in the match. He said he’s sorry he had to break the trust of the trust. He said he would rather “die” than see Strickland win the AEW World Title. He said he had to do it. He stormed off.


May came out to a mild reaction at best. May rocked Risk with a running dropkick against the ropes. May planted Risk with a spinning side slam. Nigel McGuinness laid on the ground after May blew her a kiss. May drilled Risk with a knee strike. May delivered May Day for the win.

WINNER: Mariah May in 2:40

(Amin’s Thoughts: A quick showcase for May who looked strong in the win.)

—AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm came out after the match. The screen was black and white. May acted like she wanted a hug. Storm blew right past May as she grabbed a mic. She called Deonna Purrazzo to the ring. Purrazzo got a mild reaction. The screen was split half colour for Purrazzo, half black and white for Storm. She asked Purrazzo if this has gone far enough. She asked Purrazzo if this is what they’ve trained for? She said their friendship was destroyed, a broken leg, a broken arm, all that just to win a match. She asked Purrazzo if it’s worth it? She told Purrazzo she loves her from the bottom of her heart. She said she loves her determination, and loves that there’s room for one and it will never be Purrazzo.

Purrazzo said she loves Storm. She loves that Storm has her head so far up her ass. She said Storm will lose the one thing which started this charade in the first place. She said Storm has forgotten one thing about her. She is Storm’s best friend and worst enemy. She said it will be hard for Storm to whip her ass when she breaks both her arms. Storm told Purrazzo “goodbye old friend.” She applied lipstick and kissed Purrazzo on the lips. A brawl broke out. May entered the ring to get Storm the advantage. Storm left the ring with Luther. Purrazzo nailed May with a pump kick. Purrazzo gave May a stump piledriver. Storm looked on at Purrazzo.

(Amin’s Thoughts :Storm has been the highlight of the division and her character work is top notch. AEW has tried making Purrazzo feel on equal footing with Storm. They have given Purrazzo wins and even promo time to build the title match. I don’t think Purrazzo should win the title on Sunday. Hopefully, Purrazzo having a good match with Storm can help win the crowds over. The reaction for Purrazzo has been very underwhelming so far.) [c]

—Bullet Club Gold came out first. Jay White was holding a cardboard cutout of Juice Robinson. The Acclaimed came out next. Max Caster just started his pre-match rap. White placed his arm around Caster which distracted him and stopped his rap.


Austin and Caster planted Silver with a double hip toss. Caster planted Uno with a scoop slam. Bowens delivered Scissors Me Timbers to Uno. The Acclaimed and Austin went for some scissoring but Silver stopped them. Uno took advantage, planting Austin with a DDT for a two count. [c]

Bowens ran wild after the commercial break rocking Silver with a superkick. Uno responded by running Bowens into the ring post. Silver delivered a tope to Caster on the floor. Silver flexed in Billy Gunn’s face. Dark Order delivered a triple slam to Bowens but Austin made the save. Reynolds goes to attack Bowens but hits Silver accidentally. This gave Caster the opening to deliver the Mic Drop to Reynolds for the win.

WINNERS: Max Caster & Anthony Bowens & Austin Gunn in 8:20

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fun action packed match with both teams getting a chance to shine. The interaction between the Bang Bang Scissors Gang has already run its course. Jay White right now is being completely wasted and feels like just another regular wrestler on the show. The only difference is White is holding a meaningless ROH Six-Man Tag Title.)

—Lexi Nair interviewed Kris Statlander, Willow Nightingale and Stokely Hathaway backstage. Hathaway wanted to apologize for costing Statlander her match on Dynamite. Nightingale told Hathaway to stop talking. She said they have to get on the same page. She said tomorrow is not about friendship. She said it is Revolution. She said she and Statlander will kick Julia Hart and Skye Blue’s ass. She tried to make an angry/serious look into the camera. [c]

—Tony Schiavone was inside the ring. Tony introduced Wardlow for an interview. Wardlow got a mild reaction. He said he’s finally got someone’s attention. He said he won the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match two years ago. He said he choked out your king last year. He said this year he’s going to get his shot at the World Heavyweight Championship when he beats the “all stars.” He said he would slap Hangman back into depression. He said he would whoop Strickland’s ass all over. He told Strickland to swerve his way into his own lane and dance his ass to the back of the line. He said he was tired of hearing people chant for Samoa Joe. He said he was in Joe’s spot . He said he would send Joe back to commentary with the beating he gave him. He said this isn’t wrestling. He said this is war.

Chris Jericho came out next. He wanted to ask Wardlow why he’s focusing on Hangman, Joe and Strickland, when he needs to look at the wrestlers he’ll be facing in the scramble. He said he is one of the greatest of all-time. He said he was the first AEW World Champion. He said Wardlow didn’t win s*it. He said it’s been four long years since he’s come close to the AEW World Title. He wondered if Wardlow was good enough? He said maybe people stopped chanting his name because he’s not good enough. He called Wardlow by “Mike!”

Wardlow said Jericho was right. He said he was so close to the top of the mountain. He said after Double or Nothing he continued to take steps backwards which pissed him off. He said it ate away at him and brought up losing a best friend because of it. He said he even lost himself. He started to remember who he was. He said he picked himself back up and reminded everyone who he is. He said he doesn’t care who Jericho is. He told Jericho to come to the ring. Powerhouse Hobbs appeared, attacking Jericho from behind. Hobbs taunted Wardlow from the entrance ramp.

(Amin’s Thoughts: Wardlow continues to get more comfortable on the mic showing more intensity. The interaction between Jericho and Wardlow was good. It’s just not that fun seeing Jericho wrestle as much as anyone because his matches aren’t that great and he’s recently been dragging down anyone who’s he’s been working with. Can we please end this AEW Ranking stuff already. What’s the point about carrying or having the AEW Rankings when you can just compete in a random “all star” scramble match to get a shot at the AEW World Title.)

—Lexi Nair interviewed Serena Deeb backstage. Deeb said she’ undefeated, undeniable, and unstoppable. She said she’s been putting on a clinic every single week in AEW. She said nobody has really challenged her in the ring yet. She said she’s the “Professor of Professional Wrestling.” She said she’s the “The Woman of 1000 Holds.” She said the competition so far doesn’t know the difference between a wrist lock and wristwatch. She dared anyone to step inside the Deeb Dojo. She said for anyone to test yourself against the most elite wrestler. She called herself the “Final Boss.”

(Amin’s Thoughts: Looks like Serena Deep could be Mercedes Mone’s first program in AEW. Deep is a great first opponent for Mercedes to have a good match.)


Sydal shined early, catching Kassidy with a hurricanrana. The action quickly broke down as both teams had a standoff after exchanging arm drags. Daniels tagged into the match. There was a light chant of “Fallen Angel” from the crowd. Daniels planted Quen with an STO. Sydal followed with a standing corkscrew splash to Quen for a near fall. [c]

Daniels planted Kassidy with a flatliner as they returned from break. Sydal ran wild rocking Kassidy and Quen with jumping knee strikes. Sydal planted Quen with an Air Raid Crash for a two count. Quen responded by catching Sydal with a big boot. Kassidy and Quen delivered a neck breaker/swanton bomb combo to Sydal for a two count. Daniels and Sydal rocked Kassidy and Quen with a double clothesline. Quen went for a Pele kick but Daniels escaped. Daniels caught Quen with Angel Wings. Jeff Jarrett and his crew ran down to distract the referee. Jay Lethal gave Daniels the Lethal Combination. Quen covered Daniels for the win.

WINNERS: Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen in 9:50

—Jeff Jarret and his crew celebrated with Private Party after the match.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was just another fine match as both teams worked well together. They gave Private Party the win who will be teaming with Jeff Jarrett’s crew against the Bang Bang Scissors Gang on the Zero Hour at Revolution. Yes, that right. Jay White went from the Full Gear PPV main event to wrestling on the Revolution Zero Hour. YIKES!)

—They aired a highlight package hyping the AEW Continental Crown match between Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson for Revolution. [c]


Thunder Rosa got a fine reaction. Rosa took control early, rocking Golden with a thrust kick. Rosa followed rocking Golden with a sliding lariat. Rosa rocked Golden with a corner dropkick. Rose delivered a flying double stomp. Rosa placed Golden in a wrist lock for the submission win.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa in 2:20

(Amin’s Thoughts: Another quick showcase for Thunder Rose just having her rack up wins before challenging for a title.)

—They showed highlights of Sting coming from the rafters to make the save for Darby Allin & Ric Flair on Dynamite.

—Tony, Nigel and Kevin Kelly ran down the AEW Revolution PPV card. [c]


Matt Menard joined commentary for the match. There were really light crowd creations when both teams came out. The only reaction came when Daniel Garcia did his dance. Garcia and Strong began with some chain wrestling. Garcia went for a piledriver on Strong but Cage made the save. Hook gave Cage a hip toss. They went to PIP break as the both teams faced off. [c]

Cage rocked Garcia with a forearm smash as they returned from break. Cage planted Garcia with a deadlift superplex. Garcia battled back catching Cage with a DDT. Beretta ran wild planting Cage with a double German suplex. Beretta planted Strong with a tornado DDT. Beretta went for a dive but Killswitch shoved Strong out of the way. Killswitch planted Beretta with a chokeslam onto the ring apron. [c]

Christian planted Beretta with a reverse DDT as they returned from break. Christian went for a flying head butt but Beretta moved out of the way. Strong mocked Orange’s lazy kicks. Beretta got Orange the hot tag. Orange delivered a flying crossbody to Christian. Orange caught Strong with a tope on the floor. Orange planted Cage with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Orange rocked Killswitch with an Orange Punch. Garcia followed by nailing Killswitch with a Shining Wizard.

Strong rocked Orange with a flying kick. Garcia planted Strong with a backdrop suplex. Christian rocked Garcia with a spear. Hook launched Christian with a t-bone suplex. Cage planted Hook with a full nelson slam. Cage planted Orange with an F5 but Hook made the save. Strong caught Orange with the End of Heartache on the floor. Beretta applied a sleeper hold but Killswitch broke free. Beretta responded by rocking Killswitch with a pair of superkicks. Nick gave Beretta a cheap shot. Killswitch rocked Beretta with a running lariat for the win.

WINNERS: Christian Cage, Killswitch, Brian Cage & Roderick Strong in 19:20

—The brawl continued after the match ended. Killswitch went to give Garcia a chokeslam on the chair. Matt Menard left the announcers table to make the save. Killswitch gave Menard a chokeslam through a chair. The brawl kept continuing on. The crowd was mostly quiet. Schiavone plugged the Revolution PPV. Collision ended.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a very good, action-packed match with everyone getting a chance to shine. I didn’t mind Beretta taking the pin as not part of the PPV card. I’m guessing they gave Killswitch the win to keep him strong because he’s not on the Revolution show. The post-match brawl was fine, adding some final build to the Revolution matches.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The opening and main event were both good matches. There were also some solid promos to add some final build for the Revolution PPV. This episode of Collision didn’t do anything to get me anymore interested in the Revolution PPV. This episode of Collision also didn’t lessen my interest in the Revolution PPV either. Overall, this was just a very average episode of Collision.

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