AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (3/6): Amin’s alt-perspective report on Okada’s debut with The Bucks, Ospreay vs. Fletcher main event, Hook vs. Brian Cage for FTW Title, Swerve reacts to Joe retaining at PPV, more

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 6, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier that 2,927 tickets have been distributed; arena was set up for 3,760.



—A brand new AEW Dynamite opening video and theme played. There was a firework display. They have a new set which is colourful. They also brought back the babyface and heel tunnel entrances. The colours give off NXT 2.0 vibes.

—Tony Schiavone was inside the ring. “Swerve” Strickland came out to a big reaction with Prince Nana who was dancing on stage. Prince Nana led the crowd in “Swerve’s House” chants. Schiavone said the crowd loves Swerve and asked what’s next? Strickland said he didn’t know if he deserved that reaction. He said Samoa Joe is still the AEW World Champion after Revolution. He recalled when he first signed an AEW contract. He noted it was Schiavone who introduced him as the newest member of the roster. He said he would be AEW World Champion. He’s said he doesn’t have gold with him. He said maybe it’s because of all the bad things he did in AEW. The crowd chanted “Swerve’s House!” He said he had some doubts that maybe he’s not supposed to be champion. He said something felt different at Revolution with the crowd rooting for him to win and make history. He said he heard people flew from his home state of Washington to see him win. He said he’s not going to let the people down. He said he’s coming for Joe. He said he doesn’t know when but promised he will beat Joe for the AEW World Title. He led the crowd in Swerve’s House chants.

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe came out next. Joe said Strickland is talking funny for someone he beat. He said Strickland was making promises he couldn’t keep. He said it’s time for a reality check. He said they were in Swerve’s House. He said Swerve’s house exists in his world. He said instead of having the people listen to Strickland talk, they should gaze their eyes on a real champion. Strickland said Joe was talking spicy for someone he couldn’t beat. He said they could fight later in the night. He instead challenged Joe to a match right now. Joe came out dressed to wrestle.

Adam Cole, Wardlow, Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven of the Undisputed Kingdom came out next. Cole spoke seated on a wheelchair. He put over Strong as the new AEW International Champion. He said Bennett and Taven are the greatest ROH Tag Team Champions of all-time. He said Joe is the champion right now because the Undisputed Kingdom let it happen. He said nobody will care about Strickland in six months. He said there was no way Strickland was going to win the world title. He said Wardlow was going to challenge for the world title soon. He said Wardlow would bring the world title to its rightful place where it belongs.

Strickland laughed saying how many opportunities was Cole given. He mocked Cole for being The Undisputed Kingdom’s manager and said he had Britt Baker’s number in his pocket. Cole challenged Joe and Strickland to face Bennett and Taven next week in a tag match. Strickland asked why wait until next week. Cole said Strickland doesn’t make the rules. He said the match will happen next week. Schiavone said he’s been informed by Tony Khan and the match is happening now.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I liked Strickland’s promo as he’s starting to begin his full babyface turn. This felt like an opening segment you would see right outta WWE Raw or WWE SmackDown. This was a long opening talking segment which leads to an impromptu tag team match.)

(1) SAMOA JOE & “SWERVE” STRICKLAND (w/Prince Nana) vs. MIKE BENNETT & MATT TAVEN (Undisputed Kingdom) — Non-Title Match

Joe took control early rocking Bennett and Taven with jabs. Joe rocked Taven with a running boot. Joe crushed Taven with a running senton for two. Joe looked at Strickland’s direction. Taven took advantage, nailing Joe with a springboard kick for a near fall. [c]

Joe caught Taven with a uranage slam as they returned from break. Strickland tagged himself into the match. Strickland ran wild rocking Bennett with a flying uppercut. Strickland planted Bennett with a rolling flatliner. Strickland yanked Taven off the ropes. Strickland crushed Bennett with Swerve’s Stomp. Strickland rocked Taven with House’s Call. Strickland delivered the JML Driver to Taven for the win.

WINNERS: Samoa Joe & “Swerve” Strickland 6:55.

—Strickland looked at Joe after the match. Wardlow stood on the entrance ramp. Strickland looked at Wardlow. Joe placed Strickland in the Koquina Clutch. Joe posed with the AEW World Title. They announced Joe will defend the AEW World Title against Wardlow on the AEW Dynamite “Big Business” special.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a quick showcase mostly for Strickland who looked great in the win. I’m guessing Joe will retain the AEW World Title against Wardlow next week. That has to be the reason why Joe took out Strickland after the match to set up the world title match for the AEW Dynasty PPV in April. Meanwhile, they just made the ROH Tag Team Champions Bennett and Taven made out to look like a complete joke team. How could anyone care about either The Undisputed Kingdom or Ring Of Honor after watching this match?)

—They aired a highlight package hyping the Hook vs. Brian Cage FTW Title match.

—Renee Paquette interviewed Hook backstage. Chris Jericho appeared before Hook could speak. Jericho said the first he had as the “Lionheart” was against Taz in the ECW Arena. He spoke about Taz suplexing him on his head. He said he never respected Hook until he suplexed him on his head at the Revolution PPV. He congratulated Hook on that. They bumped fists. Hook walked off. [c]

—They showed clips of “Hangman” Adam Page attacking referees at the Revolution PPV.

—We saw Matthew & Nickolas Jackson backstage sporting big cheesy smiles. Matthew said “Thanks Guys.” He was holding the mic like how Tony Khan would backstage. Nicholas said they have two huge announcements. Matthew cut Nicholas off. Matthew said they would make those announcements later on the show. They sent it back for some more action. They were spotting the same cheesy smiles.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was funny as Matthew and Nicholas were spoofing how Tony Khan would make his announcements.)

(2) HOOK vs. BRIAN CAGE — FTW Title Match

Cage took control early sending Hook flying with a release German suplex. Cage followed by sending Hook flying with a belly-to-belly suplex. Hook responded by blowing fire extinguisher into Cage’s face. Hook whacked Cage with a trash can lid across his face. Cage quickly responded by catching Hook with a powerslam on the floor. Hook moved as Cage went crashing through the barricade on the floor. [c]

Cage went for a F5 but Hook countered with a DDT onto a chair. Hook made a comeback planting Cage with a t-bone suplex. Hook planted Cage with a second t-bone suplex onto a barricade for a two count. Cage responded by catching Hook with a wheelbarrow cutter. Cage planted Hook with an F5 onto a chair for a two count. Cage rolled out of the ring. Cage grabbed a bag and placed thumb tacks into the ring. Hook went for the Redrum but Cage broke free. Hook battled back whacking Cage with a kendo stick. Hook planted Cage with a t-bone suplex onto the thumbtacks. Hook placed Cage in the Redrum. Cage tried to break free, dropping Hook onto the tacks. Hook refused to release the Redrum. Cage passed out.

WINNER: Hook via submission in 10:00 to retain the FTW Title

—Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona attacked Hook after the match. Chris Jericho ran and chased the heels away with his baseball bat.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fine hardcore match. I liked the finish with Hook showing his toughness by maintaining hold of the Redrum after being dropped on the thumbtacks. The pairing of Hook and Jericho doesn’t interest me at all. I really have no interest in seeing Hook and Jericho wrestle against each other either.)

—They aired a highlight package of former AEW World Tag Team Champions. Tony Khan announced at the Revolution PPV scrum there will be a tournament to crown new AEW World Tag Team Champions.

—Renee was backstage with Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor. Orange spoke about wanting to fill his backpack with another championship after losing the AEW International Title. Renee asked Beretta and Taylor about entering the AEW Tag Team Title tournament? Taylor said he was still hurt. Taylor suggested Orange and Beretta take part in the tournament. He said Orange and Beretta will have their first tag match on Rampage.

(3) KILLSWITCH (w/Christian Cage, Nick & Shayna Wayne) vs. MATT MENARD

Menard’s ribs were tapped up. Menard attacked Killswitch with strikes right away. Menard delivered a series of clotheslines but couldn’t get Killswitch off his feet. Killswitch took control, planting Menard with a chokeslam. Killswitch rocked Menard with a lariat to the back of the head for the win.

WINNER: Killswitch in 1:30.

—Killswitch attacked Menard after the match. Daniel Garcia ran down to make the save. The number advantage with Killswitch and Nick was too much for Garcia. Nick gave Garcia a Wayne’s World Cutter. Christian walked to the back with his crew. Adam Copeland appeared whacking Killswitch with a chair. Copeland placed Nick in a choke. Shayna Wayne went for a low blow but Copeland stopped her. Copeland chased Christian out of the building. Christian got into an SUV and left the building. Copeland challenged Christian to an I Quit match for the TNT Title on Dynamite in Toronto, Canada.

(Amin’s Thoughts: A quick showcase win for Killswitch who looked great in the win. Good stuff from Copeland showing great intensity from his facial reactions. Toronto is the perfect place for Copeland to challenge Cage for the TNT Title.)

—Renee interviewed Kyle O’Reilly backstage. O’Reilly thought he would never wrestle angle. O’Reilly said he’s grateful to be wrestling again. Renee asked O’Reilly about his interaction with the Undisputed Kingdom at Revolution. O’Reilly said he has nothing but love for them. He said joining them would be the easy path. He said he wants to do this alone, now that he has a second chance. [c]

—They showed a highlight package of Sting’s last match from Revolution PPV.

—Tony Schiavone was standing inside the ring. Matthew and Nicholas Jackson came out. They now have the Cody Rhodes elevator entrance. They posed on the entrance ramp and asked for more pyro. Schiavone congratulated Matthew and Nicholas for the awesome entrance after getting their asses kicked at Revolution. Nicholas told Schiavone to leave the ring. Nicklaus said Darby Allin and Sting cheated because Stings had his 305 pounds sons to help. He celebrated ending Sting’s career forever. He said The Young Bucks are entering the AEW World Tag Team Title tournament.

Matthew took the mic saying they have two big announcements. He said the announcement pertained to their friends. He said they take their EVP jobs seriously. He said “Hangman” Adam Page put his hands on two referees at Revolution. He said Hangman was indefinitely suspended from The Elite (not AEW) without pay. He turned his attention to Kenny Omega. He said Omega has disappeared from the face of the earth. He said Omega hasn’t made any dates for no good reason. Excalibur on commentary noted Omega is recovering from illness. He said Omega was fired from The Elite (not AEW). He apologized for them finding out on live television. That was funny. He was about to make his second announcement.

Eddie Kingston came out to a big reaction. Kingston mocked the clothes he was wearing. This comes from a skit backstage where The Bucks told Kingston to dress better. He said he was going to get fined if he talked bad about The Bucks. Matthew told Kingston to take this conversation offline. A brawl broke out. Matthew gave Kingston a low blow. The Bucks were setting up for the EVP Trigger. The music played.

Kazuchika Okada received a big reaction. Okada was wearing a suit. (A clue) Okada entered the ring. Okada and Kingston stood together. The crowd chanted for Okada. Kingston went to get The Young Bucks. Okada grabbed Kingston’s arm and gave him the Rainmaker. The crowd booed. Okada removed his tie. The Young Bucks introduced Okada as the newest member of The Elite! There was mostly silence and some light boos. Okada smiled as he shook both Matthew and Nicholas’ hands.

(Amin’s Thoughts: That’s a pretty interesting way for Okada to debut. They’ve set up an immediate program with Okada and Kingston. They’ve also teased programs with Okada against Hangman and Omega. There’s also a program for Hangman and Omega to return as babyface and face The Young Bucks as well. Good stuff here.)

—They showed highlights of Will Ospreay beating Konosuke Takeshita at Revolution PPV.

(4) RIHO vs. KRIS STATLANDER (w/Stokely Hathaway)

Riho shined early, catching Statlander with a basement dropkick. Statlander responded by catching Riho in a bear hug. Statlander took control, planting Riho with a suplex. Statlander launched Riho with a press slam as they went to commercial break. [c]

Riho batted back rocking Statlander with a basement dropkick. Riho planted Statlander with a bridging Northern Lights suplex for two. Riho went for a flying stomp but Statlander moved. Statlander responded by rocking Riho with a series of clotheslines. Riho responded by catching Statlander with a hurricanrana. Riho made a comeback hitting a flying crossbody. Statlander caught Riho on the landing. Riho planted Statlander with a dragon suplex for two. Statlander moved as Riho charged into the turnbuckle. Statlander planted Riho with a stack powerbomb for two. Hathaway placed his chain in the ring. Hathaway stood on the ring apron. Hathaway distracted the referee. Statlander tossed the chain to the floor. Statlander planted Riho with a pair of wheelbarrow German suplexes. Riho responded by catching Statlander with a victory roll for the win.

WINNER: Riho in 9:50.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This wasn’t smooth as there was some sloppiness. This was still a good action packed match as both Riho and Statlander got a chance to shine. I liked the finish with Statlander refusing to cheat which cost her the match. Riho is very unique as she’s great at playing the underdog babyface. The problem is Riho comes and goes on AEW so it’s hard to get behind her. It’s also hard because the creativity in the Women’s division is still AEW’s biggest weakness.)

—They showed highlights of Toni Storm defeating Deonna Purrazzo to retain the AEW Women’s World Title at Revolution.

—Renee was backstage with “Timeless” Toni Storm, Luther and Mariah May who’s still dressed as classic Storm. Renee asked Storm about her win. The real Storm popped up behind May saying she fooled Renee like she did Purrazzo. She asked Renee what season is this? Renee said it’s almost spring. Storm told Renee “so you only look smart.” She said it’s award season. She said she will be presenting the Toni Awards. She handed May her first shirt. The shirt was May dressed up as classic Storm. She said she will be getting a cut. She said until then “Chin Up, Tits Out, Watch for the….” May interrupted saying shoe. Storm stopped May saying not yet. This was funny. [c]

—Renee was backstage with Stokely Hathaway and Willow Nightingale. Hathaway told Renee that Statlander was her favourite. Renee and Nightingale eyed each other. LOL! Hathaway said he hoped Statlander would take help from people who love her the most. Renee chimed in saying Nightingale will face Riho next week on Dynamite. Nightingale told Hathaway she wanted to do things her way. She said she wanted to be champion. She called out TBS Champion Julia Hart.

—Tony Schiavone stood inside the ring. Darby Allin came out to a big reaction. Darby was carrying the AEW Tag Team Title and Sting’s baseball bat. Schiavone brought up Darby’s match against Jay White at Big Business and then asked what’s next for him without Sting.

Darby recalled being homeless up the road in Atlanta to main eventing Revolution with Sting. He said he would stop at nothing to make sure Sting’s career ended with the respect it deserved. He said he was lacerated and tired. He said he will face Jay White next week. He said he will leave on March 27 to climb Mount Everest. His voice began to crack as he got emotional. He said there was no guarantee he would come back alive. He thanked everyone for giving him this dream. He said if next week is his last match. He said he’s gonna fight for his life. He turned his attention to the AEW Tag Team Title. He said there’s no better tag team partner than Sting. He placed the AEW Tag Team Title in the middle of the ring. He congratulated the next team that will win the titles. He went to leave the ring.

Jay White came out with Austin & Colten Gunn. They all headed to the ring. White congratulated Darby on the amazing night at Revolution. He said Darby showed the world he would sacrifice himself to make sure Sting retires a champion. He said he found it stupid when Darby leaped off the ladder and crashed through the glass. He said Sting had to fight The Young Bucks alone. He said Sting prevailed. White said Darby was by Sting’s side to enjoy the moment. He said Sting is gone and Darby is now alone. He said Darby was a lost puppy with no one to hold onto his leash. He spoke about Darby’s upcoming match with him. He said the match doesn’t have to happen. He said nobody would think less of him after what he’s been through physically, mentally and emotionally. He told Darby there are worse things that can happen than the scratches Darby suffered at Revolution. He said Darby could hang with the Bang Bang Scissor Gang. He said they can even call them Darby Scissorhand.

Darby asked White if he’s done? White said he’s done. Darby said White headlined the Tokyo Dome and won the IWGP World Heavyweight Title and then came to AEW. Darby asked White what has he done since coming to AEW? He said all White has done was carried a cardboard cutout. He said he doesn’t believe the White hype. He told White to face him alone. He whispered something into White’s ear. He pushed the bat into White’s check and neck. He said he would see White at Big Business.

(Amin’s Thoughts: The first part of the promo was tremendous. Darby Allin was awesome just speaking right from the heart. Darby came off as such a likeable babyface and someone who you really want to cheer for. Jay White’s delivery on the mic was great. I want to mention something about Darby’s comeback. Darby’s comeback at White was very much needed. He was basically calling out AEW’s creative team for squandering White since he came over. AEW has gotten into a really bad habit of leaning too much inside. The inside lines in the promos come off to some fans as “cool,” All it’s doing is telling everyone how bad AEW’s creative has been. It’s also showing that the people running the show (Tony Khan) aren’t that great a booker as they think they are.)

—TBS Champion Julia Hart was backstage with Skye Blue. Hart said it’s time to remind people who she is. She issued a challenge for Rampage.

—The House of Black were backstage. Buddy Matthews told Mark Briscoe they will fight fire with fire. He said they will set Briscoe a blaze. Brodie King spoke about the scare on his body from his history with the Briscoe Brothers. Malakia Black said they were the merciful House of Black will inflict on him. King asked Briscoe how many graves they should dig. The rest of House of Black left. Julia Hart sang a song.

—Renee interviewed Mark Briscoe backstage. Briscoe said he fears no man and fears no evil. He called all three members of House of Black alone. Jay Lethal appeared. He said it’s time he mans up and help his friend for over 20 years. Lethal said he got Briscoe’s back. Briscoe said not to bring Jeff Jarrett. Lethal told Briscoe to trust him. They bumped fists.

—Will Ospreay came out first to a big reaction. Don Callis joined commentary for the match.

(6) WILL OSPREAY vs. KYLE FLETCHER — Non-Title Match

Fletcher and Ospreay hugged before the match. Fletcher and Ospreay began with a nice counter exchange. Ospreay caught Fletcher with a running hurricanrana. Schiavone said he wasn’t sure if anyone was faster than Ospreay running the ropes. Schiavone clearly hasn’t seen Bron Breakker run the ropes. Both are great running the ropes. I wanted to say that so people online don’t get upset. Fletcher responded by whipping Ospreay into the turnbuckles. [c]

Ospreay caught Fletcher with a slingshot dive as they returned from break. Ospreay took the lead planting Fletcher with a backdrop suplex for a near fall. Fletcher responded by catching Ospreay with a half/half suplex. Fletcher planted Ospreay with a brainbuster for two. Fletcher and Ospreay exchanged huge chops. Ospreay placed his hands behind his back. Fletcher responded by nailing Ospreay with a superkick. Ospreay responded with a hook kick. Ospreay went for an OzCutter but Fletcher blocked. Ospreay reversed right into a DDT. Fletcher ducked the Hidden Blade as he catapulted Ospreay into the turnbuckle. Ospreay responded right back catching Fletcher with an OzCutter on the ring apron. [c]

Ospreay nailed Fletcher with a flip kick. Fletcher responded with a running kick. Fletcher went for a Tombstone but Ospreay reversed into a Poisonrana. Fletcher stopped Ospreay from climbing the ropes. Fletcher went for an avalanche Dragon suplex but Ospreay landed on his feet in an impressive spot. Ospreay caught Fletcher with a Liger Bomb for two. Ospreay called for Storm Breaker but Fletcher countered into a sit-out bomb for two. Fletcher planted Ospreay with a Last-Ride Powerbomb for two. Ospreay took a nasty bump on the landing.

Fletcher went for a turnbuckle brainbuster but Ospreay broke free. Ospreay nailed Fletcher with a Cheeky Nando Kick. Ospreay followed with a springboard Poisonrana. Ospreay just drilled Fletcher with a Hidden Blade but that was only good for a two count. Fletcher got back to his feet and rocked Ospreay with strikes. Ospreay caught Fletcher with a Spanish Fly for two. Ospreay delivered an OzCutter but Fletcher still kicked out. Ospreay called for Hidden Blade. Fletcher told him to hit him. Ospreay just drilled Fletcher with the Hidden Blade for the win.

WINNER: Will Ospreay in 19:10.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a really fun, action-packed match from start to finish. There might be some people who might complain about the near falls in the closing moments of this match. Ospreay wasn’t going to lose his first Dynamite match since being officially part of the roster. I’m guessing Ospreay thought he wanted to have a great match and show what his teammate Fletcher who was part of the United Empire can do. With that said, Fletcher was the second Ring of Honor champion to lose clean on the show. How could any fan have any interest in watching the upcoming ROH PPV when they just saw two champions lose on this show.)

—Ospreay and Fletcher hugged after the match. Bryan Danielson came out after the match. Danielson and Ospreay had a stare down. The show ended.

(Amin’s Thoughts: The angle between Ospreay and Danielson was a nice tease to let you know a match is coming.)


This was a fun episode of AEW Dynamite. The main event between Ospreay and Fletcher was easily the best match on the show. They’ve wasted no time announcing big title matches for upcoming shows. The biggest newsworthy moment was Okada joining The Elite. The problem in AEW hasn’t been the roster. They have lots of great wrestlers on the show. The problem lies with the show’s creative direction and the people running the show. Revolution was a really good PPV. This show felt like a good reset episode to get things back on track.

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