AEW COLLISION RESULTS (3/30): Copeland’s open challenge answered by familiar name, Danielson & Claudio & Shibata vs. Righteous & Archer, FTR vs. Infantry, Starks & Big Bill vs. Top Flight

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 30, 2024

Attendance: WrestleTix reported Friday that 3,859 tickets had been distributed; arena was set up for 4,276.

—Adam Copeland came out to a big reaction to start the show. Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness and Ian Ricabonni were on commentary. He read a sign that said this is Copeland Country. He asked if they could be here every night. The crowd chanted “Adam! Adam! Adam!” He said he closed the book on Christian Cage. He wanted to go back to the Cope Open. He said he’s now putting the TNT Title on the line. He said he’s here to fight. He wanted to know who would face him. The music played as Matt Cardona came out to a strong heel reaction.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a nice surprise seeing Matt Cardona accept the open challenge. Cardona has history with Copeland as he was a member of the Edge Heads from his time in WWE.)


Cardona and Copeland began with a nice counter exchange. Cardona took control stomping away at Copeland in the corner. Cardona whipped Copeland who slid underneath the ring. Cardona went after Copeland around the ring. Copeland took advantage, rocking Cardona with a lariat. Cardona responded by yanking Copeland in the eyes. Cardona took the lead running Copeland into the ring steps. [c]

Cardona yanked Copeland to the mat as they returned from break. Cardona and Copeland connected with stereo clothesline and stereo boots for a double down. Copeland made a comeback catching Cardona with a flying bulldog for two. Copeland planted Cardona with a reverse drop for two. Copeland chased Cardona around the ring. Cardona kicked the ropes against Copeland’s legs. Cardona connected with an Impaler DDT for a good two count.

Cardona called for the Rough Ryder but Copeland countered by hitting a Buckle Bomb. Copeland followed by hitting a sit-out powerbomb for two. Copeland called for the spear. Cardona intercepted by hitting the Rough Ryder for a good two count. Copeland caught Cardona charging with a spear for the win.

WINNER: Adam Copeland in 13:30 to retain the TNT Title

—The lights went out after the match. The lights turned on as Malakai Black entered the ring. Copeland had a surprised look. Black had mist coming down his mouth. Buddy Matthews appeared, attacking Copeland. The crowd cheered as Mark Briscoe ran down to make the save. House of Black got the numbers advantage. The crowd cheered as Eddie Kingston ran down to make the save. The lights went out. The lights turned on. House of Black left the ring.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a solid match. The crowd reaction for both Cardona and Copeland made this match more fun to watch. They gave Cardona some close near falls at the finish. A strong showing from Copeland as he looked good in the win. The post-match interaction between Copeland and Black was pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing Black challenge Copeland for the TNT Title. The involvement with Briscoe and Kingston is likely leading to a possible Trios match as well.)

—Lexi Nair was backstage FTR. Nair asked about FTR’s strategy entering the ring. Cash Wheeler said he doesn’t consider them favourites to win the tournament. He spoke about recently losing to Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli at Revolution. He said the strategy was not to look past The Infantry. Dax Harwood said the most impressive thing about March Madness is the Cinderella team. He said FTR has to win the tournament and become the first 3x AEW World Tag Team Champions.

—Tony Schiavone was inside the ring. Schiavone called out The Acclaimed who received a solid reaction. Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunns did some scissoring. Schiavone spoke about the split with the Bang Bang Scissor Gang. The crowd sang for Billy Gunn. He said he appreciates it but said Daddy Ass was pissed off. He was pissed off at Jay White. He said he can get past White hitting him with a chair. He said he can’t get past White coming into his house. He spoke about White bringing up when he sold out Madison Square Garden. He said he sold out Madison Square Garden so many times that he can’t remember. He said “Your A** Better Call Somebody!” The crowd cheered. A nice reference to the New Age Outlaws. He said White lost that match at MSG. He said White will lose next week. He challenged White to a match on Dynamite next week.

Max Caster said this message goes to Austin and Colten Gunn. He said if The Gunns believe in White they will stay in the back for the match on Dynamite. He said Acclaimed will stay in the back as well. He said there’s no way the “Twinkblade” beats Billy Gunn in a fight. He said that’s a mic drop. Bowens spoke next and said he was proven right that White is a coward. He said Bullet Club Gold entered Billy’s home. He said they ran like cowards when Billy entered the home. He said the demise of Bullet Club Gold begins next week. [c]

(Amin’s Thoughts: The Acclaimed act has cooled down. The crowd was into The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn but the reaction they got wasn’t anything to write home about. This was a nice welcoming change seeing The Acclaimed cut a more serious promo. Good stuff here setting up the Billy Gunn and Jay White match for Dynamite. They also teased The Acclaimed vs. Bullet Club Gold for the AEW World Trios Title which should be announced soon for the Dynasty PPV.)

(2) FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) vs. THE INFANTRY (Sean Dean & Charlie Bravo) — AEW World Tag Team Quarterfinal Match

FTR got a solid reaction. Trish Adora came out with The Infantry. Dean shined early, catching Wheeler with a pair of arm drags. Bravo and Dean rocking Harwood and Wheeler with dropkicks. Dean and Wheeler exchanged huge chops. Dean connected with a leaping elbow to Wheeler for two. Wheeler responded by catching Bravo with a powerslam. Harwood planted Bravo with a superplex. [c]

Dean caught Harwood and Wheeler with a tope con hilo as they returned from break. Bravo caught Harwood with a victory roll for two. Bravo caught Harwood with a flying crossbody for two. Harwood responded by planting Bravo with a powerbomb. Wheeler followed by hitting a German suplex. Harwood transitioned catching Bravo with a jackknife cover for two.

Bravo responded by catching Harwood with a neck breaker but Wheeler made the save. Bravo moved as Harwood knocked Wheeler off the ring apron. Bravo caught Harwood with a rollup for a close two count. There was a neat spot as Harwood backdropped Wheeler who landed on his feet. This led to Harwood and Wheeler delivering the Shatter Machine to Bravo for the win.

WINNERS: Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler in 12:20 to advance in the AEW World Tag Team Tournament.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a solid tag team match. The Infantry’s fluke win over House Of Black did nothing for them. They gave Infantry some close near falls teasing they could pull off the upset. I thought The Infantry came out much better in a loss against FTR. A strong showing from FTR as they looked good in the win.)

—Lexi Nair was backstage with Ricky Starks & Big Bill. Big Bill said they aren’t looking past Top Flight. He said he and Starks were one seed. He said Top Flight was a 16 seed. He said he and Starks are going to dance their way to become 2x AEW Tag Team Champions. Starks said after they beat Top Flight, they will next beat FTR. He said they will beat FTR again and prove they are the best tag team AEW has ever seen. He said he “Absolutely Guarantees it.” [c]

—Adam Copeland was backstage with Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe. He said him being TNT Champion makes him a marked man. He said he just finished with Christian. He said now House of Black was hopping into his business. He said he got the backup. He challenged them to a Trios Match at AEW Dynasty. Briscoe said Dynasty was going to be a big night. He turned his attention to Kingston and wanted to promise he would give him a dog fight for the ROH World Title at Supercard of Honor. He said there’s no respect for the House of Black. Kingston said after Dynamite they are going to spit blood and teeth.


Kyle O’Reilly received a solid reaction. Drake shined early, rocking O’Reilly with big chops. Drake rocked O’Reilly with a sliding boot for two. Drake went for a Vader Bomb but O’Reilly moved out of the way. O’Reilly battled back, rocking Drake with combination kicks. O’Reilly rocked Drake with a running kick for a two count. O’Reilly placed Drake in an arm bar for the submission win.

WINNER: Kyle O’Reilly in 2:30

—Roderick Strong, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett came out to celebrate after the match. Bennett and Taven lifted O’Reilly on their shoulders.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a quick showcase for O’Reilly as he looked great in the win. It’s really cool to see O’Reilly return back from injury and wrestling again. They are certainly teasing something between O’Reilly and Strong with the Undisputed Kingdom coming to celebrate after O’Reilly’s matches. The Undisputed Kingdom act is ice cold. A program with O’Reilly could be a way to heat Strong back up.)

—They aired a highlight package hyping Will Ospreay vs. Powerhouse Hobbs for Dynamite.

(4) RICKY STARKS & BIG BILL vs. TOP FLIGHT (Dante & Darius Martin) — AEW World Tag Team Quarterfinal Match

Darius caught Starks with a backslide for a near fall. Dante connected with a slingshot senton. Dante went for a cover but Starks grabbed the ropes. Starks tagged Big Bill into the match. Big Bill went for a big boot but Dante ducked. Dante and Darius connected with a double dropkick to Big Bill and Starks. Starks pulled on Dante’s leg. Big Bill took control rocking Dante with a big boot. [c]

Big Bill rocked Dante with a running splash as they returned from break. Dante moved as Big Bill crashed into the ring post. Dante caught Big Bill with a flying cannonball. Darius ran wild rocking Starks with strikes. Darius rocked Starks with a corner Pele Kick. Starks looked shaken up. Dante pulled the ropes down sending Big Bill to the floor. Dante rocked Big Bill with a superkick. Darius caught Starks charging with a headstand rollup which looked to be a three count. Some members in the crowd booed, as they thought it was three. Darius leaped off Dante delivering a DDT to Starks and pinned him for the win.

WINNERS: Dante & Darius Martin in 9:42 to advantage in the AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament

—Nigel on commentary said “Starks is out.” Starks theme music played. Dasha announced Top Flight as the winners after the match. Top Flight’s music played. Schiavone on commentary put over Top Flight win. Schiavone didn’t mention the referee or doctor was checking on Starks inside the ring.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fine tag team match. I’m really not sure what happened in the finish. It looked like they might have called an audible on the finish as Starks looked to be hurt. Hopefully, Starks’ injury isn’t serious. That’s probably why the finish felt flat as the crowd wasn’t expecting to see Top Flight win.)

—Christoper Daniels was backstage. He had his back turned to the camera. He dramatically turned around. This got zero reaction from the crowd. He spoke about being in AEW from day one. He said it’s about who you beat. He said Malakai Black likes jumping people from behind. He challenged Black to a match on Rampage.


Thunder Rosa got a solid reaction from the crowd. Frost and Rosa began with some mat wrestling. Schiavone on commentary while plugging upcoming dates for the AEW show. He kept mentioned throughout the show “Where the best wrestle.” That could be AEW’s new slogan. Rosa caught Frost with a springboard hurricanrana. Frost responded by catching Rosa with a rebound hurricanrana. Frost took control planting Rosa with a running blockbuster for two. Rosa stopped Frost rocking her with a lariat. Tony was going to throw too commercial. Nigel cut off Tony and threw too commercial. That was funny. [c]

Frost rocked Rosa with a high kick as they returned from break. Rosa made a comeback rocking Frost with a running dropkick for two. Frost responded by nailing Rosa with a heel kick. Frost caught Rosa with a cartwheel Air Raid Crash for two. There was a ‘Lady Frost” chant from the crowd. Frost went for a corkscrew kick but Rosa ducked. Rosa caught Frost with a back cracker. Rosa delivered theTijuana Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa in 8:50

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a good match. A nice showing from Frost as her move set looked rather impressive. This was another nice showing from Rosa who should be next in line to challenge for the AEW Women’s World Title after getting the win over Storm in a tag match a couple week’s back on Dynamite.)

—Renee Paquette was backstage with AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm, Mariah May and Luther. The screen was black and white. Renee said number one and number two will face each other next week on Dynamite for a chance at the AEW Women’s World Title. Storm responded saying “and?” Renee said it’s Thunder Rosa and Mariah May. Storm’s reaction changed. She looked over at May and asked is that the plan? She asked May if this is what she’s plotting. Storm grabbed May and kissed her on the lips. Storm called May “Magnificent Bastard!” Renee asked May her thoughts on facing Rosa. She said Rosa should’ve retired as champion. She said Rosa will never get to sniff this leather again. Storm did her catchphrase “Chin up, Tits Out and Watch For The Shoe.” Storm told May to mouth the words. They walked off.

—They aired an Will Ospreay highlight package. [c]


The crowd gave Danielson, Claudio and Shibata a great reaction. Archer and Shibata started the match exchanging strikes. Archer went for a sleeper but Shibata countered into a sleeper. Archer yanked Shibata off his back to break free. Dutch planted Claudio with a scoop slam. Claudio responded rocking Dutch with a flying shoulder tackle.The crowd popped as Claudio planted Dutch with a scoop slam. Danielson tagged in to a big reaction. Danielson rocked Dutch with kicks in the corner. Dutch responded, plowing through Danielson with a running splash. Danielson caught Dutch with a tope on the floor. Danielson rocked Archer with a flying knee strike on the floor. Vincent took advantage, running Danielson into the barricade. [c]

Dutch bit Danielson in the face as they returned from break. Danielson caught Dutch in a LeBell Lock but Archer made the save. Archer slammed Dutch onto Danielson. Archer launched Danielson as Dutch caught him with a Bossman Slam for two. Danielson responded by knocking Dutch off the ropes. Danielson rocked Dutch with a missile dropkick. Archer and Claudio exchanged clotheslines. Claudio rocked Archer with corner strikes. Claudio planted Archer with a running cutter. The crowd booed as Dutch and Vincent stopped the Giant Swing. Shibata rocked Dutch and Vincent with corner dropkicks. Claudio delivered the Giant Swing to Archer which got a big reaction.

Claudio placed Archer in a Sharpshooter but Dutch made the save. Shibata dumped Vincent onto Dutch on the floor. Archer planted Claudio with a spinning slam. Vincent followed by hitting a Swanton Bomb on Claudio for two. Claudio responded by planting Vincent with a suplex. Shibta tagged in rocking Vincent with a running boot. Shibata rocked Vincent with a corner dropkick. Shibata placed Vincent in a cross-arm breaker but Dutch made the save. Danielson rocked Dutcher with a Busaiku Knee. Shibata placed Vincent in a sleeper. Shibata had Vincent in place to deliver the PK for the win.

WINNERS: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli & Katsuyori Shibata in 16:55

—The crowd chanted for Shibata after the match. Claudio and Danielson showed Shibata respect after the match. Schiavone signed off the show saying “Where the best wrestle.” The show ended.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a very action packed match. Archer is a great wrestler but hasn’t done much recently on AEW. The Righteous are a lower level tag team. That didn’t take from Archer, Dutch and Vincent as they all had strong showings in the match. Danielson and Claudio are both tremendous wrestlers. It was nice to see Shibata get the win for his team after recently losing two big single matches to Danielson and Ospreay. Side note, I’m guessing they are building to match between Danielson and McGuinness for possibly All In. McGuinness has been going really hard playing heel on Danielson in his matches.)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The TNT Title open challenge between Copeland and Cardona was a fun match. The main event trios match was also a fun match. Overall, this was a fine episode of Collision. There were some good matches for you to enjoy. You probably wouldn’t have missed anything if you decided to skip out on this week’s episode of Collision.

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