TNA IMPACT TV RESULTS (4/4): Lilly’s report on Nemeth vs. Shelley, Brookside vs. Ash

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch Contributor


APRIL 4, 2024

-Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Video previewing tonight’s match between Nic Nemeth and Alex Shelley.

“Cross the Line” intro followed by an aerial shot of Philadelphia.

(1) MUSTAFA ALI vs. RHINO — Old School Rules match

Joe Watson (formerly of the Philadelphia Flyers) was shown at ringside. Rhino received a warm reception in the former home of ECW. Speaking of which, fans started an “ECW!” chant immediately. The action went to the floor early and they ran each other into the ringpost. Rhino threw weapons into the ring. Ali threw Watson’s book into a trash can. Watson laughed. Ali pulled out the giant cover of him on Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Rhino made a comeback. Rhino posed with the book and raised Watson’s hand.

The action finally returned to the ring. Ali went coast-to-coast and dropkicked a trash can into Rhino. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Ali charged Rhino, but Rhino sidestepped him and threw him into a trash can. Fans chanted for tables and Rhino brought one in. Rhino gave Ali a spinebuster. Rhino fought off Ali’s security guards. Rhino charged Ali, but Ali threw him through a table that was in the corner and got the pin.

WINNER: Mustafa Ali in 10:00.

Jake Something threw Ali back in the ring and destroyed the PWI cover. Jake went to powerbomb Ali, but a security member attacked Jake. Ali escaped and Jake powerbombed the security guy instead.

(D.L.’s Tale: A fun crowd. pleasing match for the Philadelphia fans. Good way to heat up the Ali/Jake match.)

-Wrestlers including Joe Hendry and Tasha Steelz commented on the Nemeth vs. Shelley “Generational Clash.” [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Hammerstone on the ramp. He said he wasn’t scared of Josh Alexander and had no reason to wrestle him. He said he would fight Alexander again, but this time things would be different. He said that he calls the shots and the match would happen at Rebellion. Hammerstone attacked a camera guy and put Alexander’s headgear on him. Hammerstone put him in the Torture Rack. Hammerstone posed with the headgear and left.

-The Rascalz walked to the ring. Trey Miguel said “Chicago!” then “New York City!” to boos. He insulted the crowd. He called themselves the best tag team in wrestling. The FBI came out. It was Little Guido with Zack Clayton and Ray Jaz.

(2) THE FBI (Zack Clayton & Ray Jaz w/Little Guido) vs. THE RASCALZ (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

Trey and Jaz started the mach. Jaz legdropped Trey. Clayton ran wild on the Rascalz. The FBI double teamed Wentz. Myron Reed sprayed painted Guido at ringside. The Rascalz used the distraction to get the advantage. Wentz dropkicked Jaz and Trey pinned Jaz.

WINNERS: The Rascalz in 3:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Not much to the match. Mainly a way to bring out an ECW favorite and to re-introduce Reed.)

-Kevin Knight talked about the Generational Clash. [c]

-A video aired that was titled “Part One: Lies.” There was a support group at a long table. Jonathan Gresham spoke and said he was doing better. He said that he realized if he wants to say something, he has to listen, and he has to wear the mask. Someone at the head of the table told him if you want to be honest, then you have to live a lie. He said they were done with lies. Then there was a brief montage of Gresham waking up and being outside.

-Gia Miller interviewed Speedball Mountain. The System interrupted and said they didn’t have what it took to win. Seven challenged Moose to a match.


Frankie insisted that ring announcer Jade Chung call him the King of TNA. Bey knocked Frankie to the floor. Bey went on the attack. Frankie made a comeback. Frankie threw Bey out of the ring. [c]

Bey gave Frankie a DDT for a two count. Frankie caught Bey with a cutter. Kazarian brought out a chain, but threw it to Ace, then fell down so that the referee would think that Ace used it. The referee threw out Ace from ringside. Bey did a dive on Frankie. Frankie kicked Bey low using the middle rope. Frankie hit Bey with the Fade To Black and got the pin.

WINNER: Frankie Kazarian in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Frankie’s win streak using underhanded means continues. ABC’s storyline continues.)

-Clip from Xplosion of Rosemary pinning Masha Slamovich, then Dani pinning Masha last week. Masha did a promo but was interrupted by Alisha Edwards. Alisha offered to be her tag team partner since Killer Kelly is gone and they have a title shot coming. Masha didn’t answer.

-Alex Shelley and Nic Nemeth were shown warming up. Josh Alexander and Speedball Mountain talked about the Generational Clash. [c]

-Promo video on the Kon vs. PCO feud, teasing a Monster’s Ball match next week.


Ash’s assistant brought her to the ring. He tried to get Xia to get out of the ring, but she didn’t. They argued about Ash’s injury at the start. Xia slapped her. Xia took Ash to the mat with a rana and a dropkick. Ash regrouped on the outside. They brawled at ringside. Xia argued with the assistant. Ash threw Xia into the steps. Back in the ring, Ash got a two count, then went on offense. Hannifan noted that they knew other and that Xia had looked up to Ash. Ash stomped Xia and got another two count.

Ash posed, which allowed Xia to make a comeback and get a two count. Ash clotheslined Xia and got more two counts. Fans chanted for Xia. Ash taunted and slapped Xia, then threw her out of the ring. Ash slid into Xia and did a cartwheel. Xia rolled out of the way of a Rarified Air, then made a comeback. Xia got a two count after a neckbreaker. The assistant threw a drink into Xia’s face while the referee was distracted. Ash rolled up Xia for the pin.

WINNER: Ash By Elegance in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: It was natural for Ash to win the first match of the feud. She was fine in her first non-squash in TNA. Xia was good as the underdog babyface.)

-Ace Austin apologized to Chris Bey and said that now they can re-focus on the tag team titles. Bey argued that he did the same thing that Ace did. First Class interrupted. AJ Francis asked if ABC had ever flown first class. Chris Bey challenged them to a match. AJ said they would regret this.

-Alex Shelley and Nic Nemeth were shown heading to the ring. [c]

-Clip of Steph DeLander winning the 8-4-1 match last week. Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardona and Steph DeLander. Matt said he already beat Jordynne Grace for gold, so now it’s Steph’s turn. Steph vowed to win the Knockouts title and solidify her spot in TNA. They ended by saying they are back.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt plugged matches for next week including:

*Contract signing with Jordynne Grace and Steph DeLander

*Crazzy Steve vs. Laredo Kid

-Alex Shelley and Nic Nemeth did their ring entrances. [c]


This was billed throughout the show as the Generational Clash. Fan support was split at the start. Nemeth took Shelley to the mat early. Hannifan talked about each wrestler’s accomplishments. Shelley sent Nemeth to the outside. [c]

Shelley did a baseball slide into Nemeth on the outside. Shelley sent Nemeth’s shoulder into the post. Shelley stomped Nemeth’s arm. Shelley worked on Nemeth’s arm and put him in a straightjacket hold. Shelley clotheslined Nemeth over the top rope and threw him into the ringpost again. Nemeth pulled Shelley into the ringpost. [c]

The action returned to the ring. Nemeth dropkicked Shelley. Shelley worked on Nemeth’s leg and put him in a figure four leglock. Nemeth reached the ropes to break the hold. Nemeth fought off Shelley and made a comeback. Nemeth gave Shelley a series of elbow drops. Shelley kicked him on the last one. Nemeth blocked the Border City Stretch. Shelley sent Nemeth into the middle turnbuckle. Shelley gave Nemeth a tornado DDT for a two count.

Shelley put Nemeth in the Border City Stretch. Nemeth reached the ropes to break the hold. Nemeth caught Shelley with a knee and rolled him up for a two count. Nemeth gave Shelley a DDT and got a two count. Nemeth superkicked Shelley and got a two count. They escaped each other’s finishers and exchanged two counts. Nemeth escaped the Shell Shock and hit the Danger Zone for the pin.

WINNER: Nic Nemeth in 26:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This was a really good match and the show-long hype gave it a sense of specialness. It started slow, but you could tell they were building to something.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really liked how they built up the main event throughout the show and got viewpoints from other wrestlers. So effective in making this match seem like a big deal. I think the Ash vs. Xia feud is off to a decent start and has potential. The nods to the old ECW (Rhino and Little Guido) were crowd-pleasing moments and managed to tie into current storylines.

Darrin Lilly is a Pro Wrestling Torch contributor who writes the weekly Impact Wrestling TV results and co-hosts the Impact Wrestling podcast for the site with John Laslo. You can find him on Instagram and Threads at dklstl or on You Tube at Darrin’s Wrestling World.

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