WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS (4/5): Keller’s report on start of WrestleMania XL weekend with Andre Battle Royal, Orton on The KO Show, Waller & Theory vs. Dunne & Bate, Jey Uso vs. Solo Sikoa

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


APRIL 5, 2024

Commentators: Corey Graves, Wade Barrett

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 15,687 tickets were distributed; arena set up for 16,909.



-A video package opened with scenes of Philadelphia and then participants in matches at WrestleMania and clips of the hype.

-Then as Corey Graves introduced the show, they aired an image of the host arena for Smackdown and the host stadium for WrestleMania next door.

-The KO Show: Kevin Owens made his ring entrance with the camera showing him from behind walking out and capturing the full arena in the background. Graves said Smackdown was sold out with 19,833 in attendance. They cut briefly to the Spanish announce team.

KO said every time he gets to share the ring with a legend like Randy Orton, it means a lot to him. He said he will share the ring with him at WrestleMania, but he’s also his guest tonight. He told fans to welcome Orton. Orton came out to his ring entrance.

Orton sat next to KO in a desk chair. KO thanked him for joining him. KO talked about their match at WrestleMania. He said they sit there united by their strong dislike for Logan Paul. He asked how repulsive he finds Logan. Orton said he’s an 11 on a scale of 10.

Logan then interrupted on the entrance screen. He was at the WrestleMania entrance set. He said they were playing in a little sandbox while he’s building empire. He predicted he’ll retain his title. They showed a wide shot of the stadium’s set-up. KO said the stadium is right across the street. Orton said they’re close and asked, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” KO said he is. They leaped over the barricade and walked up the steps. Greyson Waller and Austin Theory crawled out from under the ring. They chased after KO and Orton up the steps. “Did they miss their cue?” said Graves. “What is going on?” They cut to a break including a Hall of Fame commercial. [c]

-Orton hopped in a golf cart that KO was driving from the arena to the stadium. Theory and Waller chased after them on their feet.

-They cut to Graves and Wade Barrett at ringside. Barrett said Smackdown is turning into an episode of “The Benny Hill Show.” He added, “What a fiasco.”

(Keller’s Analysis: I don’t mind it, but Barrett is turning into the king of dated references among current announcers. I actually like this little skit. It incorporates the two venues which are next to each other and is a hook that will weave into future segments, and there’s nothing about it that doesn’t make sense. Logan’s trying to taunt his opponents, his foes are trying to chase him down, and Logan’s got two cohorts trying to stop them or sneak attack them.)


Many wrestlers were already in the ring. Ricochet got his own entrance. Then Omos made his entrance. The bell rang 21 minutes into the hour. Pretty Deadly tried to lift him as everyone else watched. Omos didn’t budge and then tossed out Kit Wilson. Elton Prince leaped over the top rope to eliminate himself. They scurried away.

Then everyone began fighting. Angelo Garza and Humberto Carrillo were eliminated by Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde. Cameron Grimes was eliminated next. Jinder Mahal was tossed out by Luke Gallows. Apollo Crews was eliminated next. The Creeds eliminated Indus Sher at the same time. Omos lifted J.D. McDonagh high and slammed him hard. Barrett emphasized that Omos was the clear favorite. They cut to a break at 2:30. [c]

Back from the break, Wilde was eliminated followed by Cedric. Ivar tossed Ashante “Thee” Adonis. Otis, Ivar, and Bronson Reed stared at each other and then battled. Reed caught Ricochet mid-air, but Ricochet avoided elimination by landing on the ring apron. McDonagh yanked Ricochet off the ring apron to the floor to eliminate him. Tozawa eliminated McDonagh seconds later. He tore openhis t-shirt, but Ivar and Reed sandwiched him. Otis tore off his t-shirt and played to the crowd. He did his Caterpillar onto Reed, but Ivar then eliminated him.

Ivar then pressed and tossed Tozawa over the top rope toward Otis, but Tozawa overshot Ivar and landed rough. Two referees rushed over to check on him. Barrett said they need an ambulance in a storyline-tone. Ivar and Reed battled next. Ivar took Reed down with a spin wheel kick. He followed with a top rope moonsault, but Reed moved. Reed landed a Rolling Thunder and eliminated Ivar to win.

WINNER: Bronson Reed in 10:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: It felt like a battle royal on fast-forward, and there wasn’t a lull in the action. Interesting choice to give Reed the win. He seems to be hovering in the top of the second tier of the roster and I suppose this adds a little bit to that so he doesn’t just seem like a mid-card gate keeper.)

-Clips aired of Cody Rhodes taking a beating at the hands of The Bloodline on Raw earlier this week.

-They cut The Usos walking in the parking lot outside the arena earlier. Then they showed Logan smiling backstage live at Wells Fargo Center, so he left the stadium when KO and Orton went looking for him. [c]

-A vignette aired with Karrion Kross talking about The Final Testament’s match at WrestleMania. Lots of special effects and camera cuts and grinding music as he yelled.

-Logan made his entrance. Graves said, “The Maverick keeps everybody guessing.” Barrett said he outsmarted Orton and KO, “which has been a running theme the past couple of months.” Logan said good evening to the people of South Jersey. He said he was just told he’s actually in Philadelphia, which he said is equally trashy. He said when he looks around, all he sees are idiots. He said they’re dummies so it makes sense they’d cheer for dummies like Orton and Owens.

He insulted Orton and Owens. He said he still has eyes on the scene at the stadium next door. Theory and Waller showed up on the stage. They were looking everywhere for KO and Orton. Waller said they’re 99 percent sure they’re not at the stadium any more. Orton and KO then showed up behind Logan. Logan’s jaw dropped and he tried to run. Owens cut him off and then gave him a Stunner in the ring. Orton stood over him as fans chanted “RKO!” Orton delivered an RKO. Graves said he doesn’t expect teamwork with Orton and KO at WrestleMania, but Logan is still in trouble.

-They cut backstage where Carlito was standing over Dragon Lee who was down from an apparent attack. Rey Mysteiro, Zelina Vega, and Nick Aldis arrived, looking concerned.

-Elektra Lopez made her entrance with Santos Escobar. They turned around and out walked Dominik Mysterio and Andrade. Graves said this would be Elektra’s in-ring debut on Smackdown. Rey and Zelina were already in the ring. [c]


The match was joined in progress 50 minutes into the hour. Elektra caught Vega mid-air and slammed her to the mat for a two count. Vega knocked Elektra off the second rope with a 619 followed by a DDT. Dominik distracted the ref as she had Elektra covered. Zelina punched Dom, which popped the crowd. Elektra then sitout powerslammed Zelina for the win.

WINNER: Elektra in 3:00.

-Afterward, Rey checked on Zelina. Dom and Escobar attacked Rey as Andrade watched. Andrade then attacked Dom and Escobar. Andrade played to a cheering crowd.

(Keller’s Analysis: So it now appears Dragon being included in the WM match seemingly out of nowhere was actually a set up for him to be knocked out and replaced by Andrade. I had thought maybe Carlito attacked him off-camera, and that’s still possible, but it looks like Andrade will replace him.) [c]

-Graves hyped the WrestleMania Countdown show. Then he touted the sellout crowd and said it was the 14th consecutive TV sellout.
“We’re just getting warmed up,” he said.


-Naomi and Bianca Belair made their ring entrance together. A sponsored highlight package aired on Jade Cargill with them on Smackdown last Friday. Belair said she has a long history with Damage CTRL. She said she has been fighting with them for two years and it got exhausting to the point she wanted to give up. She said Naomi then showed up and reminded her what she was fighting for in the first place. Belair said Damage CTRL were on top so long, they got cocky, and the last thing they expected was somebody else to show up – Jade Cargill. Jade then made her grand ring entrance. Jade stood with Naomi and Belair. Jade told Damage CTRL they’re now in the eye of the storm. They pointed at the WrestleMania sign together.

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid enough segment re-stating the stakes and giving all three some time to talk.)

-Jey Uso cut a high energy promo backstage about facing Solo Sikoa later. He told the crowd to say “Yeet!” if they want to see him beat Solo.

-New Catch Republic made their entrance. [c]

-Graves hyped Clash at the Castle coming to Glasgow, Scotland on June 15 along with Smackdown the night before.

-A referee informed Rey Mysterio, Zelina, and Andrade that Dragon Lee won’t be cleared for WrestleMania. Zelina told Rey he can’t take then on alone. Andrade offered to be his partner. Carlito walked in and asked if Rey heard. Rey updated him. Carlito seemed enthusiastic about Andrade stepping up.

(Keller’s Analysis: Zelina’s acting was crazy over-the-top.)


The bell rang 14 minutes into the hour. They cut to a break at 2:00 after Waller leaped off the top turnbuckle and landed a DDT on Bate. [c]

At 6:00, Theory broke up Dunne attempt to snap Waller’s fingers. Waller then went after Bate at ringside. Dunne and Bate gave Waller the Burning Hammer seconds later for the win.

WINNERS: Dunne & Bate in 7:00.

-Afterward, The Judgment Day charged into the ring and attacked Dunne and Bate. They also went after Waller and Theory with their signature moves. Barrett said they are a well-oiled machine peaking at the right time.

-A video package aired with Bayley discussing the history of Damage CTRL, why she formed it, how it changed over time with the arrival of Kairi Sane, and eventually how they turned on her.

-They went backstage where Jimmy Uso was giving Solo Sikoa a pep talk as he taped his wrist. [c]

-L.A. Knight made his ring entrance. An “L.A. Knight!” chant rang out. He addressed A.J. Styles. Boos rang out. Knight seemed to accidentally swallow his gum mid-sentence. That was quite the facial expression. Graves said you shouldn’t chew gum and talk at the same time. He said all Styles has been doing since he got back is cry about him. He said he should be thanking him because he “actually makes you interesting.” He said the whole damn world will learn whose game it is.

(Keller’s Analysis: Basic stuff from Knight that shows off his catch phrases and overall charisma and talking ability.)

-A vignette aired with Bobby Lashley, B-Fab, and The Street Profits hyping their match against The Final Testament.

-Jey Uso made his entrance. [c]

-A collage of headlines from corporate media websites touting WrestleMania XL were shown. Graves and Barrett then ran through the line-up for each night.


The bell rang 46 minutes into the hour. Jey offered a handshake. Solo wanted none of it and swung at Jey. Jey blocked it and went on an early flurry. He ducked a charging Solo, who spilled to the floor. When Jey went for a dive through the ropes, Solo punched him. He then slammed him on the ring apron. They cut to an early break at 1:00. [c]

Jey made a comeback after blocking a Samoan Spike. He landed two superkicks and a spear. When he leaped off the top rope with a frog splash, Jimmy Uso ran in and attacked Jey. The ref called for the bell.

WINNER: Jey via DQ in 6:00.

-As Jimmy attacked Jey, Graves said it was a WrestleMania preview. Fans chanted “Cody! Cody!” Sure enough, Cody ran out along with Seth Rollins. They went on the attack on Solo and Jimmy. Cody gave Solo a Cody Cutter. Seth and Cody looked into the crowd. Cody pulled off his belt and whipped Solo, who rolled out of the ring. Jey threw Jimmy back into the ring. Cody gave Jimmy a Crossroads. Seth then whipped Jimmy with the belt as fans sang his song. Jey then landed a frog splash on Jimmy.

Cody held the mic and said: “Forty years of WrestleMania, can you feel that?” he asked the crowd. He talked about the tag match against The Rock & Roman Reigns. He said they’d slap The Final Boss so hard that his ego lifts out of his body and he remembers what it’s like to be The People’s Champion. He said then on Sunday, he will dethrone The Tribal Chief. He said he is fighting for everyone moment that has defined him and for every fan who believed him and everyone who dreamed out in the open. He said when one good story ends, an even better one begins. He threw down the mic. Seth said Cody knows the stakes and it all begins tomorrow. Cody’s music played as the show ended.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m glad Cody was given a chance to cut one final promo and appear on the show so it didn’t feel like too much of a phoned in, throwaway filler episode of Smackdown without top star power other than the women’s in-ring segment. Cody got right to the key points and had a couple good lines about Rock and the transition from Reigns to him.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, not a blockbuster Smackdown, but it had some newsworthy developments outside of the main event feuds such as Andrade’s babyface turn and a change in that tag match. It covered enough bases to provide a solid overview and primer for this weekend.


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