NJPW Windy City Riot PPV results: Radican’s report on Umino vs. Perry, Riddle vs. Sabre, Nemeth vs. Ishii, Naito vs. Moxley

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist


APRIL 12, 2024

Commentary: Veda Scott, Walker Stewart, Chris Charlton

Ren Narita came out as Walker Stewart set the table for the show. Chris Charlton said fans must be excited to see House of Torture kicking things off. Minoru Suzuki was out next and Stewart said he took great offense to Narita being a part of house of torture after Suzuki served as a mentor for him. Suzuki came out to a good ovation from the audience.


The crowd was hot for the start, as Suzuki charged right at Narita and took the attack to him on the floor. Narita fired back on the floor and the fans booed. Suzuki got the choke inside the ring and took Narita down to the mat with his legs hooked in. Narita struggled to the ropes, but he couldn’t get there. The ref checked his arm and Narita fired up and got to the ropes and the fans booed. Narita was bleeding from the nose. He turned the tables on Suzuki with a guillotine. He then wedged a chair between the turnbuckles. This allowed Suzuki to get the upper hand. Suzuki went for the chair and the ref tried to take it from him. This allowed Narita to hit Suzuki with the push up bar. He then hit the Double Cross and it was good for the win. The fans were NOT happy about this.

WINNER: Ren Narita in 8:00. (***¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good opener to kick off the show.)

Suzuki tried to run back into the ring after the match, but he was held back. Suzuki let and shoved a Young Lion into the guard rail. Narita posed in the ring and the fans booed.

(2) STEPHANIE VAQUER vs. AZM – NJPW Strong Women’s Championship match 

The bell rang and Vaquer played to the crowd for cheers before locking up with Azm. Vaquer went for a bridging pinning combination, but Azm kicked out quickly. They went to an exchange off the ropes and Azm hit a PK and then a running kick and the fans applauded. Vaquer got the upper hand and hit Alex Shelly’s Skull F—-er for a two count. Azm ducked a clothesline and hit a suplex. Vaquer ended up hanging Azm’s leg on the rope and then she hit a dragon screw and Azm spilled to the floor.

Vaquer went for a kick from the apron, but Azm ducked and tripped her to the floor. Azm then went up to the second turnbuckle and hit a double stomp to the floor and the crowd applauded at the 5 minute mark. Azm seemed to be a little bit slowed by the attack on her knee, but she managed to hit a missile dropkick. She then began working over Vaquer’s arm on the mat. They went back and forth and Vaquer capped the sequence with a back suplex and both women were down.

They got to their knees and began trading blows. Vaquer took control and hit a suplex for a two count. Azm hit a superplex and a double stomp, but Vaquer kicked out! Vaquer countered Azm coming off the ropes and caught her with a backbreaker for the win.

WINNER: Stephanie Vaquer in 11:00 to retain the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a really good back and forth contest. A nice matchup of Azm’s speed for Vaquer’s power. They did some spectacular stuff during the match, so the back breaker finish felt a bit abrupt.)

Alex Windsor came down to the ring after the match. Windsor said she had conquered Europe and Japan. She said it wouldn’t stop here. Windsor challenged Vaquer to a match on May 11 at Resurgence. Vaquer accepted her challenge.

(3) G.O.D. (ELP & Hikuleo) vs. No Filthy Days Off (Tom Lawlor & Fred Rosser) vs. WCWC (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson vs. TMDK (Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls) – Strong Openweight Tag Team Championship Four Way match 

Anyone can tag anyone in this match. Isaacs and Lawlor ended up as the legal men, but ELP tagged himself into the match. The fans booed after being denied the chance to see the members of Team Filthy collide in the ring. Hikuleo set up for a double chokeslam on WCWC, but they broke it up. He wiped them out with a double clothesline a short time later. TMDK ran into the ring and wiped out Hikuleo with a tandem suplex.

Hikuleo wiped out a stereo submission on TMDK and then wiped out Team Filthy with a double Godsend. Nelson ended up alone in the ring with G.O.D, but Isaacs tripped ELP. Hikuleo got sent to the floor and ELP took a combination of moves from WCWC, but Lawlor broke up the pin. Isaacs screamed at Lawlor and the fans chanted “this is awesome.” Rosser got into the ring and No Filthy Days Off traded blows with WCWC. Lawlor and Rosser got the upper hand, but ended up accidentally colliding when they went for a double forearm on Rosser. ELP hit Sudden Death on Nelson. Hikuleo then hit Godsend on him. Haste made a blind tag on ELP and he connected with a big splash off Hikuleo’s back. He then tossed ELP to the floor and made the cover for the win.

WINNERS: Mikey Nicholls & Shane Haste in 10:00 to become the new Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions. (***1/2)

After the match, WCWC put the boots to Rosser and Lawlor. I guess this is the end of Team Filthy here. Isaacs hit a big piledriver on Lawlor. Nelson then dropped an elbow on him and the fans booed. Nelson got a pair of scissors and cut Lawlor’s hair. The fans booed. Rosser was still down on the outside. WCWC cut Lawlor’s hair right down the middle.

(Radican’s Analysis: This was all action from bell-to-bell. TMDK’s win was overshadowed by the post-match beatdown of No Filthy Days Off.)


The fans sang oh cry me a river at Perry. Perry got a front face lock on Umino just like Punk got on him at All In backstage. The fans chanted you got choked out loudly and a small position chanted no you didn’t. Umino got the upper hand, but Perry raked his back. Umino tripped Perry into the ropes. He then hit a DDT on Perry through the ropes and he connected head-first at a high-angle with the apron. They jockeyed for position and Perry grabbed the ref and hit a low blow. Perry then hit a draping DDT off the apron to the floor.

Perry jawed with the fans from the apron with Umino down in the middle of the ring a short time later. The fans booed Perry, as he took a ton of time before he went to Umino and hit him with a light kick to the head. They traded blows and Perry spit in Umino’s face. Perry smiled and Umino got right in his face and nailed him with a forearm. The crowd did the yay vs. boo chant for the back and forth punch battle. Umino told Perry to bring it at the ten minute mark. Perry slapped him in the face, but Umino caught him with a dropkick. Umino hit his knee strike/neck breaker combination for a two count.

Umino waited for Perry to stand up. Perry slipped out of a Death Rider attempt. He hit a superkick and a poison rana, but Umino popped right up only to take an Unprettier a short time later for a near fall. Perry measured Umino and hit a Glass Jaw for a near fall. The fans chanted for a GTS. Perry hit Punk’s running knee in the corner and signaled for the GTS. The fans booed and cheered. Perry flipped the fans off and went for a GTS, but Umino turned it into a DDT! Shoto hit a Hidden Blade to Perry’s neck and then hit the Death Rider for the win.

WINNER: Shota Umino in 15:00. (****¼)

(Radican’s Analysis: Perry was so great here playing to the crowd. The crowd went nuts down the stretch, as Perry teased using Punk’s signature maneuvers late in the match. Umino had a really good performance here, as he showed great fire during Perry’s heel performance throughout the match.)

Umino and Perry went face-to-face after the match> Perry offered Umino a handshake and a hug. He raised Umino’s hand and then flipped off the crowd.

An ad played for NJPW’s Resurgence PPV in California next month.

Hiromu Takahashi came out with his cat, who was back from an excursion in Mexico. Daryl had a 12 pack and was no longer fat.


They had a fast exchange during the early going and came to a stalemate, which drew applause from the fans. Takahashi put Daryl in the ring, so he could take on Ali. The fans chanted for Daryl. Daryl became unmasked and Takahashi eventually threw him at Ali before nailing him with a dropkick. Ali baited Takahashi into chasing him. He eventually caught him sliding under the ropes and turned it into a draping DDT to the floor. The announcers mentioned that Ali had been winning matches in TNA using nefarious tactics recently. He’s the current X Division Champion there.

Takahashi ducked a charge in the corner. Ali went to the floor and Takahashi wiped him out with a running dropkick off the apron. He tossed Ali back into the ring and continued to work him over. The announcers wondered if a win here would get Takahashi a shot at the X Division title. He tossed Ali into the ropes, but once again Ali targeted his neck and hit a neck breaker. They went up top and Ali moonsaulted to the floor to avoid an attack from Takahashi on the apron. A short time later, Takahashi ended up on the floor and Ali wiped him out with a dive.

Ali went for a 450, but missed. Takahashi eventually ducked a charge and sent Ali flying into the corner. Ali came up bleeding as a result of colliding with the barricade when he hit a dive. They battled up top. Takahashi got shoved off, but Ali came off the top as he charged at him and hit a sunset bomb! He then hit a 450 for the win. That was an insane finish.

WINNER: Mustafa Ali in 15:00. (***¾)

(Radican’s Analysis: They did a decent amount of comedy during the early stages of the match with Daryl, but then the match really got going late and Ali ended up busted open after hitting his head on the guardrail going for a dive. The finishing sequence with Ali hitting a sunset bomb out of the corner as Takahashi charged at him and then the 450 was crazy.)

Ali wanted a handshake after. He eventually got Daryl and put him on top of Takahashi and shook Daryl’s hand.

The next match features Eddie Kingston vs. Gabe Kidd in a 8 Man Tag. The members of both teams are a mystery. The match features no count out, no DQ.

Gabe Kidd was out first. His Partners are Clark Connors, Kenta, and David Finlay. Eddie Kingston was out next. He brought out United Empire members Jeff Cobb and TJP, who have been feuding with the War Dogs. He then brought out Homicide as his final partner.

(6) BULLET CLUB WAR DOGS (Gabe Kidd & Clark Connors & Kenta & David Finlay) – Riot Rules Tag match vs. HOMICIDE & EDDIE KINGSTON & TJP & JEFF COBB – Riot Rules Tag match

Kingston and his partners brought weapons down to the ring. They all brawled at ringside. Both teams brawled inside and outside of the ring. TJP choked Finlay with a kendo stick on the floor, but Kenta saved him. Kenta got the stick and attacked TJP with it. Kingston crotched Connors on the guardrail and clotheslined him to the floor. Connors returned the favor a short time later and crotched Kingston on the guardrail.

It is fairly dark on the outside and it is hard to see what’s going on when wrestlers go into the crowd. Homicide went for a tornado DDT out of the corner, but Kidd countered it and hit a clothesline. Kidd did the Terry Funk spinning ladder spot only for Cobb to run up behind him and hit a German. Connors wrapped barbedwire around his head and headbutted TJP and the fans gasped. TJP fired back and hit Connors with the mist. Connors ended up alone in the ring and Homicide went after him with his fork.

The tide turned and Kenta set up for a GTS on Cobb, but he slipped out. Kenta hit a right hand, but Cobb wiped him out with a clothesline. TJP went up top for a frog splash, but Kenta got out of the way and hit a GTS. Cobb then wiped him out with a running splash. The action was going at a rapid pace and Kingston sent several men packing with his kendo stick. Kidd and Kingtson ended up alone in the ring and the fans really fired up. They began trading blows, but Kidd bit at Kingston’s head. The fans booed Kidd. Kingston caught Kidd charging at him and hit an exploder through a table set up in the corner. The fans chanted for Kingston.

Kingston set up for a backfist with the barbed wire, but several War Dogs cut him off. Finlay got a chain and wrapped it around Kingston’s mouth. Homicide ran into the ring to try to make the save for Kingston. He caught Kidd with an Ace Crusher. Homicide set up for a Cop Killa on Kidd, but FInlay cut him off. Kidd then choked Homicide before hitting him with a DDT for the win. Kingston was forced to watch with a chain wrapped around his mouth.

WINNERS: Bullet Club War Dogs in 18:00. (***)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was good once the focus of the action got into the ring. The first two thirds of the match were difficult to track with wrestlers brawling all over the place in dark locations.)

War Dogs attacked their opponents after the match. Several officials ran down to break it up.

Kingston got on the mic and called Kidd a twat and a bitch. He challenged Kidd to a No Ropes Last Man Standing match on May 11 at Resurgence. Both teams then began brawling again, as officials tried to break them apart. Kingston got the mic and said he was going to “kill that motherf—-er.”

(7) MATT RIDDLE vs. ZACK SABRE Jr. – NJPW World TV Championship match 

Sabre went for a leg submission during the early going, but Riddle fought it off. Both men went for leg submissions on the mat at the same time and came to a stalemate once again. Riddle got on track with a gut wrench suplex and the fans booed. Riddle went for a senton, but Sabre turned it into a Fujiwara arm bar. Riddle quickly got to the ropes.

Sabre blocked a kick and slammed Riddle’s leg down into the mat. He then began going after Riddle’s toes and he screamed in pain as the fans cheered. Riddle fired back and came off the top, but Sabre caught him and grabbed a STF. Riddle was right in the ropes and Sabre had to let it go quickly. Riddle hit a senton. He went for a moonsault and Sabre moved. Riddle landed on his feet. Sabre got a triangle, but Riddle slammed him to the mat to break free. He then hit a knee to Sabre’s head for a near fall.

Sabre tricked Riddle with a misdirection and hit a tornado DDT. He held on with the front facelock. Riddle got to his feet again, but Sabre slipped behind him. Riddle shook Sabre off and went for an arm bar, but Sabre blocked it. Riddle got on top of Sabre and tried to slam him, but Sabre slipped out and hit a Zack Driver for a near fall at the 10 minute mark.

Riddle hit a PK and grabbed a half crab. Riddle shook off a Pele kick to his arm and hit a moonsault off the top for a nearfall. Riddle and Sabre went at it trading blows with three minutes left. Sabre caught a blow to the head and went down. Riddle hit a ripchord knee strike. He went for the Brostone, but Sabre countered it and got the Euro Clutch for a nearfall. Sabre charged at Riddle, but ate a knee with two minutes left in the time limit. Sabre suddenly caught Riddle with a modified crucifix pin for the win.

WINNER: Zack Sabre Jr. to become the new NJPW World TV Champion in 13:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: Great action bell-to-bell. This time it was Sabre eeking out a win with a pinning combination as the 15 minute time limit was nearing expiration).

Sabre got on the mic. He said he’s got his sights on the IWGP World Hvt. Championship, but he wanted his NJPW World TV Title back. Sabre said he would be defending this title in the U.S. very soon. Sabre was about to leave when Jeff Cobb made his way down to the ring.

Charlton mentioned that Cobb pushed Sabre the furthest when he was previously the TV champion when they went to a draw. They shook hands and the fans applauded. Sabre went for a Zack Driver, but Cobb blocked it. They struggled and Sabre bailed to the floor. Sabre got on the mic and asked for his title back. He said he’d give Cobb a match sometime. Cobb gave Sabre his title back and he left.

A video package aired for the Capital Collision PPV on Aug. 30 in Washington, D.C.

(8) IWGP Global Hvt. Champion NIC NEMETH vs. TOMOHIRO ISHII – non-title match 

Stewart said Tanahashi is next in line for a shot at Nemeth’s title, but a win here could potentially put Ishii second in line. Nemeth hit a series of elbows on Ishii for a two count. Ishii got up and shook off several blows from Nemeth before decking him with a forearm. Ishii had the upper hand, but Nemeth countered him and hit an olympic slam and both men were down. Nemeth caught Ishii with a satellite DDT for a near fall.

Ishii sold his head as Nemeth regrouped. Ishii fired up and headbutted the corner turnbuckle. He went for a lariat, but Nemeth ducked and hit a Fameasser for a two count. Nemeth fired up and ran at Ishii, but Ishii wiped him out with a lariat. Nemeth ducked a sliding lariat, but Ishii blocked a kick and hit an enzuguri. Ishii went for another sliding lariat and connected for a two count. Nemeth caught Ishii with a superkick for a near fall and the fans gasped.

Ishii hit a lariat, but Nemeth kicked out at one. Nemeth hit Ishii with a superkick and he kicked out at one. He got up and staggered before going down. The fans fired up with both men down on the mat. They went back and forth and Ishii hit a jumping headbutt for a two count. Ishii and Nemeth traded counters. Nemeth blocked a punch and turned it into the Danger Zone (Zig Zag) for the win.

WINNER: Nick Nemeth in 14:00. (***½)

(Radican’s Analysis: This was a very good match. The crowd wasn’t as into it as they were other matches on the card. It seemed like it was a given Nemeth was going to win given he’s got a match coming against Tanahashi for the IWGP Global Hvt. Championship. This built up nicely down the stretch with the finishing sequence being the highlight of the match.)

Jon Moxley was out first for the main event. He made his entrance through the crowd. Tetsuya Naito was out next to a good reaction from the fans in Chicago.

Naito took a long time to take off his entrance attire once he got into the ring. Stewart mentioned the attendance was 6,028 for the PPV.

(9) TETSUYA NAITO vs. JON MOXLEY – IWGP World Hvt. Championship match 

Moxley took control on the floor early. He tossed Naito back into the ring and hit a piledriver for a two count. Moxley worked a cloverleaf submission before transitioning it into a modified STF. Naito absorbed a big kick and sat up and smiled from the seated position. Moxley went for another kick, but Naito blocked it. They went back and forth and Moxley hit a suplex for a two count to maintain the upper hand.

Naito mounted a comeback and sent Moxley to the mat before hitting a running kick off the ropes to his back. Moxley denied Naito’s combination in the corner, so Naito hit a neck breaker instead. They traded blows on the apron and Moxley eventually hit a big DDT on the apron. Moxley set up for a dive, but Naito nailed him with a chairshot. They ended up back on the apron and Naito hit a neck breaker.

Moxley came up bleeding on the floor and he barely beat the 20 count. He connected with a desperation lariat a short time later and both men were down on the mat. Moxley got up and screamed. He said, “not tonight!” Both men began trading blows in the middle of the ring. Moxley told Naito to bring it, so Naito spit in his face. The pace picked up and Moxley hit a flurry of punches. Moxley got a sleeper, but Naito drove him into the corner. Moxley fired up and hit a curb stomp for two count.

Moxley got a rear-naked choke a short time later. Moxley was leaking blood at this point. Naito struggled to his feet and freed himself. He got a victory roll for a 2 count. Naito hit several short elbows to Moxley’s head. He went for Destino, but Moxley blocked it and hit a cutter. He then hit a Death Rider, but Naito kicked out at the last second! WOW! The fans chanted for Naito. They then chanted for Moxley.

Naito caught Moxley by surprise with a Destino. MOxley kicked out at the last second. Moxley blocked a second Destino and went for a second Death Rider and connected, but Naito kicked out at the very last second! Moxley lifted up Naito and hit a big lariat at the 20 minute mark. Naito kicked out at one! Moxley hit him with a THIRD Death Rider and it was good for the win. WOW!

WINNER: Jon Moxley to become the new IWGP World Hvt. Champion in 21:00. (****½)

(Radican’s Analysis: The match started slowly, but it really picked up after Naito nailed Moxley with a chair shot about halfway through the match. Naito worked over Moxley’s neck throughout the match, but in the end Moxley hit three Death Riders for the surprising victory)

The fans loudly chanted for Moxley as Naito was helped to the back. Moxley did several pushups in the middle of the ring. The fans continued to chant Moxley’s name. Moxley got a mic and the fans chanted you deserve it. Moxley got on the mic and said this was a treat for anyone that might not get a chance to see an authentic NJPW show across the ocean.

Moxley said he’s wrestled in every building in Chicago, but the people in this building have made it extra special. Moxley said he’s stepped to the top fo NJPW in front of the great fans in Chicago. The fans chanted for Moxley. He said he has a message for everyone in NJPW.

He said he calls the shots and he’s going to pick who he faces first. Moxley said he’s not going to run and hide from the young hungry lions. He said he’s not going to be scared of the hungriest players in the game. Moxley then said, “This will be your final exam, Shota.”

Ren Narita then appeared and hit Moxley with his push up bar. The fans booed. Narita said, “No, no, no. I next challenger.” Umino came down to the ring to chase Narita away. Moxley got on the mic and said Narita just graduated from being a young boy to being a dead man. Umino helped Moxley after the ring.

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