AEW RAMPAGE RESULTS (5/11): Pac vs. Johnny TV, Trent Beretta vs. Dalton Casle, Deonna Purrazzo vs. Lady Frost

By Patrick Moynahan, PWTorch contributor


MAY 11, 2024

Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, Matt Menard

Ring announcer: Bobby Cruise

– We were welcomed to Rampage by Tony and Nigel right from the end of Collision. Adam Copeland and Kyle O’Reilly embraced in the center of the ring after their hard-fought battle in Collision’s main event. The two raised one another’s hands, and as O’Reilly tried to pull away, Copeland wouldn’t let him at first, before acting strange and finally leaving the ring.

– Lexy Nair was backstage waiting for Claudio Castagnoli, who arrived as he was about to leave the arena. Lexy asked Claudio why he left the ring as Bryan Danielson was speaking to the crowd on Collision. Claudio explained that the last time Danielson fought in an Anarchy in the Arena match, it was nearly the end of his career. He said he knew how important it is for Danielson to end his career the way he wants, but Claudio says he wants nothing to do with this match, and won’t be there for Danielson.


Castle took Trent down by the leg but Trent got to the ropes for the break. Castle followed up with a gutwrench and threw down Trent to the mat. Trent went to the top rope but Castle kicked him off, then hit a running knee from the apron. Castle had the upper hand as both men fought to the apron. Trent tried fighting off, then hit a DDT on the apron. [c]

Both men hit one another with a clothesline. Castle got up first and took down Trent with a series of suplexes to rile up the crowd. Castle went for a cover but could only manage a two count. Trent nailed Castle with a piledriver for two. Trent went for a swinging DDT but Castle stopped him and threw Trent across the ring. Trent went outside, and Castle followed. Trent immediately went for Castle’s eyes before taking him face-first into the bottom turnbuckle.

Trent followed up with the running knee strike, then hit his triangle choke for the tap out win.

WINNER: Trent Beretta in 10:00

(Moynahan’s Take: Castle got a lot of offense in here, which is odd since Trent has the upper trajectory of the two. A fine match but I need to see more from this heel turn of Trent.)

– Deonna Purrazzo was backstage to cut a promo on Thunder Rosa. She said Rosa made things personal and it was time for the two to end things. [c]

– A video package for Rush aired. Rush said that he was ready to take out anyone in AEW. Tony Schiavone announced that Rush would return on next week’s Rampage, which will once again air after Collision.


Keith took Drake to the outside with a big boot to the face. Keith followed to the outside with a huge chip to Drake’s chest. Drake fired back and nailed Keith before throwing him back inside the ring. Drake went for a suplex but Keith got out of it. Drake came right back with a huge kick to Keith’s face, and covered for two. Drake chopped Keith hard across the chest, then hit him with another. Keith was fired up for the second chop, and fired back with a flying shoulder block.

Keith hit a running kick in the corner, then a stunner off the middle ropes for the win.

WINNER: Bryan Keith vs. 3:00

(Moynahan’s Take: A short but stiff match. Nice to see both men in action, with Keith needing a win after a long time off.)

– Adam Copeland was shown backstage behind a steel cage wrapped in barbed wire. Copeland turned his attention to Malakai Black. Copeland said his dark side was starting to come out, and challenge Black to a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match at Double or Nothing for the TNT Title. He told Black that he wanted to see him at Dynamite to accept his challenge.


Purrazzo got the early upper hand with a headlock takeover. Frost kipped up but Purrazzo quickly kicked Frost down again. Frost evaded Purrazzo before coming off the top with a headscissors that took Purrazzo to the outside. [c]

Frost nailed Purrazzo with a back elbow but Purrazzo came right back with a kick to Frost’s face as both women hit the mat. Frost and Purrazzo traded clotheslines, with Frost gaining the upper hand. Frost nailed Purrazzo in the corner but Purrazzo fought back with a high knee, then a Russian leg sweep before locking in an arm bar. Frost got to the ropes in time to break the hold. Frost went to the top and hit a spinning tornado plancha for a two count.

Frost went back to the ropes but was cut off by Purrazzo. Frost kicked Purrazzo across the face but Purrazzo cut her off a second time, then hit a running shoulder in the corner. Purrazzo covered for the win.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 8:00

– After the match, Thunder Rosa ran down to the ring with a chair in hand. Purrazzo ran through the crowd to escape as Rosa was stopped by security.

(Moynahan’s Take: Fun match, with both women looking good. I’m surprised Lady Frost hasn’t been signed, especially after solid performances such as this one. I’m also digging the Thunder/Deonna feud, as it shows that AEW actually has time for more than one or two women’s feuds as once.)

– A “musical presentation” from The Acclaimed was shown. [c]

– A video package on Scorpio Sky was shown.

(4) PAC vs. JOHNNY TV (w/Taya Valkyrie)

Johnny TV pulled out a Vancouver Canucks jersey before wiping it across his ass. Pac went on the attack as the crowd cheered him on. Pac went to the top rope and nailed Johnny TV with a shotgun dropkick. Johnny TV rolled to the floor as Pac hit a springboard moonsault. Both men were back inside the ring as Taya distracted Pac on the apron, which allowed to take the upperhand. Johnny TV hit a standing moonsault for two. [c]

Johnny TV still had the upper hand, and felt the need to make out with Taya on the outside. This didn’t bode well for Johnny TV, and Pac was able to regain his composure and turn the tide. Taya yanked on Pac’s leg behind the ref’s back. Pac went to the floor to confront Taya, which allowed Johnny TV to hit a tornillo over the top. Johnny TV threw Pac back inside the ring and hit a neckbreaker for a close count. Johnny TV missed a split-legged moonsault after Pac moved. Pac hit a German suplex but Johnny TV fought back with a kick to the face.

Johnny TV again missed a moonsault off the ropes, which allowed Pac to go to the top rope. Taya got on the apron, however, which distracted Pac. Pac went over to Taya, but moved in time for Johnny TV to nail Taya by accident. Pac locked in the Brutalizer for the win.

WINNER: Pac in 10:30

– After the match, Bullet Club Gold was shown on screen. The trio mocked Pac as Jay White threatened him for sticking his nose in Bullet Club business. They ended by proclaiming “guns up.”

(Moynahan’s Take: Good win for Pac, with a fine post-match extension to his feud with BCG. My only question is who will he partner with in his battle with the BCG trios?)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A really fun night of AEW action; from Collision through Rampage. A ton was hyped for this coming Dynamite, and just having Rampage air after Collision made this show feel more important; and part of the main storyline thread at the same time. Not one specific thing is a must-see, but feel free to catch up on this entire show if you have time. Sounds like we are getting yet another live Rampage after next Saturday’s Collision, which I’m all in favor of. It’ll be a shame once these live three-hour blocks run their course. Until next week, stay safe everyone!

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