10 YRS AGO – WWE Raw Report (5-18-2014): Seth Rollins vs. Batista, Stephanie confronts Bryan over health status as champion, plus RVD, Sheamus, Big E, Paige, Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Seth Rollins (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


The following report originally published 10 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

WWE Raw TV Results
May 19, 2014 – Episode #1,094
Taped in London, England
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The Card: State of the WWE World Hvt. Title held by Daniel Bryan, Beat the Clock Challenge to determine a #1 contender to the IC Title, Batista vs. Seth Rollins, and U.S. champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro in a non-title match.

WWE Network Pre-Game Show

– This week’s studio panel was Josh Mathews with Booker T and Alex Riley standing in front of monitors at WWE headquarters since Raw is taped from London. The initial discussion centered on Daniel Bryan’s injury, recovery, and future.

– In London, Raw GM Brad Maddox requested TV time with Renee Young. Brad said he would reveal the status of the WWE Title on the pre-show, but he wants people to tune into Raw. He then announced a Beat the Clock Challenge to determine a new #1 contender to the IC Title.

– Back at WWE studios, Booker T announced The Shield vs. Evolution will be a No Holds Barred elimination match at the Payback PPV.

– Back in London, Renee Young was expecting Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to pull up in a limo, but Paul Heyman and Cesaro emerged instead. Renee sold disappointment over their presence, then “sassed” Heyman, according to Paul. Cesaro answered in one of his five languages, then Renee asked what that means. Cesaro said they were expecting someone of intelligence, then Heyman and Cesaro cackled on the way out.

Live Raw on USA Network

The standard Raw video intro was interrupted by Bray Wyatt’s cut-in. Bray, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan were already in the ring and Bray was mid-song. “He’s got the whole world in his hands,” Bray led the crowd in singing. Fans in the crowd had their cell phones out to provide light in the dark background.

Bray entered promo mode about reflecting on horrible events in their lives when going to sleep, but in their dreams, they dream of revenge and payback. Bray said reality sets in that they are not superheroes and cannot fix everything, so rage builds up inside. “Everything is wrong!” he shouted. Bray said he plans to fix that.

Bray went back to his childhood that he used to have this mean, old teacher who made him feel like he was a piece of trash and he would never amount to anything in his life. So, he went up to “Miss Teacher Lady” and asked why she thinks she is so much better than him. Was it because she could flash a fancy diploma in their faces? Bray said the teacher told him he’s rotten and she knew that Bray was evil. Now, that lady rots in a nursing home reflecting on the regrets in her life. But, he’s here in this ring with the “whole damn world in my hands.”

Bray paused for the crowd to sing. “That is my payback,” Bray said. He said his ends justify his means, but she was right about one thing. “I am evil,” he said. “I am the necessary evil that must exist in this world to balance everything out.” Bray moved on to John Cena. Pause for a “Cena Sucks” chant. Bray said in two weeks at Payback, he will be the Last Man Standing. But, tonight, Luke Harper is going to put John Cena down. The crowd cheered. “Tonight, Luke Harper destroys…”

Cena’s music interrupted. The lights came on and Bray sent his men out of the ring, but Cena did not appear. Instead, Cena snuck in the back door, spun Bray around, and dropped him with an Attitude Adjustment, out-smarting Bray to start Raw. Cena then bailed from the ring as Michael Cole noted Cena struck first tonight. Cena continued up the ramp, then disappeared to the back as the Wyatts recovered in the ring.

[ JC’s Reax: This was a cross-section of Bray being heelish doing a strong babyface promo and Cena being babyface-ish doing a sneaky heel move. Welcome to WWE Booking 2014. ]

Announcers: Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL were shown on-camera moving along to Daniel Bryan’s status. Cole said Bryan is prepared to return to WWE “sometime in the future.” Now the question is the status of the WWE World Title.

Video Review: Last week on Raw when Bryan was taken out by Kane as a write-off for his neck surgery.

Tonight: The State of the WWE World Title is addressed.

[Commercial Break at 8:10]

In-ring: Paul Heyman was in the ring with Cesaro. Paul stopped mid-promo to set some ground rules for this exchange. He is a star along with Cesaro, while the crowd are the wannabes. Paul transitioned to hyping Brock Lesnar beating The Undertaker’s unbeaten streak at WrestleMania. Cesaro stood in the background waiting for his spotlight, then Heyman hyped Cesaro at the very end.

[Q2] In-ring: Sheamus was introduced as Cesaro’s opponent. Mixed reaction for Sheamus. Before the bell sounded, Cole hyped Sheamus vs. Cesaro taking place last week on WWE Main Event on WWE Network, which Cole said was the most-watched show on the Network last week.

1 — U.S. champion SHEAMUS vs. CESARO (w/Paul Heyman) — non-title match

European Football chants broke out early on for the two European wrestlers mixing it up at the start. Cesaro bailed to the outside early on to chat with Heyman, then Cesaro caught Sheamus running back into the ring. Sheamus came back with Ten Forearms to the Chest, then Cesaro bailed to the floor for another conference with Heyman.

On the floor, Sheamus cut off Cesaro and threw him back into the ring. But, Cesaro neck-snapped Sheamus to begin assaulting the U.S. champion. Suddenly, the crowd broke into a “JBL” chant, ignoring Heyman’s pre-match instructions. Sheamus came back on Cesaro with a flying shoulder tackle, then the crowd picked up a “Jerry, Jerry” chant. Sheamus then went flying over the top rope when Cesaro ducked, giving Cesaro the advantage heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:21]

Back from break, Cesaro lit up Sheamus with European Uppercuts. Cesaro followed with a sleeperhold. Sheamus broke free, but ate the ringpost on a corner charge. Cesaro followed with a feat of strength deadlift suplex back into the ring for a two count. Cesaro then whipped Sheamus hard into the ringpost. He followed with a big uppercut for a close two count. Sheamus responded with a knock-down lariat to cut off Cesaro’s momentum.

Heyman sensed it was time to get involved, so he got on the ring apron and started yelling at the referee and Sheamus. Heyman did the old basketball coach routine throwing down his coat jacket, then Cesaro captured Sheamus from behind for a German Suplex with a bridge for a three count.

[Q3] Post-match: Sheamus stood up and sold giving it up to Cesaro for getting one over on him. Sheamus approached Cesaro for a handshake, but Cesaro walked right by him to a crowd pop. Heyman celebrated on the outside as Sheamus tried to brush it off in the ring.

WINNER: Cesaro at 12:26. Not as good as their Main Event match last week. The overall match and post-match captured WWE’s babyface problem of having uncool faces and too-cool heels. Something like Cesaro blowing off a respectful loser should be viewed as a heel move, but when done by a rising fan favorite positioned as a heel (Cesaro) on a lame babyface who probably should be positioned as a heel (Sheamus), the crowd is going to back the heel. It’s counter-productive all around.

Announcers: Cole hyped Shield vs. Evolution in a No Holds Barred elimination match at Payback in two weeks.

Photo: Roman Reigns with a deep gash underneath his right eye following a match against Randy Orton in Europe last week. So, tonight, it’s Seth Rollins vs. Batista in a singles match. Lawler said all other members of Shield and Evolution have been banned from ringside, per Triple H.

[Commercial Break at 8:34]

Announcers: Cole and Co. welcomed the German announce team to ringside for a “first-time ever” moment on Raw. Justin Roberts then announced a Beat the Clock Challenge for an IC Title shot at “the next pay-per-view,” Payback.

Already in the ring was former IC champion Big E. Also already in the ring was Ryback, flanked by Curtis Axel. Before the bell sounded, WWE cut to an inset promo from Ryback earlier today talking about his title opportunity.

2 — BIG E. vs. RYBACK (w/Curtis Axel) — Beat the Clock Challenge match for IC Title shot

The first three segments have featured the Uncool Face Trio from the post-Mania Raw that the same European-heavy crowd booed in New Orleans last month (Cena, Sheamus, and Big E.). Ryback dominated early on and continued to glance at the clock. Big E. suddenly delivered a belly-to-belly suplex to no reaction. Big E. wanted a running splash, but Ryback intercepted and delivered a spinebuster for a two count.

Ryback beat his chest to set up for the Meathook Clothesline, and he connected. But, Big E. kicked out of a pin attempt. Meanwhile, the restless crowd picked up a “We Want Ryder” chant. Big E. made a comeback, knocked Axel off the ring apron, and hit the Big Ending for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Big E. at 5:02. Crowds in the U.S. and U.K. just don’t know what to do with Big E.’s character. He’s not getting a reaction, so it’s time for WWE to try something else.

Still to come: John Cena, who “outsmarted” Bray Wyatt in the opening segment, faces Luke Harper tonight.

[Q4] Network plug: The Legends put on ridiculous costumes for a stunt saving the female host.

[Commercial Break at 8:46]

Back from break, R-Truth did his full ring entrance with the Funkadactyls. No Xavier Woods. Fandango and Layla then made their way to the ring as the announcers discussed their recent Public Displays of Affection. After a review of recent PDAs, Summer Rae’s music played.

Summer made her TV return after filming “The Marine 4” to confront Fandango. Well, kiss Fandango right in front of Layla. Layla took exception and the fight was on. The Divas rolled out of the ring as Fandango tried to restore order. Fandango and Layla then bailed to the ramp as Summer stood tall in the ring. No match and no one drew attention to the lack of a match.

Vignette: Bo Dallas returns to TV this Friday on Smackdown.

[Commercial Break at 8:55]

Announcers: Cole announced “Total Divas” is returning to E! for Season Three this fall.

WWE Title Status Update

In-ring: Daniel Bryan’s music played at the top of the hour. The crowd exploded in “Yes!” chants, the announcers went quiet, and Stephanie McMahon came out on-stage doing awkward “Yes!” shouts in heels and a skirt. The crowd shifted to “No!” shouts as Stephanie made her way to the ring with a big smile on her face.

[Q5 — second hour] Once in the ring, Stephanie waited out loud boos from the crowd with a big smile. Steph opened her promo by noting Bryan underwent successful neck surgery last Thursday, which followed Bryan winning the WWE World Title at WrestleMania and marrying Brie Bella. Steph said Part 1 of the wedding will air this Sunday on Total Divas.

Stephanie said Bryan’s “Yes!” chant has inspired athletes, sports teams, and every-day people like you and me. “Well, you,” she said with a smirk. Stephanie said Bryan knows the people need an active champion. Therefore, since she knows Bryan is convalescing at home, she’s afraid she has some … well, someone else can say it better than she can. WWE cut to a pre-taped clip of Wade Barrett saying “bad news” over and over.

Stephanie did an intentionally bad British accent to announce that she is contemplating stripping Bryan of the WWE World Title and awarding it to – pause for “No!” shouts – and awarding it to Kane. Or, she could strip Bryan of the title and award it to Bad News Barrett, which drew a pop. “You’re so predictable,” she told the crowd. How about Batista? Loud boos. Or, Triple H, which drew boos, but not as loud as Batista’s boos.

Stephanie said in all seriousness, she will not strip Bryan of the WWE World Title, but she is going to demand that Bryan show up to Raw next week and “do the right thing.” She said that is to “personally surrender the WWE World Title, because that is what is best for business.” Stephanie’s music played for her to exit as WWE piped in a lot of background noise to cover for what the crowd was really chanting for – C.M. Punk.

Still to come: Cena vs. Harper.

[Commercial Break at 9:05]

In-ring: 3MB was introduced to the ring dressed in matching Union Jacks-inspired gear. Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, and Jinder Mahal did a choreographed dance routine as Slater was introduced as the competitor in this match. No sign of Hornswoggle. Slater took the mic and shouted out to London. 3MB said the Union Jacks are home. “So, get up, get ready, and … ” Rusev’s music interrupted.

Lana walked out on-stage to continue the pro-Russia theme. She called Europeans like “mindless Americans” who are destined for a downfall. Lana said they cannot stop or alter the destiny of a great leader like Vladimir Putin, which drew boos. Lana said Putin will get Russian flags flying in London and Washington, D.C., which drew football chants in response. Lana then introduced Rusev for match action. Rusev paused on-stage to offer a few robotic lines promoting himself before marching down to the ring. Lawler said Bulgarians like Rusev are despised in this country.

Slater tried to get the jump on Rusev, but Rusev caught him and smashed him to the floor. Rusev took out the rest of 3MB before measuring Slater and chucking him into the ring. Rusev stalked Slater and the bell sounded to officially begin the match.



Slater tried to fight back on Rusev, but Rusev body-smashed him. Rusev followed with a swinging bodyslam. Lana was ready to take it home, as she quickly called for Rusev to crush him. Rusev slapped on The Accolade submission and Slater tapped out. Rusev posed for the hard camera on the way out.

WINNER: Rusev via submission at 0:42.

Backstage: The Shield was standing by. Dean Ambrose accused Triple H of hiding behind his goons and looking like they are afraid of Shield. Ambrose pointed to Reigns’s stitched-up eye and asked if that is their brand of justice. Reigns flashed his busted-up eye and asked if that’s Evolution’s best shot. Seth Rollins spoke next that Evolution did not get the job done taking him out last week. He vowed to get revenge on Batista tonight.

Up Next: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio in the next Beat the Clock Challenge match.

[Commercial Break at 9:18]

Last week’s most-watched Network shows: Main Event, Slam City, Legends House (dropping from the top spot), Raw Pre-Show, Extreme Rules, NXT, Raw Backstage Pass, Mania Rewind, WM30, and WWE Countdown. Interesting that the kids-oriented Slam City show was #2.

In-ring: Alberto Del Rio was standing by for the next Clock match. Out came Rob Van Dam with a full ring entrance in front of an appreciative crowd. Before the bell sounded, WWE cut to an inset promo from Del Rio, who said he needs to be IC champion for the children, so they have a role-model that could affect the future of the planet.

4 — ROB VAN DAM vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO — Beat the Clock Challenge match for IC Title shot

Del Rio controlled early on before WWE cut to a backstage shot of Big E. nervously watching the proceedings. RVD responded to Del Rio with a monkey-flip out of the corner, then Del Rio bailed to the floor. RVD rolled him back in, and was slow to re-enter, allowing Del Rio to kick RVD in the head. RVD responded with an awkward-looking leg drop off the ropes. “He just kind of landed on him,” JBL commented.

2:30 left on the clock when Del Rio covered RVD for a nearfall. Del Rio called for the cross arm-breaker, but RVD blocked and kicked Del Rio in the face. RVD then kind of hopped over Del Rio and kind of landed on him. RVD wanted a top-rope move, but Del Rio moved. Del Rio shoved RVD into the corner, then kicked RVD in the head for another nearfall.

1:00 left on the clock when Del Rio missed a sidekick and RVD rolled him up for a quick three count. RVD set a new time of 4:15, beating Big E.’s time of 5:02.

WINNER: RVD at 4:15. Uninspired match. RVD is really showing his age and mileage. Of course, he would use the excuse that he can’t use weapons to make his matches more exciting.

Still to come: Cena vs. Luke Harper.

[Q7] [Commercial Break at 9:30]

Next Thursday: An NXT “special event” on WWE Network. Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd were spotlighted in a graphic for “NXT Takeover.”

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL reset the show. Cole went back to the top of the show when Bray Wyatt proclaimed that Luke Harper will put John Cena down tonight. But, Cena surprised Bray with an AA from behind.

Backstage: Renee Young brought in John Cena to boos. Renee asked Cena if he has a gameplan tonight. Cena brought in part of his plan – tag champs The Usos. Cena said he knows the crowd is pro-Wyatt tonight and following Bray’s message, giving him a sense of desperation that motivates him. Cena said he doesn’t quit or give up because he doesn’t turn down fights or challenges. “This is the heart of a champion!” Cena shouted as he pounded his chest. The Usos joined in as the trio did a rhythmic chant to the sound of pounding their chests.

Locker Room: Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista warmed up for tonight. Hunter said tonight is just the start on taking out Shield one-by-one, starting tonight with Batista on Seth Rollins. Hunter told Big Dave to finish him. Batista said he’s going to do it all by himself, then bounced away.

[Commercial Break at 9:37]

Main Event plug: Cesaro vs. Mark Henry in singles action.

Back live, Seth Rollins walked through the crowd by himself with Shield and Evolution banned from ringside. Rollins fired up the crowd, then Triple H’s music played. Hunter walked out on-stage in street clothes and Justin Roberts introduced him as special guest ring announcer. Hunter said as COO of WWE, it is his job to ensure that all of these matches are as big as possible. Which is why he is adding a special guest timekeeper, Randy Orton.

Orton, in wrestling gear, joined Hunter on-stage as Cole noted Hunter is making up the rules as they go along. Cole said the deck is stacked against Rollins, then Hunter asked the crowd to help him welcome “The Animal” Batista. The Evolution theme played to bring out Batista, who bounced up and down on-stage before entering the ring. Cole called this an execution. “I like it,” JBL said.

[Q8] Before Orton sounded the bell, Rollins took the mic and said he has some special guests of his own to make this match as big as possible. So, the special guest commentators are Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Hunter flipped out ringside, saying he did not authorize that. Hunter grabbed a headset and called this crap as Shield made their way down to ringside. Ambrose picked out Orton to jaw-jack before Orton casually rang the bell.

5 — BATISTA vs. SETH ROLLINS — Triple H guest ring announcer — Randy Orton guest timekeeper — Ambrose & Reigns guest commentators

Ambrose handled commentary for Shield while Hunter and Orton paced around ringside, not doing their jobs. Once the window dressing elements calmed down, Batista and Rollins started things off. Ambrose claimed that Raw GM Brad Maddox gave them the commentary slot, then he spoke over JBL. Reigns added that he put Maddox in the trainer’s room. That was a half-attempt to explain why Shield was allowed on commentary, especially when Maddox has been invisible on Raw TV for weeks. In the ring, Rollins nailed a kick to Batista’s head leading to an abrupt break.

[Commercial Break at 9:48]

Back from break, Rollins was writhing in pain on the floor. Batista chucked Rollins into the ring steps as Ambrose and Reigns checked in on commentary. Batista continued the assault as Ambrose got fired up talking about their feud with Evolution. Rollins came back with a flip neckbreaker to slow down Batista. Rollins walked into a big corner boot, though, giving Batista control again.

Both men down at 10:00 as Hunter inched closer to the ring. Rollins nailed corner forearms, then dropkicked Batista through the ropes to the floor. Rollins followed with a suicide dive to the outside, taking out Batista. Suddenly, Orton grabbed Rollins’s feet from behind. This brought over Ambrose and Reigns to get closer to the action. All of this activity allowed Batista to drop Rollins with a mid-ring spinebuster.

At 12:00, Batista measured Rollins for a spear, but Rollins booted him in the face. Rollins followed with a springboard knee smash for a close two count. “Let’s Go Rollins” chant as he climbed to the top, but Hunter shoved down Rollins. This brought over Ambrose, who punched away at Hunter. Chaos ringside. The German announce table got the worst of it as the referee tried to restore order.

[Q9 — third hour] Orotn retrieved a steel chair, but turned around to take a blow from Ambrose running across the announce table. Hunter got involved. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Hunter punched Rollins. The ref called for the bell and a mysterious individual rang the bell for a DQ, apparently because Orton was pre-occupied brawling with Evolution.

Post-match: Chaos spilled into the ring, where Reigns snuck up on Batista for a big spear. Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose stood tall in the ring, then Reigns wanted a triple powerbomb on Batista, but Orton pulled Batista out of the ring to safety. Shield’s music played as Evolution regrouped ringside.

WINNER: Rollins via DQ at 13:43. Pretty good singles match. Batista looked better than he has in past singles matches since returning to WWE. The ringside activity was a bit much, but got across the message of Shield and Evolution set to explode at Payback in two weeks.

[Commercial Break at 10:02]

Last Week: Alicia Fox lost her mind after losing to Divas champion Paige.

Back live, Alicia Fox was already in the ring for the next match. Paige’s music then played to a strong reaction for Paige returning to her home country.

6 — Divas champion PAIGE vs. ALICIA FOX — non-title match

As the match started, the announcers brought up A.J. Lee, who has been off TV since losing the Divas Title to Paige the night after WrestleMania. Fox went for a game of cat & mouse early on, drawing in Paige for a ringside attack. Fox then controlled the match back inside the ring. Paige fought back, but ate the ringpost on a corner attack, giving Fox the opening she needed to score a three count. Yes, Fox with a win.

Post-match: Fox gloated about her victory and tried to grab the Divas Title, but she decided to grab Lawler’s crown at ringside. Fox posed in the crown to conclude her celebration.

WINNER: Fox at 3:30. Nothing ever good happens when a new champion returns home.

Earlier Tonight: John Cena took out Bray Wyatt. Suddenly, the Wyatt theme interrupted. On the video screen, Luke Harper told John Cena that he’s playing a very dangerous game. “The snake has grown very tired of it,” he told Cena. Bray Wyatt then spoke. Bray said the Usos – the brothers – are fools. “They’re just dominoes in a line. One by one, they all fall down,” he said.

[Q10] [Commercial Break at 10:15]

In-ring: Mark Henry was introduced for the next match. Justin Roberts announced it as the final match in the Beat the Clock Challenge. Dolph Ziggler was introduced next, creating the question of how a face vs. face match-up will go. Before the bell sounded, Ziggler cut an inset promo about liking this match format. Suddenly, Henry walked into Ziggler’s inset promo and laughed in his face. Ziggler sold Henry having bad breath.

7 — DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. MARK HENRY — Beat the Clock Challenge match for IC Title shot

The time to beat was 4:15. “Sexual Chocolate” chant as Henry dominated early on. WWE cut to a shot of RVD watching the match on a backstage monitor as Henry continued the attack. Ziggler suddenly dropped Henry with a Fameasser, but Henry escaped a pin attempt by flinging Ziggler out of the ring to the floor.

Ziggler returned to the ring with a dropkick to Henry’s mouth. 1:30 left on the clock. Another dropkick, but Ziggler was unable to follow up. 1:00 on the clock. The crowd tried to rally behind Ziggler, who came off the top with a splash, but Henry caught him in mid-air for a powerslam. But, Ziggler kicked out of a pin. 30 seconds on the clock.

Henry stared at the clock, then slowly scooped up Ziggler for World’s Strongest Slam, but Ziggler slipped out and hit Zig-Zag. But, he couldn’t make a cover. Ziggler eventually covered, but the clock expired at a one count.

WINNER: Draw at 4:15; RVD gets the IC Title shot. Very careful match to protect Henry, who is still working hurt.

Post-match: RVD walked out on-stage to proclaim his #1 contendership to the IC Title. Suddenly, Bad News Barrett KO’ed RVD from behind to a pop. Barrett took the mic and said he’s afraid he has some bad news. Barrett said because Rob beat the clock, he has to fight him for the IC Title. But, right now, they are in London, his capital city. And it just so happens that this is the home of GMT.

Now, Rob may have set the best time tonight, but the English set the time for the entire world. Could someone check on a KO’ed RVD? Barrett said there is no way this Britishman is going to lose to a bloody Yank at Payback. Music on the way out as RVD remained unconscious having to sell for a long time during Barrett’s promo. Refs finally came out to check on RVD as Barrett waved the crowd on the way out.

[Q11] [Commercial Break at 10:29]

Earlier Tonight: Stephanie McMahon demanded that Daniel Bryan appear on next week’s Raw to surrender the WWE World Hvt. Title.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL discussed Bryan’s decision next week.

In-ring: Renee Young was standing by for an interview with Adam Rose. First, Rose’s entourage danced out on-stage to pave the way for Rose coming down to the ring. The team eventually made it into the ring, where Rose noted his cheeseburger mascot has sesame seeds on his buns. Renee then asked Rose what it means to be a rosebud. “It means to not be a lemon,” he said.

The crowd started doing Rose’s chant before Rose interviewed Renee, who tried to take back the interview that Rose has been targeting Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Rose said he just wants them to have some fun and not be grumpypants. Rose then directed his bunny to do dance moves as the music played again.

The Real Americans theme interrupted and the crowd hummed along to the beat of the tune. On the way to the ring, Zeb asked Renee what she’s doing in the ring hanging out with a bunch of 1969 Woodstock rejects. The crowd picked up Rose’s chant before Swagger entered the ring to confront Rose. Zeb told Jack to step back, as this is between him and Rose. Colter said he doesn’t know how Rose got into America or England, but he fits a lot better here with these freaks than in America. The crowd picked up Rose’s chant again. “Enough you hedonistic … people,” Zeb said.

Zeb continued by asking if any of the people in the ring have taken medical tests. He got to the heart of the matter that he doesn’t take embarrassment easily. (What?) from the crowd. Zeb told Rose to clear the ring, then the two of them settle it right here tonight. Zeb removed his jacket, then Swagger cheap-shotted Rose, who mis-timed turning his back for the spot. Swagger followed up with strikes, then scared away Rose’s entourage. Swagger didn’t see a follow-up attack from Rose coming, though. Rose cleared Swagger from the ring, then led the entourage in more dancing and shouting. Rose told Renee that you have to fight when it’s time, but it’s “party time all the time.” On commentary, JBL asked what this show has come to. “This makes me sick,” he said. No Michael Cole dance number this week.

Up Next: John Cena, along with the Usos, against Luke Harper, with the Wyatts.

[Commercial Break at 10:42]


Vignette: Bo Dallas is prepared for his moment. It’s Friday on Smackdown. Back at the announce position, WWE finally advertised Hulk Hogan for Smackdown.

In-ring: John Cena was introduced for the first main event. The Usos joined them and did not have the Tag Titles with him. Cena listened to the crowd booing his ring entrance, then stormed the ring with the Usos close behind. Cena did his in-ring routine until the Wyatt theme interrupted. “London, we’re here,” Bray declared. Cole said the plague is spreading as Bray emerged to a lit-up arena guiding Bray down to the ringside area. Lawler said he sees Bray Wyatt’s movement as a bowel movement that needs to be flushed.

8 — JOHN CENA (w/WWE tag champs The Usos) vs. LUKE HARPER (w/Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan)

The bell sounded nine minutes before the top of the hour with Harper dominating the crowd picking up a traditional dueling chant. Harper maintained control heading to the final break of the show.

[Commercial Break at 10:52]

Back from break, Harper maintained control of the match as the Usos tried to encourage Cena from the outside. Meanwhile, the crowd picked up a melodic “John Cena Suuuuuucks” chant to the tune of the Cena theme song. Cena tried to make a comeback in response, but Harper nailed a suplex for a two count.

Harper tried to follow with a corner attack, but airballed and spilled to the floor. Cena then nailed the Five Knuckle Shuffle back in the ring. He wanted an AA, but Harper blocked and kind of face-planted Cena for a two count. Harper suddenly busted out a head scissors and dropkick that knocked Cena out of the ring to the floor. “I don’t think Harper as any idea what he’s doing,” JBL said in a terrific line about Harper wrestling out-of-his mind doing little-man moves in a big-man body. Harper then flew to the outside with a big splash to Cena as the camera focused on Harper’s stinky, icky undershirt.

[Q13 — over-run] Harper tried a corner attack on Cena, but Cena blocked and hit a Tornado DDT for a two count. Cena came back with a head scissors, but could not follow up. The crowd taunted Cena with more chants, then Cena stood up and listened to the crowd, taking his eye off the ball. Harper couldn’t follow up, though, and Cena slapped on the STF. Better application that a few weeks ago, but he showed light when Harper reached the bottom rope for a break.

Suddenly, the Usos went flying at the Wyatts. Bray ended up in the ring, delivering Sister Abigail to both Usos. But, Cena low-bridged Wyatt, sending him out of the ring. Harper nearly pinned Cena on a follow-up, then walked into an AA. But, Rowan hit the ring and attacked Cena, causing a DQ.

WINNER: Cena via DQ at 12:31. Another DQ finish on a taped show in-between PPVs.

Post-match: Bray Wyatt scooped up Cena and delivered Sister Abigail to crowd cheers. Bray stood tall in the ring as the crowd sang, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” WWE pulled back to show the crowd swaying and singing as the Wyatts stood tall in the ring. The Wyatts eventually dragged Cena to the ring entrance, where Rowan delivered an overhead slam onto the ramp. Bray then scooped up Cena and gave him Sister Abigail onto the stage.

Wyatt then took the mic and led the crowd in singing, “He’s got the whole world in his hands,” as Harper slowly counted to ten to “count out” Cena ahead of the Last Man Standing match in two weeks. Bray stopped singing and the crowd cheered as the trademarks flashed to close Raw six minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This week, heat on the heels to close Raw goes to the Wyatts after WWE got heat on Evolution to close last week’s Raw. The top programs – Shield-Evolution and Cena-Wyatt – are really clicking right now, but the guts remains in need of repair. Good to see Cena willing to sell so much for Bray Wyatt in this feud.

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