9/26 WWE NXT Results – Ft. Pierce, Fla.

By PWTorch Staff


WWE NXT Results
September 26, 2015
Ft. Pierce, Fla.
Report by Jim L., PWTorch reader

I’m on vacation in Orlando and found out NXT was going to be at the Fenn Center in Ft. Pierce, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them live. Here’s a rundown of the show.

The show opened with an 18-man battle royal to determine NXT champion Finn Balor’s challenger later in the night.

(1) Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin won an NXT Title battle royal at 13:28. Solomon Crowe did a lot of spots where he avoided elimination by holding onto the bottom rope. Also, “Fit” Bull Dempey “Roman Reigned” quite a bit in the corner while others battled it out. The match was filled with a lot of wrestlers that I did not recognize, so not surprisingly, Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin were the final two. The two men ended up eliminating each other simultaneously. Norman Smiley came out and declared that the main event would be a triple threat for the NXT championship.

(2) Emma beat Carmella via submission to the Emma-Lock at 6:07. Carmella came out to boos, until the crowd realized she was wrestling Evil Emma.

Alexander Wolfe came out wearing the German Flag as a cape, which looks very “indy-riffic.” He cut a promo talking about his elite German background, which elicited the obligatory “USA, USA” chant. Wolfe was the only wrestler who did mic work all night.

(3) Bull Dempsey pinned Alexander Wolfe at 9:48 after delivering a sit-down senton. Bull Dempsey was over with the crowd in this match and the opener, but it might be a case of people really liking to chant “Bull.” Dempsey tossed Wolfe into the ring for another sit-down senton after the match.

(4) Tye Dillinger squashed his opponent at 3:18. The sound was so bad that ring announcements were really hard to hear. I wasn’t familiar with Dillinger’s opponent, but I believe his last name was Butler. Dillinger’s “ten” chant was over because of its similarity to the “yes” chant.

(5) NXT Women’s champion Bailey and Hugo Knox beat Dana Brooke & Tyler Breeze at 9:05 in a mixed tag match. Brooke spent much of the match bossing Breeze around. Toward the end of the match Brooke held Bailey while she ordered a reluctant Breeze to climb the top rope to attack Bailey. Knox made the save, though, and Bailey pinned Brooke.

After the match, Bailey and Knox stole Breeze’s phone and took selfies while celebrating. Bailey was wildly over, but the crowd wasn’t into Knox at all. When Bailey and Knox both did Knox’s goofy Alexander Wright dance, the crowd was torn because they loved Bailey but really wanted to boo Knox. Bailey should not be placed anywhere near someone who will sap her heat.

SPOILER ALERT: After intermission, a quarterfinal match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament took place between the Hype Bros. and Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. Cameras were present at ringside to record the match for an upcoming episode of NXT.

(6) Jason Jordan & Chad Gable beat Hype Bros. (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley) at 8:20 in a Dusty Rhodes Tag Tournament match. In what was the second best match of the night, Gable pinned Ryder for the win.

(7) Riddick Moss pinned Tucker Knight at 8:54 in a match that the crowd hated. Loud, sustained “boring” chants.

(8) In the main event, NXT champion Finn Balor pinned Baron Corbin at 11:22 to retain the NXT Championship in a three-way match also involving Samoa Joe. Balor came out to a very short entrance, sans make-up. Joe convinced Balor to let him and Corbin fight it out to start the match. After an exchange, Corbin bailed out. Balor and Joe then shook hands and before they even hooked up a lone fan tried and failed to start a “this is awesome” chant. In a nice spot, Balor hit the coup de grace on Corbin, who was on top of Joe, who was applying a rear-naked choke from underneath. After Balor pinned Corbin, he and Joe had a brief stare down before “two-sweeting” each other.

Attendance looked to be about 500. There was a noticeable lack of “smart” chants (which was fine with me). The crowd was made up of a lot of families, which at $10.00 a ticket has to be one of the better deals on a Saturday night. WWE should take note of the amount of little girls wearing Bailey shirts; they could be sitting on a phenomenon waiting to happen. This crowd deserved better than the mixed tag they saw her in tonight.

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