9/25 PCW Live Results – Preston, U.K.

By PWTorch Staff

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Drew McIntyre


Preston City Wrestling “Heroes” results
September 25, 2015
Preston, Lancashire, U.K. at Evoque
Est. Attendance: 400
Report by Matty Barker, PWTorch reader

The show started with a round of applause for Mr. PCW, Kris Travis, who had to retire due to illness.

(1) Bubblegum beat Ashton Smith, Dean Allmark, and Xander Cooper in a fatal-four way match to retain the Cruiserweight Title. This was the usual fun, fast-paced opener. Bubblegum got the wim by pinning Cooper with a Pedigree.

(2) Lestyn Rees beat Charlie Garrett with a powerbomb. These two wrestlers usually team up on shows in the Southern parts of the country. Both men are in about 6’4″ with great physiques. Garrett in particular is crazy athletic.

(3) T-Bone beat Dave Rayne via a suplex into a tombstone. Short match.

(4) El Ligero beat Tomasso Ciampa in a very good back and forth match after hitting the C4L (Tornado DDT off the ropes). Both men shook hands afterward.

(5) Sha Samuels beat Lionheart with his patented sleeperhold in a very intense battle.

(6) Martin Kirby & Joey Hayes beat The Wards. Lots of comedy in this one.

(7) Drew Galloway beat Noam Dar via Future Shock DDT to win this arena-wide re-match. Really good. This set up the rubber match, as both men had to be separated afterward.

8) PCW Hvt. champion Dave Mastiff beat Bobby Lashley to retain the PCW Hvt. Title. Lashley was heel in this match, as he aligned with GM Joanna Rose. Bobby did a lot of restholds, which led to a small “boring” chant, which I’ve never heard at a show in Preston. Mastiff won with a low blow followed by a cannonball splash.

The next shows are on Saturday, October 31 featuring Ricky Steamboat, Jeff Jarrett, Magnus, Rhyno, and many more.

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