10/3 & 10/4 WWC Puerto Rico TV Reports by Jose Marrero


OCTOBER 3, 2015

-WWC Open.

-Willie Urbina opened the show thanking all the fans in Puerto Rico for the turn-out at Anniversario weekend, then says that it’s time to turn the page looking toward Halloween Extravaganza.

1 – MIKE MENDOZA VS. REVOLUCION #1 (w/Orlando Toledo) (September 25, 2015)

This was a nice simple match, Revolucion #1 beat on Mendoza for majority of the match. He pounded on him with simple strikes and every time Mendoza looked to get an advantage Orlando Toledo would interfere and cut it off. Mendoza would make a very short comeback and throw on an armbar which would cause Angel Fashion to run down and distract him leading to Revolucion powerbombing Mendoza for the win.

WINNER: Revolucion #1. This match as well as the other matches on this show took place the night before Anniversario, as such they not only had to have good matches but build to sell tickets to the main show taking place the next night. La Revolucion defended two titles at Anniversario and all Mendoza had going was his match with Fashion, this kept Revolucion strong and furthered the Mendoza vs. Fashion feud.

-Willie Urbina says they will show Ray Gonzalez, Jr. vs Joe Bravo from September 25, 2015 after the commercial. Also, Carlito takes on Apollo later in the show.

[Commercial Break]

2 – RAY GONZALEZ JR. VS JOE BRAVO (September 25, 2015)

The match begins in progress. The story of this match is basically Bravo is a 12-year veteran who has tons of experience over Gonzalez, Jr., who has been in the wrestling business less than a year. As soon as they cut into the match, Bravo was bumping and feeding Gonzalez, Jr. until retreating to the outside. Once on the outside, he gained the advantage by using his cunning over the inexperienced Gonzalez, Jr.

Back inside the ring they went back and forth. Gonzalez, Jr. overwhelmed Bravo with his intensity, only to lose the advantage, as Bravo is the just the savvy ring veteran who will take shortcuts to win. Bravo maintained his advantage throughout the match until missing a splash from the top rope. Gonzalez, Jr. rallied at that point and beat Bravo pillar to post until going for a sunset flip, which Bravo countered into a pin using the ropes for leverage.

WINNER: Joe Bravo. I’ve been very hard on Gonzalez, Jr. here in the past, as I mentioned before he hasn’t even been in the business a year. So he really isn’t that good. However, this was his best match yet, as he and Bravo look to have a bit of chemistry. The next night at Anniversario, Ray Gonzalez, Jr. went on to win the WWC Puerto Rico Championship, so this match helped create his first challenger.

-WWC announced that due to Bravo’s win over Gonzalez, Jr. he will challenge for the WWC Puerto Rico Championship at their live event next Saturday.

-Joe Bravo was backstage with a trophy, I’m not sure where the trophy really came from, but I’m guessing a tournament of some kind. He mentioned that he defeated Gonzalez, Jr. once already and he feels disrespected by the fact that Gonzalez, Jr. got the shot to become champion in spite of this. He says he is the best in the world and he guarantees Gonzalez, Jr. a beating.

-Ray Gonzalez, Jr. responds how nothing in the wrestling business was handed to him, and nothing came easy. He said that next Saturday he will show Bravo that he is the rightful WWC Puerto Rico Champion.

-Wizard Analyza informs the audience that later on in the show they will get the “What’s happening in WWC” report with Willie Urbina.

[Commercial Break]

3 – CARLITO CARRIBEAN COOL VS. APOLLO (w/Havana) (September 25, 2015)

It’s funny how things change. Ten years ago this probably could have been the main event of Anniversario as Carlito and Apollo were the first wrestlers of this generation of Puerto Rican talent to go onto mainstream companies – Apollo with TNA and Carlito of course with WWE. Today, it just doesn’t have the same feel to it. Both of these men came into the match as heels, with Carlito probably being the top heel in the company. As a result the crowd seemed a bit confused as to who to support. Both men didn’t help clear the confusion as Apollo and Carlito switched back and forth between babyface and heel throughout the match. They brawled outside the ring heading to break.

-WWC showed a graphic for next Saturday – Miguel Perez, Jr. will take on Mighty Ursus with Juan Manuel Ortega. This led to Juan Manuel Ortega and Ursus cutting a promo. Ortega says how his guy was victorious at Anniversario and Miguel Perez, Jr. had a great weekend as well, as his father was honored at the event. However, he says the good times will come for an end because Urus intends to keep his momentum after next weekend.

[Commercial Break]

Carlito vs. Apollo resumed after the commercial pretty much exactly where it left off. Carlito gained the advantage and got a sustained period of heat on Apollo. Every time he performed a move on Apollo, he played to Havana on the outside. Eventually, Havana climbed on the apron and got Carlito’s attention, as she seemed ready to switch sides, only to smack Carlito leading to an Apollo comeback. Eventually the two traded nearfalls until the finish, which came after a ref bump when it looked as if Apollo would win the match. Chicano ran down and hit his version of the Superman Punch on Apollo for Carlito to win.

WINNER: Carlito. For all the flack Roman Reigns gets about not being a great wrestler, at least what he can do he does well. For instance the Superman Punch. Chicano has been wrestling for close to 15 years, but he has the sloppiest execution of the move I’ve ever seen. Anyways, with Carlito challenging for the WWC Universal Championship the next night he needed the win more than Apollo, who would go onto wrestle Chicano at Anniversario.

-A graphic advertised a match between Angel Fashion and Mike Mendoza at next Saturday’s live event. I don’t understand why WWC went from a lumberjack match to a regular match, but it is what it is. Promos follow by both men. They basically promised to take the other out.

[Commercial Break]

-“What’s Happening in WWC” with Willie Urbina segment aired. Urbina showed highlights of the various matches that took place last weekend at Anniversario weekend and announced that at next Saturday’s live event Chicano will challenge for the WWC Universal Championship against “Mr. 450” Hammett.

-A Chicano promo played. He congratulates the champion on his recent success including defeating Carlito at Anniversario, but says that was then and this is now. He mentions that he and Hammett having spent the whole summer battling in various matches and says the time is now for him to regain his title.

-“Mr. 450” Hammett responds, he says ever since winning the title it seems he has been in hardcore matches, four-ways, and cage matches, but he is looking forward to this match also – just a chance to just wrestle Chicano in a regular match and prove he is the better man.

-Willie Urbina says they are officially on the road to Halloween Wrestling Extravaganza and signs off: “We are WWC, we are wrestling.”


OCTOBER 4, 2015

-WWC Open.

– A short package plays thanking the fans of Puerto Rico for Anniversario weekend.


This match is already in progress. They go right to the heat in this match as Chicky Starr gets beat on forever and eventually makes the hot tag. Afa, Jr. comes in and everyone bumps for him until they all battle in the ring. The ending came shortly afterward, as L.A Smooth got the pin after a top-rope splash.

WINNERS: Chicky Starr & Sons of Samoa. With the SOA challenging for the titles the next night this was a good finish. I just wish that Chicky Starr wouldn’t wrestle in matches like these all the time. He is 57-years-old and it’s one thing when he beats on Orlando Toledo, but it’s another when he is wrestling the tag team champions.

-Willie Urbina plugs Peter “The Bad” Romance defending the WWC Jr. Heavyweight Championship against “Awesome” Angel Cotto on the other side of the break. Wizard Anazlya chimes in that the main event of the show will be Chicano taking on “Mr. 450” Hammett for the WWC Universal Championship.

[Commercial Break]

2 – PETER “THE BAD” ROMANCE vs. “AWESOME” ANGEL COTTO — WWC Jr. Hvt. Title match (September 25, 2015)

This was a nice, fun match. Cotto, who I believe is related to Chicano and thus boxer Miguel Cotto, is really athletic and has a ton of charisma. It was Cotto who lost to Romance to begin his latest reign as WWC Jr. champion, so these two are very familiar with each other and have their match down. This was a competitive match all the way through with Romance getting a clean win after hitting the fisherman’s buster on Cotto.

WINNER: Peter “The Bad” Romance to retain the title. Of course Romance would lose the title the next night to Tommy Diablo, so by showing this match WWC put him over as being a dangerous man, which is good because he is getting a re-match for the title Saturday at a live event.

-Comments from Peter “The Bad” Romance aired. He said that Tommy Diablo had incredible luck beating him at Anniversario. How the next time they meet Diablo’s luck will run out and he will regain his title.

-Tommy Diablo responded that he had respect for Romance after their match at Anniversario until Romance low-blowed him on a handshake following the match (this was shown to viewers). He said respect is now out the window, he will give Romance another opportunity to regain the title, he will teach him respect, and he will walk away the champion.

[Commercial Break]

3 – “MR. 450” HAMMETT vs. CHICANO – WWC Universal Championship match (September 25, 2015)

“Mr. 450” Hammett originally became champion by defeating Chicano and these two have spent the whole summer battling for the title. When Chicano originally won the title, he looked to be the guy that the company was going to build around until Hammett challenged for the title and just outshined him with his athleticism and overall package sparking a creative change. That being said, they still have fantastic matches and Chicano has probably been Hammett’s best opponent during his title reign.

The beginning of this match captured how familiar they are with each other, as neither was able to gain an advantage in the opening salvo. More stalemates. Hammett offered a handshake as a sign of respect, but Chicano kicked him, wanting no part of that. The match spilled to the outside and Hammett hit Chicano with two different dives. He went to hit a sliding dropkick, but was caught and catapulted back-first into the ring apron, which put Chicano on the offensive heading to break.

-A graphic was shown advertising Miguel Perez, Jr. vs. The Mighty Ursus for next Saturday’s live event. They also showed the Ursus-Orlando Toledo promo they played on Saturday’s show.

[Commercial Break]

The match resumed from commercial with Chicano working over Hammett in vain for a submission. Hammett rallied with a roll-up and a superkick, putting both men down. Both men struggled to their feet and traded strikes, leading to several cool exchanges until Hammett hit his trademark middle-rope Tornado DDT for a nearfall. Another series of exchanges led to a Chicano powerbomb for another nearfall. Chicano pressed further with a belly-to-back suplex for another nearfall.

Chicano went for the Superman Punch, which Hammett countered with a dropkick and a brainbuster for a nearfall. At this point, Apollo’s wife, Havana, comes down to ringside. Neither paid attention to Havana, but the referee was stupidly distracted even though she never involved herself in the match. Chicano hit a superkick on Hammett and once again sized him up for the Superman Punch when Apollo ran down. Behind the referee’s back, Apollo hit an urange on Chicano. Hammett got to his feet and saw Apollo leave, but he took advantage of the opportunity presented and hit his 450 splash to retain the title.

WINNER: “Mr.450” Hammett to retain the title. I have to say I was fine with this finish even though Hammett is supposed to be a babyface since it just epitomizes how important the title is to him. I can see Chicano down the line turning heel as every time he seems to be on the verge of regaining the title he gets screwed out of it somehow. It should be interesting to see what the direction is after he and Hammett square off again next Saturday.

-The same graphic and promos that aired on Saturday’s show spotlighted the Joe Bravo vs. Ray Gonzalez, Jr. feud. They clash for the WWC Puerto Rico Championship next Saturday. Plus, Angel Fashion faces Mike Mendoza.

-Chicano comments. He continuously mentions being screwed out of the championship and how he feels he is the better man. He says that he is coming to take what is his next Saturday. “Mr. 450” Hammett responds with a promo of his own, saying how the championship means everything to him and he will do whatever he has to in order to retain it.

-Willie Urbina does a quick sell job for next Saturday’s live event and also wonders what effect this will have on Halloween Extravaganza. He signs off: “We are WWC, we are wrestling.”

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