11/16 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Final Dynamite before Full Gear, MJF & Jon Moxley Speak, Trios Title Defense, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


NOVEMBER 16, 2022

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz


All four men battled as CHRIS JERICHO was thrown outside, where Claudio Castagnoli followed. Bryan Danielson and Sammy Guevara remained in the ring. Danielson laid in elbows, Jericho entered the ring and Danielson hit the same elbows down onto Jericho. It was Danielson and Guevara in the ring as legal men, as Claudio and Jericho went to their corners. Claudio entered and Sammy hit a lariat. Claudio then held a delayed vertical suplex on Sammy and then Jericho.

Danielson was tagged in, he chopped a held Sammy and then threw him into the corner. Here, Danielson laid in kicks and chops in the corner. Jericho tagged in and hit Danielson then flipped him off. Bryan tagged in Claudio, who hit European uppercuts and then had Jericho in a rest hold. Danielson tagged in again, Jericho and Sammy teamed up and got the best of him. Danielson then took out Sammy when Jericho went back into his corner. Sammy was able to hit a drop toe hold on Danielson, Jericho then hit Danielson with a bat. [c]

Jericho and Sammy hit a delayed vertical suplex on Danielson, Jericho was the legal man and continued the assault on Bryan in the corner. Danielson countered and hit a flying elbow strike on Jericho. Claudio got the hot tag and he took out Sammy and Jericho with uppercuts. Jericho poked the eyes of Claudio, he then tried to set up the Walls of Jericho. Claudio hit a catapult slam, Jericho countered and locked in The Walls.

Sammy pulled the rope away from Claudio, Danielson took him out then hit a drop kick on Jericho, while in the hold. Danielson and Sammy were legal now, Danielson hit some kicks on a kneeling Guevara. Who countered with an eye attack, and then tried a GTH, Danielson countered and applied a crossface. Sammy broke the hold and was put on the top rope, next Sammy bit the eye of Danielson and then a cutter off the top.

Jericho then hit a lionsault and covered, but Claudio broke the pin. Claudio then hit a toss up uppercut on Sammy. Jericho pushed Claudio out of the ring and then he and Danielson connected in the middle of the ring. Jericho held the bat, but Claudio did his spin while the bat was in Jericho’s hand. Claudio then applied a Scorpion Death Lock and won via submission.

WINNER: Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun opener that did not have any groups turning on each other, which saves that moment for the PPV)

-A video recapping the match between MJF and Jon Moxley was shown. [c]

-A video made by Darby Allin and Sting was shown.

-Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett were backstage, and said that Saturday would be the last match for Sting.

-The Acclaimed debuted their new video “hand for a hand.” Captain Insano joined them before the music started.


Billy Gunn attacked Swerve Strickland before the match started, Caster and Gunn were sent to the back. Bowens and Swerve ran the ropes and traded offensive moves until Bowens got a cover for a two count. Swerve was in the ropes, and hit a cutter on Bowens. Swerve then hit a mini German and a drop kick on Bowens to take control. Swerve then did a jump over the top rope and hit a bicycle kick, Swerve then tossed Bowen’s into the crowd. [c]

Strickland was in control, he was doing pushups on Bowens. After a while, Bowens made a comeback with a punch and tackle. Bowens laid in forearms and elbows then Swerve and Bowens traded holds and tries in the middle of the ring. Swerve hit a brain buster, he then hit a running kick on Bowens for a near fall.

Strickland then pulled teh shoulder of Bowens, then Strickland hit the Swerve Stomp for a near fall. Bowens and Swerve then traded some pin attempts, but Swerve got the cover for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Swerve Strickland

(Sage’s Analysis: A well worked match that the crowd didn’t seem to care much about at the end. Which is disappointing that Billy Gunn and Caster scissoring would have been the thing to pump up the crowd.)

-A video talking about Jade Cargill and Nyla Rose’s match was shown.

-Tony Schiavone invited Samoa Joe to the ring to talk about attacking Wardlow. Tony asked why he ended Warjoe with his attack on Wardlow. Joe said it was an honor to be with Tony, but that he does attack mic holders. He asked rhetorically that if it was shocking he attacked Wardlow, he asked if it was shocking that Joe answered the mouth of Wardlow. He said that Wardlow played himself and that he isn’t a victim like the fans. He said that if anyone has a problem they can pull up.

Powerhouse Hobbs came out and said that he was the one that has been kicking ass the past few weeks, he then offered to ick Joe’s ass. Wardlow walked out from the crowd and attacked Joe. Hobbs came in and attacked Wardlow. Then members of the locker room ran out and tried to separate the three. Wardlow then did a front flip out onto the group of men. [c]

-Britt Baker was backstage and said that Saraya said four times that she was not a star. Britt said that in three years she has advanced from a girl happy to be here, and became a leader. She said that she wasn’t handed an opportunity like Saraya. She said that she hasn’t wrestled in MSG, but she did wrestle at Daily’s Place and saved pro wrestling in doing so. She said that she respects all the Saraya has overcome, but that she is the heart and soul dog AEW.


Rey Fenix and Darius Martin started the bout, Rey ran the ropes and the two men went back and fourth. Rey and Darius dodged attacks from the other man. Dante Martin and Penta were tagged in and they had a stare down, Dante hit a drop kick. AR Fox and Pac were tagged in, they also ran the ropes and dodged each others moves. Pac hit a spinning kick, Fox then hit a head kick. Fox then hit a spinning bulldog and then a cutter.

Fox hit a moonsault off the apron and then hit a senton on Pac, on the cover Penta ran in and broke it up with a kick. Top Flight threw Pac into a cutter by Fox. The Lucha Bros then hit pump kicks on Fox as Pac then added one of his own. Death Triangle hit a move all together and got a near fall on Fox as the break started. [c]

Darius and Pac were in action, Darius hit a running kick and then a brain buster on Pac for a two count cover. Dante was tagged in and both brothers took on Pac then Rey. Darius and Dante then hit dives one after the other, then AR Fox did a springboard dive of his own. Fox and Rey battled Fox then hit a 450 splash for a near fall, as Pac broke up the pin. Rey then hit a hell kick, Penta followed up with a rib kick. Lucha Bros hit a Fear Factor, then Pac hit a Black Arrow for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Death Triangle

(Sage’s Analysis: A really fun and crazy high flying match that is alway nice in the middle of a card.)

-After the match, Pac got on the mic and asked if the audience thought that Death Triangle are stupid? That they haven’t seen the video’s or heard the rumors. He said if they think they can make a return at Full Gear and win their titles that is ridiculous. Pac asked them to bring the heat and that they run from no one. A graphic then showed it would be Death Triangle vs. The Elite at Full Gear.

-Ricky Starks had a video, he said it was cool that Archer attacked him last week. He said that it would be cool if they started the match in the locker room, on Friday.


A collar and elbow tie-up started the match, Bandido then offered a test of strength and Ethan Page obliged and the two then traded holds of the wrist while trying to get control. Page tried a vertical suplex, but Bandido countered and hit one of his own. Hathaway grabbed the boot of Bandido, Page took advantage as the break started. [c]

Page was in control all break, with Page trying to hit Ego’s Edge. Bandido countered and then hit a moonsault off the ring post onto Page. Page was thrown back in the ring, their Bandido hit a move off the top rope for a near fall. Bandido tried a 21plex, but Page countered with a cutter for a two count on Bandido.

Page tried to set up Ego’s Edge off the top rope, Bandido countered with a hurricanrana and a military press. He then hit a frog splash off the top for a near fall on Page. Bandido went to the top, Page pushed the rope and made Bandidio table to the mat. Page set up a body slam off the top, then a diving shoulder strike and then hit Ego’s Edge for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Ethan Page

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match, with Page getting the win he needed to get here. But, Bandido is so talented I hope he is used at a high level in the next 6-12 months.)

-A recap of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus’ cage match at Full Gear was shown.

-Saraya was backstage, she said that she feels fantastic and that she is grateful to be back in the ring. Saraya said she got an opportunity and chose to be in AEW and they would settle that on Saturday. [c]


Both Toni Storm and Anna Jay traded hold attempts until Storm hit a running high boot and then a catapult slam in the corner. Anna Jay countered and hit a laying kick to the head of Storm. [c]

Storm fight back as the match returned from break, Storm hit a lariat and then a fisherman suplex for a near fall. Storm hit a hip strike on Jay and sent her to the outside. On the outside Jay hit a slam on the floor and rolled Storm back into the ring. Once Jay was back in she covered for a two count. Storm hit a drop kick and then another hip attack, and applied a cloverleaf for the submission win.

WINNER: Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: The crowd seemed as interested in this match as much as the announce team.)

-Jamie Hayter walked down and got in the face of Storm and pushed her, before leaving the arena.

-Excalibur then ran down the full card for Rampage and Full Gear. [c]

-Jon Moxley’s music hit, he walked to the ring from the crowd with William Regal. Moxley said that he is the AEW world champion, he said that the man makes the championship. He said that the man is the best pro wrestler on earth, he is a bad ass he talks shit and backs it up. He has defined the AEW world championship. He said that he is sick in the head and addicted to the rush of pain and the fight. He said that is not something that you should look up to. He said that he can’t lose because he doesn’t care. He asked who MJF is, he said the following. That MJF is a really good signer, one win in the ring in the last six months. Then took a vacation and came back in a mask and ended the worst ladder match of all time.

He said that he wasn’t shaking in his boots as a result. He said that MJF is a kid playing wrestler and has hand curated his image, and that MJF is worried he won’t live up to the hype. Moxley said that he is challenging MJF to show him something on Saturday. Hathaway walked to the ring, The firm then attacked Moxley and Regal in the ring. MJF’s music hit and he took out members of the firm and took out everyone and Ethan Page lastly. MJF then got on the mic, he saved him because he doesn’t want any excuses when he knocks him out, without the diamond ring. He said that his goal was to be the best wrestler in the world, he said that he isn’t the same kid he wasn’t that fought him for that title. He said that he needs that belt more than food, water or oxygen. He said whoever has that is the best wrestler on earth, and he is that.

He said that greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. He would prove that on Saturday. Moxley pulled the mic away and said that he never saw the big deal, he said that he would reach in and pull whatever he has in him out of him.

FINAL THOUGHTS: An ok show that was more about promotion than a normal AEW Go Home show, which I like at least as a change of pace.

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