TMZ Report – Lana & Rusev engaged

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE has tried to weave the real-life relationship between Rusev (Miroslav Barnyashev) and Lana (C.J. Perry) into WWE TV storylines throughout this year.

Now, the couple is reportedly engaged the same week that WWE started a marriage storyline with Rusev and Summer Rae on Raw TV.

TMZ reports that Rusev proposed to Lana last month at their home in Nashville. The engagement was reported Sunday, complete with photos of Lana’s engagement ring. [ Story HERE at ]

The engagement follows an interesting series of events in 2015.

– February: Rusev and Lana reportedly bought a home in Nashville. However, as we reported last month, the deed of trust was recorded to show only Rusev as the primary home-owner. Rusev was listed as a “married man.”

– Summer TV: WWE broke up Rusev and Lana in storylines, then incorporated Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae into the story.

– September: Ziggler talked up his on-air relationship with Lana and tried to make it sound like he was becoming “more than just friends” with Lana working with her opposite Rusev.

– September: Lana injured her wrist training to wrestle and reportedly underwent surgery that will keep her out of action for the rest of the year. This removed Lana from the current storyline.

– October: TMZ reports that Lana and Rusev are engaged.

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