WWE Smackdown TV Report 10/8 by Greg Parks

By Greg Parks, columnist


WWE Smackdown review
October 8, 2015
Taped 10/6/15 in Philadelphia, PA
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter:

– WWE Open.

– Smackdown Open.

– Coming up tonight: Roman Reigns & Randy Orton face Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman.

– First out was New Day. As they came to the ring, John Cena’s Open Challenge from Monday was shown with Big E. accepting. New Day talked about standing tall and dropping everyone on Monday. They were at their gloating finest here. Xavier Woods said the fans know nothing of being champions and made fun of Philadelphia’s football team and coach. They faked a chant for the Eagles and instead, said the fans were booty. Kofi Kingston said The Dudleys have politicked and conned their way into another tag title shot, at Hell in a Cell. Big E. talked about beating the Dudleys because “New Day rocks.” That went on until Dolph Ziggler interrupted.

Ziggler came onto the stage and called New Day “the Three Stooges of WWE.” Ziggler reminded New Day they cost him his chance at the United States Championship on Monday. But tonight, The Authoritiy gave him an opportunity tonight. He asked for a match against Big E. Woods sarcastically said it would be a fair fight. “You’re damn right it’ll be a fair fight,” responded Ziggler. That led to the Dudley Boyz coming out. Booker T. on commentary said Ziggler is finally smartening up.


Ziggler hit an immediate flurry of offense that sent Big E. to the outside. They cut to break 22 seconds into the match, which may be a record.

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Back at 3:13 with Big E. clotheslining Ziggler down. A kick to the mid-section followed. Woods played the trombone at ringside. Big E. choked Ziggler in the ropes as Woods pretended to interview the prone Ziggler. Ziggler made his comeback but Big E. caught a cross-body attempt and delivered a back-breaker for two. The Dudleys did the cheerleading on the outside for Ziggler. Bear-hug by Big E. After a bit of a back-and-forth, Ziggler planted Big E. with the Fameasser for two at 7:29. “We want tables,” in the least surprising chant to occur in Philadelphia. Big splash by Big E. Things broke down outside the ring with Bubba trying to kick Woods but instead kicking the steel steps. A distraction by Woods led to Kingston bringing Ziggler down throat-first across the top rope. Big E. laid on him for the cover and Kingston held Ziggler’s foot from outside the ring. It was enough to get the pin.

WINNER: Big E., at 9:11. Kind of a lame finish. One of the underrated aspects of New Day’s ascension is how far Big E. has come in the ring.

Replays of the finish were shown, and New Day got TV time to celebrate, too.

– Stills from Lesnar vs. Big Show from the MSG WWE Network special aired.

– Up next, we’ll see what they’re referring to as the “Road To Hell” between Show and Lesnar.

[Commercial Break]

– The announcers discussed the battle between Show and Lesnar at the MSG WWE Network special. They showed a clip of the end of Paul Heyman’s promo from Monday, and Big Show’s interruption.

– A graphic was shown for Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell.

– Back to the announcers, who cued up a clip of Summer Rae proposing to Rusev on Raw.

– Backstage, Summer Rae was getting her makeup done and looking at a Bridal Magazine. She was talking to the makeup artists when Rusev walked up and dismissed them. He asked Summer why she is telling everyone about their engagement. He said first, he has to have gold around his waist. Summer said she’s being proactive, and she got him a match with Ryback tonight. She said if he beats the #1 contender for the I.C. Title, he’ll surely be in line for a title shot. She walked away and he gave her a lil’ pat on the bum as she walked away.

– Team Bella came out. Apparently, they challenged Charlotte and Becky Lynch to find a partner for a six-Diva tag match. It’s not difficult to guess who the ladies would pick at this point. That match is next.

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– They showed a clip from two weeks ago on Raw, when Charlotte bumped Paige during a tag match and Paige walked out. Natalya then tried to make the save before Paige got to her.


The announcers acting like they had no idea who Lynch and Charlotte’s partner could be, despite seeing a video of her making a save right before this match, was pretty absurd. Couple of quick arm-drags by Lynch on Alicia Fox at the start. Double-team by Charlotte and Nattie. Paige was shown awkwardly watching the action on a backstage monitor. She didn’t look pleased. Second-rope dropkick by Brie on Lynch. They cut to break at 2:40 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 6:07 with Team Bella having cornered Lynch. Frequent tags made it difficult for Lynch to break free. Northern Lights suplex by Fox for a near-fall. More backstage shots of Paige, who literally had to look over her shoulder to watch the monitor. Team Bella taunted the babyfaces as they worked over Lynch. Brie Mode was unsuccessful, but Nikki tagged in and prevented Lynch from tagging out. Back elbow by Nikki knocked Lynch back to the mat. Lynch finally made the tag to Charlotte at 9:33. Neck-breaker followed by a kick from the Divas Champion. Springboard kick by Nikki turned the tide, however. Nikki knocked Charlotte’s teammates off the apron. Charlotte fought off a Rack Attack and speared Nikki. Figure-four applied, but Brie ran in to stop it. Nikki reversed the move as everyone got involved outside the ring. Lynch ran in and kicked Nikki to reverse it again and Charlotte was able to turn it into the Figure Eight. Nikki tapped.

WINNERS: Lynch, Charlotte, and Natalya, at 11:02. Babyfaces had to win in order to further the story of Paige being jealous of their success without her. A little surprised that Charlotte made Nikki tap, though, considering their upcoming match at Hell in a Cell.

Renee Young walked up to Paige and asked her about “Team NBC” winning tonight. That’s a bad name for a number of reasons. Paige said Natalya is trying to horn in on her team. She seemed to still consider herself a part of Team PCB.

– Reigns & Orton vs. Wyatt & Strowman, tonight.

– The Philadelphia skyline was shown.

– Rusev and Summer Rae came out. He takes on Ryback next.

[Commercial Break]

– Kevin Owens was at the commentary table out of break. He faces Ryback at Hell in a Cell. Ryback did an inset interview. He said Rusev will be engaged tonight, with a man who has a voracious appetite.


Ryback chopped at Rusev in the corner, but Rusev fought out. Thesz Press by Ryback. An elbow knocked Ryback out of the ring, and Ryback got his hand caught up in the ropes in the process. Rusev slammed Ryback’s hand into the announce table, then into the apron, ring post, and finally, into the ring steps. Rusev was working over the shoulder and arm of Ryback in the ring as Owens on commentary mentioned that Rich Brennan looks exactly like Milhouse from The Simpsons. I guess I see the resemblance, but I wouldn’t have made that connection on my own. Ryback fought back with right hands. Back elbow by Rusev, but it only garnered him a one-count on a pin attempt. Rusev tried to do some amateur dental work on Ryback, but Ryback ended up delivering a belly-to-belly suplex. Powerslam by Ryback. Alabama Slam by Rusev on Ryback for two at 5:39. Rusev escaped a vertical suplex and applied a sleeper. Jumping side kick by Rusev. Summer shoved Ryback’s foot off the bottom rope when he had it on there. Ryback caught Rusev’s foot on a stomp attempt. Shell Shock finished Rusev.

WINNER: Ryback, at 8:12. This was fine. I had low expectations, but it was just okay.

– Tonight’s tag team main event is still to come.

– Up next, the Corporate Nightmare of Seth Rollins from Raw.

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– Brennan thanked Shinedown for “Cut the Cord,” the official theme to Hell in a Cell. That title seems appropriate with WWE pushing their major events on the WWE Network.

– The announcers sent it to the Raw Rebound, featuring the interaction between Kane and Rollins on Raw.

– A graphic was shown for Rollins vs. Kane for the World Title at Hell in a Cell. Also, Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt inside the Hell in a Cell.

– Backstage, Bray Wyatt cut a promo. He addressed Reigns, discussing their match at Hell in a Cell. He said he will put Reigns down. But tonight, Reigns and Orton will face his judgment. And the wrath of the black sheep. Strowman then appeared in his mask. He took it off and talked about squeezing rabbits. It was a comparison to Reigns and Orton. “Run, little rabbits…run.”

[Commercial Break]

– King Barrett came to the ring. As he did, they showed a quick hype video on Barrett, starting from when he won King of the Ring.


Neville flipped out of a wrist-lock and arm-dragged Barrett. Brennan brought up that these two met in the finals of the 2015 King of the Ring tournament. Springboard cross-body for two by Neville. Neville flipped over Barrett to get back into the ring but Barrett took him down. Big boot for two. They went to break at 1:26 of the match.

[Commercial Break]

The show returned at 5:23 of the match. Barrett threw Neville up into the air and kicked him in the chest on his way down. Running knee to the gut with Neville hung up on the top rope. Barrett missed a running boot in the corner and an enzugiri knocked Barrett out of the ring. He went to the top and moonsaulted onto Barrett. German suplex with a bridge by Neville for two. Barrett downed Neville with a clothesline. Roll-up by Neville again for two. Barrett put Neville onto his shoulders but Neville countered for a DDT. He went to the top, but Barrett moved out of the way before Neville could jump. Barrett was caught up in the ropes as Neville pounded away. The ref created enough separation that when Neville charged at him, Barrett caught him with the Bull Hammer.

WINNER: Barrett, at 8:58. Neville provided a needed dose of athleticism on this show. Good to see Barrett pick up a win as well.

The Bull Hammer was replayed in slow motion.

– Stardust cut a promo backstage as a card dealer. He fanned out the deck at his table. He was choosing who would be next for him, but he didn’t show the card he eventually settled on.

– The main event is next.

[Commercial Break]

– The Susan G. Komen partnership with WWE was spotlighted.

– Randy Orton and Roman Reigns made separate entrances for the main event. Reigns did an inset interview where he addressed his Hell in a Cell match against Wyatt, as well as tonight’s bout. The heels then came out together. They stayed in the aisle near the ring as the show went to the final break of the show before the match began.

[Commercial Break]


The match began right out of break. Orton went for the rope-assisted DDT early on, but Wyatt squirmed out. Orton met him at ringside and clotheslined him. Strowman tagged in, shoving off some Orton offense before knocking him down with a shoulder tackle. Orton backed away and tagged Reigns. Reigns hit Strowman with rights, then ran into a shoulder tackle like his partner did. Orton tagged in and the babyfaces tried to take the big man down working as a duo. They both ran right into Strowman, getting knocked down with shoulder tackles. European uppercut by Orton, but Strowman responded with a big boot. Wyatt tagged back in. Orton fought back against Wyatt and both men were down. Strowman made the tag but Orton was in a neutral corner. Orton avoided a Strowman splash and Reigns tagged in. Flying clothesline couldn’t take Strowman off his feet. He got Strowman up on his shoulders, but only briefly. Reigns was thrown out of the ring. Reigns came back in and he hammered away on Strowman. Superman punch knocked Strowman off the apron, but he lands on his feet. Reigns and Wyatt brawled at ringside, with Wyatt being thrown into the timekeeper’s area. After another shot to Strowman, Reigns wanted more of Wyatt. Wyatt caught Reigns in the mid-section with a steel chair.

WINNERS: Reigns and Orton, via disqualification, at 7:51.

Wyatt continued his assault with a chairshot to the back of Reigns. “ECW” chants from the fans, because of course. Orton, from out of nowhere, attacked Wyatt back in the ring. Strowman grabbed Orton and applied his sleeper. Reigns broke it up with a Superman punch. Strowman was then dumped out of the ring. RKO to Wyatt by Orton. Reigns then speared Wyatt, with Strowman pulling Wyatt out of the ring to avoid further damage. Reigns’ music played as the show ended.

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