10/14 Impact Report – TNA Title Series Week 2


The series to determine a new TNA Champ continued on Wednesday’s Impact episode. Read McMahon’s report on the show featuring James Storm vs. Bobby Roode & more.

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
October 14, 2015
Taped in Orlando, Fla.
Report by Mike McMahon (@MikeMcMahonPW)

Impact opened with a video recap of the Bound for Glory main event, with video highlights of Matt Hardy winning the TNA World Hvt. Title. The package continued to show the events of last Monday and Tuesday, when ECIII filed an injunction against TNA, Hardy relinquished the TNA World Title, and Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter announcing the TNA World Title Series.

The package continued, showcasing the highlights of last week’s TNA World Title Series matches, concluding with a graphic that it continues tonight.

Backstage: Matt Hardy is shown arriving at the Impact Zone.

Josh Mathews and Pope are in the announcer’s studio recapping what aired last week, with more groups announced:

– Group Tag Team Specialists: Eddie Edwards, Matt Hardy, Robbie E., and Davey Richards.

– Group Future Four: Jessie Godderz, Micah, Eli Drake, and Crimson.

– Group X Division: X Division champion Tigre Uno, D.J. Z, Mandrews, and Manik.

– Group TNA Originals: James Storm, Bobby Roode, Abyss, and Eric Young.

Mathews then threw to the video of Robbie E. calling out Rob Gronkowski from TMZ and after wondered if Rob Gronkowski will accept a match with Robbie E.

[Reax: SPOILER ALERT — No he won’t. It’s the middle of the NFL season, TNA isn’t on their radar, and Bill Belichick doesn’t want his players talking to the media, let alone wrestling a match.]

Mathews then threw to the ring for the opening bout.

[Commercial Break at 9:07]

1 — TNA World Tag Team champion DAVEY RICHARDS vs. MATT HARDY — World Title Series round robin match

Hardy and Richards shake hands to start the match. Good mat wrestling to start the match. On commentary, Mathews threw to the roundtable earlier in the day, where Richards said his chances were as good as anyone else at the table because he’s been through the wars and has been through the toughest training camps there are. Hardy said he feels like he’s better than ever right now.

Richards is down on the apron and Hardy goes to pick him up but Richards counters with kicks. Hardy then hits the Side Effect on the apron, spilling to the outside.

[Q2] Hardy rolls Richards back into the ring and covers, but only gets a two count. Hardy grabs Richards and lands elbows to the head before hitting the ropes for three consecutive leg drops. Another cover, but only a two count. Pope points out that Richards is looking to the corner almost every time he kicks out, looking for a partner. Mathews asks about difference in strategy between singles and tag-team wrestling.

Hardy lands another elbow to the back of the head. Hardy goes to the second rope and lands another elbow to the back of Richards’s head. With Hardy on the outside, Richards hits a dive.

Back in the ring, Hardy hits another Side Effect, but again only gets a two count. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, but Richards had it scouted and lands shoulders to Hardy’s gut. Now on the turnbuckle, Hardy hits a headbutt and tosses Richards off the second rope. From the top, Hardy goes for a splash, but Richards hits a kick to the chest and then lands a boot to Hardy’s face.

With Hardy down, Richards goes to the top but lands on his feet after Hardy moved. Hardy comes back with a Twist of Fate for the pinfall.

WINNER: Matt Hardy in about 11 minutes.

[Reax: Terrific opening match. They started with mat wrestling and also worked in some exciting high spots. Ultimately though, this match had a story and the commentary — even Pope’s — really accentuated the in-ring story. Pope commented that Richards was looking to the corner for a tag after kick-outs. The whole presentation of this match was really well done, from the match itself to the commentary to the roundtable discussion, where Richards talked about preparing for this series his whole career with the training camps he went through.]

Mathews threw to a video highlighting the careers of Bobby Roode and James Storm, who will wrestle in tonight’s TNA main event.

[Commercial Break at 9:23]

Back from the break, they threw to the X Division group roundtable where Jeremy Borash was asking the the four members who was least likely to advance. Tigre Uno and Mandrews both picked D.J. Z.

In the studio, Mathews and Pope said that the X Division group would be in action next week.

2 — AIDEN O’SHEA vs. KENNY KING — World Title Series round robin match

[Q3] During the introductions, Mathews said that O’Shea’s hands were better than Elijah Burke’s, and Pope quipped that he was familiar with Burke, his former WWE name.

O’Shea attacks and controls early with a lot of brawling moves. King starts to fight back, but he’s quickly cut off by O’Shea. During the roundtable, Mahabali Shera made no sense and O’Shea stole the show, running down the competition as a heel.

O’Shea continues to dominate King. He tries to toss King to the outside but King grabs the rope. O’Shea goes to charge King but King blocked him with a kick. King jumps to the top and hits a modified brainbuster out of a springboard for the pin.

WINNER: Kenny King.

[Reax: Another good match. They kept O’Shea strong, dominating most of the match until King picked up the win late. O’Shea is a dark-horse in this series. TNA seems to be invested in him, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him come out of what is a fairly lackluster group.]

Backstage: Eric Young was asked about the World Title Series. He screams that he controls the World Title, and he controls the fate of the World Title. He said that he’s the original, he’s the man, and he’s God. Young said that he showed the world what a freak Abyss is, and tonight he’s going to pull the strings again.

Up Next: Eric Young vs. Abyss.

[Commercial Break at 9:38]

Back from the break, crowd shots are shown as Mathews throws to highlights of Matt Hardy vs. Davey Richards.

Backstage: Richards said that he has no excuses. He said that he fought another man and tonight Matt Hardy was the best. Richards said he lost, he’ll learn from it, and he’ll come back even stronger.

Later tonight: An interview with ECIII via Skype.

Mathews goes through Group TNA Originals, where Pope had to swipe left or right into the loss or win column, predicting the group. Pope predicted that Abyss and Bobby Roode will advance out of that group.

[Q4] Mathews cut to the Group TNA Originals roundtable. Roode said that Eric Young’s mental incapacity will screw him over in this tournament. Young was asked who was least likely in the group to move forward, and Young said Roode isn’t making it out of the group. James Storm said that Abyss was least likely to advance because he can’t walk straight without someone telling him which way to go. Abyss said the feeling was mutual, and said he thought Storm wasn’t getting out of the group.

3 — ERIC YOUNG vs. ABYSS — World Title Series round robin match

Young tries to take control early running Abyss into the turnbuckle, but he’s not affected by it.

[Commercial break at 9:50]

Back from the break, Abyss tosses EY to the outside. Abyss throws EY into the steps on the outside. Abyss delivers a right hand and charges EY on the outside but Young moves, and Abyss crashes into the ringpost. EY drops a knee on a prone Abyss, who is draped over the apron.

Back in the ring, EY chokes Abyss in the corner with his boot and then chokes him on the rope, breaking as Earl Hebner gets to a count of four. Pope wondered who is favored the longer the match goes. Mathews predicted the power game was better the longer the match went, and said he thought Abyss.

Abyss hits a back body-drop and tries for a chokeslam, but Young goes low. Second attempt for a chokeslam hits, but Young kicks out at two.

[Q5 — second hour] Abyss goes under the ring and grabs Janice. Hebner takes Janice away and while his back was turned, EY hit a low blow on Abyss. EY hits an elbow off the top, but Abyss kicks out. Young goes for a piledriver on Abyss, but he counters into a Black Hole Slam for the pin.

WINNER: Abyss in about 13 minutes.

[Reax: The spot where Young hit a low blow and then an elbow off the top was a good false finish; the crowd seemed to sense that the match was over there and reacted properly. Interesting to see Abyss get the win as well. Looking at the group, it seemed obvious to be set up that Roode and Young would move on from round robin matches, but with Pope picking Abyss, and Abyss winning this opener, that might not be the case.]

Later: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode.

In-studio: Mathews interviews ECIII via Skype. ECIII said that BFG was the biggest travesty in TNA history. He said that he made the decision to fight this in court because he believed there was collusion. ECIII said that the World Title Series is fancy, but it shouldn’t be happening because he should still be World Hvt. Champion.

Mathews asked about the time limit draw with Austin Aries last week. He called himself and Aries two cardio machines. ECIII said that he came up with the strategy to get a point, and the point he wanted to make was that Austin Aries didn’t beat him, and nobody will.

Mathews asked if he’s behind the 8 Ball because he has to face Bobby Lashley next week. ECIII said he isn’t, and promised to destroy The Destroyer, Bobby Lashley, and said that the World Title Series isn’t over until he wins.

[Commercial Break at 10:04]

Backstage: EY said that everyone is against him – Abyss, the company, and the fans. EY said he always wins in the end. Crazy EY is coming out again, as he promises to win the tournament.

Backstage: Abyss said that tonight was EY’s night, and that Bobby Roode and James Storm would meet the same fate. Abyss said that the monster is back.

4 — ROBBIE E. vs. TNA World Tag Team champion EDDIE EDWARDS — World Title Series round robin match

Edwards and Robbie E. circle to start the match and then lock-up.

In the roundtable, Robbie E. said he’s moving forward from the “old Robbie E.,” which basically means he’s a babyface now.

Edwards and Robbie locked up in the corner. Edwards gains a small advantage, but he’s cut off by Robbie’s elbow off the ropes. Edwards throws Robbie into the corner, but Robbie tosses Edwards over the top as he charges.

Robbie then rolls Edwards back into the ring, hits the rope, and nails a running clothesline for a two count. Meanwhile, Mathews cuts to Matt Hardy saying that Robbie was least likely to advance the group. Hardy said that Robbie has the most pressure.

Edwards hits a head scissors and Robbie falls to the outside. Edwards slides to the outside, but Robbie moves. Edwards then hits a small elbow before both competitors go down after a double clothesline.

[Q6] On the outside they begin brawling from their knees. Edwards with a huge chop sends Robbie back in the ring, and the chops continue on the inside. Robbie hits a boom drop, but Edwards kicks out. Pope points out that Robbie tried for a quick pin and didn’t get his full bodyweight down on the pin.

Robbie hits the rope and charges, but Edwards hits a knee to the temple. Edwards puts Robbie on his shoulders, but Robbie counters into a reverse DDT for the pin.

WINNER: Robbie E. in about 11 minutes.

[Reax: Well that was a surprise. Really good showing by Robbie, and it seems like they’re going to book him as the Cinderella story in the tournament, with Pope alluding to that story after the match on commentary. This has been one of Pope’s better nights overall on commentary for TNA, and he was good again here. After Edwards kicked out of the boom drop, Pope pointed out that Robbie went for a quick pin and didn’t have all of his weight on it or else that could have been it for the match. Kicking out of a big move like that works when someone is explaining it on commentary.]

After the match, Edwards looks shocked while grabbing the back of his head while Mathews wondered what it would be like if Robbie was World Champion. Mathews called Robbie “Cinderella,” as he shakes hands with Edwards.

Backstage: Bobby Roode said he hasn’t forgotten about becoming World Hvt. Champion just because he’s the KOTM champion. He said that his group has four guys who have built TNA and held more gold than anyone else. Roode said he and Storm know each other better than they know themselves. Roode said he wants it more.

[Commercial Break at 10:21]

Backstage: Robbie E. said that he knows people laughed and giggled when they saw him in that group. Robbie said he is a two-time champion and a former X Division champion. Robbie said that this is a new Robbie, and he’s a great singles wrestler.

Backstage: Edwards said that Robbie surprised a lot of people tonight. Edwards said he poked a little fun at the roundtable and he regrets it now because Robbie has grown as a singles wrestler. Edwards said they’ll do battle again, and it won’t end the same way.

Studio: Mathews asked Pope if he thought the leaderboard would look like this in that group, with Hardy and Robbie at the top. Pope said that no one imagined that the World Tag Team Champions would lose both matches.

Mathews asked Pope who was advancing out of Group Future 4, and he picked Micah and Eli Drake.

In the Group Future 4 roundtable, Eli Drake had a problem with Borash introducing him last. Borash asked if there were any personal issues amongst the group, and Drake said he never heard of Micah. Jessie said he has respect for Crimson because he’s the biggest guy, but he’ll be standing at the end. Jessie asked Eli who he was.

Crimson said he didn’t have any issues with anyone before this started, but now he has a huge issue with Eli Drake. Crimson said Drake better hope he comes out alive when they face. Micah said there is no history between Eli Drake and Micah. When asked who was going to advance along with themselves, Micah picked Crimson and Crimson picked Micah.

[Reax: These guys don’t have a lot of history on the mic, and that showed at times here, but they planted the seeds for some personal issues to spice up the upcoming matches, and it went over well. The stage is set for all three guys to want to destroy Drake.]


[Q7] Shera has Khoya written on his trunks, capturing how long ago this was taped. Mathews said he asked Shera earlier today why, and he said it was because it was a reminder of who he is not. Steve was doing push-ups for no reason and Shera booted him. Steve hits the ropes and he’s taken down by a Shera shoulder tackle. Shera sends Steve to the buckle.

Shera scoops up Steve and goes for a powerslam, but Steve slides out of hit and hits Shera in the back in the corner. Shera shakes him off. Steve goes for more forearms, but Shera isn’t bothered by them. Steve bounces off the top and walks right into a sky high by Shera.

WINNER: Mahabali Shera in about 4:00.

Another video highlighting the rivalry of Roode and Storm hypes tonight’s main event.

Up next: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm.

[Commercial Break at 10:35]

Back from the break, Mathews and Pope throw to a video package on Bobby Lashley.

Next week: Bobby Lashley vs. ECIII.

6 — JAMES STORM vs. TNA King of the Mountain Champion BOBBY ROODE — World Title Series round robin match

The bell rings and the main event is on. Storm plays to the crowd as a heel, trying to get cheers. Roode and Storm lock up but break quickly.

[Q8] Another lock-up into the corner and they break, but Storm shoves Roode, who grabs a side headlock. Roode takes down Storm with a shoulder tackle.

[Commercial Break at 10:45]

Back from the break, Storm and Roode continue to go back and forth. Storm hits the rope and Roode hits a superkick. Storm bails to the outside. Roode tries to catch Storm on the outside, but Storm hits a right hand.

Storm is now solidly in control. Storm rakes Roode’s eyes in the corner and then flips him to the mat before dropping a pair of knees on his face. Storm then applies a rear-chinlock, but Roode is powering up. Storm trips Roode’s legs as Christy Hemme announces there is five minutes remaining.

Roode powers out with a spinebuster. Roode to the second rope hits a blockbuster off the second rope, but Storm kicks out at two. Storm grabs a chair, but Roode counters. The referee let it go because the chair was never used. But, Storm hits Roode with a cowbell from behind for a two count while the referee was distracted removing the chair.

Roode is now getting up in the corner. Storm charges, but Roode moves. Storm with a boot to the mid-section and tries for the Eye of the Storm, but Roode slides through it and hits a fisherman buster for the win.

WINNER: Roode in about 14 minutes.

[Final Thoughts: Another really good episode. The World Title Series has reinvigorated the product. It’s a simple format but it’s working for TNA. Matches and interviews, nothing crazy.

The commentary was also really strong tonight. Probably the best it has been since Mathews and Pope teamed up. They played off each other really well and even Pope, who has been criticized — and rightfully so — was really good talking about strategy in the matches. Two instances in particular were in the opening match, when he noted that Davey Richards was looking to his corner out of instinct going for a tag, and then talking about the differences between singles and tag matches. Later in the show, Eddie Edwards kicked out of a boom drop by Robbie E., and Pope did an excellent job explaining it, noting that Robbie went for a quick pin and didn’t get all of his body weight on the cover.

TNA doesn’t have the roster it once had and some of the names aren’t really names at all, but the format of this series, with the roundtables setting up some personal issues and then post-match interviews backstage to augment the matches themselves, has really worked for TNA the last two weeks.]

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  1. I’m also enjoying the Series. TNA has had very solid shows for a lot longer than others seem to realize for different reasons. Hopefully, some viewers won’t get confused as they move along with all the numbers and rules.

    Could due without the “comedy” matches but am sure others might enjoy them.

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