UPDATE – Big sale completed for “Hogan’s Beach” Property

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Hulk Hogan announces new CBD business


Oct. 20 Update: The Florida property that contains a Best Western hotel and Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop has sold for $34.5 million to a new investment group, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

The new owners plan to renovate the entire property, which required shutting down Hogan’s Beach Shop. The original property owner made a significant profit – $15 million purchase in 2012 and $5 million in renovations turned into a $34.5 million sale.

“Basically everything with us is timing,” seller Ben Mallah said. “We buy assets and fix them up. The market is high right now. Tampa’s hot … Hogan’s (scandal) had nothing to do with it. He was fine. Ultimately, we’re in the real estate business, not in the restaurant business.”


Oct. 16 Update: “Hogan’s Beach” has been closed to be turned into a different establishment unaffiliated with Hulk Hogan, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

The owner of the property said they “had a two-and-a-half-year run with that brand,” and “it’s time for a new brand” on the property.

The Times reports the adjoining hotel would also be re-branded with the former Hogan establishment.


The bar/restaurant that Hulk Hogan lent his name to has reportedly shut down in Florida.

“Hogan’s Beach Shop” suddenly shut down and the website was disabled before the start of what should have been a busy weekend at the establishment. (Prowrestling.net)

Hogan just talked about the establishment in an interview with the U.K. Star promoting his one-man show in England next month.

The bar/restaurant/club/shop came under local scrutiny for noise complaints over the past year. The establishment tried to serve different purposes, but only lasted a few years.

It’s unclear what directly led to the establishment being closed down.

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