WWE Video – Owens vows “pure, total chaos” if he wins WWE Title

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE Smackdown analysis
Kevin Owens (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


WWE IC champion Kevin Owens has vowed to deliver “pure, total chaos” to WWE TV if he wins the WWE Title tournament at Survivor Series on Sunday.

Owens, in full heel mode, was interviewed by Michael Cole on this week’s sit-down interview promoting the PPV, where he faces Dean Ambrose in a semi-final tournament match.

Asked what WWE would look like with Owens as top champion, Owens replied, “Pure, total chaos. But, let me re-assure you that I’m not going to replace you with a fishtank like Ambrose said he would (on Raw). No, I’m going to leave you right there at the table so that you keep watching me every week and see that I, regardless of what people want to think, am the absolute best at this.”

Owens added: “History begins on Sunday when I win the WWE World Hvt. Title and I became the double champion. Once I do that, I think we’re going to have ourselves the Kevin Owens Show.”

Owens also responded to actress Melissa Joan Hart calling him out on Twitter Monday night. Owens heelishly said her opinion is irrelevant to him because she’s an actress who peaked 15 years ago and is trying to stay relevant by calling him out.

Notably, Owens wore his “KO” ugly Christmas sweater as part of his character’s subtle mockery of the WWE Machine, and to get a little extra coin for his family.

Cole also plugged Owens in a main event tag match on Smackdown teaming with Alberto Del Rio against Ambrose and Roman Reigns – the Final Four of the tournament. Cole was produced to plug the tag match over the Final Four appearing on Miz TV, which was advertised on Raw.

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