1/5 WWE on ESPNews SportsCenter – Ambrose interview on Shield break-up, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The first 2016 edition of WWE’s Tuesday night segment on SportsCenter featured Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose discussing WWE topics with The Coach.

WWE on ESPNews SportsCenter
January 5, 2016
Guest: Dean Ambrose
Host: Jonathan Coachman

The interview mainly focused on Ambrose’s rise from his “big push” as part of The Shield to being IC champion.

Interestingly, Ambrose said he was ready to move on from The Shield, as he wanted have individual success after playing a “goon” doing all the dirty work as part of the three-man unit.

Ambrose talked up the unit’s individual success, noting that Roman Reigns is the current WWE World champion, he is the current IC champion, and Seth Rollins was the WWE Champ before he got injured.

Coach brought up Ambrose drawing comparisons to Roddy Piper and Steve Austin. Ambrose talked about studying the history of wrestling and incorporating the unpredictability from Piper into his persona

Ambrose, who was standing in front of the Smackdown logo, also slipped in a plug for Smackdown’s USA Network debut this Thursday, where he defends the IC Title against Kevin Owens.

The interview closed with NFL Playoffs talk ahead of Ambrose’s hometown Cincinnati Bengals hosting AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

– Coach ended the segment by noting that WWE management and Dallas Cowboys management got together at AT&T Stadium for the Cowboys’s regular season finale on Sunday. Coach hyped the marketing of WWE expecting 100,000 at the stadium for WrestleMania 32 in April 2016.

– Before Ambrose’s interview aired, Coach ran through his weekly awards from Monday’s Raw TV.

  • Top Promo: Heath Slater forming the Social Outcasts
  • Top Return: Chris Jericho interrupting New Day via countdown clock
  • Top Moment: Vince McMahon refereeing the WWE Title match of Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus
  • Top Match: Kevin Owens vs. Kalisto (also receiving the most votes in our PWTorch Raw Poll)

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