GFW-promoted “Masked Saint” with Piper in theaters this weekend

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The Masked Saint,” the movie featuring Roddy Piper that was filmed before Piper’s death last summer, is scheduled for theatrical release this weekend.

The movie, which is scheduled for release in 480 theaters, is getting a big push from Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. In 2015, GFW entered into a joint promotional agreement with the production company, Ridgerock Entertainment Group.

Jarrett went on a big media tour this week promoting the movie, which includes Roddy Piper playing a supporting role in the faith & family movie “inspired by true events.”

“We are honored to be working with the filmmakers of The Masked Saint,” said Jarrett in 2015. “Wrestling fans around the nation will enjoy this movie not only for its action-packed content, but also for the ‘fighting for justice’ message it portrays. We can’t wait to introduce them to this great movie.”

Saint tells the story of a pro wrestler who retires to be a local pastor and help a community with its “rampant problems.” The wrestler-turned-pastor becomes a “masked vigilante” using wrestling as the means to improve his community.

The lead character is played by Brett Granstaff, who talked to The Tennessean publication about being intrigued by the idea of a pro wrestler who becomes a pastor. But, the physical requirement of the starring role was more than he expected.

“Everybody gets banged up. I was completely bruised top to bottom, and they had to put makeup on my back after the first day of wrestling,” said Granstaff. “(I learned) just commit. If you’re gonna get slammed, just take it. Make it big and go for it.”

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